Module: 2020_21 Background

VERSION: Which version of the survey was completed?

RSEX: Sex of Respondent

YEARSNI: How many years have you lived in Northern Ireland?

PLACELIV: How would you describe the place where you live?

ETHNCAT: To which ethnic group do you consider you belong?

MEMMEC: Do you consider yourself to be a member of a minority ethnic community?

THISOCT: What have you been doing since October 2020?

OCT2YRS: What do you think you will be doing in two years' time, in October 2022?

TYPESCHL: What type of school do you (did you last) attend?

SCHGEND: How would you describe the gender mix of your school?

RELSCHL: How would you describe the religious mix of your school?

DISAB: Do you have any physical, mental or developmental/sensory health conditions or illnesses lasting or expected to last for 12 months or more?

LIMDISAB: Does your illness/condition reduce your ability to carry out daily activities?

TENHOME: How would you describe the accommodation where you live most of the time?

WELLOFF: How well off do you think your family is financially?

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