Northern Ireland Life and Times Survey 2008

Module: Religious Observance

This page lists the questions asked within the Religious Observance module in 2008. Clicking on the short variable name printed before every question will bring you to the tables of results for that question. Publications and further information on Religious Observance can be found on the Religious Observance Resources page. This module was asked as part of the International Social Survey Programme and the RELEMERGE project

RUHAPPY: How happy are you?

SEXBFMAR: Is it wrong to have sexual relations before marriage?

ADULTERY: Is adultery wrong?

SEXHOMO: Are sexual relations between adults of the same sex wrong?

ABORWRGA: Is abortion wrong if there is a strong chance of a serious defect in the baby?

ABORWRGB: Is abortion wrong if the family cannot afford any more children?

SEXROLE2: A husband's job is to earn money; a wife's job is to look after the home and family

PEOPTRST: Can people be trusted?

PARLCONF: Have you confidence in Parliament at Westminster?

BUSCONF: Have you confidence in business and industry?

CHCHCONF: Have you confidence in churches and religious organisations?

CORTCONF: Have you confidence in courts and the legal system?

SCHLCONF: Have you confidence in schools and the educational system?

MOVELIFE: Have you lived in other areas or other countries?

RLGINFVT: Should religious leaders try to influence how people vote in elections?

RLGINFGV: Should religious leaders try to influence government decisions?

SCIEHARM: Does modern science do more harm than good?

SCIETRST: Do we trust too much in science and not enough in religious faith?

RELPROB1: Does religion bring more conflict than peace?

RELPROB2: Are people with strong religious beliefs too intolerant?

CHCHPOWR: Do churches and religious organisations have too much power?

RELRGHTS: Should all religious groups in N Ireland have equal rights?

RESPREL: Should we respect all religions?

DIFFMARR: Would you accept a person from a different religion or with a very different religious view from yours marrying a relative of yours?

DIFFCAND: Would you accept a person from a different religion or with a very different religious view from yours being a candidate of the political party you prefer?

REXTMEET: Should religious extremists be allowed to hold public meetings to express their views?

REXTPUB: Should religious extremists be allowed to publish books expressing their views?

GODBELF1: Do you believe in God?

GODBELF2: Which best describes your beliefs about God?

AFTRLIFE: Do you believe in life after death?

HEAVEN: Do you believe in Heaven?

HELL: Do you believe in Hell?

RELGMIRC: Do you believe in religious miracles?

REINCARN: Do you believe in reincarnation?

NIRVANA: Do you believe in nirvana?

ANCESTOR: Do you believe in the supernatural powers of deceased ancestors?

GODCONCN: Is there a God concerned with every human being personally?

FATALIST: Is there little that people can do to change the course of their lives?

GODGMEAN: Is life meaningful only because God exists?

LFNOPURP: Does life serve any purpose?

SLFGMEAN: Is life only meaningful if you provide the meaning yourself?

GODNOCH: Do you have your own way of connecting with God without churches or religious services?

MUMRELIG: What was your mother's religion when you were a child?

DADRELIG: What was your father's religion when you were a child?

FAMREL2: What religion, if any, were you raised in?

PRTNRRLG: What is your spouse's/partner's religion?

MUMATTCH: How often did your mother attend religious services when you were a child?

DADATTCH: How often did your father attend religious services when you were a child?

R11ATTCH: How often did you attend religious services where you were 11?

PRAYFREQ: About how often do you pray?

CHRCHACT: How often to you take part in activities of a church?

HOMEREL: Do you have a shrine, altar, or a religious object on display in your home?

HOLYVIST: How often do you visit a holy place for religious reasons?

RELIGIUS: Are you religious?

RELSPIRT: Do you follow a religion or consider yourself to be spiritual?

RELTRUTH: Is there truth in any religion?

RELHELP1: Does practising a religion help people to ind inner peace and happiness?

RELHELP2: Does practising a religion help people to make friends?

RELHELP3: Does practising a religion help people to gain comfort in times of trouble or sorrow?

RELHELP4: Does practising a religion help people to meet the right kind of people?

MUMRELGS: When you were a child, was your mother religious?

DADRELGS: When you were a child, was your father religious?

PRTRELGS: Is your spouse or partner religious?

IMPRELU: How important was religion in your upbringing?

IMPRELCH: If you have children, how important is or was religion in their upbringing?

IMPRELDY: How important is religion in your daily life?

GODINV: Is God directly involved in your affairs?

GODANGER: Is God angered by human sin?

SCHFAITH: Should religious groups have their own schools?

BANBOOK2: Should books and films that attack religions be banned by law?

CLONEFRM: Do you approve of cloning the best farm animals to improve breeding stock?

EMBRES: Should scientists be allowed to use cells from human embryos for research?

EMBHUMAN: Is an embryo a human being at the moment of conception?

EXIT1: Should doctors be allowed by law to end the patientís life, if the patient requests it?

WOMENEQ: Should more be done to promote equality for women?

CIVPART: Do you approve of laws that treat same-sex partnerships like marriage?

SSEXADPT: Do you approve of allowing same-sex couples to adopt children?

WEARRSYM: Should people working with the public be allowed to dress in a way that shows their religious faith?

IMMTHRT: Is immigration a threat to our national identity?

MUSNIFIT: Do nearly all Muslims living in Northern Ireland want to fit in?

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