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NOTE: The 2022 YLT survey was undertaken in two versions. Not all respondents were asked all questions. The question on religious identity was only included in Version 1. As such, a breakdown of results by religious identity is only provided where this is possible and only includes respondents from survey Version 1. See our technical notes for more information.

Year: 2022
Module: Education
Variable: SEFAC

If your school was part of a Shared Education Campus which, if any, of the following do you think it should have? [Multiple Response Table]?

One main school entrance 62
Shared sports facilities 73
Shared lunchtime and dining facilities 72
A shared school bus
One school uniform 60


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Results for men and women

One main school entrance 59 64
Shared sports facilities 73 74
Shared lunchtime and dining facilities 68 74
A shared school bus 55 59
One school uniform 60 61



Results for people of different religions not available.



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