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Robinson, Gillian and Devine, Paula, 2017, Bonfires, flags, identity and cultural traditions, ARK Research Update 119, Belfast: ARK < >

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16th Dec 2015
Mixed Messages:Community Relations in 2014
Duncan Morrow

ARK Seminar Series: 2015/16

In this seminar Duncan Morrow comments on the state of Community Relations in 2014 using evidence from the Northern Ireland Life and Times survey.

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09th Dec 2015
Public attitudes towards LGB equality
Nicola Carr, Paula Devine, Siobhan McAlister and Gail Neil
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02nd Dec 2015
Dementia: look closer
Elizabeth Byrne McCullough and Paula Devine
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26th Nov 2015
Attitudes towards minority ethnic people and migrant workers in 2014
Dr Philip McDermott (Ulster University)

ARK Seminar Series: 2015/16

The issue of race relations in Northern Ireland was explored again in the 2014 Northern Ireland Life and Times Survey (NILT). In this seminar Dr Philip McDermott, Ulster University, will explore three of the key themes emerging from this data.

First the seminar will consider what was expressed by participants in relation to their social contact with members of minority ethnic communities. Second, questions around the prejudice of respondents will be raised and from this we can consider whether or not different ethnic groups have been perceived in different ways.

Finally, the seminar will reflect on the levels of acceptance and visibility of ethnic minorities in the public sphere. As the NILT Survey has collected data on attitudes towards minority ethnic people and migrant workers for some years now the seminar will also make commentary throughout on changing social attitudes relating to these themes.

Presented at Holywell DiverseCity Community Partnership, Derry~Londonderry, BT48 6PW Thursday 26 November 2015

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01st Nov 2015
Young people’s rights and their sense of belonging
Dirk Schubotz
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17th Sep 2015
What do children think about old age?
Paula Devine and Gemma M Carney
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31st Jul 2015
Young people’s experiences of integration
Helena Stockinger
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17th Jun 2015
Is Northern Ireland a good place to grow old?
Paula Devine and Gemma M Carney.

ARK Seminar Series 2015/16

Findings from the 2014 Northern Ireland Life and Times Survey:

This event marks the launch of the 2014 Northern Ireland Life & Times Survey, and focuses on attitudes to ageing and ageism. During the seminar, Paula Devine and Gemma Carney (ARK Ageing Programme) discuss key findings from the 2014 Life & Times survey.

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20th May 2015
Are children getting the opportunities to realise their right to play?
Laura McQuade, Susan Kehoe and Lesley Emerson
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13th May 2015
Children and Young Peoples awareness knowledge, and attitudes towards Autism in N. Ireland.
Karola Dillenburger, Lynne McKerr & Julie-Ann Jordan

ARK Seminar Series 2015/16 

Launch of 2014 Young Life and Times (YLT) and Kids’ Life and Times (KLT).

2014 Young Life and Times (YLT) and Kids’ Life and Times (KLT) surveys were published at an event at Queen’s University Belfast.

This seminar focuses on 'Children and young people’s awareness, knowledge, and attitudes towards autism in Northern Ireland'.

This Seminar was presented on 12 May 2015 at Queens University, Belfast.

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