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Below is a listing of all the ARK Research Updates dating from 1999, all of which are available in PDF format. Many of the Research Updates have been presented as seminars and where possible these seminars have been recorded onto video and can be viewed within your web browser here.image of Research Updates

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Robinson, Gillian and Devine, Paula, 2017, Bonfires, flags, identity and cultural traditions, ARK Research Update 119, Belfast: ARK < >

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01st Mar 2011
Happiest Days of our Lives?
Katrina Lloyd, Paula Devine and Gillian Robinson
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01st Feb 2011
An Age of Change? Community Relations in Northern Ireland
Paula Devine, Gráinne Kelly and Gillian Robinson
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19th Oct 2010
Get up and go!
Katie Liston and Paula Devine.

ARK Seminar Series 2010/11:

Katie Liston, School of Sports Studies, University of Ulster, will discuss participation in sport and other leisure activities, using findings from the 2009 Northern Ireland Life and Times Survey.

This Seminar was presented NICVA Headquarters, Duncairn Gdns, Belfast on the 19th October 2010.

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update70.pdf917.74 KB
01st Sep 2010
New bottle: old wine! School bullying among primary school pupils and the emergence of cyberbulllying
Conor McGuckin, Pauline K. Cummins and Christopher Alan Lewis
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update71.pdf389.59 KB
01st Jul 2010
All our futures: attitudes to age and ageing in Ireland
Ann Marie Gray and Lizanne Dowds
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update68.pdf505.85 KB
10th Jun 2010
Youth Volunteering: Making a Difference to Community Relations
Christine Irvine and Dirk Schubotz
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update69.pdf802.19 KB
17th May 2010
Attitudes towards Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual People in Northern Ireland.
Neil Jarman
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update66.pdf435.04 KB
26th Apr 2010
Mental and emotional health of 16-year olds
Dr Dirk Schubotz and Gillian McMullan
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update67.pdf219.48 KB
10th Feb 2010
Vacant Seats and Empty Pews
Bernadette C. Hayes and Lizanne Dowds

ARK Seminar Series 2010/11

Shifting Sands - Religious Change in Northern Ireland.

This Seminar was presented Belfast on 23 February 2010 at NICVA, Duncairn Gardens

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update65.pdf220.89 KB
01st Dec 2009
Religion in Ireland: No longer an exception?
Máire Nic Ghiolla Phádraig
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