Module: Cross_Community_Contact

SOCDIFF: How often do you socialise or play sport with people from a different religious community?

FRNDREL: How many of your friends have the same religious background as you?

SPBARREL: Is sport good for breaking down religious barriers?

SPSCHSEG: Are segregated schools a major cause of segregation in sport?

YPCR2GTH: Can young people make a big contribution in bringing the two communities together?

YPCONTCR: Are young people in Northern Ireland already making a contribution to bringing the two communities together?

LIVEPL: How far do you currently live from the nearest Peace Line?

PREVPL: Have you ever previously lived near a Peace Line?

PLNECESS: Are peace lines still necessary?

ENVNOPL: Can you envisage a time when we will have no Peace Lines in Northern Ireland?

LIKENOPL: And would you like the Peace Lines to come down now or in the near future?

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