ARK Research Updates

Below is a listing of all the ARK Research Updates dating from 1999, all of which are available in PDF format. Many of the Research Updates have been presented as seminars and where possible these seminars have been recorded onto video and can be viewed within your web browser here.image of Research Updates

However, if you require hard copy versions of these documents, please contact us by phone (+44 (0) 2871 675441) or send email us.

All work that refers to an ARK Research Update should acknowledge it using the appropriate bibliographic citation. For example:

Robinson, Gillian and Devine, Paula, 2017, Bonfires, flags, identity and cultural traditions, ARK Research Update 119, Belfast: ARK < >


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22nd Nov 2018
A welcoming Northern Ireland? Understanding sentiment towards asylum seekers and refugees
Dr Lucy Michael (Ulster University)
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update124.pdf425.45 KB
13th Jun 2018
Public Attitudes to UK Armed Forces
Professor Chérie Armour and Dr Bethany Waterhouse-Bradley (Ulster University)
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update121.pdf271.82 KB
ARK seminar
23rd May 2018
Young Peoples Experiences of "Stop and Search" Powers in Northern Ireland
by Dr John Topping (Lecturer of Criminology, QUB)
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update120.pdf360.99 KB
ARK seminar
14th May 2018
Healthy Eating and Lifestyles: involving children in developing questions for KLT
by Lesley Emerson (Advisory Group working with St Ita's Primary School)
ARK seminar
13th May 2018
Findings from the Launch of the 2017 Young Life and Times Survey.
by Dr Dirk Schubotz, (Director of the Young Life and Times Survey, QUB)
ARK seminar
22nd Nov 2017
Bonfires, Flags, Identity and Cultural Traditions
Gillian Robinson and Paula Devine
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update119.pdf436.26 KB
ARK seminar
16th Nov 2017
Relationships in the Round in Adult Safeguarding: messages from recent research in England
by Professor Jill Manthrope (Kings University London).
ARK seminar
jmnov17s.pdf652.77 KB
23rd Jun 2017
Waking up in a different country: Brexit and Northern Ireland
Cathy Gormley-Heenan, Arthur Aughey and Paula Devine
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update116.pdf196.08 KB
ARK seminar
19th Jun 2017
2016 KLT and YLT Survey Results Launch.
Dirk Schubotz (ARK), Dr Mark Browne (The Executive Office) and Grace Kelly (ARK).
ARK seminar
16th Jun 2017
Attitudes to abortion in Northern Ireland
Professor Ann Marie Gray (Ulster University).
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update115.pdf324.46 KB
ARK seminar