Year: 2013
Module: Mental Health and Self-harm
Variable: ELSEHARM

Below are the responses to the open-ended question:

'Is there anything else you would like to say about stress, depression and self-harm?'

Note: Responses were only edited for grammatical reasons, if necessary. Square brackets indicate where editing occurred.

1. 9 times out of 10 it could be prevented if the person has someone to talk to that they trust.

2. A bit of stress is useful to help know what to do when stressed.

3. A lot of people think that if you suffer from depression and stress that you are a really sad and stupid person but they actually wouldn't believe the people who do suffer if you told them.

4. A lot of stress is caused by school and exams.

5. A lot of the time, anyone who feels depressed, stressed or self harmed just does not have the confidence to talk to someone because they feel like they would be judged or that they do not have anyone they could trust enough with how they feel

6. A lot of this comes from school and the way people are treated.

7. A lot of young people cannot tell when and if they are depressed, as we expect things like that will not happen to us because we are young and it only happens to older people. Raising awareness of symptoms and depression in young people, I think is a good

8. A lot of young people self harm for what I think is depression as they post them on social networking sites wanting people to comment underneath these photos.

9. Adults especially, put "teenagers" into the "teenage" category and think everything is due to hormones or a phase. We aren't taken as seriously, there are less option out there for us to get help. Less support for young carers that took after one or more ill relative. This can be surely stressful and lead to all sorts of problems.

10. Although I feel stressed with my current studies I'm not sure whether there is anything to be done. I do believe that we are not taught well enough how to deal with our stress which can lead to more serious problems.

11. Although there are many 'self-harm awareness' campaigns, I think that many young people with suicidal thoughts still feel very isolated. Secondary school is too late to start tackling these issues. I believe children should be educated about these problems from PS 6 - explaining that these feelings can happen and what to do should they arise.

12. Always look for help, be careful who you talk to, don't be shamed , talk to someone, pick your friends, don't hide away speak up.

13. Any people who I know that have self-harmed themselves have felt worthless and don't have a stable background. All they needed was someone to listen and give advice.

14. Anyone who is depressed of self harming themselves needs help and support from family and friends, but they need to take the initiative to talk to someone.

15. Anyone who is stressed, depressed or self-harm they should always try talking to someone it feels a lot better.

16. Anyone who would self-harm should seek help from those they trust or professionals.

17. Assignments and coursewok due at once for school may be stressful. Exams.

18. At times I felt depressed & stressed but soon afterwards I would forget about it.

19. because of my selfharm and stress, I now suffer with Anxiety and panic attack disorder

20. Can be difficult to deal with, may be embarrassed to seek help.

21. Can be prevented!

22. Caused by school

23. Changes you to someone else, you dint understand thing when its at its works. School should have more workshops to help children cope.

24. Communication can help prevent these things greatly.

25. Continuous problem that I cannot solve.

26. Counseling should be offered for stress to all teenagers as this can sometimes be the start of problems such as depressions/self-harm.

27. Demi Lovato is a good inspiration for these sorts of issues.

28. Depression can become easy to teenagers or stress between meeting their grades etc.

29. Depression is a serious problem with young adults and should be treated as a serious mental condition

30. Depression is hard to diagnose. You put it down to teenage hormones or just having a bad day, and so never feel the need for help.

31. Depression is something most teenagers think they have, and so they decide to go along with whatever depressed teens are 'supposed' to do, very few teens actually suffer from depression compared to those who believe thy have it. It's still a big number, ...

32. Depression, stress and self-harm are all normal things that almost 99% of people go through, and they need to be kept an eye on.

33. Depression/anxiety made me mentally and physically ill, it affects every part of your life, small tasks are hard to do, it goes unnoticed, no one helps you - you have to search for help and even then it's not enough, and dismissed.

34. Despite not having self the need to do so, I feel my school does a good job protecting public through mentors, prefects and councillor.

35. Don't toy with people's emotions.

36. Don't bottle it up, find sports to relieve stress.

37. Don't keep it in and talk to someone even if it is a telephone service.

38. Even though I have never self-harmed myself I can understand why people/teenagers feel the need to. It can be a release or simply a cry for help. I like most people have felt stressed over things like exams, relationships or friends. Last year during exams I hardly slept and realized how much of an effect it had on me. I got paranoid, felt like everyone hated me and had very low self-esteem but thankfully I was back to normal with a few days sleep.

39. evereybody gets stressed and sad, it's normal

40. Everyone else is to absorbed in their own problems to care if they see your cuts. Others who don't know you claim that there's nothing wrong and that you attention seeking. It's a problem/mental illness but no one sees it that way people need to be more aware why people do it and no to judge them.

41. Everyone gets hurt, but it depends on support they get and what the situation is.

42. Everyone gets stressed out, but some take it worse than others.

43. Everyone gets stressed. Children, especially who are of secondary school age, have hectic lives and are put under more stress to work harder and are pushed towards making career choices at a young age. I think some of us have to stand back. We need to appreciate what we have actually achieved in our short lives and stop putting ourselves under unnecessary pressure to do more or out do those around us.

44. Everyone in my year gets along very well and it is good to have eighty or so people watching your back, and I feel that talking to my dad and a few or my teachers has helped me substantially, not to mention support from my friends.

45. Experienced depression/ high levels of anxiety 2 years ago, got help from a psychologist and greatly benefitted

46. Fighting or hurting people I care about plays a big port.

47. For me as a teenager undergoing exams, school pressure family pressure, peer pressure etc. This is common for the majority of people within our society which is the cause of stress/depression. I feel that self harm is much more serious than that and that it is the result of people unable to deal with their problems. They may seek at to tell someone but may reject to do so and therefore they resort to self-harm

48. For things like this, a website should be set up that has workers working as an anonymous person. This means that young people could then go and talk to the anonymous person as it would be confidential.

49. Hate it wish I didn't feel like this.

50. Have talks about it in school. Less stress on students around exam time.

51. Hopefully I never experience those feelings.

52. I also think self-harming is an important issue and needs to be talked about.

53. I am a part of an online community were most people are suffering/have suffered from stress, anxiety, depression, self-harm etc. However, I feel it is a great place for people to talk about their problems- as long as it is in a trusted and private manner,

54. I believe people only who do self harm have an extreme hurt or loss or worthlessness and only a small minority would self harm for attentions seeking purposes.

55. I believe people who are generally depressed don't look for attention and then suffer inside this may led to suicide. Some people also look for attention as maybe they feel left out. There should be more ways to help these people deal with depression etc e.g. more teachers, families, friends looking out for these people and more general checks needed.

56. I believe stress contributes to depression which can lead to someone self-harming. I understand what causes stress but I do not understand fully what is depression and how it can be overcome/"cured."

57. I believe that it is a serious problem and people should pay more attention to it to help themselves.

58. I believe that people bring others to feel stressed or depressed or feel toy should self-harm as bullying occurs more often than it used to especially homophobic and I believe it should be brought to attention more often to inform everyone has it can run someone's life.

59. I believe there is not enough done about young people who are dramatically stressed if they self harm. Often people who self harm are the one you don't expect it's sometimes people who are confident etc.

60. I can get stressed a lot about the social aspects of my life, for example I worry about how well I get on and interact with my friends, or how shy I am with them.

61. I can guarantee the majority of teenagers are severely depressed and have or have thought about self-harm.

62. I can speak for the small member of people I am familiar with but I would say that it is blown way out of proportion. It is a very serious issue, I have witnessed that, however, it is talked about so lightly that young people seem to self-harm for no apparent reason and it is almost propagated as common place and therefore may in fact encourage the act of self-harm.

63. I can understand why people can feel stressed because of no work, little money. Peer pressure and unhappy homes, which could lead to depression and self-harm.

64. I carried it, I do nothing like self-harm, I feel that it's hurt me.

65. I did it mostly for attention but I was able to stop without difficulty.

66. I didn't ask for help because people have their own problems - sometimes you feel like a burden.

67. I don't have much stress and I'm not depressed or suicide.

68. I don't think adults take it seriously when a young person says they can't cope with the stress they're under or is seen as something that isn't a serious issue.

69. I don't think it is right that some people think they should self-harm themselves. I think everyone should have someone they can turn to & nobody should ever feel that alone.

70. I don't think self should be seen as 'attention seeking', I find that it is a way of getting rid at that emotional pain for those few seconds it is a serious issue.

71. I don't think there is a single person why people self harm. Some people, I believe, do it for attention, and others do it because of stress or low self esteem.

72. I don't understand why people need to result to self-harm. I wish they could talk it out with someone. I currently help my friend who self-harms and I get upset.

73. I don't really know enough about it.

74. I feel a lot of stress is caused by - school & peer pressure. Stress to have certain things or look a certain way.

75. I feel like I am lucky to never/rarely feel the above.

76. I feel like stress is mainly caused by exam pressure, so reducing this can help drastically.

77. I feel like there are a lot of people who cut themselves just to show others, especially on things like Facebook, they have nothing worry with them, they just want attention. On the other hand there are those who do it for a different kind of attention, more a cry for help. The first group of people take away from the second because people and up thinking everyone is like the first group.

78. I feel nothing, I'm numb and I think that's due to the depression. If lever do feel anything, it's stress. Sometimes I'm just thankful to feel. Self harm is another way to feel/cope, it makes me feel in control.

79. I feel school causes far too much stress and anxiety on teenagers.

80. I feel that help from professionals does help very well but I think that cannabis is the only substance you can take that will relieve pain or stress. It is the key to the happiness and an open and free mind.

81. I feel that nowadays is problems of this nature are probably at an all time high, and need dealt with. But I still believe that it is definitely a minority affected by this.

82. I feel that people should take these issues more seriously. I would like to say that more help should be provided, however, I don't feel that there is a lot that can be done to change how a person feels or is behaving when they are experiencing any of the above issues. I feel that the best thing to do is provide them with support to help them through it.

83. I feel that people who self-harm feel they have no one to turn to and therefore they feel that is the only option. Stress, depression and self-harm are all very serious things in young people lives and this needs to be looked at more closely.

84. I feel that schools should make people more aware of these topics, in particular depression and self-harm as many people don't realize how serious these problems are. Also, most people upon finding out someone is suffering from either of these things jump

85. I feel that self harm is an important issue and I wish that more people would take it seriously.

86. I feel that stress can lead to depression if not taken care of by taking time to relax or talking to a trust worthy person.

87. I feel that stress, depression and self-harm are often mocked in the media leaving those suffering from if to be bullied and/or exiled. It is incredibly misunderstood.

88. I feel that the issue of self-harm is extremely misunderstood by adults and young people alike, and that people need to be more informed in a careful and sensitive way about this issue.

89. I feel that there are better services for people who have stress, depression and self-harm over in England, Scotland and Wales, and across the border in the republic of Ireland than what we provide up here. I also think that these people who have caused self-harm feel that they do not have any services that they are could term to in order to get help, while across that Irish sea, those in England, Scotland and woles do, it is as though Northern Ireland is being tossed the scoops of the health services that is not needed elsewhere. That is how I feel

90. I feel that we as a society should do more to help people who feel stressed, depressed or think/ commit self-harm

91. I feel that young people are put under too much stress for exams - GCSE's especially. I think this affects a lot of the young people and makes many of us become depressed.

92. I feel that young people today are feeling more pressure than ever particularly in terms of appearance, fashion, weight, exam results etc caused by magazines, TV programs, celebrities and schools wanting the highest grades possible in order to enhance their name and image.

93. I feel the main cause of depression or self-harm is a complete lack of self-worth and a feeling of guilt and feel you need to punish yourself for something.

94. I feel the topics are glamorized and are putting more ideas in people's leads, than actually aiding them.

95. I feel there should be more awareness of the signs of depression and self-harm. Also, more advice on how to deal with other people who are depressed or actively self-harming.

96. I felt very depressed due to social anxiety and low self-esteem, although I would never self-harm again as I saw how much it upset my family, and friend.

97. I find it difficult to cope with certain things at times, I feel like I cannot control my emotions, anger especially, but other emotions are generally fine.

98. I get really frustrated with myself if I can't understand what am being taught. Then would feel reluctant to ask for it to be explained again.

99. I had a friend confide in me about them self-harming and it really upset me knowing that I wasn't about to tell anyone so all I could do was talk to them - reassure them they've stopped now.

100. I have a few friends who have self-harmed so I watched them go through complete trauma. Feel the government should case move awareness with favite4s schools.

101. I have a lot to say on this topic, as I go through it on a regular basis. I have been depressed for over two years now, and been self harming for three. A lot of the time I have wanted to die, sometimes i do do it because i am lacking the attention I need

102. I have a strong belief that these things can be prevented or eased at least, by people reaching out to each other and trying to help. Especially when it comes to extremities like suicide, I think people should stop only caring when the person is gone and

103. I have always been able to cope with stress, even more now than because I know that I can always resolve my issues that are worrying me.

104. I have been depressed for nearly 2 years and would have liked more help to deal with it. - I have also been suicidal at times.

105. I have no sympathy for those who self harm as they are attention seeking and there is other ways around it, such as therapy or councilling.

106. I have nothing else to include.

107. I have overcome it and hope others will find the help and receive it as I have done.

108. I have witnessed many people try to romanticize it, both in the media and real life.

109. I hold been told by someone how suffered from depression that you feel so low about yourself and it is something which you cannot control.

110. I hope I never have this problem.

111. I just think that parents should be more aware if their child is upset to stop things like that happening.

112. I knew one person who did self harm, it was mainly because he was lonely. He was the guy who hadn't many friends and people thought was a bit strange. He didn't wake up one morning and do it, he gave it lots of thought. I knew him from primary school and...

113. I mediate to remove my stress or somehow manage to get back to myself.

114. I must put this down, but these questions about self-harm are in fact quite personal, yes I agree trying to help those, who yes have serious problems. These questionnaires do not provide faithful information. The individual suffering from these issues are very unlikely to say.

115. I often feel frustrated because everyone besides me seems to be interested and take part in the following activities. Football, sexual intercourse. This leaves me to feel resentment towards normal people.

116. I only feel under stress with school work, but it is never constant and my parents usually calm me down. Depression and self-harming with young people is something that needs to be tackled.

117. I regret self-harming and thankfully I've stopped. Self-harm is a huge matter that should be put into consideration more.

118. I self harm because I'm angry, I'm depressed because I'm angry, I'm angry because I'm stressed. Can't win.

119. I self-harmed due to body image, I was highly self-conscious and hated my body.

120. I sometimes stress about school work but can always talk to a parent of friend about it and it has never bad enough that I would consider self-harm.

121. I stop self-harming around six months after it begin. My friend and I both self-harmed and stopped. We have talked about it several times.

122. I struggle to comprehend why people would cause harm to themselves e.g. cutting. It doesn't seem to solve anything and I don't think I could ever do it no matter what.

123. I think everyone's situation is different and everyone needs a different kind of help

124. I think I covered my opinions on self-harm on 18. To sum up, we live in a society where teenagers are encouraged - by their peers - to be insecure/depressed etc. It is more "normal" and socially acceptable to hate your body, hate your life, hate everything. It is seen as "cocky" to actually be happy with your appearance or to not have an eating disorder etc. it's really quite sad. It has become popular to be negative in general and I just think that's extremely messed up. These mental health issues are romanticized and it needs to stop.

125. I think I've only just came out of depression as I've just left high school. Now that I'm in tech, I can start once again and be happier. I have left my self-harming behind with the past.

126. I think if someone has a problem, they should talk to someone else they trust, instead of holding it up. I've had experiences with this and took me a while to actually talk about them but really did help.

127. I think if you have a good family network around you, young people should not experience any of the above.

128. I think it is a serious thing and it can affect anyone, but I think the way self-harm posts are plastered all over the internet and made to look like a normal thing for teenagers to do when they feel down is completely disgusting. In no way is it ever a smart thing to do. Putting pictures all over the internet will not help the genuine cases that are suffering from a mental illness. Sites like Tumblr are despicable for allowing these things to be posted. It's not beautiful and it's not normal for anyone. Anyone that doesn't needs help not triggers and encouragement.

129. I think it is a very serious issue, especially for boys - who often feel they have on one to talk to. I think more should be done to help boys specifically in areas related to stress depression and self harm.

130. I think it is extremely important to take it seriously and not just dismiss it as someone being a moody teenager.

131. I think it is important for young people to talk to someone they trust about any problems or worries that they have, and for them not to feel alone.

132. I think it just all depends how people deal with it. As different people will deal with it in different ways

133. I think it should be better covered in school, similarly to how bullying and such are covered, because I have friends who have struggled with such issues and been terrified to tell anyone, feeling that it 'isn't talked about' and it should be kept to them

134. I think it's more common in young people nowadays.

135. I think more and more young people in society today are having problems with depression and self-harm. 136. I think more awareness about stress, depression and self-harm should be raised for young people within schools and ways to deal with them and who to talk to about it. Also, I feel that people have stereotypes about those with depression as they feel like

137. I think more awareness should be raised about these problems and schools and children, teenagers in particular, should be educated properly on these topics

138. I think most do it for attention because self harming only hurts yourself and it is easily prevented by just not doing it.

139. I think once people believe self-harm helps them deal with their depression they won't stop doing it until someone helps them to- almost like an addiction

140. I think organizations should go to schools for example an assembly, they could talk about self harm and they could give out numbers that will help them stop and the same for stress & depression.

141. I think people diagnose themselves with depression due to feeling low and "Google" their symptoms. I also think some people use self-harm as a way to get attention - such as putting pictures on Facebook of them self-harming.

142. I think people who have depression and self-harm themselves should seek help from a GP and sort their problems out. Otherwise they won't gain confidence.

143. I think personally there is sufficient help out there for those who wish to seek it.

144. I think psychologists should be made available without the need to inform your parents or GP why and it should be completely confidential.

145. I think school puts a lot of stress on teenagers today and also trying to find jobs or part time jobs to earn money to be afford simple things like going to the cinema because now it's very expensive.

146. I think schools are trying to emit this problem particularly Catholic schools and adding more stress and not considering young people's outside lives. More workshops within schools and recognition.

147. I think self harming or being suicidal is a very selfish thing, there is people who can help you and whoever it was that has hurt you is not worth killing yourself over, its just hurtful and selfish for the people who love you

148. I think self-harm is an issue which is very stigmatized and more campaigning to reduce this stigma is needed.

149. I think self-harm is generally preventable no more help is required for them who consider it.

150. I think stress and depression both lead to self-harm and that more awareness should be raised about how to deal with these problems.

151. I think stress is a big deal in most young teens life from school, boys/girls, media etc. however I feel that the likes of self-harm and depression are played on too much and aren't taken as seriously anymore. It is used more to get attention and self-harm is even as a fashion statement.

152. I think stress is a common thing in people of all ages. GCSE's, A levels, new jobs all produce levels of stress not just self-harm.

153. I think stress is obviously very common but there are so many ways of releasing stress e.g. sports, reading, listening to music, talking to someone etc. I personally think depression and self-harm a lot of the time, go hand in hand. I also think stress and depression are common in all age groups while self-harm is more frequent with young people.

154. I think teachers need to be more aware about the stress they place on students and release how much of an impact it has on students. Also, although there is a lot of help I believe more foals needs to be placed on teenagers who are depressed/self ham etc.

155. I think teenage life can be very stressful but that we need to understand that there is always someone who can help.

156. I think that creating awareness of these issues, for example in school, does not make a difference to the individual. I think it would make that person feel worse about themselves, possibly that they are letting themselves down "which could make the issues worse. Instead, talk to (like the ones listed below) rather than speaking to a year group as a whole directly about the issues and conferences.

157. I think that depression and self harm are often brushed off as just attention seeking, and they should be taken more seriously

158. I think that depression, self-harm and all of the surrounding or connected areas are very sensitive in today's society. There are a lot of youth around the age of 16 who feel the need to harm themselves. Although, in my opinion it takes a very brave perso

159. I think that if someone is feeling they want to self-harm they should think about before they do not they should also talk to someone about their problems that is close to them to see if they could help you.

160. I think that it is very important that as young people we surround each other and let each other know we are there for one another. I have recently became really friendly with a girl from school, and she has cut herself and would often still get the urge.

161. I think that it should never be an option (self-harm) that talking to someone is imperative.

162. I think that mental illness should be treated the same as any physical illness.

163. I think that more efforts should be made throughout schools to ensure, not that self-harming is not done, but to put emphasis on the fact that other people shouldn't judge people with problems. There should be a zero tolerance bullying in schools and not just a half assed after school detention to teach them a lesson. Something more serious is needed and teachers and especially principals should take a more active role in this.

164. I think that more needs t be done about it, i.e. spreading awareness and preventing so many misconceptions people have about it. A lot of people are not informed or do not understand it and that can make it harder for people to deal with things like depression and self-harm as they are scared about the reactions to it.

165. I think that most people self harm because they either have a drug problem or a lost family member or loved one! But there are some idiots that do it for attention.

166. I think that much more needs to be done to help those that are stressed or depressed because it's very easy to just pretend that nothing is wrong. Schools needs to vocalize this problem much more and help their pupils more.

167. I think that people my age are put under a lot of stress from school and a lot of people are unhappy at school because of stress. I think depression, self harm and other mental health issues should be discussed at schools and help should be available and schools should make known how people can get help.

168. I think that people who do self harm feel they are alone and don't know who to turn to if more availability to support to cope with it could benefit.

169. I think that people who self harm should ask for professional help and make their life better.

170. I think that self-harm has become a lot more common in today's society.

171. I think that stress, depression and self-harm are all outcomes of peer pressure. Perhaps if you are feeling really depressed and stressed this may lead to self-harm.

172. I think that the problem behind self harm is more significant than the self harm itself; if a person is mentally stable they are highly unlikely to self harm or attempt suicide. If there were more drop in centers for young people to talk too people confid

173. I think that there is a huge social stigma attached to all of these issues, especially in our age group. Lots of us made it and try to bury it thinking that 'it's not a big deal' or it's not a big enough problem to bother someone with. I think there definitely needs to be more awareness in our age group and in older age groups to recognize signs and try to help.

174. I think that there is always an option and that people should not take the easy path and end their lives.

175. I think that these are very serious issues and aren't taken seriously enough nowadays. Many people my age suffer from depression and are often ignored when they should be given some kind of help. I don't agree with people who put their scars on social media, I understand that they may be looking for help, but it often comes across as attention seeking and may be seen as making this serious issue less of a big deal.

176. I think that these problems should be provided for more as I do not believe that there are enough services for young people to support this, when I say this I am speaking about the services provided in Derry

177. I think that those people who harm themselves go through hard times on a daily basis and that they should be encouraged to talk to a professional who could help them feel better about their lives.

178. I think that too much is expected of young people at my age, especially concerning school or college.

179. I think that usually it will come as a phase, if it's extreme or long lasting, i.e. - over two months, the help should be sought after.

180. I think the implications of stress and the need to relax should be encouraged more in schools. Not entirely sure if it is just in my school, but I feel a lot of pressure is put on pupils to achieve so much. Stress can definitely cause, lost of confidence and I think it is important to emphasize the fact that everyone goes through it.

181. I think the options for young people are limited and more help should be done to prevent self harming and to improve young people's confidence.

182. I think there is a perception that if you are depressed, you self-harm but I was surprised to discover there are people you see as completely normal who have everything going for them, but who suffer from moderate depression. Depression is much more common than I thought.

183. I think there should be more help out there for young people my age on self harming, stress and depression.

184. I think there's a real stigma around it, because unfortunately there are people who do it purely for attention. Thats bad, because then when there are people who do it genuinely because they hate themselves, or want to die, or just want to feel something

185. I think this is a very serious issue and that it is quite common in young people in NI. 16 is a tough age for some people and most people my age aren't willing to talk about their issues. A lot can be done for these people and this issue is much more important to be spending money by the government, on trivial things like what flag should hang where.

186. I think we should have more experts asking for personal talks with pupils etc to see if they're depressed or not because it isn't like they're just going to come out and admit. I have friends who self-harm and there definitely needs to be more effort done to find these people and help them.

187. I think young people should have some where to go when they are feeling down and depressed. When I lived in England I went to a respite club tolled Eastern Ravens which helped.

188. I went to my GP and he was useless. I felt really uncomfortable talking to him and he didn't take me seriously at all. I haven't tried to go back. I think more mental health professionals should be trained in post-colonial theory as many harbour racist at

189. I wish there were more ways for people to get anonyms info about how to help people with self-harm as I know and help people cope with problems like this.

190. I would like to say that they can be caused from school life and trying to fit in but not being able to so they feel alone which can lead to depression and then if it gets worse it can continue to self harm.

191. I would over think, from in the past from being bullied, and think why no one talked to me or act like they don't know me, and why be left out even when making school.

192. I wouldn't be depressed if I didn't live with my mum and her boyfriend.

193. I've been taught to respect yourself and things will always get better. I live by this and have a positive outlook on life. Many may not follow the path of religion but I believe this has helped me throughout. Times may be tough but feel good about yourself.

194. I've had some problems, mental problems though drug use but I talked about it to my friends & family and have overcome them.

195. If a young person is stressed, depressed or self-harming, they feel they can't talk to people about it but I think there is a lot of help for them. No matter how bad you are, there is always help, everywhere!

196. If anyone has/does or has experienced any of these, they must contact someone or research.

197. If schools & families encourage and motivate pupils to discuss what is bothering them then they will be less likely to feel stressed etc.

198. If you are feeling sad, talk to someone.

199. If you talk to someone there is always help available.

200. If young people weren't under so much stress, depressed or self-harming there would be a lot less young people who commit suicide.

201. I'm incredibly fortunate that I've never self-harmed or had depression but i know people who are depressed and i can't begin to imagine what they're going through. It's a horrible thing that no-one should ever have to experience.

202. I'm not sure if I'm depressed. I mean, I'm not exactly sad. But I'm not exactly happy either. I can laugh and joke and smile during the day, But sometimes when I'm alone at night I forget how to feel.

203. In all honesty, I think the main reason for youth's self harming and overdosing is the pressure from the media to be perfect and the pressure from school to be academically gifted which not everyone is.

204. In my opinion I feel stress is a major factor which leads to depression and in turn self-harm. Personally I feel school has a huge role in contributing as well as being a main reason for stress. I think this should be addressed in some way as a lot of pressure is being placed on children at a very young age about career choices/their future.

205. In my opinion school causes an enormous amount of stress for young people.

206. In our current competitive world it is extremely easy for young people to have pressure put on them and so it's very likely that a young person may become stressed, depressed or to self-harm.

207. Internet needs to be focused on. Also, in my opinion, a lot of verbal abuse was ignored by teachers and on some occasions I have been offended by teachers saying 'faggot' and 'homo' (indirectly).

208. Is not good.

209. Is the worst thing in a teen's life, you feel lonely, seems that no one can see your pain, been awake becomes painful you just want to close your eyes and never wake up again, it seems that music and your rooms is the only safe place.

210. It affects a large number of people around my age, and sometimes it can be triggered by school stress, friendship problems or difficult home situations.

211. It affects many people around me, needs to be dealt with but some people are doing it for attention which is a serious matter.

212. It always seems to start during secondary school

213. It annoys me when people are like "oh she's doing that for attention" (referring to self harm) because even if they are, people need to think, why do they want attention? People don't do these things for no reason! Also if I ever self harmed I wouldn't tell anyone because the only people who would care would be the WBB helping people and I don't care if they care, they don't count as their just doing their job. Also most young people won't tell these feelings so it is better to encouraging hobbies or something instead of tacking.

214. It can be very serious and make you feel small.

215. it can easily come about and sometimes its hard to talk about

216. It can happen to anyone, from the most popular boy/girl in school to the least popular.

217. it comes and goes, but it never stays.

218. It gets better

219. It is a growing issue amongst all ages and groups of society, and is also become less obvious to one's peers

220. It is a humble thing for us to suffer, especially those who have more than just felt stressed.

221. It is a lot more common than adults think. A main factor may be bullying. People need educated.

222. It is a serious issue that is ongoing throughout NI, I've witnessed my friends do it, my girlfriend, my father do it, it needs resolved ASAP.

223. it is a serious problem in northern, there are no services for children with bad relationships with there parents to get help easily

224. It is a serious problem.

225. It is bad and effects how you do day to day life.

226. It is easy to feel stress & depression which is normal. Self - harm needs to be prevented/reduced.

227. It is misunderstood, not taken as a health problem.

228. It is not talked about enough to young people. Kids in primary school get educated on puberty etc. but, the topic of mental illness is never brought up and kids should be educated early so they know to speak to someone if they begin to experience any of it.

229. It is stigmantised, this should not be the case.

230. It is very common for teenagers to be stressed, depressed & self-harm. I feel that teenagers who self-harm do it because they feel they are alone or can't talk to someone about a problem.

231. It is very easy to et stressed from various things as a teenager. There should be more awareness or campaigns to try help teenagers prevent or stop feeling stressed, self harm or feeling depressed.

232. It is ways of people covering up pain on the inside or hoping someone will see it and help them without embarrassment of telling people. A lot of people I know are depressed but get on with their day-to-day lives with a smile.

233. it isnt talked about enough

234. It isn't taught enough in school curriculum, especially for young people like me.

235. It just hard wearing a mask everywhere you go, only some see - through its nothing seems to get better.

236. It may take years but it will get better.

237. It needs to be addressed more in schools help needs to be more available or more known.

238. It needs to be less of a 'taboo' and talked about more in schools, with both young and older children

239. It needs to be more accepted that you can talk to people - most of my friends didn't know how to help me and the only advise they had was to 'stop' but at that time, it wasn't that simple.

240. It needs to be more widely accepted that self-harm and depression happens and that although it is not ok for that person to harm themselves but they need to know that because they feel this way that person will not get judged or insulted.

241. It really plays in and with your head and keeps you awake at night.

242. It ruins your life. I personally think because its ruined mine.

243. It seems to be a growing issue amongst young people but not much is offered to help explain it in schools. Perhaps schools should start offering classes to explain exactly how to deal with stress effectively. Also to educate people about depression & self harm.

244. It should be looked at more by schools and workplaces.

245. It should be looked at more, also, people should be educated in those topics more as most who have/do those topics in practice and who reach out for help, be seen as an attention seeker, which can lead to worsted forms/or death.

246. It sucks big time.

247. It's a media driven thing that will not decrease. Personally I have never self-harmed but a lot of my friends do. They say it's to kill the thing on the inside. It's an addiction just like alcohol and should see as more serious. The government should provide an on chat rooms not face to face as that scares people more and confidential, no telling parents it make it worse.

248. It's a problem that needs sorted, many people can't call for help.

249. It's hard to talk about self-harm; you need all the support you can get. It's easy to get depressed and it's hard dealing with issues going on around you. I personally didn't want to live the way I was living before but today I feel a bit happier as I have more support to deal with issues.

250. It's not a form of suicide!

251. It's not our fault we inflict pain on ourselves so we don't hurt others.

252. It's publicized and glamorized through the media. Peer pressure and friends/relationship add unneeded stress on top of school. School expects more from you and give you more work and add stress that a young person doesn't need in their lives.

253. It's wrong and people need to talk things out, tomorrow another day.

254. it's a hard routine to get out of

255. it's a serious issue and more help needs to be promoted as far too many young people feel they can't seek help. Suicide is becoming too big of a problem today.

256. It's a serious issue.

257. Its a very hard topic for some people like myself, however I think people that are depressed should try and get help because it helps a bit when you talk to someone

258. It's easier for most people to keep it secret than open up about things that they are ashamed about.

259. It's horrible

260. It's important that help lines are better advertised!

261. It's not right and more help needs to be given!

262. It's not something that goes away over night.

263. Its ok. - There is people out there to help and people my age need to know, that someone cares.

264. its on the rise in the uk to a point where at least 1/4 of people who i know have done it or tell me about someone who has

265. It's pulling me down and I am considering going to the school counselor

266. Its Shit!!!

267. It's society's fault.

268. Its worrying when someone close do these things.

269. Just because someone doesn't "self-harm" or "overdose" doesn't mean they aren't equally, if not more so, depressed than those that do. Every teenager encounters depression at some stage, some just don't realize that.

270. Just that no one should do it for attention and there are always ways to stop it. These people need support and help.

271. Just that you need to talk to someone.

272. Just think that help should be advertised more.

273. Just try not to think about it & ignore it.

274. Loneliness (although this is improving), being different (father etc), not getting on well with a parent, is what gets me down.

275. Lots of young people don't tell anyone about depression and self-harming, so I feel it should be easier for young people to talk about through one-to-one confidential sessions with someone they can trust.

276. Lots of young people say they are stressed but it is usually their own fault for not having planned or taken advantage of time. To be fair I am hypocritical in this sense as I do this.

277. Many people don't realise how much it affects young people

278. Many people supper in silence as they lack confidence or trust to seek help from others or are afraid of being judged by others.

279. Many young people I know seems stressed - school work, exams. It is increasing. More needs to happen with young people suffering from these issues.

280. Media has a significant influence on how people interpret and solve their problems.

281. Mental health is a 'taboo'. It is important that we talk about it more openly to better society. Politicians need to take greater notice of mental health issues and the NHS should have better facilities to deal with mental health issues because they are often the cause of more physical health issues e.g. High blood pressure.

282. Moot of this could be caused by poor family life or social issues.

283. More attention needs to be brought to stress, depression and self-harm in our society.

284. More has to be done, e.g. websites, offering councilors in schools.

285. More should be done about coping with stress at school, teach or university. Stress leads to depression and depression (if serve enough) will eventually lead to self harm or worse. Much more teacher-student communication is needed in order to prevent these problems.

286. More should be done about different methods of self harm and mental illnesses like eating disorders.

287. More should be done to offer support and raise awareness.

288. More should be done to support people with mental health issues. Set up youth groups. More contact with councilors, more constructive things for teenagers to do.

289. More support needs to be provided to students during exam times as it is extremely stressful time.

290. Most adults (teachers, parents etc) should know and understand how school and things puts pressure on young people and this makes them stressed.

291. Most of my stress arises from school and school work. I fear that I won't get the grades to get into a good university course to get a degree and long term get a job. I also worry about the cost of university.

292. Most of the time I am generally stressed because of the amount of pressure school and my parents put on me.

293. Most stress on teenagers nowadays, think would be from schoolwork and basically trying to fit in with people, (If that helps). I can't say much about self harm but from friends who have confided in me have told me that the pain they feel on the inside, they are able to make that go away by feeling the pain on the outside by cutting etc.

294. Mostly caused by pressures at school.

295. Mostly young people harm themselves because of the pain they feel, and many people don't understand that and are making comments that it was done just for attention etc which sometimes lead to even worse actions taken by a young person.

296. My dad got depressed and had a nervous breakdown I don't want that to happen to me, I want him to come home.

297. My dad used to self harm as he suffers from depression since he was a teenager he's on tablets and sees consultant in mental heart so, what people go through.

298. My friend told me she made herself throw up around 2 times a week, but during stressful times she would do it more regularly. I told her to tell her mum or dad but she wouldn't so I told her to talk to someone in school but she said she didn't want the kids in school knowing may be if there were more help lines etc given to children in school they could talk. About things like this and find the root of the problem.

299. My mother works in mental health, so I always have a person to talk to no matter how hard situations maybe.

300. My mum suffers from depression. My dad was an alcoholic who also suffered from depression and he died 6 years ago when I was 10.

301. Need more information about how it is caused.

302. Need to have more talks in schools on how to deal with all these issues.

303. Needs to be a clearer explanation of how to get help and more services need to be available?

304. Needs to be more help for it.

305. Never done it. Think its rather stupid, can't see how it would help in any way but then again I've never done it so don't feel fully qualified to answer this question

306. NICFC - Northern Ireland cancer fund for children helped me when I have a lot of stress/anxiety/depression. - Amazing charity.

307. No [307]

308. No - I only stress over school work.

309. No not really anything.

310. No one should harm themselves for any problem, there is always another way.

311. No other than I feel their is one way to stop feeling like this and that is to have financial responsibilities.

312. No thank you

313. No there is not.

314. no, hasn't affected me and am not aware of it as a major problem

315. No, I am normally quite a happy person and never feel the need to self-harm.

316. No, I don't get it.

317. No, I feel these topics don't relate to me.

318. No, I have all the information that that I need.

319. No, I have no questions.

320. No, I know very little on self-harm and depression. I get stressed over school work sometimes but never severely.

321. No, my life, luckily doesn't lead to a lot of the problems above.

322. No, not really [3]

323. No, other than, I do get stressed over common reasons like school work, but I would never even think of self-harming.

324. No, there is nothing else I have to say.

325. None

326. None at all

327. Nope [19]

328. Nope - I haven't suffered from any of this too great extent just stress for exams.

329. Not affected by it much.

330. Not at all

331. Not enough awareness support and help out there

332. Not enough is done to help people going through depression or self harm & stress. People should also be educated on it.

333. Not enough knowledge about it. People are too quick to judge.

334. Not everyone who is depressed or self-harms would like help, it makes them anxious and makes them feel worse.

335. Not really [4]

336. Not really I'm only ever stressed due to hand in dates per coursework which I think is normally and I have never self-harmed or feel depressed.

337. Not really, but I'd like to point out that some of these questions are rather vague. You asked whether I have been able to enjoy my recent day to day activities. My answer should really be 'no', but that is not to do with my mental health, but instead physical illness. However, it will appear as the former, if I tick that box. Sorry to rant but I'm genuinely trying to be helpful.

338. Not really, nothing to discuss.

339. Not really. I didn't know how to deal with it then but I have learnt how and grown up everything is fine now and stress I nothing to do that over.

340. Not sure

341. not taken very seriously and people joke about it alot

342. Not to make decisions by yourself - always talk to someone.

343. Not too much experience to understand this

344. Not very many young people know where to go for help. If they are in these situations.

345. Nothing really.

346. Nothing that has already been said.

347. Once you talk to someone the stress and depression disappears. Self-harm isn't in my thinking.

348. Only way to help yourself is talk to someone.

349. Over summer I found out my best friend was cutting her wrists. I felt hurt, because I was meant to be the person she could go to. self harm has a serious knock-on effect and it can affect family members and friends, who feel like they have failed someon

350. Parents should be made more aware to be vigilant of their children's behavioral patterns to quickly identify whether or not something is wrong before the situation escalates. They should also be made aware of organizations and methods that can minimize or

351. People are made to feel ashamed about it, so people are scared to get help.

352. People do it for attention because it is a trend and cool thing to do at the min.

353. People do not need to self-harm themselves or would not go into depression if they had friends and family who supported them.

354. People don't know how to treat severe depression. The only solution they can see is to give pills that give you a false sense of happiness. I really believe depression is caused by the way you were raised and your environment around you. Too much stress can turn a happy young person into a bitter and resentful young adult.

355. People I know who self-harm do it for attention as when asked why they say someone called me ugly so I want everyone to hate them. People have different views on depression and can cope with more than others and because of some others don't get the help they need.

356. People my age who are depressed need to be offered help more often it should be promoted in school/college.

357. People need to be more aware about it, and when to know if someone is going through a hard time.

358. People need to be more educated about this area 3 young boys I know, recently took their own lives. It was a shock as no one expected it. If their family were more aware of the symptoms, they might still be alive. Young people also need to be more aware of who they can talk. If they can't talk to someone at home they feel less willing to approach someone else.

359. people need to talk about it

360. People of my age are often put under a lot of stress from school as so much is expected of us. Some other people that are my age that feel depressed or self harm often don't know who they can talk to or where to get help.

361. People say it's for 'attention' but I used to do it for years and only the closest people to me know. I'm ashamed by it.

362. People self harming cannot talk to anyone. They need to open up to someone.

363. people should aways talk to someone if they feel any of these

364. People should be offered more help to prevent it from happening.

365. People should be taught that just because they are going through a difficult times it doesn't mean it will stay like that forever. Should be more a awareness on bullying and the serious consequences that result in it such us depression.

366. People should get help but most the time people say it's a phase and they'll get over it but due to this, people who are stressed, depressed or self-harming won't get help.

367. People shouldn't even get to the stage where they feel depressed or self-harm but they aren't being given the help they need. It isn't comfortable for some people to talk about these problems with others because they don't understand their inner thoughts and instead try to push their input on them.

368. People un-estimate stress, depression and self-harm because they just say it will all work out when its related to stress, they just say 'oh cheer up' when it related to depression and some people think self-harm is stupid or attention seeking but it's not.

369. People who do feel depressed, stressed or want to self harm should find someone to talk to instead of keeping it to themselves because the longer they keep it to themselves the longer they will be depressed etc.

370. People who do should be given help by either family member and/or friend. When under stress people should give you a break e.g. course work deadline extended.

371. People who self harm and boast about it are only doing it for attention, they just need wised up.

372. People who self-harm don't do for attention, in my opinion. They may do it because they fell anger or hatred towards themselves. They may fell this way due to past actions or their physical appearance.

373. Personally I believe that at least 50% of stress & depression in young people is school related, particularly if said young person is in a particularly demanding school. Obviously I understand the concept of deadlines, but short and fast approaching deadlines can be a disaster for a young person. Two months worth of work to be handed in every two weeks is a recipe for disaster.

374. Personally, I think that teenagers nowadays think it is 'cool' or 'trendy' to have a mental illness or harm themselves. 1/3 teens who harm themselves are actually depressed.

375. School also puts a lot of stress on people and isn't taken as serious and when you're in class you are being compared to other students grades and can upset people.

376. School can be source for a lot of it, a lot of pressure on young people.

377. School can be stressful due to workload so more help should be readily available.

378. School is too stressful, something should be done to reduce this. More awareness should be made for self-harm. People should know how to get help (I wouldn't know how to get help from if I was in that situation, excluding friends and family). More help should be given to those who have depression, like regular school I counseling for everyone in the school - even those who deny having any problems.

379. School puts too much pressure on us and gives us a lot of work and need to realize that we have other subjects & things to do.

380. School puts too much stress on teenagers now a days and the foot that you need so much to get into universities now a day. The work is far too difficult and intense.

381. Schools are aware of their students being stressed, depressed or generally unhappy yet do not do enough to comfort them. Personally I feel that too much pressure & put on students and teenagers to do well, keep on with the latest fashions and it affects everyone around you and in a sense is quite contagious.

382. Schools need to educate move on how to deal with this & how it isn't for attention before suicides votes rise again.

383. schools need to promote anti-bullying more

384. Schools should try and reach students how to deal with these problems more often than not these problems cause by schools.

385. self harm can be used as attention rather than talking to people as it can take a lot to start talking

386. Self harm is a very major issue in Northern Ireland at the moment. There needs to be more help for teens.

387. Self harm is quite a personal thing so I doubt people will always be truthful in a form like this. Also, young people don't get enough homework, alone at cause stress (unless thieves another factor in the stress.)

388. Self harm should be talked about more in schools and people should be given more knowledge and education on things like depression, anxiety etc because I think a lot of young people go through it and very rarely older people talk about it.

389. Self-harm in my opinion, is people self-harm because they feel dead inside & that little bit of pain makes me feel alive again and also to punish themselves.

390. Self-harm in very popular in society especially with teenagers & can be quite dangerous if nobody knows what is going on aide of young people have to deal with a lot of stress in their lives which others their age may not & this can read to depression.

391. Self-Harm is a serious issue my Best Friend self-Harmed without talking to me and when i found out i felt so bad as i couldve prevented it but has now stopped as she can convide in me however i belive other do it for attention as they do not have as many

392. Self-harm is never the answer. 393. Self-harm solves nothing and inhibits recovery.

394. Self-harm was a popular topic in school a few years ago. I had a close friend who did it once, showed me (and other friend) the cut mark on her arm but never did it again after. Not sure why she did it but nonetheless it was confusing.

395. Should be taught how to deal with them.

396. Society should not shame people because they are depressed or self-harming.

397. Some people can cope better than others.

398. Some people self harm because it takes their mind off whatever is bothering them

399. Some people would self-harm from their own problems not for attention. Most people don't like to talk about it.

400. Some people, like myself, did it as a spur of the moment thing and have realized the lack of benefit in such activities.

401. Some young people self-harm to feel something as they are so numb.

402. Someone is always there of help people do care about you, even if they don't show it for every bad thing that happens, another good thing will come along always talk to someone

403. Something I have never really experienced but feel I could deal with it.

404. Something needs to be done due to the high number of deaths of young people because of suicide. A boy in my school committed suicide during exam season and it affected all the students and staff. Also a lot of GAA players have done the same recently. Something needs to be done to stop this because the number of people affected by one death is so much.

405. Sometimes I don't think that I'm stressed until I look back and then I realise I actually am and it's been affecting my sleep/moods etc..

406. Sometimes I feel there is not a lot of help for people with this illness

407. Sometimes it's easier to talk to someone you aren't hugely close o, like a friend you would speak to but not really meet up with - it's less personal and move like a reality check.

408. Sometimes self-harm isn't a way or attempt to kill yourself, sometimes it's just a way to prevent it. It helps relieve the pain inside that you can't control with a physical pain you can understand.

409. Sometimes we should actually get to know the person who may have stress or in depression or self-harm before we jump to conclusions. Someone who self-harms isn't wrong, it is their way of dealing with problems and we should respect it. However, to me we s....

410. Stress and depression are now part of life and these emotions can never truly be eradicated from life, they are as normal as happiness.

411. Stress and depression can potentially be an extremely dangerous situation as it may lead to death.Everyone should be careful at how they speak to or treat others as their attitude may encourage someone else to feel depressed. Professional help should be ...

412. stress can always be resolved to prevent other things from occuring

413. Stress can be a big problem throughout childhood less stress could lead to less depression. 414. Stress for some people is difficult to get rid of but it is an everyday pat of life. Too much stress could drive someone to over drink, suicide for deep depression.

415. Stress is a purely personal thing. A person needs a small amount of 'stress' to remain competitive, however too much is bad for you and the people around you.

416. Stress is caused a lot at this age over school and planning for the future. I get depressed and constantly fell depressed over my family. I believe people who are public about self-harm are attention seeking.

417. Stress is caused mainly by school, in my opinion exams and school work is too much of a burden for people so young, it leads to things like depression and self harm. I believe the board of education need to revalue how much they are willing to sacrifice...

418. Stress is less worrying than depression or having self-harm. But I suppose you have to be in that position. 419. Stress is natural, and it would never dive me to self-harm. I feel most young people my age lie about depression and self-harm to fulfill the image they want to be perceived by other people.

420. Stress is never a good thing. It can hurt, and it could lead to making the wrong decisions. Problems are best dealt with by having a cool, calm head. Depression is a serious issue. It's never "nothing to worry about". Treating depression involve medicine and support of from loved ones, not 'cleaning up.

421. Stress is not always recognized and sometimes we cry for help is interpreted as attention-seeking or artistic genius (for those who seek comfort through creative writing, music, poetry or art).

422. Stress is quite hard to cope with and is hard for me to not have which leads to some depression within but have never agreed with self-harm ever because of the hurt it puts on friends and family I feel it's not worth it and is better to not harm yourself more than how your feeling but talk to someone or overcome it.

423. Stress is sometimes over looked in a young person. It is important that it is recognized early. I personally do not show stress, which sometimes causes me problems.

424. Stress leads to depression which in some cases leads to self-harm. It is almost like a ripple effect.

425. Stress makes me physically sick and makes my hair fall out.

426. Stress usually comes with school or college, when we feel our assessments or exams we start feeling depressing and that's where self-harm comes in.

427. Stress, depression & self harming can cause problems later in life as well as in teenage years & party teens. I myself have a skin condition called psoriasis which is to do with white blood cells & is related to stress.

428. Stressful problems such as relationships, school work, unemployment etc affect all young people in one way or another, but by talking with people who care for you about such problems an extensive weight can be lifted off your shoulders and you feel revitalized.

429. Suicidal thoughts regularly.

430. Suicide and self harm solve nothing; if the problem is that bad you should talk to someone or get over it yourself.

431. Talk to someone, don't hurt yourself, help is always available.

432. Talk to someone, get help.

433. Talk to someone.

434. Teachers in school need to take it easier on students because they don't know what's going in someone's home or head.

435. Teenagers need to be more aware of mental health.

436. Teenagers today need to learn more about alternative methods of depression relief or ways to relieve stress other than self harm or other ways to harm themselves.

437. That it isn't talked about enough.

438. That often when you've done it, its been in the moment, and you regret it after, and realize you could have dealt with it better.

439. That there are always ways for getting rid of the problems for example. Stress with getting homework done, try to organize and plan when you do them so it doesn't build up and you get even more stressed. But you need to be committed to sticking to that system which I struggle with some times.

440. That young people who want to self harm should realize that it doesn't benefit them or anyone else.

441. The biggest source of my stress is school, the work load in particular. All depression I have experienced has been through bullying, being made to feel as if I had no self-worth. I have also noticed the same thing among other, excluded individuals.

442. The for anyone considering it, all they need is for one person to show they care and assure them they're worth more than they currently believe.

443. The government should promote more health campaigns on suicide, self harming etc to raise awareness as I don't think that there is always awareness!

444. The more people talk about mental - illnesses, especially the media, the more people start to self-diagnose themselves. We are being told it is ok to have a mental-illness, this means less people want to fight it and let it takeover their lives.

445. There are not enough opportunities for those feeling depressed or stress to talk to people, particularly in school. In my area there has been a suicide recently, which should've been prevented.

446. There are not enough people to talk to about teenage depression. Doctors etc. just think it is a phase teenagers go thorugh and do not take them seriously.

447. There are responsible reasons behind it all.

448. There is a culture of people doing things like this for attention from their friends with no intention of harming themselves seriously or killing themselves

449. There is no excuse not to talk to seek help.

450. There is not enough awareness in NI.

451. There is not enough education on these topics & Northern Ireland is still filled with mental health prejudices. I have found that the attitude & understanding of mental health by doctors is appalling. I don't think adult realize how badly teenagers are affected by these problems.

452. There is not enough help or awareness for people living with depression as a teenager and this makes it really hard for us. Also help is not really that easily obtained. Not everyone with a mental illness is sick in the head.

453. There is not even awareness made about these issues and there is a lot of stereotype surrounding those three words. Depression I feel is caused by a traumatic episode/news in a person's life. Young people I feel, are embarrassed who have this mental health issue and feel they cannot reach out to get the help that they need.

454. There is such a variety of reasons behind self-harming. I doubt it will ever be totally solved. Individual cases, however, should be easily solved.

455. There is too much of a stigma attached to depression & self-harm etc. This stigma can affect the person and make them feel worse about themselves.

456. There is too much talk about these issues and people are being labeled. It makes us over conscious about these things happening to our friends or ourselves and causes unnecessary worry because of this. The problems are becoming more common and I think it is leading to more people seeking help. (may not need it).

457. There is varying degrees of it and it is sometimes exaggerated.

458. There isn't enough awareness about it here and more needs to be done to make people aware of the problems people have.

459. There isn't enough being done to raise awareness of issues in young people.

460. there needs to be more support in schools etc. for young people, more sympathy for the century they are growing up in

461. There should be better help in schools. Adults need to be educated more in the issue. Need to encourage people to see depression as a problem in teenagers and that it isn't just a phase.

462. There should be more advertisements offering support for these people who are dealing with self-harm, stress and depression.

463. There should be more assurance from school/family etc that help is available.

464. There should be more awareness of the stress that many young people are going through and the backgrounds they may come from. There should be things done to help young people be aware of relaxing techniques etc. I think this would lessen the suicidal rate

465. There should be more awareness on how to deal with these problems, some people might not want to talk to others so there needs to be none ways to deal with these matters.

466. There should be more help available for those who need it, across the entirety of Northern Ireland. Not just Belfast but Western Northern Ireland also.

467. There should be more help for depression in young people.

468. There should be more help such as coping methods to try and overcome those topics because I personally think that there is not enough advertising e.g. leaflets about stress especially.

469. There should be more things done to ensure young people take their time to distress from work etc.

470. There should be ways put in place in the education system to reduce stress in schools.

471. there's a big link between stress and depression

472. They are hidden problems.

473. They are important subjects which need to be addressed more heavily and readily in schools to address the causes and how to react when you or another person have been put in the position that they feel self-harm is necessary.

474. they are looking for people to stay loyal to them and won't try to hurt them in anyway.

475. They need to be spoken about more openly and people need to understand them better and not judge.

476. They need to be taken more seriously. I get really bad anxiety attacks but I don't know where to go in school - apparently I'm allowed to go to the medical room but that causes more stress & anxiety because I can't say the reason & I'm scared people will judge me. I think people need to get educated so that "I want to kill myself" is never said as a joke again.

477. They should make it more easier for someone to get in contact with someone for help.

478. thinking of others going through that sort of situation makes me more likely to think about hurting myself

479. This section is very depressing may lead people you don't self harm start.

480. This survey implies depression etc. X are problems faced by most. I can honestly say I have never been depressed.

481. To speak to someone you feel comfortable around or trust. There is always going to be help out there for anyone no matter who are.

482. Too many people in our community ignore it, and the situation increases about self-harming, depression and stress that lead to innocent lives taking by suicide.

483. Too many young people suffer from these when they should be going out with friends and having a good time.

484. Too much is expected of us in school and everybody life. We are treated like children but expected to act like adults. The amount of work we are expected to do is unreal which leaves us tired and stressed. I believe this effects how we think, do things and has a negative impact on our friendships. I believe this all contributes to depression and self-harm.

485. Too much pressure from schools, university etc.

486. Try to encourage people to speak about their problems to get advice and help as I feel this is important.

487. Usually due to bullying, or problems at home i think

488. Very little support, you on your own.

489. We are not taught how to deal with stress or pressure; this is why people feel the need to self-harm - to regain some control.

490. Websites such as Tumblr, from my experience, granaries self-harm. I don't feel that I know enough to make any further comments.

491. Well I like to say that I have beyond depression and I think there should be more things to encourage people to talk about it.

492. When I am stressed I like to have a cupper tea.

493. When I was in school rather than college I found that schools were quick to get parents involved of a pupil requested counselling or pastoral care which prevented a lot of people asking for help.

494. When people get depressed or stressed they are most likely not to talk to someone about. I personally do not talk to anyone when I become depressed or stressed. It always helps to be asked if someone is stressed or depressed, those who say that they are stressed and depressed need to helped, even if they are only a little bit stressed, they still need to be talked to.

495. When you feel hurt inside, like you can't cope, it can drive you over the top and cause you to do stupid things, but then you just think to yourself, what on earth am I doing? Which causes you to stop and think.

496. With holding thing can cause depression loneliness.

497. Yea, I would like to know how to control my stress.

498. Yeah, most teenagers haven't got real problems yet, such as debt or proper work deadlines yet, and most have no need to harm, of course there are teens with real problems such as disabilities, bullying or violence at home, however, they should sek help

499. Yes - I personally think a lot of stress in young people comes from school-life.

500. Yes everything I have said or did I would/hope to fix them up in the future.

501. Yes, it should be taught to evryone on how to spot the signs of depression etc. and things on how to help

502. Yes, not all teenagers are emotional! If teens like me are constantly told it is ok to feel 'down' or 'feeling like we can't cope', people don't even try to resolve their problems.

503. Yolo be happy

504. You should seek help as quickly as possible.

505. Young people do it for attention however not most. It is something that can be prevented. - Through making parents etc aware of it is something which may prevent this from happening.

506. Young people get stressed, depressed or self-harm because they are hurt.

507. Young people need as much support as possible. Sometimes they don't always get it from family therefore need colleagues, friends and teachers to support them.

508. Young people need help to learn how to deal with it the right way, without hurting themselves

509. young people need Jesus Christ

510. Young people need to be educated on subjects such as depression and self-harm and good ways to deal with stress.

511. Young people need to be more informed about these issues.

512. Young people should be more aware about depression and they need to know there is always someone to talk to and help available e.g. youth groups like the Niamh Louse foundation.

513. Young people should be told what could really happen to them and how it would hurt, e.g. family if something bad did happen to them.

514. Young people shouldn't be put under pressure about what their plans are for the future.

515. Young people that feel stressed/depressed don't often talk about it, or even act in public, more needs to be done to help people (especially boys) talk about it, without feeling judged.

516. Young people today are put under a lot of stress involving school and the future, money, and social life problems and find it hard to talk to anyone about it thus are depressed.

517. Young people today have to cope with a lot of pressure, such as school work, peer pressure etc. which causes them a lot of stress. Sometimes, I think this can be overlooked by doctors etc. but I think it should be taken more seriously. Teenagers are under just as much stress as adults, and so I believe that doctors should listen more carefully and treat them the same way adults would be treated if they were under a lot of stress.

518. Youth people don't feel confident about getting help. The majority if not all feel they can take care of it on their own. The struggle to ask for help & talk about it. Stress can actually be a positive thing if looked at properly. I think young people should be shown/told that stress is an adrenaline producing chemical/hormone so it is not to be scared of.

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