ARK Seminar Series 2016/17

Masterclass: Moving beyond age-segregated research:
Why linking studies of children, life course and ageing is important

presented by
Professor Gunhild Hagestad:
Moving beyond age-segregated research
(00:00 to 00:58:17)

Professor Madeleine Leonard (Queen’s University Belfast):
Generation in childhood studies
(00:58:17 to 01:08:58)

Dr Gemma Carney (Queen’s University Belfast):
Re-constructing how we think about children and older people in the political economy of ageing societies
(01:08:58 to 01:14:03)

Dr Danielle Blaylock (Queen’s University Belfast):
What can we learn from previous theory, research and practice on segregation and integration in Northern Ireland?
(01:14:03 to 01:24:29)


This seminar took place in the Queens University Belfast Campus on Tuesday, 25 October 2016.

PS: please be aware that the volume levels in some sections are quite low.
Turning the volume up on your computer and/or speakers should help.

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