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The aim of the ARK in Schools project is to provide suitable Northern Ireland-specific educational materials for schools, organisations working with young people and for young people themselves. The ARK School Resource has been developed to encourage young people to:

  • Develop a better understanding of Northern Ireland - the society they live in;
  • Use the internet to search for information that they can use to support their coursework and projects inside and outside formal education.

The material and tutorials presented here offer support and food for thought for subject areas, such as:

  • Learning for Life and Work including Citizenship Education;
  • Personal, Health and Social Education (PSHE);
  • Education for Mutual Understanding (EMU);
  • Relationship and Sexuality Education (RSE);
  • Sociology;
  • Politics, and
  • IT.

The resources can also be used in cross-community activities outside school.

Many of the activities in the ARK in Schools modules are delivered through discussion, debates and small group work, which are designed to support the development of communication skills of young people. The modules build on information and data that are freely available online within the different constituent parts of the ARK website. The modules can either be used to complement other teaching resources or can stand alone. The ARK in Schools pages include links to other relevant websites in the youthwork and education sectors.

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