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  • Results for 2003 onwards

    From 2003 onwards, Young Life and Times will be a record of the attitudes of 16 year olds only.

    As well as tables of results, young people's free responses and comments are also available linked to the appropriate question. If respondents referred to a number of issues their statements appear linked to all related questions. Some comments were edited to improve readability or to assure annonymity of the respondents. Generally, editing is kept to a minimum.

Results for 1998-2000


Further details can be found in the technical notes of the survey.



Edited Books

  • Dirk Schubotz and Paula Devine (Eds.) (2014). Not so different. Teenage attitudes across a decade of change in Northern Ireland [Details here]
  • Dirk Schubotz and Paula Devine (Eds.) (2008). Young people in post-conflict Northern Ireland. The past cannot be changed, but the future can be developed [Details here]

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