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Community Relations

Listed below are the questions asked in the Community Relations module and the years in which they were asked. If you want to see how young people actually answered the questions in a particular year, you can click on the year beside every question.

Publications and further information on Community Relations can be found on the Community Relations Resources page.

  • RELGALWY: Will religion always make a difference to the way people feel about each other? 1998 1999 2000
  • OBOSSRLG: Would most people mind if a suitably qualified person of a different religion were appointed as their boss? 1998
  • OMARRRLG: Would most people mind if a close relative were to marry someone of a different religion? 1998
  • OWNMXSCH: Would you prefer a school with children of only your own religion? 1998 1999
  • NINATID: Do you think of yourself as British/Irish/Ulster/Northern Irish? 1998 1999 2000
  • MXRLGNGH: Would you prefer to live in neighbourhood with people of only your own religion? 1999 2000

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