ARK aims to support policy development and debate in Northern Ireland through providing information and critical analysis.

  • Policy Unit
    The Policy Unit of ARK has built on its close connections to the voluntary sector and initiated links with policy makers within the Northern Ireland Assembly and Government departments. It has worked to develop a facility for a more critical appraisal of policy which is based on knowledge and evidence, and which encourages public engagement with Social Policy.
  • ARK Ageing Programme
    The ARK Ageing Programme supports engagement between the age and academic sectors. As part of this, we encourage and facilitate the production of research that will support lobbying and advocacy, and the sophisticated use of information and evidence by the age sector.
  • The Lively Project
    This pilot project seeks to communicate the rich perspective that is provided by living a long life, by asking six older people to identify six objects.
  • Qualitative Archive on Ageism
    ARK has developed a pilot archive of in-depth interviews with older people looking at attitudes to ageing and ageism. The valuable information contained within these qualitative interviews complements the facts and figures produced by our other projects including: Attitudes to Older People, Grandparenting, Pensions and Pensioners and Older People in Northern Ireland, as well as the ARK Ageing Programme.



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