Discussion papers

Intergenerational mentoring, educational attainment and community planning, by Paula Devine and Vicki Titterington (August 2018) is based on an event on 5 June 2018.

Public attitudes and knowledge of dementia: Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland and Scotland, by Paula Devine (August 2016) is based on 2014 survey data.

Evaluating arts-based programmes for people with dementia, and their impact on wellbeing, by Paula Devine and Katrina Lloyd (November 2015).  This Discussion Paper highlights key issues and case studies related to evaluating the outcomes of an arts-based intervention or programme for people with dementia, with a particular focus on participants’ wellbeing.

Communities for All Ages: A life course approach to strengthening communities in Northern Ireland, by Nancy Henkin (February 2015).  This Discussion Paper describes the Communities for All Ages initiative that was developed in the United States in 2002 and explores ways that an “all ages” lens could be applied to policies and practices in Northern Ireland.

One-to-one befriending programmes for older people, by Paula Devine (December 2014). This Discussion Paper highlights key issues related to one-to-one befriending programmes, and presents eight case studies.