Northern Ireland Young Life and Times Survey

Poverty (2003 onwards)

Listed below are the questions asked in the Poverty module and the years in which they were asked. If you want to see how young people actually answered the questions in a particular year, you can click on the year beside every question.

  • EATLIVE1: Is someone in N. Ireland in poverty if they don't have enough to eat and live? 2007
  • EATLIVE2: Is someone in N. Ireland in poverty if they don't have enough to buy other essential items? 2007
  • ESSENT1: Is having three meals a day including fresh fruit and vegetables essential? 2007
  • ESSENT2: Is having a television essential? 2007
  • ESSENT3: Is having a warm, secure home essential? 2007
  • ESSENT4: Is being able to participate in social activities outside school essential? 2007
  • ESSENT5: Is having a weeks holiday away from home once a year essential? 2007
  • ESSENT6: Is having new clothes when needed essential? 2007
  • ESSENT7: Is having educational items such as school books essential? 2007
  • ESSENT8: Is being able to have a birthday celebration essential? 2007
  • ALOTPOV: Is there real child poverty in N Ireland? 2007
  • THINKPOV: Do you think there are 100,000 children in poverty in N. Ireland? 2007
  • POVPRIO: Should child poverty be a priority for the Assembly? 2007
  • PRIORNIA: What other issues should be a priority for the Assembly? 2007
  • POVLAW: Should it be illegal to prevent discrimination against someone who is poor? 2007

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