Year: 2016
Module: Community Relations
Variable: COMMENTS

Below are the responses to the open-ended question:

'Is there anything else you would like to say about community relations in Northern Ireland?'

Note: Responses were only edited for grammatical reasons, if necessary. Square brackets indicate where editing occurred.

  1. A lot more could be done. Eg. All schools integrated
  2. After Brexit, God knows what will happen
  3. All environments should be kept neutral
  4. Always going to be religious problems
  5. As a Christian, I feel like loyalists treat Catholics horribly whereas I don't feel that Catholics treat loyalists the same.
  6. As a community, we should forget about religion and get to know people, not judging in what they 'believe in'
  7. As long as one side feels oppressed there will always be tensions in the country.
  8. At the minute it looks like we will never move past the nationalist/unionist divide
  9. At times the relations can be quite difficult but over time, even in the lost few years you can see them changing for the better
  10. Bitterness still continues
  11. Both sides need to forgive and forget in terms of political differences
  12. Catholics are better treated and communities get more funding etc
  13. Catholics are very threatening towards Protestants
  14. Certain communities still have somewhat tense relationships with neighbouring communities. People need to relax, forgive and forget past grievances, and become more accepting.
  15. Christianity can unite us
  16. Communities are not doing enough to mix relations
  17. Communities could be improved
  18. Communities in Northern Ireland are too against each other. Protestants and Catholic communities are always seeming to clash. It’s very unfair and disturbing
  19. Communities need to mix more with each other
  20. communities need to work together for peace and hopefully more changes can occur
  21. Community relations aren't solved by occasional cross community initiatives. Peace walls are a deciding factor in segregation
  22. Community relations in NI seem to be better between younger people, although some prejudices are taught to children and therefore held onto in their older years. Also, sectarianism is definitely at a higher rate in some places compared to others (although this is a given)
  23. Community relations in Northern Ireland are improving significantly due to events bringing all communities together
  24. Community relations in Northern Ireland are quite bad.
  25. Community relations in Northern Ireland can be pretty poor however I am lucky enough to live in a nice community
  26. Community relations will only change if the NI govt (DUP and Sinn Fein) stop wasting time and show their supporters they can work together with each other.
  27. Considering the way families are brought up, it will take a very long time before the Protestant-Catholic divide will completely leave Northern Ireland
  28. Could always be improved as acts of racism and secterianism still occur
  29. Could be better
  30. Cross-community groups in youth clubs are a big help.
  31. Each community just keep themselves to themselves
  32. Everybody should be treated the same.
  33. Everyone needs to wise up and get along
  34. Everyone should learn to live together
  35. Everyone takes offense very easily. You have to be very careful what to say to ensure I don’t offend anyone
  36. Everyone’s different, a lot of people want to move on while others are still living in the past
  37. From my experience they have ups and downs like everyone else
  38. From watching the news etc. I think that there is a great divide between communities which is in my opinion is inevitably grounded on sectarianism. I think it personally stems from the history of Northern Ireland, not just the troubles, but even back to the World Wars. I think this is because these 'sectarian' mind sets have been passed down through generations. I would like to think that my generation could deter this prejudicial hate but with issues like brexit that will affect us I would think that the relations between communities will become worse
  39. Frosty at times
  40. Generally quite good but there will always be extremists
  41. getting better for sure
  42. Government spending on communities must be equal to population. Should increase cross-community youth programmes
  43. Gradually improving
  44. Gradually improving, although hostile community relations still exist in particular regions
  45. Having separate schools for catholic and protestants as well as areas within a community which are said to be catholic or protestant increases the divide between the religions which can cause tension.
  46. How scared Irish speakers are to speak their own language because people always throw dirty looks and cheeky comments
  47. I am not aware of sectarianism, as no other religions live in my area. I would accept them, if they choose to live in my area
  48. I attend an Intergrated school because of this I respect others cultures and beliefs, this is further enforced by the peace and tranquility in our community
  49. I believe community relations are slowly improving however I believe that the divide between Catholics and Protestants will remains however it will minimise in the future
  50. I believe everyone should accept each other no matter who they are or their background and they should be accepted and Catholics should be allowed to go to protestant schools and vice versa
  51. I believe my generation don’t particularly care about religion
  52. I believe that a lot of NI respect and accept people of all communities however there are still a section of society occupied with old fashioned views who don’t treat all with respect. This makes NI feel like a less unified country with little respect.
  53. I believe that because of how our elders were brought up we are forced to believe what they believe even if it is not our belief
  54. I believe that Brexit will have a devastating effect on community relations
  55. I believe that community relations between religions should be encouraged more instead of looked down upon as I believe in this postmodern world people, especially the younger generation are very accepting
  56. I believe that once people move on from the past then community relationships will get better
  57. I believe that relations are better between different ethnic groups than they were a decade ago. With a diverse population we should all appreciate each others differences and those differences should not cause any tensions, but on occasion they still do.
  58. I believe there should be more respect between people. We should all learn to at least tolerate one another regardless of our backgrounds.
  59. I believe they have improved - but there's still a way to go
  60. I believe they have improved greatly over the years and I really hope that with the official opposition in Stormont this will show people that we must work together for the better good of our country.
  61. I can't go into my local town with any clothing on to do with GAA without getting looked at funny and I feel as though people are judging
  62. I come from a strong Protestant background, and I am in shared subjects with other schools, and we both have had the conversation that not enough is being done in order to make a change
  63. I do not foresee community relations improving in the next 50 years.
  64. I do not believe that the 'peace process' is being successful. People are still as sectarionist and disrespectful as they were before
  65. I don’t have strong opinions on community relations
  66. I don’t think community relations are great at the moment because the older generations are still very prejudiced. However, I do believe that young people today are more tolerant and more accepting, so hopefully in the future, community relations will have improved
  67. I don't follow a religion so I don't know too much about it and it doesn't bother me
  68. I don't get involved so I don’t know much about it. It is stupid.
  69. I don't know how anyone would expect relations to improve as there is still segregati8on based on school transport buses and external leisure activities such as Cub Scouts and Boys Brigade
  70. I don't think it's perfect, but I feel the more we mix with other religions and races, the more our community relations will improve
  71. I feel although relations are improving, the older generations and own religion schools make some people in my generation prejudice against different religions/ethnic groups
  72. I feel as though community relations have gotten better in the last decade, there is room for improvement. Communities should be safe and pleasant for all
  73. I feel it would be beneficial if Northern Ireland provided more youth groups that allowed different religions and backgrounds to mix.
  74. I feel like as much as people try to change it, there will always be sectarianism within Northern Ireland as we have too much a turbulent past to walk away from easily. Even the small things are affected by whether somebody is Catholic or Protestant or a unionist or a nationalist e.g. Teens refuse to sit on the bus beside somebody from a different background
  75. i feel like as we get further away from the troubles the easier it is for catholics and protestants to get on but there will still be a divide
  76. I feel like communities in Northern Ireland are becoming more accepting of other communities
  77. I feel like community relations would be better if people had a better understanding of other religions
  78. I feel like the more educated you are about other religions/communities, the more understanding you will be towards them
  79. I feel like the past has caused permanent damage on how (especially) young people act and who they mix with. I feel the teenager/young adults age group are the worst when it comes to prejudiced separation but I guess this has been passed on from their parents.
  80. I feel people should be more educated on community issues in order to overcome the prejudice that still exists here
  81. I feel Protestant and Catholic relations are improving slowly as time goes by
  82. I feel that flags and murals are often signs of freedom of speech, but in our case they have come to be offensive for a lot of people in extreme cases, and people should be more considerate of how they express 'alliegance'.
  83. I feel that most communities integrate well across NI, and that there's only a few which don't that make all of the bad headlines
  84. I feel that outside of schooling there should be more cross-community activities widely advertised for teenagers
  85. I feel that schools should do more to eliminate prejudice views that some pupils hold
  86. I feel that there is still a definite split between Catholic and Protestant relations in Northern Ireland
  87. I feel that young people in Northern Ireland have good cross community relation. But older people are still better not just against the religion someone may hold but their ethnic minority as well.
  88. I feel through the work of such organisations like NI equality commission that community relations have got better but there still is quite a bit of unrest in certain communities.
  89. I find it quite sad that people immediately feel they can not get along with someone just because of their race. I hate being prejudice but I feel that in some ways that’s the type of thing I've been raised around
  90. I have observed that young people care about religion when making friends
  91. I have recently seen them improving and the vast amount of cross community groups are increasing
  92. I have to live out the consequences of the mistakes of the generation before me.
  93. I live in Ardoyne so the Catholic / Protestant difference is mainly here. But I'm part of R city so I'm comfortable and would like there to no longer be a divide in the religions
  95. I only chose my own religion for 44, 45 and 46 as others could cause danger. It's ridiculous as the violence could be avoided
  96. I' say everything is definitely improving
  97. I think both flags should be on Stormont and no street markings on kerbs
  98. I think both religions living together would sometimes work well. Younger ones though would start a lot of fights because they are with people of a different community
  99. I think community relations in NI will improve but I feel there will always be a distance between the Catholic and Protestant religions
  100. I think having the Union Jack flying on the public streets in a mixed community are is ridiculous
  101. I think if people were more understanding and less violent then NI would be a happier place
  102. I think it is a real shame that religion is still such a huge thing in our country. People I know have been attacked because of their religion, and I believe this is wrong.
  103. I think it is very sad that anyone would decide not to associate with people from other religions or communities
  104. I think mixing the community should be encouraged
  105. I think people have to be more accepting of others, putting religion, race and ethnic group behind them. It doesn’t define who the person is.
  106. I think relations are mostly good, but it’s the lack of respect that causes bad relations, and this lack of respect could be influenced by the community they grow up in family, friends
  107. I think that communities with residents of mixed religion tend to experience more violence than communities where residents are of the same religion
  108. I think that community relations have really improved but in certain areas there is still a lot of prejudice
  109. I think that community relations in Northern Ireland are not great; there are too many hate crimes between communities to say that they are good. Of course there are the good people who don't attack people based on their background, but there are too many people who are attacking people based on their background.
  110. I think that if nothing is done soon, different 'religions' are going to be under attack, especially Christians. Northern Ireland should be a place where everyone is treated equally, even if they have different opinions
  111. I think that if people live in communities of only their religion, paramilitary groups such as the IRA and UVF can easily be created and supported, but in mixed religion communities this is less likely to happen.
  112. I think that it is important to know whether my generation learn and understand the political history of Northern Ireland in an unbiased way - possible questions for next year questionnaire?
  113. I think that NI is portrayed really badly but at times I understand why. I don't think its right though. It’s a small minority of the country who act inappropriately towards other denominations.
  114. I think that prejudice is big in NI and that children need to be taught to spend time with other kids and mixed into different groups instead of separating schools by religion.
  115. I think that relations between Catholics and Protestants need to become better as there is still a lot of hate.
  116. I think that relations between Protestants and Catholics we will be worsened by the EU referendum as some might want a United Ireland so we can stay in the EU
  117. I think that social prejudice prevents certain groups from getting equal treatment. This, however, cannot be rectified by the Government, because they too are guilty of it.
  118. I think that the community relations have improved greatly in Northern Ireland over the past 20-25 years, however there is still a clear divide between the Protestants and Catholic communities.
  119. I think that the reason communities have been and remain so divided is because there is so little integration and cross community activity FROM A YOUNG AGE. - There is no point in trying to convince a dead set unionist that they can be friends with a Nationalist, or a hardcore Roman Catholic that they could marry a Protestant.  - Relations need to be created and maintained when children are still susceptible to positive influences. Children need to be constantly in contact with people from other social, ethnic, religious and minority backgrounds in order for them to grow up to be a well-rounded non-discriminatory individual.
  120. I think that young people nowadays are starting to identify as atheists, rather than the religion they are born or raised into; however we still continue to respect others for their beliefs
  121. I think there are few in my area but know tensions are still high in other parts
  122. I think they are improving every year especially with integrated schools and intercommunity activities
  123. I think they aren't the best and there is probably ways it could improve
  124. I think they should all get on
  125. I think until people stop influencing children with bigotry and begin realising that young people can be the ones to make this place better and more inclusive for everyone we will begin to be stuck in a vicious cycle of sectarianism and prejudice
  126. I was down in the Free State over the summer, Galway, and surrounding towns. It felt better. There was far less tension, the park was packed but here the parks are dead. Can be used by everyone, no one does
  127. I went to an integrated school year 8-year 12 and I found that nobody cared who you were in religion or sexuality or race they all just were friends because of the person
  128. I wish people would stop the slagging about different religious and types of people
  129. I work with protestants they're not a threat so now I don't care about religion or anything. It makes you who you are.
  130. I would prefer if people focused less on religion and national identity, as in my opinion they are meaningless, and focused more on economic and social inequality issues as well as aiming for a fair and progressive society
  131. I would prefer more mixed schools, with no religion. If child wants to study a religion it could be conducted outside of the school environment.
  132. i would really love it if all the communities would just get along. i don't see any point in being violent to someone from a different race, religion, sexuality. we are all human beings, why can't we just get along, help each other out. i have never understood the attacks from the protestants and catholics until last week when my friend was explaining it to me. What’s done in the past shouldn't shroud the future. there is no point in getting revenge and just move on. you should also just let people believe that they want to believe. i have never told someone it is wrong to believe in what religion they're in. i just stay out of it. i don't ask if they're protestant or catholic, if they are good people, then they're good people. i don't determine how a person’s gonna be if they come from a certain background. i just want all of us to be nice to each other. its not that hard
  133. Ideas are mainly from other generations and parents. Children should be socialised from a young age, into being accepting.
  134. In areas of mixed religion I think we can learn from and embrace our differences
  135. in only few parts is there any tension that there would have been years ago
  136. In our community we are not very close, which makes the older people lose out on important relationships which they need. For example a lift to the local shop or post office
  137. In qu 43, I answered yes. I think this because the likes of Sinn Fein have succeeded in convincing the people of NI that religion and flags are the most important political opinions we can have.
  138. In the years I have lived here, I believe that the younger generation should stop being influenced by what happened in the past and think towards the future. The future will be more diversed as ever and we need to change our way of thinking to keep up with the progress ahead.
  139. Integration at school would be a really possible step for NI. As we are very divided on what we believe in everything
  140. Integration from a young age is the way forward for community relations in NI
  141. It can be quite tense but overall most people only want to on with their day to day lives
  142. It doesn't matter what religion people are.
  143. It is a very hateful and scary place to live. Even people from the same religious background attack each other. I think that everybody feels somewhat unsafe and afraid to say / the wrong thing.
  144. It is divided, there is no doubt about it. I think religion, sexual orientation, family background etc. should have nothing to do with how a person is treated.
  145. It is mostly older adults keeping hate alive and installing it in younger people. Young people want peace
  146. It needs to continue to improve
  147. It seems that in poorer areas where the educational system isn't as valued y young people there is more likely to be prejudice
  148. It strongly relies on what community you are part of the communities surrounding you. Sports creates a bridge in communities, making it more friendly
  149. It will never change
  150. It is important that people feel like they belong to a community, but no community should be discriminated against nor should members of any community
  151. It's a pity that we all can't get along
  152. It's probably a long way off becoming equal but hopefully it will
  153. It's ridiculous and sad. People need to stop putting the mistakes of a government on all its people. Blame Westminster.
  154. Legacy issues are a fundamental problem within this generations view towards the other religion, many people's views are stemmed from their parents. More education needs to be provided to educate young people on the different political parties and what they are going to do to bring about change and limit prejudice thoughts
  155. Loyalist communities tend to come off as more brutal and violent than catholic ones in my own opinion
  156. Many people live in the past and are often prejudice, bias and unfair towards other religious groups (usually they are based on what we are told)
  157. Many peoples thoughts are outdated and they are stopping change from happening
  158. May get worse between Catholic and Protestant considering Brexit and more want on a United Ireland
  159. More cross-community schemes are needed. No child is born racist
  160. Most people that live on big cities are sectarian from what I see and think
  161. My only hope is that community relations in NI continue to improve. As a young person I feel we are the first generation to become truly tolerant of our differences and see that they dont matter. We are all human, we are all different, we are all unique and we all deserve to be respected.
  162. my school and the neighbouring catholic school collaborate offering mixed classes from year 11
  163. N/A [10]
  164. Nah
  165. Nah fm
  166. Naw mate
  167. Need for change in thinking. No longer religious discrimination more ethnic in my opinion
  168. Need to be more efforts and events that will help people to socialise other than sports
  169. needs improving
  170. NI (as well as this questionnaire) are too focused on religion, race, sexuality etc and should focus on who someone is regarding their morals and character.
  171. No [93]
  172. No it is perfect
  173. no thank you
  174. No thank you. What I will say is there will always be a feud between religions as some bloodlines wont let go of the past.
  175. No, I can't think of anything
  176. No, thanks
  177. Nobody respects each other-we need to learn to live together and move on from the past
  178. None
  179. Nope [5]
  180. Nope, thank you!
  181. Northern Ireland will always be divided whilst bias and moronic political parties still exist
  182. Not being biassed or anything but it seems like youre safer going into a Catholic area than a protestant area
  183. Not really [2]
  184. Not really, the way that I see things going it looks to be getting better
  185. Nothing [2]
  186. Nothing else
  187. Nothing to say!
  188. Older generations influence young people's views and continue to bring up the past instead of trying to move forward
  189. Parliamentary groups bring our areas down
  190. People are stuck in the past which is hindering progression
  191. People here tend to be quite bigoted and close minded
  192. People in communities should forget about the troubles of the past and learn t6o live together in peace.
  193. People need to move into the real world and understand that everyone has beliefs and respect them no matter what, otherwise we are going no where.
  194. People often face prejudice in regards to where they live due to their religion
  195. People older than the millenial generation need to change of acknowledge better views and opinions
  196. People seem very stuck in the past and unless parents are bringing children up with an open mind, this will never change. Bigotry is bred.
  197. People should always feel safe when travelling between different communities
  198. People should just be more respectful to each other *micdrop*
  199. People should learn to be more accepting towards each other, regardless of their differences
  200. People should respect themselves and stop making a fuss because they are from a different background
  201. People should stop being so divided on matters including race and ethnic minorities, but instead look for a way for us all to work together and help Northern Ireland to progress
  202. People tend to base their opinion of someone on their religion or what their religious background is, rather than judging them on the content of their character.
  203. People vote in the elections based on religious affiliation rather than the candidates politics and only when people start voting for the best candidate and not the colour of their poster will Northern Ireland become a country with opportunity.
  204. Protestants and catholics should be taught to get along rather than hate
  205. Pupils om mixed schools are disrespectful to others who aren't catholic like them or protestant like them. There are group chats for just protestant and for just Catholics - on Facebook
  206. Racism towards ethnic minority communities is a problem
  207. Relations are better but there could be improvement.
  208. Relations are slowly bettering, but due to historic events will always be important to some.
  209. Relations have defiantly improved. It is clearly more a dispute about nationality; not religion (they're both christianity), I cannot understand why these are mistaken.
  210. Relations should get better if people aren't constantly reminded of NI's troubled history/past
  211. Relations will improve with time and integration, but culture must not be diluted
  212. Relationships are better between protestants and catholics in some areas more than others
  213. Religion doesn’t matter
  214. Religion isn't everything. It doesn't define someone's personality. I don't understand why the protestant and catholic schools are separated. If we want to fix the problem then all schools should probably be mixed because it teaches kids not to care about religion. I'm coming from an integrated school myself I know for a fact that mixed religion schools are actually doing something about the Protestant and Catholic separation.
  215. Religious groups such as paramilataries on both sides should be stopped in the next 10 years
  216. Schools need to interact more and youth clubs, with different communities
  217. Since there is not many cross-community projects around me when I was growing up, I feel this has had a major influence on the way I feel towards people of other religions
  218. So called 'religious' disagreements really don't have anything to do with religion, only man's ignorance towards others.
  219. Some areas like where I live the difference in religions don't seem to matter but in areas like Belfast or even Lurgan is where you see the real difference and problems.
  220. Some communities are stuck in the past. It feels like these communities will never move forwards as their religion is very much ingrained in their community - they are proud of it. What doesn't help is that our politicians add fuel to flame with petty bickering about things that happened 30 - 40 years ago.  - However, it's important to remember that progress has been made in some places where a healthy relationship has been able to mature between protestant and catholic communities.
  221. Some communities are very strong and tight knit where as others are quite distanced from each other
  222. Some communities take it a lot more seriously than others. E.g. Shankill/Falls, whereas a lot of other communities get on fine with each no matter what religion
  223. Some housing estates are considered catholic or protestant. During times of celebration, like the 12th of July, protestants may put up flags. I think this is fair. However, with flags up for longer than the date of celebration, often Catholics seek to tear them down. My point is that there is still rivalry between religions and no respect for either party, this is just one example. I have been made to feel uncomfortable by venturing to other parks for this rivalry even though I have not done anything wrong. Life shouldn't be like this.
  224. Some of the protestants are mean but otherwise no
  225. Some people are getting bullied and harrassed because they are either catholic or protestant
  226. Some people still hold views from the past on groups such as the LGBTQT group and tend to make comments, not to their face, but at home.
  227. Sometimes intimidating being a minority religion at particular events and I feel as if people know and look down on me. Not ashamed of my religion, just sometimes intimidated
  228. Steps need to be taken to heal divides between those of different faiths, races and political opinions.
  229. Still divided. Always will be a level of sectarianism
  230. Still need to improve. Feel like politicians need to not be so strung up on religion as it's preventing community relations to improve
  231. Still not as good as they should be, but much better
  232. Still very divided in some areas. But improving with young people
  233. Still very split
  234. Stop caring so much about people's personal affairs, by highlighting subjects like religion constantly, it just makes more of a reason for people to be angry, focus time on those in need e.g. homeless and might die if they get no help
  235. Sure things were bad 30 years ago but that is no reason to push your prejudices onto the next generation. Stop making your past everyone elses present.
  236. That all the mixed religion people have to make amends before things get out of control
  237. That I find it very confusing and don’t understand why everyone can’t just accept each other and respect their religion because at the end of the day it doesn’t really matter
  238. That the community do respect each other in Northern Ireland but some people prefer to only respect people of their own background
  239. That's I hope they don't go back to what it was like during the troubles
  240. The communities in NI are still quite prejudiced towards each other and there is still a good bit of hate between communities.
  241. The community relations in Northern Ireland are really strong, today everyone respects each others cultures. However, you do have the idiots who just don't care at all.
  242. The community relations in Northern Ireland will always be bad. When in a protestant area I myself feel unsafe die to the flags etc
  243. The older people have so much hate for us, but if we are respecting them then they need to show us some respect
  244. The relations between communities needs to be stronger to build more ##### between them.
  245. The relations between Protestants and Catholics are judged too quickly for positive and significant views, rather than negative views 24/7
  246. The sectarian prejudice is still alive mainly due to separate housing estates.
  247. The worst problem regarding religion nowadays, I think, is the state of political parties.
  248. There are efforts being made to address these issues but there is still some stigma between Catholics and Protestants and what you can and can't do or say or wear in certain areas.
  249. There is definitely religious and ethnic tension in certain areas of Northern Ireland, so some communities don't have a close relationship
  250. There is still tension between groups with different political or religious beliefs which makes community relations difficult to establish or maintain
  251. There is too much of a divide, and too much tension for such small differences
  252. There isn't an instant solution, there will always be scars on our society from our past. Hurt and anger will never be gone but in the future I believe we can learn to work together. This is what I believe we are working towards.
  253. There isn't enough cross-community activities for kids from pure Loyalist and Nationalist neighbourhoods to show that the other side isn't that bad
  254. There needs to be more events to allow young people from both sides of the community to come together.
  255. There should be more clubs and events for young people to attend in order to meet new people
  256. There will still be trouble if people are still prejudice
  257. Theres a big difference between banter and bullying that people can’t get their head around
  258. There's a mistrust between elderly people and teenagers. If I get on the bus with my friends, all the elderly women/men will become very agitated and angry
  259. They are a lot better than they used to be
  260. They are definitely improving. However, there's a long way to go. Young people are not being educated properly on community relations which is why there's so many divisions between young people.
  261. They are improving
  262. They are improving but things still need to be done. It seems to be long held bitterness by the older generation that is the real problem.
  263. They are improving with the newer generation
  264. They are outdated, although I have been brought up to be aware of the problems.
  265. They are purposely screwed. The British/Irish don’t want us, while Loyalists drag us backwards. There will never be non-segregation in the North until a 32 county Socialist Republic.
  266. They are still people who won't associate with Catholics or Protestant, but I think getting the two groups together and showing that neither are bad people is important to community relations.
  267. They aren't helped by politics playing both sides against each other creating suspicion and distrust, for votes
  268. They have definitely improved since the opening of the Peace Bridge in Londonderry
  269. They have gotten worse over the years but as the younger generation grow these views will die out
  270. They have signifigantly improved over the past few years
  271. They need to be fixed
  272. They seem to be in a state of rest. I don’t know a lot about the relations between Catholics and Protestants, but from what I see and hear, nothing seems to be mocking any progress, even after the Troubles and the Good Friday Agreement
  273. They should be better.  Me or my parents shouldn’t have to worry about me or my family walking through a protestant area, after hearing stories on the news of other people learning the hard way
  274. Theyre getting better over time but there is definitely a LOT of wariness even these days between Protestants and Catholics.
  275. Things have improved but there is still a long way to go
  276. Things will not change due to traditional and historical prejudices
  277. Time is moving on and I believe we need to forget about the past, yes we will remember them and respect them but we need to get over grudges that are still held
  278. Tiocfaidh ár lá!!
  279. To make Northern Ireland better. Everyone should agree about decisions for the future and forget about the past and think about their children and the future people living in NI
  280. Try to be kind to each other
  281. Unfortunately I think that the bitter relationship between Catholics and Protestants is part of Northern Ireland's history and will always remain. However I do try my best to be open minded and really do hope that in the near future both religious groups can work in a peaceful co-existence
  282. Until all the old politicians die off, it won't change
  283. Until parents stop teaching children sectarian views/opinions we will never move forward or better the relations between communities. Our government and more precisely the political parties such as the DUP and SF are a joke. Arlene Foster is a dick as well. Excuse my french.
  284. Until people have the attitude of living in a mixed religion country / neighbourhood / school, how is anything going to change?
  285. We are a judgemental society
  286. We are all people regardless!
  287. We are all sinners in need of salvation. Christ died for all, no matter what religion
  288. We may disagree with our religions but no matter what, we are all the same in different ways
  289. We need gay marriage to be legalised
  290. We need to be together and be friends. Everyone is the same.
  291. We need to stop taking steps backwards and instead focus on moving forwards
  292. When I got older, about 12 years old, and I moved to a grammer school in the centre, I only really discovered the huge divide between the Catholic / Protestant. From a small country village (Protestant) I didn’t really know about this
  293. While I do belief that relationships between religions and ethnics has improved in recent years, I also feel that it is often people's stubborn pride about being apart of their religious or ethnic community that can cause problems between the communities.
  294. Will there be a chance of both sides of religions sharing their values and experiences towards each other?
  295. Wise up and stop conflict between protestants and catholics. It is England's fault that your hatred even began
  296. Yes but it won't make a difference
  297. Yes, its quite disappointing and we should leave the past in the past.
  298. Younger people like myself are breaching barriers between catholics and protestants but older generations are instilling hate back into younger people


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