1996 Forum Elections: Candidates in South Down

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The following list of candidates is arranged in order of votes by party. The names in bold are those of the candidates elected in the constituency of South Down. (spreadsheet)

Social Democratic and Labour Party: 20,220 (43.2%): Eddie McGrady, Hugh Carr, Margaret Ritchie, Marietta Farrell, John Doris

Ulster Unionist Party: 10,379 (22.2%): Dermot Nesbitt, Frederick Wharton, Gerry Douglas, Albert Colmer, William Martin

Sinn Féin: 6,142 (13.1%): Michael Murphy, Frank McDowell, Martin Gough, Deidre Clark

Democratic Unionist Party: 5,060 (10.8%): William Alexander, John Finlay, William Burns

Alliance Party: 1,685 (3.6%): Julian Crozier, Michael Healy

Labour: 927 (2.0%): Malachi Curran, Patrick O'Connor, Edna Furey, James Masson, Michael Kearney

Progressive Unionist Party: 497 (1.1%): George Graham, James McDonald

Northern Ireland Women's Coalition: 464 (1.0%): Bronagh Lawson, Claire Hannah, Lynn Carvill, Ursula Leahy

Ulster Democratic Party: 404 (0.9%): Norma Coulter, Denis Paisley

Green Party: 251 (0.6%): Maggie Burch, Eugene O'Shea, Christopher Busby

The Conservative Party: 197 (0.4%): Paul Megarity, Michael Henderson

Workers Party: 162 (0.4%): Marie O'Hagan, Eddie O'Hagan

Ulster Independence Movement: 130 (0.3%): Samuel Pollock, Stanley Watson, James McElrath

Democratic Partnership: 117 (0.2%): William Leneghan, Sean O'Baoill

Democratic Left: 65 (0.1%): Veronica McEneaney, Jim Ryan

Natural Law Party: 30 (0.06%): Desmond Garrett, William McCarthy

Independent Chambers: 18 (0.04%): George Chambers, Doreen Larmour

Electorate: 69,035; votes cast: 46,891; spoilt votes: 143 (0.3%); valid votes: 46,748

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