Environment, ISSP, Republic of Ireland - 2001/2 

Principal Investigators :
Social Science Research Centre, UCD
Years: 2001/2

Within the International Social Survey Programme (ISSP), the same module of questions is asked in over 30 countries worldwide. In 2000, the topic covered was Environment, and this was included in the Irish Social and Political Attitudes Survey 2001/2.

Results: Below is a listing of the modules for this survey. Click on the module of interest for a listing of the variables and their questions


Questionnaire for the Irish Social and Political Attitudes Survey 2001/2.


The dataset for this module can be downloaded from here in SPSS portable format.
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Note that the dataset should be weighted using the 'weight' variable.

Publications: For a list of publications, see http://www.ucd.ie/environ/home.htm
Category: Environment

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