Some thing of who I am


Something of who I am uses objects to take you on the Journey of Life; as negotiated by six people living in Northern Ireland.  In each case you will see a selection of objects which six participants (aged 61 to 80) have volunteered as offering some insight into a significant moment or memory on the ‘vapour trail of life’.

Visual artist, Gemma Hodge has produced a number of artistic works which illuminate the significance of the objects. Participants have also produced art and craft work of their own.

The project is anchored in the work of Booker Prize winning novelist Penelope Lively. In 2014, Lively published a memoir Ammonites and Leaping Fish: a life in time. In the final chapter, Lively chooses six objects which ‘articulate something of who I am’.

The project seeks to communicate the rich perspective that is provided by living a long life. The exhibition aims to challenge us all to think about our future older selves, and to see the potential of longevity as an opportunity to demonstrate how a life can be well lived.


The exhibition ran in the Crescent Gallery, Crescent Arts Centre, Belfast from Thursday 8 December to Thursday 15 December.

For more information, visit the Lively Project WordPress site.



This project is supported by ARK Ageing Programme, Arts Council Northern Ireland National Lottery fund.