ARK Resources


This section outlines key resources produced by ARK which relate to ageing in Northern Ireland.

  • ‘Did you know???’ – each month we highlight a key fact on ageing and older people in Northern Ireland.
  • Three teaching datasets have been created based on the Northern Ireland Life and Times Survey. These are designed to be used on undergraduate and postgraduate courses teaching quantitative statistical analysis in the social sciences.
  • The ARK in Schools: Ageing tutorial is one of a series of downloadable materials produced by ARK, which are designed for use with young people aged 14 years or over.
  • A catalogue of key datasets relevant to research on older people’s issues.
  • A pilot archive of in-depth interviews with older people explores attitudes to ageing and ageism. Unfortunately there is a technical issue, and so this resource is currently unavailable (9 October 2020)

Full details of ARK publications and other resources are available on the main ARK website.