Year: 2020_21
Module: Education
Variable: SEDIS3

Includes only those respondents who said they had shared equipment or sports facilities etc. with pupils from other schools (SEDONE).
When you were involved in Shared Education, how much did you like or dislike sharing sports facilities and computers or equipment?

Liked it a lot34
Liked it a little49
Did not like it very much13
Did not like it at all4


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Results for men and women

Liked it a lot 34 34
Liked it a little 50 48
Did not like it very much 14 13
Did not like it at all 3 5



Results for people of different religions

* indicates that the number of people in this category is
too small to allow percentages to be calculated.
Graphs not available for this table.
 CatholicProtestantNo religion
Liked it a lot 33 * 33
Liked it a little 48 * 47
Did not like it very much 12 * 16
Did not like it at all 6 * 5



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