Year: 2014
Module: Community Relations
Variable: COMMENTS

Below are the responses to the open-ended question:

'Is there anything else you would like to say about community relations in Northern Ireland?'

Note: Responses were only edited for grammatical reasons, if necessary. Square brackets indicate where editing occurred.

  1. A lot has changed in Northern Ireland but there will always be a division between Catholics and Protestants
  2. A main cause of community relations staying sour is due to the ### of the older generation accepting change that is outside of their norm and if the keep on instilling ### into the young generation there will be no change.  But thank full to curiosity and eagerness for change the youth are crating change.  Just my thought
  3. Adults, especially with children need to show more influence on there children when integrating with other people with religious beliefs
  4. Afraid not, sorry.
  5. All communities must stop doing things that will annoy other community groups
  6. All schools should be integrated so that all young people in Northern Ireland grow up around many different kinds of people, it would reduce prejudice a lot!
  7. All wars including civil wars are created by religion.  Religion is the root of all evil.
  8. Almost tide for ### montality mindless violence to innocent youth at protestants-catholic flash points whre the youth on both side are tarfeted.  Most people want to move on from the past while other try to pull the past back up or carry on with it
  9. Although division is bad I still think we need it to avoid potential violence
  10. Although I'd like Catholics and Protestants to get along better, I don't see it happening any time soon
  11. Although minor some worrying practices regarding community relations still continue such as the burning of flags and effigies on July 12th bonfires.  My mother has even old me about an incident where an Indian flag was burnt because it resembles an Irish one (although I do not know if they were aware that it was a different flag)
  12. Although people seem to accept that everyone has different beliefs, it's easy to feel oppressed at school when everyone is praying. It's also hard to feel part of the community when most clubs or activities for youths require you to be Christian. I.e. C.E, expression, SU, GB etc
  13. An event to bring them together to socialise would be good maybe each side will realise that the other isn't 'bad' at all
  14. Anyone that wants to be peaceful and get on well with people in this country, should leave their political/religious opinions at home
  15. As a result of the relations within the community I will be leaving Northern Ireland as soon as I can
  16. As I live in a farming community we never had any problems between Catholic and Protestant and I loo forward to when all Northern Ireland are the same.
  17. As long as people have respect for each other's religion and are taught about different religions there should be no problem. Schools should be inter denomination from nursery school (age 3) right up to 18.
  18. As long as the Unionist and Republican politicians have such strong feelings about their outdated beliefs then we will not be able to move forward.
  19. As they remain similar for many years, relations are unlikely to change unless there is intervention of unbiased young people.  The glorification of many events such as Orange marches will always divide our communities unless compromise is made
  20. As we gown up we believe and think more like or parents for that reason we have strong beliefs about religion, may it be good or bad.
  21. At the minute I feel there is some segregation between Catholics and Protestants but we as young people can contribute a positive influence in the father as Team Leaders
  22. At the minute it depends where about you are in NI that conflict could occur.  Although I feel as a whole, NI is good at coming together as a community
  23. At this moment in time I feel that community relations could be better than what they are and the only way that this can be changed is through us young people
  24. Awful.  Areas (like mine) where flags are attached to every lamp post are intimidating and I don’t like to go into town or any strong protestant/catholic areas for fear of being attached, even if I am the same religion
  25. Barriers are being broken down, it is not as big a deal not as it was before the GFA.  I think this is because of groups such as the Ulster project and cross-community groups of this type
  26. Basically people should not judge on religion. Bigoted attitudes are entitled to change for there to be a change in today and in our future society.
  27. Because of stronger segregation. Places of NI I think NI can have a ### reputation from other countries
  28. Being a 'Catholic' or a 'Protestant' has nothing to do with the segregation in ur society. It's about who wants a united Ireland and who doesn't, and some people just do not accept the other religion because they were brought up to believe the other is bad. Just because someone is a Catholic doesn't make them nationalist and just because someone is a Protestant doesn't make them a unionist.
  29. Belfast is not the whole of NI, it is a very bad representation of community relations in NI, everywhere are ### much fairly normal areas and community relations couldn’t be better
  30. Better than they used to be
  31. Bigots are the problem people from both religions who can be civil to each other are ok
  32. Bonds are slowly being made
  33. Both communities have prejudices against each other and that is why peach is often hard to find.  There prejudices are mostly passed down through families.
  34. Both religious communities don’t make an effort to stop the violence so how can this be solved if we don’t try.
  35. Both side are as bad as each other at times
  36. Can't see it ever getting better
  37. Catholics and Protestants be friends
  38. Catholics and Protestants will always have a divide as past events which has happened eg violence, bombs, deaths
  39. Catholics and Protestants young people today don't know how to socialise with each other because the history their parents had of the troubles. They are wary when people aren't from their religion.
  40. Certain sports line hockey or Gaelic need to stop being seen as only protestant or only Catholic sports
  41. Children and teenagers are more accepting of people from different religious backgrounds than adults are.
  42. Children my age were alive during the trouble but they carry on the thoughts and acts of it. I think it depends on how the children were raised.
  43. Children should be brought up learning about both religions so that they can understand peoples religions better
  44. Communities should not be divided and must mix and intergrade together.
  45. Community relation are still being influenced by politics, both local and abroad (Gaza).  If the political situation improved and stabilised on its own initiative and without foreign support stepping  in (Haas) then the community relations will improve dramatically
  46. Community relations are improving but past prejudices limit the healing process
  47. Community relations are often volatile and violence is usually ### by religious festivals and traditions
  48. Community relations can only improve if people would let the past go. We know that wrongs have been done on both sides and we need to put the past where it belongs, behind us. People can not carry on bringing children up and teaching them biased stores about the "other side".
  49. Community relations have improved
  50. Community relations have improved over the years, it is no doubt that things are better today but religion is too big of a topic in NI and so it cant be forced on young people as this will only cause friction.  Community relations are probably the best they are going to be, for as long as their is P&Cs their will be clashes
  51. community relations in NI is still difficult to even understand, I think it would help if we all came together no matter what age, and work together on a mural or something - protestants, Catholics etc
  52. Community relations in Northern Ireland are still tense. But I hope with more community projects both Catholics and Protestants can come together and be at peace and simply keep the past in the past
  53. Community relations shouyld not be based upon what religion you are, it is an absolutely appaling thing to see on TV when someone has been convicted of a sectarian or racial hate crime and it is just down right uncalled for. People need to understand that
  54. Constantly bringing up past issues, because they are issues from the past generation, will only work to keep history alive, a bad history
  55. Constantly improving, but still not entirely 'open' to each other living together.
  56. Depends on the area in which you live.  Some are more violent and prejudice than others
  57. Depends where you go in NI, where I'm from peace lines would never be necessary.  In Belfast or Londonderry etc. they are
  58. Despite the best efforts of so called community relations programmes etc. it is a basic fact that N.I. is entrenched in sectarianism - it is the basis of our political and educational systems and is engrained in the mind-set of each generation.  Putting an end to this is the single greatest problem we face in NI
  59. Disgraceful-religion doesn't matter to me and these riots caused by stupid teenagers who don't know what they're fighting for and see rioting as a fun thing to do when its just ridiculous.
  60. Don’t let your kid be a dickhead.  For example letting people fight during 12th weekend.  Adults need to be educated to stop fighting and talking shit, because if they don’t young people will have no future.  And others will leave the country
  61. Due to parental influences young people today will grow up with the same sectarian views as their parents
  62. Equality should happen - End off! No one should care what religion you are!
  63. Even today, we're still quite segregated
  64. Everyone going to have their own opinions that may have been past on from parents etc. There is always going to be a few people who are prejudice against others, no matter what people do in N.I but I will remain open to everyone's backgrounds and opinions.
  65. Everyone needs to calm down
  66. Everyone needs to look t the future instead of living in the Past.  Bitterness needs to end for the sake of our children.  Groups need to get together more
  67. Everyone should just get along
  68. Family, School and Friends play a big role in now 'we' feel about different religions and 'how' we treat them
  69. Fighting just because you are of two different religions will only ruin the county
  70. Fights can occur randomly for no reason
  71. Focus on the future as a group, rather than repeating the past.
  72. For better conditions for the people in Northern Ireland, Protestant people and Catholic people need to come together and stand together. The divide was worsened in order to separate the people.
  73. For the most part, in more rural affluent areas there is no/rarely any trouble. However, in larger cities where there is many more segregated neighbourhoods there is conflict on a much more regular basis as sadly, it has become part of their culture. I th
  74. Forget and forgive, kids are being brought up by family members to discriminate. Integrated schools is a great opportunity to break down barriers.
  75. From listening to other students in school. I've gathered that the travelling community or gypsies as there called there, often ridiculed and made fun of.  The teachers who've witnessed this don’t seem to discourage them either.  I feel people should be less ignorant and more tolerant about the travelling community
  76. From my experience many people would not mind socialising or living next to someone however fear that the person may not feel the same and may be sectarian which means they do not trust them fully
  77. Generally quite good.  A small minority disagree, go out of their way to make a divide some move backwards rather then forwards
  78. Get rid of some Politicians in Northern Ireland that are still having prejudice views
  79. getting better [2]
  80. Give it time and continue what is happening now and it will reslove itself i think
  81. Going by my own experience of mixing classes with protestants and Catholics we are trying to make a difference
  82. Going out to things in schools to do talks there is a range of schools together with different religions
  83. Good
  84. Greater understanding of other communities and their culture, religion etc is necessary. Cultural traditions should not be forced on people of other cultural backgrounds
  85. Hard-line republicans and loyalists are holding back a better future for the country and the people of Northern Ireland.
  86. Hopefully it is getting better
  87. Hopefully things will improve in near future
  88. I am bringing the two communities together at the moment as I am in a youth form.
  89. I belief that judging someone based on their religion ethnicity social class is completely barbaric and it is shameful that kind of discrimination still exists
  90. I believe community relations are improving in NI
  91. I believe less focus should be put on the past and the communities should grow together.
  92. I believe most physical fights are caused by people that do not know what they are fighting about
  93. I believe sectarian and racial hatred will decrease as generations go on
  94. I believe that all people should be accepted and allowed a voice both inside and outside schools and workplaces no matter what religion they are, they should be treated equally.
  95. I believe that as long as the current generation of political tycoons are still in power.  The country will not be able to improve let alone follow the example that other countries have set
  96. I believe that as time goes on relations between protestants and Catholics will improve
  97. I believe that both the catholic and protestant communitys will never get along or be able to join as this will lead to many people feeling unsafe.
  98. I believe that community relations are far better than they were 10 years ago.  In regards to protestant and catholic religions mixing
  99. I believe that in Northern Ireland religion will always be an issue, because people live in religious communities and don’t mix with people of the religions.  In northern Ireland many people want be able to forget what has gone on but in order to move forward you must put it in the past
  100. I believe that it is the older generation passing on ideas to their children and that the government still continue to live in the past.
  101. I believe that peace will never be possible because of the generation before us that have taught young people what to believe about other religious groups and cultures and that the young people today will pass on these judgements to future generations
  102. I believe that some of the feelings about different religions could depend on the way you're brought up.  Also that the older generation could be harder to bring together if they have been against other religions their whole lives
  103. I believe that the politicians in power are from a different generation and may not see the problems and potentials the youth do.  I believe the younger generation should be taken more seriously as it is us who must pick up the pieces.
  104. I believe that the potential for them to get better is great, however for this to happen we as communities have to work together.
  105. I believe that there are certain places in the country where religious differences are more apparent. In my area most of the schools are segregated with only one integrated school and that normally leads to being able to spot the different religions  whic
  106. I believe the main reason that there is still political conflict between Catholics and protestants is because the people in parliament were involved in the troubles.  We need new/fresh young people in parliament who do not care about religion but care about good morals in life
  107. I believe the major politicians in the north are at fault for the weakening of community relations, their bigoted and selfish uncompromising manner from which they approach their role is the pulp of the problem here in the north of Ireland.
  108. I believe there is a strain between community relations between religious groups in Northern Ireland. It can be hard to forget the past therefore I do not believe there will ever be a time when both religious groups get along 100%
  109. I believe they can be improved strongly if all violence and fighting stops
  110. I believe things are better but it all depends on our generation and those to come. If we can make it possible and normal for the younger to mix, then change would be easier
  111. I believe we should all get along fairly and equally no matter what background you are from.
  112. I believe whoever is answering this question is wheatear catholic or protestant I know what they will favour their own religion within these questions and if you asked 16 year olds in 5-10 years the some questions you will get the same results
  113. I believe you need more intergraded schools to improve relationships between the communities.  This includes High Schools and Primary Schools and Nursery's
  114. I believe young people should make their own judgement on political/religious views and not be influenced by older family members or friends
  115. I cant for the life of me understand why differences in denomination cause such hostility here.  At the centre of them all is the same God, the same Christ, the same principal teachings and the same holy text.  I fail to see why the ### that some people have different methods of worshipping the same God is seen, or has every seen, as a justification for conflict between Irish communities.  I imagine that most were sick of it 400 years ago and I imagine that most are sick of it now
  116. I come from a community were the paramilitaries are still a threat to young people. I know of three young people who committed suicide because of this pressure. I think we should be educated how to keep safe because of this.
  117. I definitely think more needs to be done to mix young people of different religions up until last year, when I got involved in a cross community project, I knew almost no one of other religions - which I think is a key cause of prejudice which is a factor towards discrimination in NI today
  118. I do feel it is improving only to the opening of integrated schools
  119. I do not believe the religions differences will ever change
  120. I don’t care what religion someone is. They are what they are and we can't do anything about it. We should accept it and get along instead of the needless violence that's occurred in communities
  121. I don’t even know what peace lines are
  122. I don’t feel any religious tension in my community but I am aware that it is present in some communities.  I have never personally experienced religions discrimination in my community and would be extremely surprised if I were to encounter any
  123. I don’t not believe the segregation is between Catholics and Protestants, but between Republicans and Unionists. Religion should not be a factor of the current situation
  124. I don’t think a religions background should define a person nor ethnicity or gender.  We all humans these questing's are quite insulting, like we no longer live in a barbaric dystopia
  125. I don’t think flags should be put up on lamp posts anywhere because it just provokes violence.  I want to feel safe walking through a Protestant area in my school uniform when I need to
  126. I don’t think so
  127. I don’t think that religions should separate people.  I think if people didn’t make such a big deal about it, the community would benefit much more.
  128. I don’t think there is enough being done to bring together the two sides of the community
  129. I don't live anywhere near a Peace Line and there is very little violence where I live that is connected to the two big religious communities. However, in certain areas in Belfast I think they are necessary because there would very likely be violence if t
  130. I don't mix with people of other religions because I never get the chance not because I don't want to.
  131. I don't pay any attention to it.
  132. I don't think community relations in Northern Ireland will ever change as people are brought up believing they should hate people with a different religion. I also believe that the political system is run depending on religion. Northern Ireland needs to move on and learn to get on with each other
  133. I don't think it is about young people making a change, it's up to everyone. Politics is not helping either we need to agree as a one social events together
  134. I double there will change any time soon as it is the parents of the children that are the problem so until the next generation comes under these new ideals I believe there will still be problems
  135. I feel as though parents, older relatives have a large influence on how some view those from different religious communities.
  136. I feel both sides are bad as each other
  137. I feel like it will improve slowly but I think it will always be an issue
  138. I feel like Northern Ireland needs to focus on the adults of this country as this, I feel is where the problem keeps stemming from. Most you people I know would accept an integrated country but their parents are not happy with this.
  139. I feel like that they are improving from previous years
  140. I feel many young people in Northern Ireland continue to be narrow minded and relations will not change due to this
  141. I feel that a minority of extremists cause the problems today concerning community relations
  142. I feel that any issues in community relations that occur in NI is because it is either down to peoples uneducated minds towards other religious or racial groups or that young people are still influenced by adults/young adults who don’t know the truth of the whole past
  143. I feel that community relations in North Ireland could be improved if we used TV to promote inter-community interactions e.g. have a program on the Catholic/Protestant way of life and explain to people how the religions are very similar in belief and view
  144. I feel that community relations in Northern Ireland are getting better.
  145. I feel that if there is a youth council brought together it may make an impact on some relations but there will always be some form of conflict.  My answers are based on my upbringing so that is why I feel strongly about my religion but not in a sectarian way.
  146. I feel that it is great to mix communities, but when it comes to sport as an example it seems to be only one way; as protestants are asked to play garlic while not wanted and Catholics make no attempt
  147. I feel that more activates should be organised between the different communities to get people interact between one anther.
  148. I feel that most people don’t mind people with o=the religions backgrounds but there are still some people who are against it
  149. I feel that no matter what measurers are taken there will always be an undertone f division when it comes to particular areas of life
  150. I feel that nothing will change until people realise there is more to life than what religion or ethnicity you are. I am a Protestant and have played camogie for six years and strongly believe that sport could change a lot of options.
  151. I feel that so long as there are segregated schools ie. All catholic schools there will be ### religions as catholic and protestants will be unconsciously encouraged to feel as if the other religion is alien.  I also personally dislike the way that the peace process is literally just forgetting the troubles.  Gerry Adams is the sole reason that I harbour an unshakeable and unfounded mistrust of catholics and Irish Nationalists and the recent funeral of Ian Paisley with its shocking fabrications about his life must have had a similar affect on catholics.  In school our entire debating club was reduced to disbelieving silence when we heard all about Rev. Paisley's lifelong work to bring peace to NI by ### religious hatred
  152. I feel that the adults that are asking as barriers between the two communities
  153. I feel that the community doesn’t do enough to improve relations, eg hold gathering to bring people together
  154. I feel that the separation of communities is a terrible thing as this whole different religion, either catholic or protestant is stupid as in actual fact their religion is Christian and therefore should just learn to get along with each other, and the segregated education isn't helping at all. The separate school entry examination the old 11+/transfer test was better as everyone does it, that they are still serrating things
  155. I feel that there needs to be more done in the way of breaking the barriers between the communities.  Everyone is equal
  156. i feel that they need to seen as a key way in moving this country foward as a united font
  157. I feel the negative past is dying out in my area so I am not bothered by other peoples religious backgrounds
  158. I feel the past like the troubles is still a very hot subject in any peoples minds and I don’t think they can forget about them
  159. I feel the politicians in the NI assembly should learn to agree more with each other and not discriminate each other e.g Gregory Campbell's statement of 'curry my yogurt' as it is a bad example to lead for communities in NI and is not helping getting rid of the divide in communities.
  160. I feel the young people are very willing to move ###
  161. I feel when we move away from having political leaders in NI who were part of sectarian terrorist organisation we will be able to move forward as a country
  162. I feel young people in NI are influenced massively by how their parents raise them to what attitude they will have to other religions.  So it might be a thought to begin to focus on the parenting of young people today to prevent children of the future having biased opinions on religion
  163. I find that only really in the bigger city's for example Belfast, there is more problems regarding community relations, not as much smaller towns.
  164. I find that the past plays a huge role in peoples perceptions of the protestant and catholic communities in Northern Ireland and the way they interact and perceive each other.
  165. I go to a mixed school so I view everybody equally.  Education has been one of the leading factors of this, but also how I was raised
  166. I have grown up in both protestant and catholic areas and I can honestly say that I am more scared of protestants than I am of Catholics
  167. I have my own views but they are not prejudiced , but the same can not be said for the majority of the Protestant community.
  168. I have no cave man religion or ethnicity, everyone is human.
  169. I hope peace is maintained and relations between Protestants and Catholics grown stronger, but honestly I doubt it will happen
  170. I hope that one day we can move on from this and everyone can live peacefully together, but at the minute we need people to come together stop thinking about the past and move towards a more equal NI
  171. I hope that Protestants and Catholics can just learn to get along with each other in peace.
  172. I hope that they will continue to improve and that it will become a much smaller problem in the future
  173. I hope they continue to improve!
  174. I just want to say that we should give all our support to the young people that are already making a big contribution
  175. I just wish we could all get over ourselves, stop being so stupid and realise that people from other community are people too
  176. I know very few people who have anything against other religions other than they're own, but the people who do need to mix more and learn we are all the same
  177. I like to get on with everyone I meet, I don’t judge because of their religion.  I was never raised to hate anyone.  I think everyone should get along together.  I know some people think different
  178. I live in a predominantly protestant neighbourhood.  I know many protestants who consider themselves to be Christian, they are all lovely and are not even wildly prejudiced against Catholics or anybody belonging to another religion.  The only protestants I know who are prejudiced against Catholics Aren't Event Religious.  Although born into Protestantism, they do not follow it, yet they ### on identifying as protestant and "defending" their religion by being cruel to Catholics.  I am mystified by these imbeciles who insist on "defending" a religion they do not follow
  179. I live right facing the peace wall. I would love to see it come down but my mum said it would be very dangerous here if they did.
  180. I once lived in a mixed religion neighbourhood and it was fine until July each year when it became a problem
  181. I only feel that the peace between communities should have ended along time ago. still to this day people fight for what they believe in, however I feel the younger generations which carry on this small amount of violence do not understand what they are f
  182. I personally feel that religion should be a personal matter, and not discussed. This would mean that people form various religions may not feel as uncomfortable around anyone from a different background. I also feel that most, if not all, schools should a
  183. I personally think most upset in community relations in NI came from what children see their parents, older friends etc, most don't know why there is a big divide but just follow their older peers.
  184. I personally think that in this day and age people should accept others for being different.  I think that people who discriminate against others for being a different religion or ethnicity should realise that doesn’t determine them as a person
  185. I really don't understand why people are such dicks about it like, to be honest its to much effort to hate someone and people are not mostly likely fighting to fight not because their catholic
  186. I really hate the massive divide between protestants and Catholics. We worship the same god, but people focus on the religion and not the relationship Christianity is about.  Christianity should be one huge community rather than many different ones, we all need to work on this
  187. I strongly wish that everything that has happened in the past could be left there, and so all of the people in Northern Ireland could get along without religion or the past being a barrier
  188. I think adults can learn from kids on how to accept others as people like myself have been able to become best friends with people from another community and there is no reason why adults cant too
  189. I think arts and culture is a huge part of being communities together in NI.  As a musician, I believe there are so many opportunities to build relationships through this medium.  I've become friends with most of my friends from other communities through music and they are some of the best relationships I have
  190. I think community relations have improved in mixed areas but single religion or nationalist areas have and will be the biggest stumbling block in reaching a settled country for good.
  191. I think efforts should be made to make cross community events more of a norm so cross community interactions aren't a big deal, like don’t actually call them cross community so people wont make a conscious decision to go or not based on this
  192. I think everyone should treat each other the same instead of stereo typing them because of there religion
  193. I think having a problem with someone because of their religion or ethnic group is stupid.  It Shouldn't matter what a persons religion is or isn't or where they're from if a person is nice to you, be nice back.  If a person isn't nice, don’t bother with them its simple
  194. I think if we stopped focusing on the divide and why there is one and just joined in as a community there would be less problems
  195. I think in an ideal world, everyone will get one but I know in reality I don't think everyone will ever fully get along.
  196. I think it has improved slightly in the past few years but will always be a religious segregation no matter what
  197. I think it is older men and women who cant let the past be the past, holding us back from peace
  198. I think it is sad that despite all the integration today there are still communities in NI that feel NI is only for Catholics or only for protestants etc. and that they don’t see it as a place where everyone has a right to live in peach
  199. I think it is silly and people should respect people for who they are
  200. I think it is up to the young people of Northern Ireland to make amends and changes to our views of each other. Adults are difficult to convince
  201. I think it is whatever way you are bring up to think, teenagers are fighting about something they weren't grown up in the past to have the knowledge of.
  202. I think it should go on as it is.  Too much has happened in the past things will never be right.  Too much trouble, fighting etc. especially with teenagers
  203. I think it would be a ### miracle if NI didn’t care about religion.  Its what the country was made on everything about this country is based on religion and has been from the very beginning.  From the moment were born were surrounded by protestant and Catholics, celtic or rangers.  Its pathetic and the Northern Irish government focus on their financial problems rather than their people who still to this day have petty arguments over religious statues, religion is idiotic to me, it only causes trouble
  204. I think its easier for my generation to get on well with Catholics, however it can be harder for my parents generation etc., as they have been through the troubles. However why should we still be prejudice towards Catholics today who had nothing to do with the troubles? I think its important to forgive and move on which is happening in areas.
  205. I think more and more young people are open minded about religious and race differences. It's important that young children especially in very segregated areas are escalated on stuff like this
  206. I think people make big deals about cross-community relations which make it feel forced where as mixed schools it happens naturally.  I also think it is important for young people to learn both sides of Irish history and the troubles/political opinion so we can learn about it in a way that isn't bitter and make up our own minds instead of adopting a bitter mind-set from parents, family or community
  207. I think people my age only believe that their own religion is superior because they are influenced by their parents or other family.
  208. I think people need to actually talk to each other so that they can learn about how the other community view things and maybe that would help in the long term
  209. I think people should move on and put the past behind them.  Essentially I believe those who would still want to turn to violence regarding the division of the two main religions in NI/Ireland today are trouble makers and attention seekers
  210. I think problems are started in parents/grandparents making a child think in a segregated way
  211. I think protestants and Catholics showing hatred towards each other is ridiculous we don’t live in the past anymore!  Protestants need to stop saying they're Christians and do thins for cool!  Bin fires and parades are acts of hate which wouldn't  glorify god at all.
  212. I think relations between Protestants and Catholics will always be bad because they hate each other so much as they feel that each side is trying to hurt each other i.e. the removal of the flag in city hall enraged Protestants because they are getting closer to a united Ireland and that loss of identity scares them.
  213. I think schools should not just teach a specific religion just because the majority is protestant
  214. I think sometimes people (young) don't even know why they get involved in religious fights, they have just been brought up that way.
  215. I think that as long as our politicians refuse to work together in a way that benefits everybody in NI equally, relations between protestants and Catholics will never evolve from the mutual distrust and dislike we have right now
  216. I think that because of a lack of maturity common sense or education strongly affects the relations between communities.  There are idiots on both side and there always will be likewise there will always be people looking for an excuse to use violence
  217. I think that communities being segregated as a result of their individual religions is very silly, and that everyone should simply treat each other the way they wish to be treated regardless of their religion or beliefs.
  218. I think that cross community work is amazing and have to give props to the people that make it possible. They are making out country better and better everyday. I don't want to wake up in 20 years when I am 36 and still see violence in the New my grandpar
  219. I think that division is no longer based on religion, instead it has developed over time.  We have been brought up in a certain way, having certain views and unfortunately I think it will never change
  220. I think that if people tried to go to mixed community groups that there may be less conflict all the time.
  221. I think that if you were to go to another country and see someone of a different religion, it wouldn’t be as divided.  I think the only reason different religions fight here is because of the past, not the religions themselves.  I blame issues such as flags, parades and The Past.
  222. I think that it is time that people moved on from their ancient beliefs
  223. I think that more should be done to bring different ethnic and religious groups together
  224. I think that people where getting on well until the riots over flags started a few years ago and now everyone is bitter
  225. I think that relations are both reluctant to co-operate with each other because of fear for what will happen when all community relations come together in terms of where the country will go from there.
  226. I think that some people just need to get along with one another because it's the right thing to do and having separations in communities keeps the tension between religions etc living.
  227. I think that there is only still hated and prejudice between PROTESTANTS AND Catholics today because of the parents of our generation as I don't think they can let what happened in the past stay in the past so they are encouraging their children to be prejudice towards the other religion.
  228. I think that there should be more integrated schools because it will teach young people not to be hateful because of race or religious backgrounds.
  229. I think that young people are made to think certain things that their family or close friends do, for example if their parents are racist or dislike a group of people then their children will  be more likely to think the same because they may not socialise with that group of people because they will go to segregated schools
  230. I think the biggest problem from different communities refusing to accept the ways of other communities personally ive been told ive cant speak irish in front of a protestant, which I like rediculous.  As I think the only way things will start to change is if all communities learn to accept and embrace our diffrences, be they ethical or religions etc
  231. I think the community relations in N.I. have improved over the last few years. However I think times like the 12th of July and the flag protest at city hall and the violence that both of these things bring suggest that maybe N. I. has not improved
  232. I think the government need to do more to promote integration and community relations egg funding to create schemes in schools
  233. I think the main reason for these religious segregations that exists is due to the simple fact that people are always talking about it. We have political parties that are all mainly Protestant or Catholic. The only way to completely eradicate sectarianism
  234. I think the majority of people who say they are either Protestant or Catholic don't know what it really means. They don't practise faith but prejudice and sectarianism and it's ridiculous. They say "GOD and Ulster" but don't believe in God. They clam a religious identity without knowing any of the facts behind it and only know stones and traditions.
  235. I think the recent inc increase in extremist politics on both sides has set back community relations and some uneducated people on both sides have been made intolerant by our politicians e.g Gerry Adams, Jim Allister and Gregory Campbell.
  236. I think the situation with the Union Flag being flown outside of Belfast City Hall is still a big issue and I think that their attitudes by protesting is going to make Northern Ireland fall downhill
  237. I think the way people bring up their children plays a huge role for an equal society. We need to be taught about all religions in schools
  238. I think there needs to be more cross community projects involving kids from a very young age. I also think bringing down peace walls can end divisions within communities and force people to interact more
  239. I think there should be more importance put on educating the youth from strong nationalist/unionist areas on the benefits of associating and working with one another, because they may have negative stigma about one another which will persist over the next generation if not challenged
  240. I think there should be more inter-community gatherings between Catholics and protestants, to bring us together as a mixed community.  Maybe a peace project and there could be a statue in the ### to show our dedication to staying as a whole community
  241. I think there will always be a divide between protestant and Catholics in N. Ireland as people pass on their biased opinion to their children and family etc. The divide isn't even based on religious views anymore, people have been brought up in a mind set that tells them to dislike someone of the opposite religion
  242. I think they are slightly improving in some neighbourhoods but in other there is no change at all.
  243. I think they should be more facilities in all town for all religions rather then just in the bigger cities like Belfast
  244. i think they will keep improving over time
  245. i think we have come to a point were we no longer need to have community decision, we all want the best for our families and children and the best is not having them grow in fear and hatred of the other side because of something that happened in the past
  246. I think you should be taught in school that everyone is equal and treated the same. We need to stop these prejudice views being passed down in families as I feel it is the main reason for difficulties in community relations.
  247. I think young people are going to improve or deter community relations in NI, I myself went to catholic schools but I think integrated schools are far better because they break down biased barriers.  However, Im unsure which school Id send my own children to as all my family have went to catholic schools
  248. I think young people can put the past behind them much more readily than adults, maybe as we haven't experienced first-hand, the height of the troubles. I think this has a good potential for a more peaceful future yet there are adults on either side of th
  249. I want them to be better. I don't want the first thing I get asked when I meet new people to be "Catholic or Protestant"
  250. I whole heartedly believe that the strained relationship and the hatred and violence stems from the segregated schools which is the first step in improving the segregation
  251. I wish they weren't a problem and I don't see them as a problem our generation should continue from our parents. We need to create our own links to create a more positive future together.
  252. I wish they would improve so that we could all feel safer in any area
  253. I would like the community relations to improve and for everyone to be equally treated however too many young people are influenced by older people who are sectarian as they saw the worst of the troubles
  254. I would like the peace walls/liner to get rid off but many people are still living in the past which is the main barrier for this to be successful
  255. I would like there to be less of a divide between different religions and cultures in Northern Ireland.
  256. I would like to be able to go anywhere in Belfast and feel safe with every body
  258. I would like to see more protestants and catholic people together
  259. I would love to see Catholics and Protestants getting along better and finally put the past behind us. But I have to say I would love a united Ireland.
  260. I would love to see the issue over the divide of protestants and Catholics being tackled and for young people not to be involved in riot over their religion.  Its not right young people like me live in fear of going through another area which may be ### of a different religion
  261. I would say there are more racist attacks compared to religious attacks today.  I think we need to embrace more of different cultures and festivals for those of different ethnicity
  262. Id like to say it shouldn’t matter what religion, whether your protestant or catholic you’re the same people with a different view, but that shouldn’t mean to say that you should let bad things go on.  What is the point? When I have kids I know ill want them to know that they have their rights but so does everyone else religion doesn't cut that out its not a pair of scissors
  263. If each side had respect for each others culture and allowed certain parades etc. 20 go ahead once a year then things would be much better
  264. If everyone moved on and forget about the past everyone would get along people would feel safer in Northern Ireland an it would get better then.  Instead of being known for the troubles
  265. If fighting stopped we could potentially fell at ease in our own country
  266. If peace lines were brought down it would make more violence but this doesn't mean that the two religions shouldn't mix
  267. If people constantly talk about the two religions and their differences only violence will happen.  The best way to stop it is to just stop talking about it, forget about it and move on.  Don't try to force people of different religions to be friends
  268. If Protestants would leave Catholics alone and Catholics would leave Protestants alone, we'd all get on fine
  269. If the politicians cant agree how will the people agree
  270. If the politicians showed leadership and worked together it would encourage the communities to work together
  271. If we continue promoting intergration and widening communities as we are now things will improve to a time where peace lines aren't necessary
  272. If you make a change e.g. taking away peace lines now, there may be some violence, but after sometime people will forget that they were there in the first place.  Children will grow up without ever knowing of their existence and in 10 years there will be no hatred
  273. If young people got more involved in bringing different communities together, personally think there would be less violence in the future because would be more likely to understand defences and create potential friendships, relationships.
  274. If young people ion the North are to make a contribution to bringing Protestants, Catholics together this needs to be done by lowering the voting age (as a politics student I feel I should be able to vote for how and by whom the country is run also integrated schools should be increased.
  275. I'm ok with Protestants and Catholics being mixed in a community I want that to happen, but on either side violence will happen because of a mixed community.
  276. I'm sick of the separation.  Young ones antra born sectarian, they are taught it
  277. Improvements must be made in years to come
  278. In certain mixed area's relations okay and there is no trouble.
  279. In my area they are very good but I know that elsewhere they are a lot worse
  280. In my city, all the Catholic schools seem to do projects together, but because my school is mixed we don't seem to be included in any of these projects. This has resulted in a lot of people in our school not knowing other people within the city.
  281. In my group of friends community relations are good
  282. In my opinion, community relations aren't too bad at the minute.  However there is still some obvious tension between the two main religions.  More between the young people who have grown up with a prejudice that has been imposed by relative and parents yet the issues don't affect them personally so I feel some people just need to move on and wise up
  283. In my opinion, there is really no need for all three rioting and fighting. If people wanted to get their point across, they should do it calmly and rationally
  284. In some areas, relations have improved a minority of people are set in their ways.  Relations have the potential to improve greatly if we are taught acceptance from an early ages.  This means it isn't a big deal when children interact with others from a different ethnic or religious background.
  285. Integration in Schools is the only way to solve the sectarian problem in the long term
  286. Irish people are seen as drunk and stupid from other countries and Ireland is still full of bigots examples are in the media
  287. It all depends on how you were brought up. Most people nowadays are brought up to believe everything is okay, whereas some still favour the old ways and that is why we are still segregated.
  288. It could be hard to achieve these things because some people are just to stubborn they feel like their religion is something to fight for and this ends in conflicts went often.
  289. It depends on the way people wee brought up, for example if you were brought up in Belfast there's a high change you feel more strongly about your religious identity, than someone in the country would
  290. It doesn't matter what religion people believe in, we are still all the same and everyone should be treated equally.
  291. It feel as if no one in power is making any contribution to promote tolerance and acceptance. Compromise is needed, nut neither "side" is willing to cooperate - they just want it### themselves. In doing so, they also prey on minorities like me and nothing is done about it. N.I's leaders need to stop admiring themselves and care about the people.
  292. It is hard to be a whole community with such divided communities that are labelled as either Catholic or Protestant areas. I feel intimidated walking through an area with painted footpaths and flags
  293. it is important that everyone has the opportunity to have an input into how community relations are explored and developed in Northern Ireland.
  294. It is important to teach children from a very young age that the "them and us" attitude is wrong.  Even in the wording of questions used at school for example, it seems there is a definite separation in communities even though many pupils have different religious backgrounds
  295. It is just like 2 bitter old men fighting about something they forgot about long ago out of principle
  296. It is mostly due to the older generation who still are bitter towards the other religion that holds Northern Ireland back from moving on
  297. It is my opinion that division is caused much more by national identity and unionist/nationalist differences rather than religion
  298. It is often said we learn from history. In the case of religious segregation in N.Ireland it is better not to teach the youth about the violent history as it is the only thing that fuels the conflict today. The segregation comes from parents raising their
  299. It is safer to have peace walls or lines and neighbourhoods with only one (or mostly) religion present until the division between religions dies down (it would be great if they weren't necessary)
  300. It is slowly improving in some ways, but the situation has felt still unresolved due to the rioting that has went on last year etc
  301. It is strained, people do try however.  It is also down to us teenagers as if we mix with other community's are children will also, if we do not they will not either
  302. It is the personality of the person people are trying to be friends with not the religion.
  303. It may be privileged, but religion has never really been a problem where I live
  304. it really depends on the area and upbringing. If you are brought up to hate catholics, you will most likely continue that belief.
  305. It will be very difficult to change people's opinions, if they have been indoctrinated to believe that people different from them are wrong, but people can change with the right education and attitudes.
  306. It will get worse
  307. It will probably never change
  308. It would be better if we all went to integrated schools then we all would have a much better understanding
  309. It’s a bit of a joke
  310. Its fine to be proud of who you are but I think Catholics should be more accepting of NI as a British County
  311. Its important to remember everything we have in common instead of only seeing the differences
  312. Its improving
  313. It's mostly divided due to Catholic and Protestants even though they are both Christian religions. They need to forget the past they really aren't that different.
  314. It's not good
  315. Its not the religions to blame, it’s the people within them
  316. It's ridiculous. Nothing has changed in the past 30 years or so and I'd be surprised if it ever does.
  317. its stupid. just come together. there shouldn't be religion.
  318. It's the older generations who are most segregated.
  319. Its up to the parents of young people also to stop the division in religion.  Young people copy what their parents tell them, along with what their peers tell them
  320. Just be nice to each other
  321. Keep the young people away from sectarian families as they are a bad influence to the young persons thoughts of another religion
  322. Lack of education and prejudice leads to stupidity. Religion only causes problems
  323. Like I said time heals all scars, this however is a big scar, never the less if two generations were brought up accepting all religions this 'Mini War' would be over
  324. Make them better
  325. Many people do not have the opportunity to mix with people of other religions since schools are mostly all one religion.
  326. Many people in NI are still very bitter and prejudice against other religion sand the only way for community relations to improve is to introduce more integrated education institutions like schools and schemes to allow gang children to recognise we are all the same
  327. Marching in or close to catholic areas is a problem.  If protestants marched in their own area it would mean less trouble on our streets.  Bonfires 12th July/Internment, should be done away with they are very intimidating
  328. Minor steps should be taken to move forward such as counselling or meetings instead of breakdown of peace lines immediately
  329. Mixed religion events eg sports makes a great difference and helps to break barriers
  330. More awareness projects should be introduced in schools about the two communities, with more awareness about our own religion, background knowledge on where it originated from and the meaning of religion I feel it would help eliminate the bigot attitude of people
  331. More integrated schools to break down barriers in religion and ethnicity in general e.g. sport
  332. More integration
  333. More needs to be done concerning the young people including little children. In my area, children as young as four are coming off with foul sectarian language. Target the young as soon as they can think and in time sectarianism will be defeated. Ethnicity is less of a problem for Northern Ireland.
  334. More youth centres to bring youth together would make relations better like the magnet youth centre in Newry
  335. Most of them don’t know what their fighting for
  336. Most people in my community don't worry about religious differences or relations. We have never had any huge conflict in the past.
  337. Most prejudice is learned from older generations that lived in the troubles in my opinion most of my protestant friends d not dislike Catholics such as myself but agree that there is an expected mistrusting attitude that they seem pressurised to follow
  338. Most racism is usually found in integrated schools I've found - I went to one for 2 years and left because of the viral ###
  339. Most violence and arguments through religion is football and alcohol bullied and it can depend on how you are brought up
  340. Most young people today who have a story disapproval of community relations are  only brought about as they are influenced by family/friends, not because that is what they believe themselves
  341. My mother and father run a quad racing club for any religion and ethnic community
  342. My parents are of a mixed religion so I am very positive about the future
  343. N/A [18]
  344. Nationality and religion are two different things but perhaps that isn't always evident
  345. Need to just get on
  346. Needs to be more ways for different communities to integrate together
  347. Never come across a peace line - I live in a peaceful area with no need for one
  348. No [211]
  349. No I think you covered it all
  350. No matter what religion/ethnicity/sexually preference someone is everyone should be able to get along
  351. No not really
  352. No thanks [2]
  353. No there is not
  354. No, I have no problem in my community, as we all get along
  355. No, I think everything has been covered
  356. No, not at the minute
  357. No, other than people in Northern Ireland especially adults are very concerned with their own religion and don't care the less about any other religion other than their own
  359. No, they're kinda okay
  360. Nobody is born racist or prejudiced, its taught or adopted behaviour I think my generation are more inclusive to people of different ethnicity and religions, despite parents or other family members' more narrow minded views.  I think this is because we are taught about equality and respectful treatment at school which definitely influences younger peoples' views in my community
  361. None [2]
  362. Nope [9]
  363. Nope everything was said and answered in the pas questions, although I do believe each individual should be treated equally
  364. Northern Ireland has improvised over the years although I am only 16 years stories my parents/grandparents have told me have realised how well off I have it.  It would be great to see the small majority of bigoted/sectarian groups come together in invited and put the past in the past!
  365. Not a lot has been done to improve them recently
  366. Not enough time has passed for real change to be experienced the generation of the troubles are still living and memories are still fresh.  Country people are more likely to be on good terms with neighbours in the towns and cities neighbours are not needed as such
  367. Not every young person is sectarian towards the other religion but it will take them people to step - up and make the changes so no young person is sectarian in the next generation.
  368. Not everyone has a problem with people of other religions.  I think only very few do, they just have a loud voice and aren't afraid to use it.  All schools should be integrated
  369. Not everyone is in conflict, its only in certain areas at the borders where conflict is largest.
  370. Not everyone is very tolerant but it is getting better.
  371. Not much community relations where I live but better where my grand parents live.
  372. Not really I just wish that everyone could get along and live in peace, I believe a lot of the trouble in northern Ireland is due to what parents are teaching their children.
  373. Not really, growing up they have never truly effected me and I was fairly oblivious in primary school (and even now) when my friends would talk of the divide between the two communities, I feel any prejudices held by anyone of my generation, at least in my area, are a result of the prejudices of their parents being passed on. Of course I could just be naive and as I don't live anywhere near- Belfast or such areas of conflict I don't shares such experiences.
  374. Nothing else
  375. Nothing is ever perfect is can always be improved
  376. Nothing really that comes to mind
  377. Nothing will change in the future they're too enemy's and the troubles aren't even over, if they wont change take all the murals down etc., and forget about it.
  378. Older generations are perhaps stubborn to learn about either catholic or protestant views.  This is something which I feel has been passed down through generations also.  Community relations are disintegrating because of political figures lack of respect for each other.  It is their ways of dealing with situations and creating them that annoys me.  They make it difficult for community relations to become better for future generations
  379. Older generations have a big influence on the prejudgements that the younger generations have own it comes to other religious communities
  380. Older generations of people appear to hold more of a grudge against people of other cultures, religions, etc.
  381. Older generations will not change and we don’t get enough say. No matter how forward thinking people don’t move political parties that are different religion.  We need a party mixed with all religions running on things that are real
  382. Older people are sometimes the cause of segregation in communities
  383. One of my childhood friends said he would not enter a catholic churches his parents forbid him to.  I believe parents and the elders of the community have a big impact of me thinking of the younger generation,  I think that is to blame for ### of religious relations within NI
  384. Only getting worse as young people in my area consider the troubles to not have been that had and some even want them to start again
  385. Our politicians are the people that are holding back community relations.  They do not try to community connection and instead encourage division and prejudice, as this is what they feed of. Keeping faith based schools is one of the worse decisions for community relations as it both physically and mentally divides the community forever
  386. Outside of the cities there is little to no emphasis put on what religion someone may be. The problem seems to be more within the inner city as people do not realise we have more similarities than differences.
  387. Parades cause violence and so do flags, also we as a country are ridiculously stuck in the past
  388. Paramilitary loyalties must be severed and deliberate provocation should be more controlled eg. Flags, bonfires, also the police commissioner is useless.
  389. Peace lines create violence they don't want a certain religion going past a line into an area where people use violence as an answer.
  390. Peace lines seem only necessary in certain areas.
  391. People are being brought up thinking that there should be a division between religious communities and everyone, including parents, should be made aware of the damage this may cause
  392. People are fighting for the sake of fighting, they don't even know the people they call their enemies and I doubt they feel any real conviction about religion.
  393. People are stupid and should forget about religion and an atheist, socialist utopia should be established.  I think that the people who cause trouble across the community are almost always working class people who have been brought up thinking the opposite side of the community is terrible
  394. People aren't educated enough about the peace process.  Thus they are only remembering the rioting and conflict.  The festival at falls park is a great event to welcome people of all areas to join together for an event
  395. People aren't trying to get along that often and it'll just create a bigger split in the future I think.
  396. People deep inside still treat others differently because of their religion or race, but that shouldn't matter or affect how you treat them.  They should be judged by their personality.  If they are kind and nice, then you should be to.  There is no harm in having friends that have difference backgrounds from you, in fact it can let you grow and mature by having these friends
  397. People have to leave their own area and meet people with different religious backgrounds, to make decisions about how they feel and act, towards these people
  398. People my age are still stuck in the ways our parents were.  People hold views that their parent hold and are greatly influenced by them.  Sports such as Gaelic and rugby can divide us but a lot of Catholics play rugby, but few protestants play Gaelic/hurling we need to allow more people to feel comfortable playing certain sports
  399. People need to get over these differences because it just gives them an excuse to commit criminal activity
  400. People need to let go of their parents problems.
  401. People need to notice the difference between politics and religion or we wont move forward
  402. People need to realise that all religions should be respected and being kind to people of other religions does not make you less faithful to your religion.  Children being raised to learn that only their religion is correct and anyone else is abnormal is toxic and only adds to the toxic narrow mindless NI knows to well
  403. people need to stop looking at each other as a certain religion or ethnic group and seeing each other as people and equals. even this questionnaire, which has good intentions, tries to categorize everyone into catholic and protestant or black and white.
  404. People need to try harder to ignore prejudices and accept those who are different in society
  405. People need to wise up
  406. People need to work together and move on
  407. People who don’t live near peace lines/walls are the only people who want them broke down
  408. People will always be brought up hearing stories either personal or not which will sway their own opinion on certain communities
  409. Perpetuated by parades
  410. Personally I believe everyone is living in the past people need to wise up get a clean slate and hold no prejudice towards anyone.  The likes of Paisley (although passed away), Adams, and McGuinness although they were criminals people need to say - look you've done wrong, but we need to do what's best for NI.  We are backward here and I feel that as a whole NI needs to let go of bad memories and of hate towards each other and wise up and learn to get along.  The continuing hate needs to stop
  411. Personally I feel that in my area (Craigavon), everyone gets along fine, there is never any trouble most of the time
  412. Personally religion doesn't affect the way I feel about each other but this constant bombardment of government programmes or surveys make easily persuaded people consider changing their stance
  413. Personally, I cannot see community relations improving much more unless religion is kept out of Stormont and unless parents stop enforcing the difference between religious communities as they bring up their children
  414. Pointless
  415. Politicians need to do more and stop encouraging divisions and move forward from the past
  416. Politics needs to stop being either nationalist or unionist, we need to make strides towards an Ireland for everyone
  417. Poorest in my local area.  All attempts have failed miserably, and then everything goes sour and awkward
  418. Prejudice is being passed down and taught through generations.  Its being learned because of prejudice parents or friends.
  419. programmes such as the ymca programme or the key programme (cross community) help break down these kind of barriers.
  420. Protestant march are always causing tension and need to be cut back there is far to many
  421. Protestant schools and catholic schools are still very divided
  422. Protestants and Catholics can work well together but there will always be tension between them, and one word could be enough to destroy a good bond
  423. Relation have improved slightly in the past few years but not nearly as much as it need to
  424. Relations are improving but there is still some way to go
  425. Relations are not as good as they could be however they are better than what they where I beloved it will just take time
  426. Relations have improved greatly.  Education is key to influence young people to not repeat on the past and to move forward and remove the bad reputation NI holds.
  427. Relationship is made worse by band parades and the presence of flags in certain area's (both Catholic and Protestant)
  428. Religion and race shouldn't have any impact on a community
  429. Religion is only an issue when it's brought up
  430. Religion is the main cause of many problems in NI. Personally there have been times I have felt quite scared going into predominantly protestant areas, despite wearing neutral clothing.  The fear of the other religion is ridiculous.  Protestants shouldn’t feel scared or threatened by Catholics and vice versa
  431. Religion shouldn’t come between people or communities
  432. Religion was never a big issue in my house it was never talked about we live in a mostly catholic neighbour.  Both my brothers are in mixed relationships
  433. Religion will always be a contributing factor to diversity in Northern Ireland
  434. Religious segregation in schools leads to a lack of religious tolerance and understanding.
  435. Route of community issuer comes from the government - DUP and SF must compromise.
  436. Schools tend to be manly one religion meaning that people grow up surrounded by people of the same religion and people don't get the chance to be around people of other religion, therefore making society more segregated.
  437. Sectarianism is mainly caused by politics. People are in the mind-set that because someone is of a certain religious belief they have a certain political view. People need to realise this is not always the case and community relations will surely improve. Protestant doesn't mean unionist and Catholic doesn't mean nationalist.
  438. segregated and like to keep themselves to themselves. both are quite unwelcoming to new people
  439. Separation due to religious or ethical background is not needed in society.  It is up to young people in Northern Ireland to make sure it is not a part of their future
  440. should be better
  441. should both play eachothers sports
  442. Shouldn't be such words as Catholics and protestants
  443. Some are very good, like where I live - ### but some are still very hostile and are just fighting about something pointless that gets them nowhere. In ### people tend not to care what background you come from and only if you're friendly and have a sense of community spirit.
  444. Some people never get the opportunities to meet other religious groups in their area - young people don’t go to the same nightclubs
  445. Some things never change
  446. Sometimes I think incidents reported between Catholics and Protestants cause problems as they are over-dramatized. Generally I think relations are getting better as the new generation (my generation) are usually more expecting of people from either 'side'. The minority of people who still cause problems take away from the amount of progress that has been made so far
  447. Sometimes its like the calm before the storm in some areas of my community
  448. Speaking as a teenager, it feels like ill of the force in relations comes from those aged probably 40+ although it also feels like they're the ones making the relations worse, even as they attempt to improve them.
  449. Still a way to go
  450. Still shambolic predominantly between lower classes, working class more so than middle classes.  May sound awful but there you go.
  451. Stop putting the country to shame through violence just because your mum/dad brought you up to believe the Catholics/protestants were bad people.  Some people from Ni are very closed minded stubborn and traditional
  452. Stop the segregation
  453. stupid
  454. Teenagers in NI are the product of their parents and forever will be.  The situation will never improve
  455. Terrorists should be brought to justice
  456. That our problems are due to young men carrying out an old mans deeds, we are struck in the past and must move forward towards peace.
  457. That they aren't as good as they could be. The fact there are divisions everywhere even in our politics is a big contribution and ### to young people and their prejudice.
  458. That young voices should be heard because at the minute they are not.  Ballycastle has nothing for young people to air their voice
  459. The boys in Stormont at the minute are doing nothing to help the situation - perhaps a complete shift is needed like a new protestant - catholic political party
  460. The children and young people don't really care what religion you are as long the other young people don't care. When you go out no one really cares if your Protestant or Catholic as long as your a nice person. However this perception is slowly changed by
  461. The cities are worse than the countryside you don’t see as much in the countryside
  462. The community relationships in Northern Ireland is probably better than most places which makes me happy. I think that some people hold on to history just to keep things going, when they weren't brought up in the era and half the time don't know what they
  463. The extremists on both sides make the relations much worse than they should be
  464. The fight for you national identity will forever be on going and this issue has been caught up in being protestant or Catholics.  It’s a pity they were united together but I see no change  Something's I can feel threatened by protestants depending on the situation
  465. The government has been bringing out new acts to try and help relations though more is needed to be done. There are still a lot more things that can be done as many people are not getting together to try and solve the issue that N.I is facing, if somethin
  466. The idea of a community in NI is constantly split into ethnic groups/religious groups.  For progression to be made the division between groups needs to stop so all communities are equal.
  467. The large majority of Northern Irish people are well mannered and polite, its a minority of hooligans who create this image of violence which is so often portrayed in the media. It's this minority that make life difficult for the ethnic minorities among u
  468. The main problem I believe lies with the older and middle aged generation- there is a minority of youth who do still follow and believe sectarian things but we really aren't as fussed anymore. Personally people are people, we're all the same and I know many people who think this way.
  469. The main source of prejudice etc. is within the older generation (30+) in my opinion
  470. The majority of young people are for ### ### however there are still a few on either extreme who act on other prejudice it will take another generation or two for tension to settle more widely.
  471. The majoryity of young people in northern ireland who have been brought up in non-prejudice homes practice good community relations.  Older generations should influence the youth on how to treqat people from different types of community
  472. The media and politicians need to leave the past in the past
  473. The media portray our relations in a very negative light.  The only time our relation make the news is when the riots happen in July, which aren't even that bad, and when disitant republicans try to incite fear threw terrorism
  474. The mixing of the two communion relationship. In the future will cause a large outbreak of violence and assault if it were to continue the way it is today, so I feel that when the two are separate the communities excel as they're own group of society.  Also we do benefit from mixed schools such as Lagan College and College e.g. Belfast Met as it enables mature people to understand the values of other people, which is a Hugh contribution to the forwarding of high education
  475. The more we see sectarianism the more we believe it.  Plays and painted curbs make other feel unwelcome or scared.  It needs to be removed
  476. The northern Irish Community have always been a 'Friendly' one. Especially in Fermanagh where I live, almost everyone in Fermanagh is related to another person in some way and we are like a tight nit family. Everyone gets along, you can say hello to someo
  477. The ongoing conflict between Catholic and Protestants occurs as the younger generation were raised to believe that the opposite religion who may be nationalist or unionist are "bad" and "wrong" for their beliefs on if Ireland should be part of the UK or Ireland. this impacts community relations.
  478. The only reason community relations are still a problem in Northern Ireland is because the people in power, at the top in Stormont. The general population are very accepting, tolerant and comfortable around each other but at problems are sparked by politi
  479. The only reason it is like this is because children/young people are purposely being taught to hate people different to them, when really if someone told them how stupid it is to hate someone because there different to you and explained how stupid and pointless it is, we wouldn't have this problem
  480. The only reason there is still violence is because people cant let go off the past.  It definitely should not be forgotten but since people hold grudges we are condemned to repeat it.
  481. The only reason there is trouble in the world is religion, 90% of the Catholics and protestants use it as a label and don’t believe in a daily just an excuse to fight
  482. The only reason why some areas are still sectarian is because of young peoples parents.  They are telling their children about stuff from the past and this has been carried on through young people
  483. The only way things will improve is increased interaction between communities. Our political situation doesn't help community relations.
  484. The peace line doesn't really stop the violence.  There has to be more projects to bring people together.  There needs to be better political decision to avoid violence and to bring these communities together
  485. The possibility of bringing together Protestants and Catholics I believe can be easily tarnished by those few whose opinions are too strong and closed minded to see past religion.
  486. The problem with people in this city is that they aren't using their religious identities for the right reasons, 97% of them probably don't even go to church yet when a flag that nobody even noticed is taken down all hell breaks loose? A lot of moving on is needed for this country.
  487. The problems within our community are mainly caused by people in the working class.
  488. The relationship between protestants and catholics is not as bad as it was in years past as youth clubs provide a range of inclusion activities which brings the different communities together as a whole.
  489. The rude between Catholics and protestants is ridiculous and definitely un-necessary!
  490. The segregation between protestants and Catholics is dwindling, for example sports such as Gaelic and Hurling are being played by protestants more.
  491. The tension between the communities in Northern  Ireland is and always will be very high. I feel this is due to the fact that the aftermath of the troubles was not dealt with correctly by both communities. I feel that many people in NI do not feel part of
  492. The tensions seem to be rising on both sides
  493. The troubles were horrible times and I hope it never happens again!
  494. The two main communities and any other minority community shouldn't be segregated, they should be united in schools, communities, sports etc. to make sure people become less ignorant about religion, race and culture
  495. The 'uneducated' or 'poorly educated' people of Northern Ireland will never change and their views will not change either on religion and its barriers. Anyone with any sense of wanting to achieve in life will move away from Northern Ireland as soon as pos
  496. The violence normally gets worse around election time. I feel that people who use violence to fight for their cause are ignorant and close-minded. Violence will not solve the issues.
  497. The way children are brought up in some areas. Children are being told at an early age that "you are on the right side which is republicanism or loyalism" both can be in the wrong. But the sectarianism starts with parents and environment a child is brought up in.
  498. The way to solve the problem is to stop bullying above the problem and lot the wounds held themselves
  499. The whole protestant/catholic divided is ridiculous and shouldn’t be there.. We are all the same and I don’t understand why everyone cant just be friends and get along.  I feel very strongly about this, everyone should just like each other.
  500. The young act like the old it isn't are generation that needs to change its way.
  501. the young people of northern Ireland mostly don't care whether one another is protestant or catholic in a few years time it probably will not be a problem the only way the problem will be caused is from the parents and that is cause they are living from y
  502. The younger generation don’t treat religion as a division and divisions become less obvious as years go on
  503. The youth of today who are not brought up by predacious violence loving sectarians are far more open minded and have no prejudice nor qualms about others as they are not taught to hate.
  504. There are bad people in both the catholic and protestant religion and we should concentrate more on the good people of both religions
  505. There are cross community youth groups in my area which are helping to ease the divide between protestants and Catholics, such as REACH across which I attend currently
  506. There are gaps, which I believe more progress needs to be made to make the country a better place for all communities
  507. There are getting stronger
  508. There are major drams over minor problems like marches or flags which is extremely immature on adults and positions behaves
  509. There are some very sectarian teenagers and adults, however there are some very non-sectarian teenagers and adults.  I believe in teenagers would change NI if the adults stopped traumatising with their stories (some false) about the other religious group.  I find their are more sectarian adults than teenagers as the adults are victims of the troubles.  We teenagers are ceasefire babies
  510. There are still divides between where catholic and protestant families live and I would feel extremely uncomfortable walking through a protestant area even though I have some friends who are protestants
  511. there is a little bit of sectarianism still
  512. There is more to violence in Northern Ireland than just disagreements between Catholics and protestants.  There are other issues that are of equal if not more importance than trying so hard to bring together Catholics and protestants; especially when the two communities simply will not co-operate.
  513. There is no need for Catholic and Protestant division
  514. There is no reason to be scared or cause friction anymore yet parents teach their children a fear or hatred of difference
  515. There is still a gap between Catholics and Protestant and there always will be
  516. There is still problems between both main religions although they are a lot better than they were.
  517. There is still segregation in Northern Ireland, not so apparent now a days but it is still clearly seen
  518. There needs to be an improvement as I still feel there is still an obvious divide between communities about religion and I believe that there can be more done by the government to improve it however there needs to be caution with there approach as there i
  519. There not the best and I cant see them getting better anytime soon
  520. There should be a bigger effort to encourage Protestants to join Catholic organisations and vice versa because there's no point creating new organisations for the 2 religions to mix if at the end of the day, Catholics are just going to return to their com
  521. There should be a bigger push for young people's opinions to be heard, we are the defining factors that can change the communities in years to come after all
  522. There should be less religious based schools both secondary and primary, and more integrated and community schools bringing all religious and ethnic backgrounds together (particularly Catholics and Protestants).
  523. There should be more intergraded schools, more emphasis on equality and what is social acceptable in todays society in school lessons, more cross community projects in schools encourage schools to have at least 1 lesson on different religions taught a week to encourage acceptance of other religions
  524. There should be more opportunities for young people to socialise with people from other backgrounds.  I feel like I do not have any opportunity like that
  525. There shouldn't be any separations it's ridiculous that it is still holding the country back
  526. There shouldn't be segregation in the communities anymore.  Why can't we all just get along?
  527. There will always be a divide. I think each school should have their own as to religious studies. Don’t like this integrated system as there are more Catholics than Protestants,
  528. There will always be fallouts.  No one will ever get on properly.  For example, because of the fighting between the Catholics and Protestants, everyone will always fight the history will always be there.  It cannot be erased.  It is almost in our blood to fight against each other and to seek revenge for our ancestors.
  529. There will always be fighting in Northern Ireland no matter what.
  530. There will always be hatred between catholic and protestants due to the bitter past
  531. There will always be tension between torn communities as long as prejudiced people still exist on both and the only way this can change is if parents from both sides raise their children to be neutral to the situation and this isn't helped by the completely biased and ignorant leaders in Stormont at this time
  532. There will always be violence and prejudice within NI because people will always use history to cause it no matter where in the world it might be
  533. There's no need for so many protestant parades as the parades don’t seem to be able to stick within the rules of them and they only every cause controversy and rows.  Also flags should be removed from communities that don’t want them more strictly after holidays/festivals
  534. These should be more things like the Ulster project.
  535. They are … messy.  Most of the segregation and bigotry in the younger community, I feel are caused by the influence of relatives, parents, teachers etc.  Most of as in thesis generation are too young to remember the troubles
  536. They are becoming stronger
  537. They are getting slightly better, there is less mis-trust
  538. They are improving but still work to be done.
  539. They are improving, though biased publicity in newspapers affect opinions
  540. they are in desperate need for improvement, we now live in a society with an almost primitive approach to community relations, the society is too segregated and it is keepign the country back
  541. They are slowly improving and young people are no longer as influenced by their parents opinions of groups as they used to be.  This is why older people are more likely to be extremely prejudiced to other religious groups in my opinion
  542. They are slowly increasing, however opinions and believes of other community are influenced by other people such as parents and if these parents have strong hatred or dislike towards other communities then the young person will most likely follow and also share that opinion
  543. They are still rocky and there is still water building up under the bridge to come out
  544. They are what they are because of what parents teach their children
  545. They aren't as bad as they use to be
  546. They can always get better
  547. They can get better.  The only was is to let the people sort it out.  Nor physical barriers.  Just because one person out of an ethic group is racist, sectarian etc. doesn’t mean the whole group is
  548. They depend on certain areas as some are more friendly and peaceful than others.
  549. They have improved significantly over the last 30 years and there is room for improvement but there is now a minority of people still bitter about the troubles, both Catholic and Protestant and these people just need time and a lot of integration
  550. They have the potential to improve greatly and are steadily improving but it is the backward-thinking and prejudices still held by the older members of the community being passed on through families that is preventing real integration and preventing the burying of the hatchet on both sides of the community.  the blame game is still being played and the youth are being indoctored noted into believing biased versions of history and should be left alone
  551. They may get worse due to a slight increase in violence
  552. They need to get rid of the barrier between faiths as at the end of the day everyone's the same
  553. They need to wise up, move on from the past and look to the future
  554. They should be more welcoming towards different disabilities and especially hidden ones. -
  555. They suck.
  556. They will never change and will never get along, that's my opinion
  557. They will never change. Children will forever have their parents thoughts instilled in them from a young age, and very few children will question this.
  558. They would be better if it wasn’t for our tribal politicians
  559. They're not good and I would hope to see a big change in the future as I find the whole issue embarrassing as its so stupid.  It shouldn’t matter what religion/ethnicity people are.
  560. They're on thin ice
  561. they've improved recently but could still improve if both sides of the community are willing to participate fairly
  562. things are getting better between the two communities
  563. Things are improving as the current generation don't see the reason for negative attitudes to the extent of people such as parents or any of the older generation as we haven't seen the effects first hand.
  564. This country will never get on with parties likes Sinn Fein and the DUP. It will stay the same with by blinding people with sectarianism leading us and will stay that way till then so don't expect a change.
  565. This has all be about religion it all people talk about here
  566. This is the only place in the UK where it is such a problem to be either Protestant or Catholic people from England can't understand it. Hopefully in the future our leaders won't understand it either and work for a less belligerent society.
  567. Time and prayer. I like to hope that over time the prejudices that people are born with ( due to strong family views ) will slowly become less and less. As we move further from the troubles I like to think ( especially among people I know ) there is less at a division. We are all people, if you cut me I will bleed and so will the next person regardless if they are catholic or protestant. We must focus on growing every area ( raise employment, counselling services ) A lot of the time it is idle hands that cause the problems.
  568. To me the "peace lines" are more political than anything.
  569. Tolerating each other is the only achievable goal without violence as a consequence, Do that.
  570. Unlikely to change.  Segregated.  I don’t believe that feelings of hatred or potential ### are specific to minor ###
  571. Very few opportunities provided by government/council to allow integration of people of mixed religion/ethnicity
  572. Violence isn't necessary so talk rather than riot.
  573. Visually there is no trouble but there are some people who ruin it for everyone
  574. Vital to get this right and act now otherwise will always be divisive society religiously and ethnically
  575. Wage gaps big problems divides communities
  576. We are all human. I hate/dislike and find it hard to understand prejudices people have in Northern Ireland, religious or otherwise
  577. We are as bad as each other with no one willing to compromise. Many are still stuck in the past with he got, she got attitudes.
  578. We are the future of the NI.  It is up to us collectively in my opinion to shake the yoke of inauspicious hatred and build on one another.  Forget the peace walls!  My goodness, religion aside were just people afraid of what the consequences might be if we choose to become friendly with the "other side"!
  579. We have came a long way but there is still work to be done.
  580. We need to move on, and stop brining up the past in optical situations
  581. We should all learn to respect everyone's religious beliefs
  582. We should eradicate each other, so we wouldn't have these problems.
  583. Well I don’t take much interest but I think a lot of it is pointless and that a lot of people are arguing/rioting for something they don’t understand fully
  584. Well in my school we don’t really care about the religions.  But we still are a catholic school and by doing different activities with other schools that have different religion we become more friendly
  585. When the two groups come to gather there might become a lot of bullying over their religions.
  586. While community relations in Northern Ireland are impairing, it is essential to teach young and older people to accept change and (although difficult), let go of the past in order to provide a less cynical community in Northern Ireland.
  587. Why do you keep sending me these you cretins
  588. Will be divided until re-unification and even more so once there is a United Ireland.
  589. Wish our country could get along peacefully, accepting the way our country is. Looking to the past only to correct the mistakes made not to constantly dwell in it. Northern Ireland needs to move forward looking to the future for ALL people, regardless of
  590. Wish people could live side by side
  591. World Peace Please
  592. Yes, people need to remember that all the old people who make the laws and stuff, when they're dead and gone it's us young people who have to deal with the consequences and there really truly is nothing set up yet that gives us a direct role and say within our government
  593. Yes, there is not enough opportunities for teenagers in NI.  We need places to go to stay out of trouble and to become more encouraged to help the community we live in
  594. Yolo
  595. Young people and children of both religions should be taught and should understand that there should be no differences between religion. As if they know this from they are young, they will grow up to understand this, disagreeing with religious violence. So they can pass this onto their children to preserve a good future
  596. Young people are connecting with people from different religions. Older people are causing violence because they think about the past and lead their children the same path they lived.
  597. Young people are making things worse
  598. Young people are the reason community relations are getting better in NI, older people are too prejudiced to see anything beyond religion or ethnic background.
  599. Young people are the way forward.  Young people are the next generation and if they are given a push they are capable of making a change in society.  Young people have a voice its mostly not heard
  600. Young people are well educated in this modern day society, its time to build bridges however there will always be stubborn people who are stuck in the past.
  601. Young people are willing to bring both religions together, however depending on circumstances many adults may find it hard to bring peace
  602. Young people aren't as sectarian.  They mix easily in my area.  In particular I feel unionist politics are extremely sectarian and do not represent a lot of what unionists want, the unionist parties mannerisms are holding NI back
  603. Young people aren't the problem. The problem is older generations trying to pass their sectarian beliefs onto their children and grandchildren. If nothing was mentioned then there would be no sectarianism among young people.
  604. Young people don’t have the voice to be heard. It also has a lot to do with the young persons upbringing - whether they are Protestant or Catholic and how the parents have taught them
  605. Young people dont care about religion as much as our parents grandparents etc generations do, but we never experienced the troubles.
  606. Young people don't care about religions until it’s the 12th of July or St. Patricks Day
  607. Young people from different religions should be given the same opportunities in all segregated areas such as sport, youthful activities in the community and workplace etc
  608. Young people need to learn the war for ### in Northern Ireland as the next generation, political views need to be expressed respectfully.  And the flowed system needs updated to become impractical
  609. Young people need to understand that violence in Belfast should be history and its time to move on.
  610. Young people nowadays don’t care about religion, the ones who do have been brainwashed by their parents.  The religious divide has been passed down through generations its our parents that were alive during the troubles, not us.  Half of sectarian people our age don't have the first clue why the troubles occurred or why there is a religious divide
  611. Young people should be able to voice their opinions on the current situations including the religious, ethnic and social class communities which are affecting them and what they think could help benefit them.  The government should also take their ideas into consideration
  612. Young people today are becoming less and less prejudiced towards each other; when it becomes our turn to make decisions things will change.  More people are becoming less religious but still many people mix up their religious and national identity.  Young people today are more accepting due to social media and pop culture and also globalisation.
  613. Young people today don’t really care that much about religion when it comes to the difference between Catholics and protestants, its old news
  614. Young people today growing up after the troubles have no memory/prejudice views in comparison to older generations improving relations between communities
  615. Younger people are more open minded when it comes to community relations and need to be listened to and consulted more because its their future.


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