Women's Working Lives

Author(s): John Kremer and Pamela Montgomery
Document Type: Book
Year: 1993
Publisher: HMSO 
Place of Publication: Belfast
ISBN: 0 337 09379 2 
Subject Area(s): Employment, Gender
Client Group(s) : Women

Background to the Research

  • Women's Working Lives Survey (WWLS) was commissioned by the Equal Opportunities Commission for Northern Ireland in 1990. The survey was designed to:
    • Identify factors which determine whether or not women participate in paid work and how the unpaid work undertaken by women in the home influences their involvement in the labour market.
    • Record the type of paid work women have done and do, as well as their attitudes and experiences of employment.

Research Approach

  • 1000 women were interviewed who lived in private households and were aged between 18 and 65. The sample was drawn from the 1990 Register of Electors using a 2 stage proportionate random sample. The interview took a semi-structured approach, including some prompt items.


1 Introduction John Kremer and Pamela Montgomery
2 Paid and Unpaid Work Pamela Montgomery
3 Work Histories Janet Trewsdale and Ann Toman
4 Education and Training Carol Curry
5 Employment Janet Trewsdale and Ann Toman
6 Trade Union Involvement Robert Miller and Donal McDade
7 Unemployment Eithne McLaughlin
8 Childcare Irené Turner
9 Informal Care Eithne McLaughlin
10 Attitudes and Motivations John Kremer
11 Equal Opportunities Sheila Rogers
12 Conclusions Pamela Montgomery and John Kremer
Appendix 1 Technical Report Peter Ward and Donal McDade
Appendix 2 The Interview Schedule




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