Northern Ireland Life and Times Survey 2004

Module: Countryside and Farming

This page lists the questions asked within the Countryside and Farming module in 2004. Clicking on the question name printed to the left of every question will bring you to the tables of results for that question. Publications and further information on Countryside and Farming can be found on the Countryside and Farming Resources page.

This module was funded by the Economic and Social Research Council (Award RES-000-22-0811)

FQUIZ1: Are most farms in Northern Ireland family-run businesses?

FQUIZ2: Would most farms in Northern Ireland not be profitable without subsidies?

FQUIZ3: Do most farms in Northern Ireland produce more milk or meat etc than they can actually sell?

FQUIZ4: Will subsidies to Northern Ireland farmers reduce over time from 2005 due to EU changes?

FQUIZ5: In N Ireland, is farming is at least three times as important economically as it is in the UK as a whole?

FQUIZ6: Does the EU prevent dairy and meat products entering N Ireland that have been produced more cheaply in non-EU countries?

FQUIZ7: If a pint of milk is sold at 30p, how much goes to the farmer?

VSTCNTRY: Have you visited the countryside or coast in the past year?

CARCNTRY: When you visited the countryside, did you usually spend all of the time in the car?

CNT20YRS: Is the countryside much the same as 20 years ago?

CNTRYBET: Has the countryside changed for the better or worse?

CONCNTRY: Are you concerned about things that may happen to the countryside?

CTHRT1: What is the greatest threat to the countryside?

CTHRT2: What is the next greatest threat to the countryside?

FARMWSTE: What should happen if waste from a farm leaks into a river?

PAYCNTY1: Who should have the most repsonsibility for looking paying to look after the countryside?

PAYCNTY2: Who should have the next most repsonsibility for looking paying to look after the countryside?

FMTHREAT: What is the greatest threat to farmers in Northern Ireland?

WTRQUAL: Who should pay the extra costs for making sure that our water supply is not affected by farming practices?

CHSELIVE: If you had a free choice where would you choose to live?

VIEWFM1: Is traditional farming too expensive a way to produce food?

VIEWFM2: Do farms add to the beauty of the countryside?

VIEWFM3: Are farmers subsidised too much?

VIEWFM4: Do farms and farming families keep the countryside alive?

VIEWFM5: Should farming as a way of life be allowed to die out?

VIEWFM6: Do N Ireland farmers produce better quality safe food than elsewhere?

VIEWFM7: Are farmers just concerned with making money and donít care about the countryside?

FARMSUB: How much should farmers be subsidised?

ROLE4SUB: Should farmers take on new roles in return for government subsidies?

FARMELSE: If farmers had to do something else for their subsidies, what would be the best thing to do?

FENCELND: Should a landowner be able to fence off a remote part of land?

PUBPATH1: Should a farmer be able to close a rarely-used public footpath running through their land?

PUBPATH2: Should a footpath be closed if gates are left open?

CINCFRMG: How do you feel about increasing the amount of countryside being farmed?

CNEWHSG: How do you feel about building new housing in country areas?

CFRMB4W: How do you feel about putting the needs of farmers before protection of wildlife?

CMORERDS: How do you feel about providing more roads in country areas?

CINCPCNC: How do you feel about increasing the number of picnic areas and camping sites in the countryside?

HOUSBUIL: Should new housing be built in cities, towns and villages rather than in the countryside?

KEEPBELT: Is it more important to keep green-belt areas than to build new homes there?

PLANLAWS: Should planning laws be relaxed so that people who want to live in the countryside may do so?

FARMRSAY: Do farmers have too much say compared with other users of the countryside?

LESSVIST: Does the beauty of the countryside depend on stopping too many people from visiting it?

CNTRPED: Should people worry less about protecting the countryside, and more about those who have to make their living there?

CBTROIO: Are some parts of the countryside so popular that itís not a pleasure to visit them?

COUNTRY1: Have modern methods of farming caused damage to the countryside?

COUNTRY2: Should farmers produce more food rather than looking after the countryside?

COUNTRY3: Do farmers do a good job in looking after the countryside?

COUNTRY4: Should government withhold some subsidies from farmers and use them to protect the countryside?

LIVCTRY1: Is there less crime in the countryside?

LIVCTRY2: Is it harder to get a good job if you live in the countryside?

LIVCTRY3: Is the countryside a better place to bring up children?

LIVCTRY4: Is living in the countryside very boring?

LIVCTRY5: Do schools in the countryside tend to be better?

LIVCTRY6: Does the countryside provide a healthier environment to live in?

LIVCTRY7: If you live in the countryside, are you more likely to need a car to get around?

LIVCTRY8: Is it more expensive to live in the countryside?

LIVCTRY9: Is there more community spirit in the countryside?

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