Northern Ireland Young Life and Times Survey

Rights and Perceptions (2003 onwards)

Listed below are the questions asked in Rights and Perceptions modules and the years in which they were asked. If you want to see how young people actually answered the questions in a particular year, you can click on the year beside every question.

The questions in thesei modules cover a range of issues, including:

  • KNOWRIGH: Do children and young people in N. Ireland have rights? 2007 2009
  • CRIGHTS1: Do you have the right to have a safe place to spend time with friends? 2012
  • CRIGHTS2: Do you have the right to have money to do the things we want? 2012
  • CRIGHTS3: Do you have the right to have our ideas listened to and taken seriously? 2012
  • CRIGHTS4: Do you have the right to have enough food to survive? 2012
  • CRIGHTS5: If you're under 16, do you have the right to decide to go to school or not? 2012
  • CRIGHTS6: Do you have the right to an education? 2012
  • HEARDUNC: Have you heard of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child? 2007 2009 2010 2012 2014 2020_21
  • SCHRIGHT: Have you learnt about children\'s or young people\'s rights at school? 2014
  • SPEAKUP: Has this ever helped you to speak up for your rights at school? 2014
  • HEARDUND: Have you heard about the UN Convention on the Rights of People with Disabilities? 2010
  • KNOWUNC: How much do you know about the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child? 2007 2009
  • GOVPROCH: How well does the government protect your rights as a young person? 2007 2009
  • HRDNICCY: Have you heard of an organisation for children called NICCY? 2012
  • HRDCOMM: Have you heard of the Children's Commissioner for Northern Ireland? 2012 2014 2020_21
  • NICCYSTN: Do you know what the letters 'NICCY' stand for? 2010
  • WHONICCY: Who is the current Commissioner for Children and young people? 2010
  • NICCYINFO: How would you like to get information from NICCY? 2010
  • NICCYCOMM: How would you like to give your views to NICCY? 2010
  • NICCYDOES: What do you think NICCY does? 2010
  • COMMDO: What to you think the Children's Commissioner does? 2010 2020_21
  • NICCYDO1: Do you think the Commissioner carries out school inspections? 2012
  • NICCYDO2: Do you think the Commissioner protects and promotes the rights of children and young people? 2012
  • NICCYDO3: Do you think the Commissioner gives money for children to do projects? 2012
  • NICCYDO4: Do you not know what the Commissioner does? 2012

Age Discrimination against Young People

  • JUDGEYP: Are young people judged negatively just because they are young? 2010
  • DISRSPYP: Have you been treated with disrespect because you are a young person? 2010
  • EVEXPYP1: Have you been told to leave your schoolbag outside a shop? 2010
  • EVEXPYP2: Have you been excluded from a shop or shopping centre? 2010
  • EVEXPYP3: Have you been treated suspiciously by staff in a shop? 2010
  • TLD2MOVE: Have you ever been told to move on? 2010
  • WHOTOLD: Who told you to move on? 2010
  • MADEFEEL: How did it make you feel to be told to 'move on'? (open) 2010
  • MEDIAYP: How do you feel the media portrays young people? 2010
  • SATNIGOV: How satisfied are you with the way the Northern Ireland government is doing their job? 2010 2011
  • NIGOVEFT: What has been the effect of the Stormont government on children and young people in NI? 2010 2011

Rights and Respect at School

  • VALUED: Do you feel valued at school? 2014
  • MAFEEQ: Are males and females treated equally in school? 2014
  • MAFAIR: Are males treated more fairly than females? 2014
  • MAHARSH: Do males receive harsher punishments? 2014
  • SCHACT: Are there differences in after school activities offered to males and females? 2014
  • SCHSUBJ: Are there differences in subject options offered for boys and girls? 2014
  • RESPECT: Does your school encourage pupils to be respectful? 2014
  • ACCEPT: Does your school ecourage understanding and acceptance among pupils? 2014

Police Stop and Search Experiences

  • YPFAIR: Are young people in your area are treated fairly by the PSNI? 2017
  • STOPSCH1: Does the police have the right to stop and search you without giving you any reason? 2017
  • STOPSCH2: Does the police need to have reasonable grounds to think that you might commit a crime before they can stop and search you? 2017
  • STOPSCH3: Can the police stop and search you if they think you look suspicious? 2017
  • STOPSCH4: Does the police have the right to move you on if you are gathered in a group and are 'hanging around'? 2017
  • STOPSCH5: Should the police stop and search young people more often as young people are more likely to be involved in anti-social behaviour? 2017
  • STOPSCH6: Do you have to give the police your name if they ask for it, if you are stopped by them? 2017
  • STOPFNDS: How often have any of your friends or classmates been stopped and questioned or searched by the police in the past 12 months? 2017
  • STOPME: Have you personally ever been stopped and questioned or searched by thepolice in the past 12 months? 2017
  • STOPHAPP: When you were stopped by the police in Nothern Ireland which of the following things happened? 2017
  • STOPHAR: Was being stopped and searched just a harassment and totally unnecessary? 2017
  • STOPRESP: Did the officer(s) that stopped and searched you treat your fairly and respectfully? 2017
  • STOPNEG: Did being stopped and searched make you think more negatively of the police in general? 2017


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