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NOTE: The 2022 YLT survey was undertaken in two versions. Not all respondents were asked all questions. The question on religious identity was only included in Version 1. As such, a breakdown of results by religious identity is only provided where this is possible and only includes respondents from survey Version 1. See our technical notes for more information.

Year: 2022
Module: Education
Variable: BSLGCSE

There are plans at the minute to develop a GCSE in British Sign Language. If this GCSE had been available in Northern Ireland when you chose your GCSEs how interested would you have been in taking it?

Very interested16
Neither interested nor uninterested19
Not very interested17
Not at all interested19
I don't know4


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Results for men and women

Very interested 6 21
Interested 16 31
Neither interested nor uninterested 20 18
Not very interested 21 14
Not at all interested 31 11
I don't know 5 4



Results for people of different religions not available.



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