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Below is a listing of all the ARK Research Updates dating from 1999, all of which are available in PDF format. Many of the Research Updates have been presented as seminars and where possible these seminars have been recorded onto video and can be viewed within your web browser here.image of Research Updates

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Robinson, Gillian and Devine, Paula, 2017, Bonfires, flags, identity and cultural traditions, ARK Research Update 119, Belfast: ARK < >


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22nd Apr 2021
PRONI and CAIN: Using Conflict Archives
David Huddleston
ARK seminar
12th Mar 2021
Age as the new class war? Contemporary representations of intergenerational inequity
Susan Pickard (University of Liverpool) and Angel Leira Pernas (ARK Ageing Programme)
ARK seminar
25th Feb 2021
Tackling Gender Inequalities: the Role of Gender Budgeting
Katrina Godfrey (Permanent Secretary, Department of Infrastructure), Joan Ballantine (Ulster University) and Michelle Rousse (Ulster University)
ARK seminar
17th Feb 2021
Hearing Hidden Voices: Older victims of domestic abuse
Elizabeth Martin (Queen's University Belfast) and Rebecca Zerk (Dewis Choice)
27th Jan 2021
Black Lives Matter? Attitudes to minorities and migrants in Northern Ireland
Lucy Michael and Raquel McKee
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update136.pdf429.58 KB
09th Dec 2020
Public attitudes to breastfeeding in Northern Ireland
Marlene Sinclair, Julie McCullough, Rachel Black and Paul Slater
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update137.pdf210.63 KB
ARK seminar
27th Nov 2020
Poverty activism in Northern Ireland
Ann Marie Gray, Bronagh Hinds, Martina McAuley, Ciara Fitzpatrick and Ryan Shaw
ARK seminar
17th Jun 2020
Attitudes towards Irish unification in Northern Ireland after Brexit
Katy Hayward, Ben Rosher and Milena Komarova
ARK seminar
25th Jun 2019
2018 Kids' Life and Times & Young Life and Times Results Launch
Dr Dirk Schubotz (QUB), Dr Una O'Connor Bones (UU), Dr Katrina Lloyd (QUB)
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update129.pdf507.94 KB
ARK seminar
14th Jun 2019
The Missing T: Baselining Attitudes Towards Transgender People in Northern Ireland
Dr Gail Neill, Ulster University and Dr Siobhán McAlister, Queen’s University Belfast.
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update128.pdf515.08 KB
ARK seminar