Module: Young Carers

CAREFOR: Please tell us who you care for (multiple response table)

CARERESP: Do you give special care or extra help to someone?

CAREHOME: Does the person/people you care for live with you?

CAREWHY: Whey do they need your help or care? (multiple response table)

CARINGTASK: What kind of caring tasks do you do? (multiple response table)

HRSCARE: How long in an average week do you spend caring?

HWLNGCRE: How long have you been caring or helping like this?

TOLDANY: Have you told anyone outside your family about your caring role?

YOUFEEL: Do you feel that the caring you do is private?

FAMFEEL: Does your family feel that the caring you do is private?

SUPPTU: Is there a person and/or organisation you can go to if you are feeling stressed about your caring responsibilities?

STATCR1: I enjoy caring

STATCR2: I am unable to attend out-of-school activities due to my caring responsibilities

STATCR3: I never miss school because of my caring role

STATCR4: I worry all the time about the person I care for when I am not with them

STATCR5: Caring does not stop me going out

STATCR6: I often get stressed due to my caring role

STATCR7: Caring does not affect my schoolwork

STATCR8: I'm fully involved in decisions about the care of the person I care for

STATCR9: I feel guilty leaving the person I care for

STATCR10: I have been bullied or excluded because I care for someone

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