Young Life and Times Survey - Datasets

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The raw data for each year of the survey are available as SPSS and STATAv14 to enable users to run their own analysis. 

Information about the Young Life and Times survey is available in the technical notes, which should be used along with the SPSS files.

teaching dataset has been created, which collates data from 10 years of Young Life and Times. This has been specifically developed, designed to be used on courses teaching quantitative statistical analysis in the social sciences.

All work that uses or refers to the Young Life and Times Survey should acknowledge it using the appropriate bibliographic citation. To view the citation for each year, please click on the word 'citation' below.

Data for 2022: YLT 2022 data (517KB) YLT2022 (3.6MB) Citation
Data for 2020_21: YLT 2020_21 data - zip format (175KB) YLT2020-21 (3.1MB) Citation
Data for 2019: YLT 2019 data - zip format (175KB) YLT2019 (1.21MB) Citation
Data for 2018: YLT 2018 data - zip format (262KB) YLT2018 (2.85MB) Citation
Data for 2017: YLT 2017 data - zip format (410KB) YLT2017 (3.00MB) Citation
Data for 2016: YLT 2016 data - zip format (210KB) YLT2016 (2.46MB) Citation
Data for 2015: YLT 2015 data - zip format (157KB) YLT2015 (2.80MB) Citation
Data for 2014: YLT 2014 data - zip format (504KB) YLT2014 (4.52MB) Citation
KE project 2013 Dataset for ESRC Knowledge Exchange project with Brook NI (125KB)    
Data for 2013: YLT 2013 data - zip format (584KB) YLT2013 (1.98MB) Citation
Data for 2012: YLT 2012 data - zip format (100KB) YLT2012 (2.09MB) Citation
Data for 2011: YLT 2011 data - zip format (124KB) YLT2011 (2.23MB) Citation
Data for 2010: YLT 2010 data - zip format (152KB) YLT2010 (1.62MB) Citation
Data for 2009: YLT 2009 data - zip format (77 KB) YLT2009 (1.47MB) Citation
Data for 2008: YLT 2008 data - zip format (105 KB) YLT2008 (2.10MB) Citation
Data for 2007: YLT 2007 data - zip format (40 KB) YLT2007 (729KB) Citation
Data for 2006: YLT 2006 data - zip format (73 KB) YLT2006 (1.05KB) Citation
Data for 2005: YLT 2005 data - zip format (46 KB) YLT2005 (900KB) Citation
Data for 2004: YLT 2004 data - zip format (58 KB) (revised 10 March 2010) YLT2004 (947KB) Citation
Data for 2003: YLT 2003 data - zip format (47 KB) YLT2003 (829KB) Citation
Data for 2000: YLT 2000 data - zip format (9 KB) - Please note that this data file does not contain data for the Welfare Reform module. If you would like to use this data, please fill in a feedback form or contact the Helpline. YLT2000 (146KB)


Data for 1999: YLT 1999 data - zip format (29 KB) YLT1999 (436KB)


Data for 1998: YLT 1998 data - zip format (30 KB) YLT1998 (656KB)


YLT is a freely available resource for anyone interested in attitudes of people in Northern Ireland. There is no charge to use the statistics or data available on this website. However, we are always interested in how the findings are used, and so would be very grateful if you would let us know how you have used them. In particular, copies or links to reports or articles are very welcome. Our contact details are available in the Helpline section.