ARK Projects

ARK has its own research programme on key social policy issues. We also support the research of others. Our focus is to create, facilitate and disseminate knowledge.



Pills ESRC-funded project on attitudes to abortion in Northern Ireland, and the use of the abortion pill in Northern Ireland and Scotland



Peace Monitoring Report

Peace Monitoring image

...monitoring peace, political and social policy progress in Northern Ireland to produce the fifth Peace Monitoring Report for Northern Ireland



The Lively Project

Lively project image

...using objects to celebrate long lives



ARK Ageing Programme

ARK Ageing Image

...exploring age and ageing in Northern Ireland



ARK and BBC:
linking the archives

ARK project image

...bringing ARK’s social attitudes survey data to life using BBC NI’s programme archive



Sustainable Care:
Connecting people and systems

Sustainable Care image ESRC-funded project exploring sustainable care arrangements and wellbeing