Northern Ireland Young Life and Times Survey

Politics (2003 onwards)

Listed below are the questions asked in the Politics module and the years in which they were asked. If you want to see how young people actually answered the questions in a particular year, you can click on the year beside every question.

Publications and further information on Political Attitudes can be found on the Political Attitudes Resources page.

  • POLITICS: How much interest do you generally have in what is going on in politics? 2004 2005 2006 2007 2011
  • KNOWPOL: How much do you feel you know about politics in Northern Ireland? 2004 2005 2006 2007 2011
  • POL67A, POL67B, POL67C: What three social and political issues interest you most? 2004
  • REGVOT18: Can you register to vote when you are aged 16? 2004
  • VOTE18: Must you be aged 18 or over to vote? 2004

  • ELECT18: Must you be aged 18 or over to stand for election? 2004
  • PHOTOID: Do you need photographic ID to vote in elections in Northern Ireland? 2004
  • SCHLPOL: Should schools be required to provide lessons and discussion about politics? 2004
  • ACTPOL: Is being active in politics a waste of time? 2004
  • SAYRUN: Do you want a say in how the country is run? 2004
  • POLVIEWS: Do politicians or parties represent your views? 2004
  • LANGPOL: Is the language politicians use easy to understand? 2004
  • INVPOL: When people like you get involved in politics, can they change the way things are run? 2004 2007
  • SPONEVNT: In the last 12 months have you taken part in a sponsored event? 2004
  • DEMOPART: In the last 12 months have you taken part in a demonstration, picket or march? 2004
  • PETITION: In the last 12 months have you signed a petition? 2004
  • POLBADGE: In the last 12 months have you worn a political badge? 2004
  • CAMPBEF: In the last 12 months have you campaigned for a group or charity? 2004
  • FUND: In the last 12 months have you helped raise funds for charity? 2004
  • BOYCOTT: In the last 12 months have you boycotted certain products? 2004
  • POLIPART: In the last 12 months have you joined a political party? 2004
  • NONEFAB: In the last 12 months have you done none of the above? 2004
  • OTHEROPT: In the last 12 months have you taken part in other political activities? 2004
  • VOTELECT: Is it worth voting at elections? 2004
  • GOVSPEND: How should the government spend extra money on young people in Northern Ireland? 2005
  • VOTEAGE: What age should people be able to vote? 2007
  • PERSPOLI: Have you ever been involved in any political activities? 2007
  • WHATNI: What sort of society do you want Northern Ireland to be in the future? 2007
  • SATNIGOV: How satisfied are you with the way the Northern Ireland government is doing their job? 2010
  • NIGOVEFT: What has been the effect of the Stormont government on children and young people in NI? 2010 2011
  • POLCHANG: Have political changes since 1998 benefited Catholics or Protestants more? 2011
  • VOTE16: Do you think the voting age should be lowered to 16 years? 2013
  • BREXBO: Thinking of your own situation, do you think that YOU personally will be better off or worse off outside the EU? 2016
  • BREXVO: If the BREXIT referendum was held again tomorrow and 16 year olds were entitled to vote, how would you vote? 2016

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