Qualitative Archive on Ageism

As part of its programme of research on Older People, ARK has developed a pilot archive of in-depth interviews with older people looking at attitudes to ageing and ageism. The valuable information contained within these qualitative interviews complements the facts and figures produced by our other projects including: Attitudes to Older People, Grandparenting, Pensions and Pensioners, Older People in Northern Ireland and the ARK Ageing Programme.

The interviewees gave their consent to the data being used and shared for research purposes only. Because of the personal and sensitive nature of some of the data, ARK requires that all users register with us prior to accessing this data.

In this section, once you have registered, you can view interview extracts from these interviews. Depending on the consent given by the interviewees, you can either listen to them, see them talking or read what they had to say. The extracts are ordered by subject areas, such as employment, family, health, housing, fear of crime, finance matters and entertainment. You can also view complete transcripts of the interviews conducted.

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