Young Life and Times Survey 2020-21

Module: Minority Ethnic Groups

Year: 2020-21

This page lists the questions asked in the Minority Ethnic Groups module in 2020-21. Clicking on the question name printed on the left of each question will bring you to the table of results for that question.

REFWELC: Is Northern Ireland a society that welcomes refugees?

REFPROT: Is it is our duty to provide protection to refugees?

EMCRICH: Do the culture and traditions of different minority ethnic groups add to the richness and diversity of Northern Ireland society?

SOCMEG: In a world without Coronavirus (COVID19), how often do you socialise or play sport with people from a different ethnic background to yourself?

FEELMEC: How favourable or unfavourable do you feel about people from minority ethnic communities?

RACEBULL: Have you witnessed racist bullying or harassment in your school?

UPREJMEG: Are you prejudiced against people from minority ethnic communities?

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