Young Life and Times Survey - Questionnaires

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The Young Life and Times questionnaires are available in PDF format.

Note: In 2014, 2017, 2018, 2020_21, and 2022 there were split survey samples, therefore two different questionnaires respectively.

Questionnaire 1 for 2022 (file 884KB) Questionnaire 2 for 2022 (file 1.1MB)
Questionnaire 1 for 2020_21 (file 1MB) Questionnaire 2 for 2020_21 (file 1.27MB)
Questionnaire for 2019 (very large file: 9MB)
Questionnaire 1 for 2018 (very large file: 43MB) Questionnaire 2 for 2018 (very large file: 40MB)
Questionnaire 1 for 2017 (very large file: 43MB) Questionnaire 2 for 2017 (very large file: 40MB)
Questionnaire for 2016 (very large file: 14MB)
Questionnaire for 2015 (very large file: 17MB)
Questionnaire 1 for 2014 (very large file: 23MB) Questionnaire 2 for 2014 (very large file: 21MB)
Questionnaire for 2013 (very large file: 15MB)
Questionnaire for 2012 (very large file: 17MB)
Questionnaire for 2011 (Very large file: 18MB)
Questionnaire for 2010 (Very large file: 10MB)
Questionnaire for 2009 (149kb)
Questionnaire for 2008 (122kb)
Questionnaire for 2007 (207kb)
Questionnaire for 2006 (231kb)
Questionnaire for 2005 (231kb)
Questionnaire for 2004 (241kb)
Questionnaire for 2003 (96kb)
Questionnaire for 2000 (79kb)
Questionnaire for 1999 (101kb)
Questionnaire for 1998 (126kb)

The questionnaires and the technical notes for each year of the survey provide the entire user documentation necessary for those wishing to download and analyse the data themselves.

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