Age Encounters, Tuesday 25 November 2014
Age Encounters is a network of researchers, academics and practitioners with an interest in age. Each ‘age encounter’ has presentations from speakers from different sectors, along with time to chat over coffee.

During the event on 25 November, there were 3 presentations:

  • Lorna Montgomery and Janet Carter Anand (School of Sociology, Social Policy and Social Work, Queen’s University Belfast), who will discuss their recent research on services for socially-isolated older men in Belfast – see presentation.  This presentation was based on key findings from the project ‘A review of service provision for men aged 50+ (Belfast), and the report is available online
  • John Cooper (Rejuvenate Project, North Belfast), who will highlight services for men aged 55+ living across North Belfast – see presentation (this is a large file – 7.7 MB)
  • Dave Bolton, School of Psychology at Queen’s, gave a short presentation looking for volunteers participate in the study – see leaflet


NVTV recorded interviews for their ‘Focal Point’ programme, which is available online here.