Young Life and Times Survey 2015

Module: Young Carers

Year: 2015

This page lists the questions asked in the Young Carers module in 2015. Clicking on the question name printed to the left or each question brings you to the tables of results for that question.

CAREFOR: Please tell us who you care for (multiple response table)

CARERESP: Do you give special care or extra help to someone?

CAREHOME: Does the person/people you care for live with you?

CAREWHY: Whey do they need your help or care? (multiple response table)

CARINGTASK: What kind of caring tasks do you do? (multiple response table)

HRSCARE: How long in an average week do you spend caring?

HWLNGCRE: How long have you been caring or helping like this?

TOLDANY: Have you told anyone outside your family about your caring role?

YOUFEEL: Do you feel that the caring you do is private?

FAMFEEL: Does your family feel that the caring you do is private?

SUPPTU: Is there a person and/or organisation you can go to if you are feeling stressed about your caring responsibilities?

STATCR1: I enjoy caring

STATCR2: I am unable to attend out-of-school activities due to my caring responsibilities

STATCR3: I never miss school because of my caring role

STATCR4: I worry all the time about the person I care for when I am not with them

STATCR5: Caring does not stop me going out

STATCR6: I often get stressed due to my caring role

STATCR7: Caring does not affect my schoolwork

STATCR8: I'm fully involved in decisions about the care of the person I care for

STATCR9: I feel guilty leaving the person I care for

STATCR10: I have been bullied or excluded because I care for someone

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