What Kid's Think - Kid's Life and Times Survey Results


Below is a listing of all the Comics produced to present some of the main findings of the Kids' Life and Time Survey dating back to 2008.

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Lloyd, Katrina and Devine, Paula, 2006, To stay or not to stay: that is the question, ARK Research Update 45, Belfast: ARK <http://www.ark.ac.uk/publications/updates/update45.pdf>


Total of items found 11

25th Jun 2019
What Kids Think 11: Results of the 2018 Kids' Life and Times Survey
Kids' Life and Times
12th May 2018
What Kids Think (Issue 10)
by Kids Life and Times
06th Jun 2017
What Kids Think (Issue 9)
by Kids Life and Times
11th May 2016
What Kids Think, 2015 (Issue 8)
13th May 2015
What Kids Think, 2014 (Issue 7)
ARK, Access Research Knowledge
06th Nov 2013
What Kids Think, 2013 (Issue 6)
26th Feb 2013
What Kids Think, 2012 (Issue 5)
01st Jun 2011
What Kids Think, 2011 (Issue 4)
Katrina Lloyd
28th Sep 2010
What kids think, 2010 (Issue 3)
Katrina Lloyd
01st Oct 2009
What Kids Think, 2009 (Issue 2)
Katrina Lloyd
comic09.pdf15.73 MB
01st Oct 2008
What Kids Think, 2008 (Issue 1)
Katrina Lloyd