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In this section of the ARK website you can find downloadable tutorials. They are suitable for use in school years 11 and above. Tutorials mainly use research-based evidence collected by ARK, but also relate to other local, national and international sources of information and debate. The tutorials are designed to comply with the specifications set out by CCEA for the Learning for Life and Work curriculum, which incorporates Local and Global Citizenship and PHSE education. However, the tutorials are also suitable for use in groupwork with young people outside school, for example in cross-community projects.

If you would prefer someone from the ARK team to come out to your school or youth project, you can contact us with details about your request or with comments.

In order to open the tutorials, simply click on the links below. Each ARK in Schools Tutorial consists of the following contains a Teaching Plan outline including references to the curricular requirements and resources. You will need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer to download the tutorials.

Introduction to the ARK in Schools project


Also available:

Group work exercises (used in the Voices Behind the Statistics project)

Information and resources relating to event in November 2012 focusing on Relationship and Sexuality Education.

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