Northern Ireland Young Life and Times Survey 2005

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The technical information is available in PDF format.

A leaflet providing a summary of results from the 2005 survey is available in PDF format (2.56MB).

ARK Research Update 48 - School Bullying in Northern Ireland - It hasn't gone away you know, by Stephanie Burns - includes questions on bullying from the 1998 and 2005 Young Life and Times Surveys.

ARK Research Update 45 - To stay or not to stay: that is the question, by Katrina Lloyd and Paula Devine - focuses on Educational Maintenance Allowance using data from the 2005 Young Life and Times Survey.

ARK Research Update 43 - Cross community integration and mixing: does it make a difference? by Dirk Schubotz and Gillian Robinson - uses data from 2003-2005 Young Life and Times Surveys.


All work that uses or refers to the 2005 Young Life and Times Survey should acknowledge it using the following bibliographic citation:
ARK. Young Life and Times Survey, 2005 [computer file]. ARK [distributor], December 2005.


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