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Robinson, Gillian and Devine, Paula, 2017, Bonfires, flags, identity and cultural traditions, ARK Research Update 119, Belfast: ARK < >

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10th Oct 2023
Dating among 16-year olds in Northern Ireland
Catherine McNamee
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13th Apr 2023
Political Attitudes in Northern Ireland 25 Years after the Agreement
Katy Hayward and Ben Rosher
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30th Mar 2023
Sticks and Stones? Violence experiences of 16-year olds in Northern Ireland
Dirk Schubotz
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23rd Mar 2023
Work, Stress and COVID-19 in Northern Ireland
Rosellen Roche, Erin Early, Joel Manzi and Paula Devine
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17th Oct 2022
Young People’s Attitudes to Minority Ethnic Groups and Asylum Seeking
Md Salah Uddin and Dirk Schubotz
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26th May 2022
The Other Division in Northern Ireland: public attitudes to poverty, economic hardship and social security
Sabrina Bunyan, Mark Simpson, Goretti Horgan and Ann Marie Gray


In 2021, the ARK NILT survey asked the Northern Ireland (NI) population about their views on a range of issues relating to fairness with regard to incomes, taxes and social security, financial hardship and the cost of the living. It did so at a time when the Covid-19 pandemic had brought about both an economic and public health crisis impacting the everyday lives of many people. The fieldwork for the survey took place during the final quarter of 2021, just before an Omicron wave of COVID-19 infections.

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26th May 2022
Political Attitudes in Northern Ireland after Brexit and under the Protocol
Katy Hayward, Milena Komarova and Ben Rosher
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12th May 2022
Attitudes to mental health and suicide in Northern Ireland
Siobhan O'Neill, Margaret McLafferty and Paula Devine

2021 Northern Ireland Life and Times survey results.

In this new Research Update, Siobhan O'Neill (Northern Ireland's Mental Health Champion), Margaret McLafferty and Paula Devine explore public attitudes to mental health and suicide in Northern Ireland, based on data from the 2021 Northern Ireland Life and Times (NILT) survey. This Research Update was published to coincide with Mental Health Awareness Week.

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14th Oct 2021
COVID-19 and religious practice in Northern Ireland
Gladys Ganiel and Chris Morris
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31st Aug 2021
Young People’s Understanding of Coercive Control
Susan Lagdon, Julie-Ann Jordan, Lucia Klencakova, Ciaran Shannon, Mark Tully and Cherie Armour

This online webinar on 31 August 2021 marked the public release of results from the 2020/1 Young Life and Times (YLT) survey. YLT is an annual survey which records the attitudes of young people aged 16 living in Northern Ireland to key issues affecting their lives.

In this event, Dr Dirk Schubotz (YLT Director) highlighted key findings from the most recent survey, which included questions on mental health, coercive control, good relations, community safety, shared education, and politics. A panel of experts - Susan Lagdon (Ulster University), Alex Tennant (NICCY) and Rosellen Roche (University of Ohio) - discussed these findings. 

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