SAFEAREA: How safe do you feel living in this area?

LOYREPAR: How would you describe the area you live in?

PSNIREP: People in this area do not feel confident reporting crime and anti-social behaviour to the PSNI?

PSNISAFE: The PSNI keep this area safe?

PPLLAW: People in this area generally abide by the law?

LAWPROT: People in this area feel that they are protected by the law and justice system?

LOWCRIME: There low levels of crime, drugs and anti-social behaviour in this area?

STGCOMM: There is a strong sense of community in this area?

PMCONT: Paramilitary groups have a controlling influence in this area?

PMSAFE: Paramilitary groups help keep this area safe?

PMFEAR: Paramilitary groups create fear and intimidation in this area?

PMDRUGS: Paramilitary groups contribute to crime, drug dealing and anti-social behavour in this area?

YPCRIME: There a lot of crime, drugs and anti-social behaviour among young people in this area?

PMINFYP: Young people being influenced too much by paramilitary groups in this area?

WHYRIOT: What do you think is the main reason some people in Northern Ireland get involved in rioting or sectarian trouble?

BREXRIOT: Do you think the debates over BREXIT have contributed to the rioting in Northern Ireland in the last 12 months?

PARLKOUT: Should paramilitaries look out for their own communities?

THREATPG: Have you ever been threatened by a paramilitary group?

MOVEINT: Have you ever had to move house because of intimidation?

BEATPG: Have you ever been the victim of a paramilitary beating or other kind of punishment?

SECIS: For me something sectarian is ...


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