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Welcome to ARK Features. In this section of the website we include short articles on a wide variety of topics relating to politics and social policy.

These aim to present research evidence and commentary that links into current policy debates or newsworthy issues in an informed way.

If you would like to contribute to the ARK Features, please contact us and let us know what topic you are interested in and we will provide you with the platform.

You can download the articles from the lists below.

Northern Ireland supports abortion law reform
Ann Marie Gray and Goretti Horgan
feature13.pdf197.19 KB
How do cross-sectional surveys differ from longitudinal surveys?
Paula Devine and Katrina Lloyd
Feature12.pdf148.76 KB
Not a snowball or protestor in sight! When a Taoiseach visits Belfast…
Brendan Lynn
feature11.pdf208.41 KB
Reviewing the Review: Barriers to Implementing the Northern Ireland Youth Justice Review
Dr Clare Dwyer and Dr Siobhán McAlister
Feature10.pdf173.36 KB
Surveys and polls: How does the Northern Ireland Life and Times survey differ from opinion polls?
by Gillian Robinson
Feature9.pdf114.15 KB