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Lloyd, Katrina and Devine, Paula, 2006, To stay or not to stay: that is the question, ARK Research Update 45, Belfast: ARK < >

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15th Jun 2021
Social care in prisons on the island of Ireland
Sarah Lawrence, Aidan Cooney and Ali Duggan

This event focused on policy and practice relating to social care in prisons on the island of Ireland.  In the first presentation 'Ageing in Prisons in Northern Ireland: A policy update of social care provision for older adults in prison in Northern Ireland', Sarah Lawrence discussed findings from her PhD research in Queen's University Belfast, which focused on ageing in prisons.
The second presentation 'Making the invisible, visible: Social care considerations for female prisoners in Ireland through mental health law, policy, and practice insights' was given by mental health social workers, Ali Duggan and Aidan Cooney.

10th Jun 2021
Public Understanding of Coercive Control
Susan Lagdon, Julie-Ann Jordan, Ciaran Shannon, Mark Tully and Cherie Armour

This event marked the public release of the findings from the 2020 Northern Ireland (NILT) survey. The survey recorded the views of 1,292 respondents across Northern Ireland to key social policy issues.

Coercive control is a form of domestic abuse also known as emotional or psychological abuse; indirect abuse; or emotional torture. In order to address the need for evidence-based knowledge to improve public awareness and victim response to coercive control, a module of questions was included in the 2020 NILT survey.

In the webinar, Dr Susan Lagdon (Ulster University) and Dr Julie-Ann Jordan (Northern Health and Social Care Trust) highlighted the key findings of these questions, and discuss public understanding of coercive control within intimate relationships. An expert panel then gave their comments, followed by a general discussion.

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05th Jun 2021
CAIN as a Resource for Research and Teaching The Troubles
Robert Savage, Timothy McMahon, Dominic Bryan and Rachael Young

This roundtable presentation was organised and chaired by Professor Robert Savage (Director of the Boston College Irish Studies Program) as part of the 2021 American Conference for Irish Studies. The speakers were Timothy McMahon (Marquette University), Dominic Bryan (Queen's University Belfast) and Rachael Young (Boston College).

The event is an activity of the CAIN Associate Programme.

22nd Apr 2021
PRONI and CAIN: Using Conflict Archives
David Huddleston

This webinar on 22 April 2021 explored the links between the Public Record Office of Northern Ireland (PRONI) and CAIN (Conflict Archive on the Internet).   The event was the first activity of the CAIN Associate Programme.

12th Mar 2021
Age as the new class war? Contemporary representations of intergenerational inequity
Susan Pickard (University of Liverpool) and Angel Leira Pernas (ARK Ageing Programme)

This event on 12 March 2021 was held as part of National Intergenerational Week.  The main presentation was given by Professor Susan Pickard (University of Liverpool), with a response from Angel Leira Pernas (PhD student on the ARK Ageing programme).  The event was chaired by Dr. Gemma Carney (ARK).

25th Feb 2021
Tackling Gender Inequalities: the Role of Gender Budgeting
Katrina Godfrey (Permanent Secretary, Department of Infrastructure), Joan Ballantine (Ulster University) and Michelle Rousse (Ulster University)

This event on 25 February 2021 provided an opportunity to hear the results of the Exploring the Potential of Gender Budgeting for Northern Ireland project.  Funded by Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust, the project was undertaken by Ulster University in conjunction with the Northern Ireland Women’s Budget Group and the Scottish Women’s Budget Group.

17th Feb 2021
Hearing Hidden Voices: Older victims of domestic abuse
Elizabeth Martin (Queen's University Belfast) and Rebecca Zerk (Dewis Choice)

This event on 17 February 2021 focused on issues faced by older women who are victims of domestic abuse, giving this very hidden population a voice. In particular, the webinar highlighted the barriers these women face in accessing help.

The speakers were Dr Elizabeth Martin (QUB) who discussed findings from her PhD research, and Rebecca Zerk (Research Project Manager, Dewi's Choice). The Chair was Professor John Devaney (University of Edinburgh).

The event was supported by the British Society of Gerontology.

27th Jan 2021
Black Lives Matter? Attitudes to minorities and migrants in Northern Ireland
Lucy Michael and Raquel McKee

This event on 17 January 2021 explored public attitudes to minorities and migrants in Northern Ireland, using data from the Northern Ireland Life and Times survey and Young Life and Times survey.  The presenter was Lucy Michael, followed by a response by Raquel McKee (African and Caribbean Support Organisation Northern Ireland).

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09th Dec 2020
Public attitudes to breastfeeding in Northern Ireland
Marlene Sinclair, Julie McCullough, Rachel Black and Paul Slater

Northern Ireland has the lowest rate of breastfeeding in the United Kingdom.  In this seminar on 9 December 2020, findings from the 2019 Northern Ireland Life and Times survey and the 2019 Young Life and Times survey gave an insight into public attitudes to breastfeeding. The speakers were Marlene Sinclair, Julie McCullough, Rachel Black and Paul Slater.

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30th Nov 2020
'Days Like This' – Reflections on President Clinton’s Visit to NI, 1995

The Public Record Office of Northern Ireland (PRONI) and ARK hosted a webinar to mark the 25th Anniversary of the visit of President Clinton to Northern Ireland.

An expert panel considered the background to the visit and used archival sources, as well as first-hand accounts, to explore and reflect on President Clinton's visit and its legacy.  The panel comprised Professor Paul Arthur (Honorary Professor, UU), Dr Brendan Lynn (UU and CAIN), Ambassador (retired) and Kathleen Stephens (US Consul General Belfast, 1995-98), and was chaired by Peter Osborne (currently Chair of the ARK Advisory Board).