Year: 2020_21
Module: Community_Relations
Variable: BELONGNG

Some people feel a sense of belonging to their neighbourhood because they have things in common with other people living there, for example, they might have lots of friends and family or there might be people of the same religion. Other people feel a sense of belonging just because they know their neighbours and people say hello to them in the street. Sometimes people don’t feel that they belong because other people in their neighbourhood are very different to them.
Thinking about your neighbourhood, the kind of place it is and the kind of people who live there, would you say you feel a sense of belonging to your neighbourhood?

Yes, definitely27
Yes, probably42
Probably not14
Definitely not7
I don't know10


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Results for men and women

Yes, definitely 27 27
Yes, probably 43 42
Probably not 13 14
Definitely not 8 6
I don't know 8 10



Results for people of different religions

 CatholicProtestantNo religion
Yes, definitely 37 32 16
Yes, probably 42 47 39
Probably not 10 11 20
Definitely not 5 3 11
I don't know 6 8 14



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