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Lloyd, Katrina and Devine, Paula, 2006, To stay or not to stay: that is the question, ARK Research Update 45, Belfast: ARK < >

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05th Sep 2023
Launch of 2023 Young Life and Times (YLT) and Kids' Life and Times (KLT) results
Dirk Schubotz, Nicole Bond,

An event was held on 5 September at Queen's University to mark the launch of results from the 2023 Young Life and Times (YLT) Survey) and Kids' Life and Times (KLT) Survey. 

Topics covered in the surveys include children’s and young people’s experiences of the cost-of-living crisis; mental health; sport and physical activity; good relations and gender-based violence.

For more information, visit the YLT website and KLT website

01st Jun 2023
Political priorities, attitudes and identities since the Agreement Launch
Katy Hayward and Ben Rosher (Queen’s University Belfast)

The Northern Ireland Life and Times (NILT) survey has been recording public attitudes to social and political issues since 1998. In its first year, participants were asked to identify their priorities for the newly-formed Northern Ireland Assembly. In this seminar, Katy Hayward and Ben Rosher (Queen’s University Belfast) used 25 years of data to assess how much progress has been made on these priorities and to identify key points of continuity and change in political attitudes, identities and expectations since then.

This seminar marked the launch of the findings of the 2022 Northern Ireland Life and Times survey as well as the launch of an ARK/Conflict Textiles exhibition in the McClay Library, Queen's University. The arpilleras reveal, via textile language, key issues on identity and society in Northern Ireland.

26th Apr 2023
Poverty in Northern Ireland: Where are we now?
Alexandra Chapman (ARK), Ciara Fitzpatrick (Ulster University), Kevin Higgins (Advice NI), Siobhán Harding (Women’s Support Network), Sinéad Furey (Ulster University) and Trása Canavan (Barnardo’s)

The cost-of-living crisis continues to have a significant impact on households, hitting those on low-incomes hardest. This event focused on the social and economic inequalities that currently exist, with a panel of four speakers.  The panel and attendees then considered solutions going forward.  The chair was Ciara Fitzpatrick (Ulster University), and the event was organised by Alexandra Chapman (ARK).

The event was dedicated to Professor Eileen Evason, who previously worked within the Ulster University Social Policy team for almost 30 years and was a lifelong campaigner for equality and women’s rights.

31st Aug 2022
Launch of 2022 Young Life & Times (YLT) survey
Professor Dirk Schubotz

This webinar marked the public release of results from the 2022 Young Life and Times (YLT) survey. YLT is an annual survey which records the attitudes of young people aged 16 living in Northern Ireland to key issues affecting their lives.

In this event, Professor Dirk Schubotz (YLT Director) highlighted key findings from the 2022 survey, which included questions on good relations, education, politics, and gender-based violence.

26th May 2022
Political Attitudes in Northern Ireland after Brexit and under the Protocol
Katy Hayward, Milena Komarova and Ben Rosher
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26th May 2022
The Other Division in Northern Ireland: public attitudes to poverty, economic hardship and social security
Sabrina Bunyan, Mark Simpson, Goretti Horgan and Ann Marie Gray


In 2021, the ARK NILT survey asked the Northern Ireland (NI) population about their views on a range of issues relating to fairness with regard to incomes, taxes and social security, financial hardship and the cost of the living. It did so at a time when the Covid-19 pandemic had brought about both an economic and public health crisis impacting the everyday lives of many people. The fieldwork for the survey took place during the final quarter of 2021, just before an Omicron wave of COVID-19 infections.

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12th May 2022
Attitudes to mental health and suicide in Northern Ireland
Siobhan O'Neill, Margaret McLafferty and Paula Devine

2021 Northern Ireland Life and Times survey results.

In this new Research Update, Siobhan O'Neill (Northern Ireland's Mental Health Champion), Margaret McLafferty and Paula Devine explore public attitudes to mental health and suicide in Northern Ireland, based on data from the 2021 Northern Ireland Life and Times (NILT) survey. This Research Update was published to coincide with Mental Health Awareness Week.

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11th May 2022
Wandering the wards: institutional 'rules' and their consequences for people living with dementia
Professor Katie Featherstone, Ángel Leira Pernas

This webinar was presented by Professor Katie Featherstone (University of West London).  It is based on her ethnographic research on hospital care of people living with dementia, and will introduce us to the topic of the rules that dominate these institutions, the way these rules are constructed and enforced, and their consequences for patients.

The event was chaired by Ángel Leira Pernas, PhD student on the ARK Ageing programme. Professor Featherstone will present her work, which will be followed by a response from Mr. Pernas.

This is the first event in the Next Generation Thinking in Research on Ageing series, and it took place at 11am on Wednesday 11 May via Zoom.

19th Jan 2022
Partition and the Birth of Northern Ireland Revisited: Reflections on the Marking of a Decade of Centenaries
Dr Eamon Phoenix

In this webinar, Dr Éamon Phoenix reflected on how partition and the birth of Northern Ireland have been marked and commemorated. 

The event was organised as part of the CAIN Associate Programme.

06th Oct 2021
Conflict Textiles and CAIN: Learning the Language of Textiles
Roberta Bacic, Breege Doherty and Gillian Robinson

This webinar provided a background to the origins, development and mission of the Conflict Textiles physical collection and online archive. The speakers were Roberta Bacic, Breege Doherty and Gillian Robinson.

The event was organised as part of the CAIN Associate Programme.