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  • The Lively Project – Material Objects on the Journey of Life

    The idea for The Lively Project came after reading ‘Ammonites and leaping fish: a life in time’, by Penelope Lively. In that book, Penelope Lively highlights six treasured possession which reflect who she is and where she has been. We are running a pilot project in Northern Ireland based on these ideas.  Funded by the Wellcome Trust, the project ran from July 2016 to January 2017.


    Livelybook Six participants will be asked to:

    • have a face-to-face conversation with a researcher about the objects which mean most to them;
    • take part in a one-day workshop with visual artist Gemma Hodge, to photograph, draw or make a cast of one of the objects;
    • participate in an exhibition of the participants’ and the artist’s work.

    The Lively team are:


    The exhibition took place in the Crescent Arts Centre, Belfast and the launch event was held on Wednesday 7 December 2016.