Hidden Homelessness

Title of Hidden Homelessnes report

This research was commissioned by Simon Community NI in 2020.

The aim of the research was to examine the issue of ‘hidden’ homelessness in Northern Ireland – that is, people who are homeless but whose situation is not ‘visible’. It looks at why individuals become vulnerable to ‘hidden’ homelessness, the barriers and challenges they encounter in seeking help and support, and the most discernible impacts upon those affected by it. By enhancing our knowledge and understanding of ‘hidden homelessness’ and the factors which cause and perpetuate it, this research aims to inform policy and provision.

The research team was based at Ulster University, and comprised:

  • Ann Marie Gray
  • Jennifer Hamilton
  • John Bell
  • Lisa Faulkner-Byrne
  • Philip McCready


Two reports were published in 2022:



For more information, please contact:

Professor Ann Marie Gray, ARK Co-Director, email: am.gray@ulster.ac.uk