Year: 2013
Module: Community Relations
Variable: COMMENTS

Below are the responses to the open-ended question:

'Is there anything else you would like to say about community relations in Northern Ireland?'

Note: Responses were only edited for grammatical reasons, if necessary. Square brackets indicate where editing occurred.

  1. A lot more should be done to help build community relations and tackle sectarianism. All schools should be integrated and local government should encourage integration in the community. Any sectarian or threatening signs, flags, murals etc. in public places
  2. A lot of the time too focused on the past or evolve around predefined views and opinions of certain religious/ethnic groups.
  3. A lot of what people believe depends how they were brought up as in what their parents taught and sectarian views are passed on that way.
  4. A small minority from different backgrounds tend to ruin relations that have been built up by many
  5. About the flags, I believe if the flags are to be on lampposts it should be both communities on just one so everyone feels equal.
  6. All communities in Northern Ireland should get along no matter about religion.
  7. All I would say is that there is still, evidently, tensions within communities. However, this luckily doesn’t apply to my personal sphere and I believe that these divisions are ridiculous, and shouldn’t be taking place. I believe that everyone is equal, and treat everyone accordingly.
  8. Although the Protestant and Catholic divide remains there are signs that it is improving. In terms of different cultures in Northern Ireland there has been less and less prejudice against them.
  9. Anyone that comes into the country should be able to support themselves and should be able to speak properly English. There should only 1-2 years. Should put into community instead of taking it.
  10. Apologies for the stereotype but I would say the conflicts in Northern Ireland arise only among those who have been taught to hate the opposition by their parents. I would say that the parents have a greater impact on children. It is not simply a matter of education.
  11. As a Catholic I constantly feel intimidated by the amount of parades held by the Protestant community as they are very disrespectful to Catholics by burning pictures/mannequins that represent the pope. I feel nothing is done to prevent this.
  12. As chairperson of my area’s youth council I can plainly see divisions. Although social action plans to break communicational barriers are soon to be put into action.
  13. As long as theer are tensions and disagreements between communities, nothin will change. Other people can respect others's opinions & get on with their lives, but saying that to describe a Northern Irish person is pointless, we're all argumentative bigots.
  14. As long as there continues to be religion, nationality, race, sexuality, ability, and ethnicity differences, there will continue to be problems. It is quite obviously past the stage were these things could be done away with, so rather than attempting to get rid of them, the only other solution is to stop caring about them. Stop labelling ourselves and each other as things such as what religion or sexuality they are. Why should it matter? It is absolutely anyone else’s life but your own. We should accept everyone no matter what. It is extremely petty to get so caught up in such irrelevant matters. This box should be bigger. But yeah, live and let live.
  15. As long as there remain disagreements on the union, there will never be a peaceful Northern Ireland.
  16. Bad relations between Catholics and Protestants are Northern Ireland are largely due to memories from the past rather than present events.
  17. blindly hate another religion causing riots without truly knowing what they are fighting for they simply do it as they are told it is right and they find fun in the participation in riots.
  18. Bring all the communities together will be for the better because that’ll make the society better.
  19. Catholic should stop complaining, it is a British Island, where the queen rules; cross the border if they don’t like it.
  20. Catholic views about the flags and parades have to be listened in more detail by those loyalist Protesters, as it is usually only small changes suggested and the loyalists shouldn’t jump in conclusions and say their culture etc is being disrespected and vice-versa for Protestants views and republican protestors.
  21. Catholic/Protestant divide in ridiculous and pointless, the removal of the union flag in Belfast has opened old wounds and cost the government stupid amounts of money which could have been better spent. I highly doubt anyone recognized the flag was flown all the time anyway a very poorly thought out decision.
  22. Change has to come from the parents of the bigots. There is more of a chance to get through to the parents, than the easily influenced children. I think they are more likely to follow, like their parents if nothing is done the divide is not even that obvious in most places, however in Belfast there are areas to avoid.
  23. Children are the future for relations between different communities, it is vital that we as the young people and leaders of the next generation are properly taught about not just their own backgrounds, but the backgrounds of many different cultures in Northern Ireland
  24. Communities should band more, putting aside any racial, religious or prejudice view, people are people, were all the same, regardless of religion etc.
  25. Communities should be integrated to avoid prejudice throughout all the generations.
  26. Communities should be missed I’ve attended a mixed primary and grammar school and lived in a mixed area and have never had any problems mixing with the ‘other side’. The problem is within social housing areas, those should be mixed.
  27. Community relations are affected by the area you live in and media attention can spur some behavior on more.
  28. Community relations are at all time low, politicians have a big part to play in why it has happen, it’s all about cash.
  29. Community relations are improving in Northern Ireland but there are still improvements to be made to make peace.
  30. Community relations could be improved, in my opinion, by unionist flags and displays around marching season being erected for only a short time period because they cause intimidation for members of the nationalist community, and discourage trade from key business hot spots. Furthermore I live in a majoritively catholic area, despite this there are numerous band parade, throughout the year, which heighten tension. While I respect their right to express their culture, some parades are at best, slightly excessive.
  31. Community relations in NI are very bad. There are a number of flashpoints for sectarian violence and relations are extremely frayed. The society we live in feels like a pressure cooker and that one incident could be blown way out of proportion e.g. flags on city hall. I believe that the peace process is only papering over the cracks of a government that isn’t doing any good for my community. I believe that our society is doomed to fail and that we will return to bad times.
  32. Community relations should be more promoted so more people would do it.
  33. Community relations were improving but when the Union Jack was taken down from city hall, community relations got worse.
  34. Community relationships need to be strengthened through more useful discussions on solving problems and through the integration of schools and sporting teams.
  35. Cross community projects are short term and are therefore extremely ineffective. When the current generation of youths become older then cross community relations will get better because my generation doesn’t care or know very much about out past. The past is the past. Children at a primary school age should go to integrated schools but that won’t work for anyone older unless they already have this experience.
  36. Different communities need to be brought together.
  37. Distance between two communities.
  38. Do not think it is right that parks are named after IRA terrorists, add insult to people of Northern Ireland, due to its troubled past. Disgusting that murders are being made as Heros!!
  39. Don’t like the flag protests. They should not be allowed to close roads for band marches.
  40. dont really care to be honest
  41. Don't see a problem.
  42. Don't understand why people can't just get along.
  43. Education about both communities are a big help in improving relations. In certain areas in NI, it seems prejudice is passed on to a younger generation without them understanding the reasons behind it.
  44. Efforts to improve relations between Protestants and Catholics are pointless as there will always be members of those communities who hate each other and have no desire to improve relations. I also believe the loyalist communities have been unfairly blamed for the flag protests after the removal of the union flag from City Hall. I must say stress that most people get on well and have lots of respect for people in a different part of the community.
  45. End flag disputes interrupts with day to day life i.e. riots stop me from going to Belfast.
  46. Ethnic groups should celebrate traditions freely but also respect ours.
  47. Even though things are getting better, we still have a long way to go. Some teenagers are very racist and sectarian, but they don’t have any reason to be, I the way they were raised.
  48. Every primary school should be integrated so children know from a young age not to pre-judge others.
  49. Everyone has the right to live in Northern Ireland if they have a positive contribution to make.
  50. Everyone needs to come together. There is not enough diversity in our area.
  51. Everyone needs to forget about the past or just give over and never mind about anyone else. Stop kerb paintings, marches and flag flying, it only causes trouble. Racist people are narrow minded. Life is too short to be making people feel uncomfortable & unwanted.
  52. Everyone should be allowed to express their beliefs but in a intrusive manner.
  53. Everyone should be nice to one another and make peace not war.
  54. Everyone should just make an effort to get along because it shouldn’t matter what religion you are.
  55. Everyone should really just wise up and realize that it’s 13 years into a new century and everyone should just give over and get the jobs done.
  56. Everyone should sort out their differences.
  57. Flags should not be flown for 6 months of the year while marching (loyalist).
  58. Flags/protests/marches don’t seem to help. I totally agree that everyone has the right to protest but it should be peaceful. Belfast’s development has been seriously resented due to sectarianism. I would suggest stricter punishments on those involved with unlawful protests or parades.
  59. For people like myself who community relations don’t directly effect it isn’t really a big deal.
  60. Foreign cultures should be celebrated more and languages should be introduced to city centers.
  61. Foreign flags should be taken down, our flags should take their place for good. We should be proud of our flags and fly them with pride! Please listen to their message!
  62. Foreigners are starting to come together with Northern Irish people.
  63. Get the loyalists out, this is our country!
  64. Go independent and make everybody Northern Irish.
  65. Hate is taught in the some homes from childhood.
  66. Having Protestant sports and activities in Catholic areas helps diversity.
  67. I am Irish but I would not say I am Northern Irish because I am not proud of our society. People & politicians believe sectarian marches are more important than economic prosperity. City Centers marches during prime Xmas shopping time. I believe marches instill hatred and remind religious groups of their past and the huge divide between us are still there. People in power are still caught up in the past and prejudices passed onto young people.
  68. I am very accepting of every community.
  69. I belief more of an attempt should be made to bring young people together from different ethnic groups.
  70. I believe everyone should be welcome of all types of community relations
  71. I believe people need to accept the change & be more acceptive of others.
  72. I believe that catholic should have their day marching but that one day 17th March to celebrate and what not. So I believe that protestants should only have the 1 day of marching & celebrating 12th July so everything is equal and their is less riots and argument because protestant march celebrating the 12th couple weeks before & couple weeks after which is unfair to everyone.
  73. I believe that dispute between Catholics and Protestants has simply driven away other ethnic groups.
  74. I believe that integrated school one not a solution to our problem, I believe we can still maintain our traditions and cultures in Catholic only and Protestant only schools and use co-operatives formed by schools to move forward.
  75. I believe that minority ethnic groups in society are being favourited opposed to the majority groups in Northern Ireland i.e. Catholics and Protestants.
  76. I believe that the main reason that some relations are bad because our political system is built on sectarianism so we need to get rid of this type of system. I think that there should be more integrated schools, which will build tolerance in young people from both communities.
  77. I believe the community relations are very broken/segregated around Northern Ireland especially Belfast!
  78. I believe the flag situation is damaging Northern Ireland and it should be resolved and sorted.
  79. i believe there are no differences between the two groups, apart from the fact that protestant and catholics have different views.
  80. I cannot understand for the life of me why there has been such a history of conflict in this country. I see people my age 'taking sides' and insulting the 'taigs' or the 'fenians'. It both confuses me and saddens me.
  81. I do not believe these will be change, there will always be the bitterness, politicians should stop making so many changes as it results in conflict.
  82. I don’t agree with ethnic minorities getting benefits & free use of our health service.
  83. I don’t care if people are Protestant or Catholic and it sickens me to fear each group talk about each other so badly. We’re all human.
  84. I don’t know much about the sectarian issues because of my upbringing and purely because I don’t really have any interest in what other people are doing. I do however believe that all the controversy between Catholic & Protestant is stupid! In my opinion, I get along who I get along with it doesn’t matter who you are.
  85. I don’t like any murals at all, they scare and intimidated me. Catholics and Protestants will never stop fighting, there will always be bitter people on both sides. I am very intimidated by paramilitaries.
  86. I don’t like the fact that people hate each other because of what different religion, race or ethnic group that they are.
  87. I don’t mind religions embracing their cultures with flags etc but some areas do it in badness to promote the different religions.
  88. I don’t think people should be concerned about their flag or their nationality and that an effort must be done to bring the community together. Religion should never be a factor at all.
  89. I don't think it Northern Ireland will ever be equal because of people on both the Catholic and Protestant sides. People keep bringing up the past when the fact of the matter is I think it should be forgot about, for example, on The Stephan Nolan Show […]
  90. I engage community relations.
  91. I enjoy both Catholic & Protestant cultures. I’m not sure about the flying of flags though.
  92. I enjoy protestant traditions and events personally and think every culture should bearable to enjoy their own community events with peace and no fighting.
  93. I feel community relations are on the up in Northern Ireland and we need to keep heading in the right direction.
  94. I feel in parts of Northern Ireland there is great tension between Catholicism and Protestantism because of political beliefs and the past, but I see no reason for and do not often witness discrimination against minority ethnic groups.
  95. I feel it’s only going to get worse.
  96. I feel people from different minority ethnic groups are more accepted now than ever before.
  97. I feel that as the problems in Derry/Londonderry in relation to communities are particularly because of religon's that the problem lies more with adults  than the young people that live in the communities as I am part of a youth group who carry out a lot
  98. I feel that bonfires prove a huge obstacle it is disrespectful to burn each other’s flags or flags that look similar personally, Protestant bonfires are extremely disrespectful as they made a mockery of a recently decreased priest. Also they burned one of my schools uniform and that was terrifying.
  99. I feel that getting aggravated over the flying of a piece of coloured cloth (or the lack of flying) is not a good enough reason to cause riots. Any community that is unstable enough to be torn apart over a coloured cloth is obviously nowhere near to being healthy and recovered. I also believe that ethnic minorities are completely unrepresented in politics with Anna Lo the only MLA to represent any minority. It is not very democratic and it’s not very fair. I feel also that republicanism and loyalism should not be linked to religion. I am a Catholic but I don’t want a United Ireland. People need to be more accepting.
  100. I feel that people do unnecessary things in order to provoke other religions and ethnic groups. I think flying flags should be banned except at musicals and government buildings.
  101. I feel that there is too many immigrants being let into Northern Ireland due to this crime is up, homelessness & no jobs. I also feel that we live in a very divided community & that there should be something done about Protestant & Catholic relations.
  102. I feel they are slowly getting better in Northern Ireland but it will take a lot of work by the younger generations to bridge the gap between the catholic and protestant communities.
  103. I find NI people get on better with minority groups than the rest of the UK due to the likes of integrated primary school and integrated colleges and the fact they were nectar in the troubles.
  104. I get very frustrated when people aren’t friends with others from different religions. Religion doesn’t define a person what so ever. Also, judging others based on their religion is totally wrong. Everyone has their own beliefs and so do you, so who are you to judge?
  105. I go to a mixed school and religion doesn’t really bother me.
  106. I have never been encouraged to avoid others from another ethnic group and have no intention to. I feel there will always be a divide between Catholic and Protestants in NI but I feel like myself do not care so much about what religion, someone is as we did not live through such events as the troubles.
  107. I haven't a problem with anyone's religion, colour, nationality, or anything like that. I believe that personally in my own area, some people weren't particularly nice to be around and they just happened to be of a different race. So it's really down to t […]
  108. I hope all the different communities stop arguing over flags and other irrelevant issues.
  109. I know It might be harsh or quite blunt to say it but I believe prejudiced was remain in our community due to an older generation & people and when these people are gone, I believe Northern Ireland will further progress in the peace process.
  110. I live in a professionally republican area, me and my friends wouldn’t talk about wearing a Celtic jersey in a loyalists area but protestants would wear a rangers jersey into a Republican area as I have witnessed, possibly to provoke violence.
  111. I live in an area where religion or ethnicity is hardly ever brought up which I'm grateful for and I think it is something everyone should have because only knowing people who are very similar to you in these areas usually lives you with a limited view of
  112. I may be biased but, in my opinion, the 12th of July, through vandalism, violence and intimidation, has a much more negative effect on the community relations in NI compared with the 17th of March. The Murals, Kerb paintings and flags are a waste of time.
  113. I might sound prejudiced read coming from a Catholic background, but I do feel rejected by the government. If I try to practice on Irish tradition, I am seen as a dissident. As for the integrated schools, I understand the concept but I am against them as enforcing integration will rule out the possibility for someone to be educated in a religious based school.
  114. I personally think it is stupid fighting over religion or putting up flags that’s what makes the trouble in my opinion.
  115. I personally think that not much has changed with relation to religion. I think for overall Northern Ireland it will take a long time until it is truly diverse and when everybody is equal.
  116. I simply wish the fighting would stop. To me, it’s childish because both Catholics and Protestants use the excuse ‘they started it or they done this, so we done that!’ really can’t stress how stupid I think it is.
  117. I think all region should get on, we are all the some. As flags or games stir it up throughout. I feel as, everyone should get their day for religion but no marches all me time.
  118. I think Catholic and Protestant and people from different culture should mix more. There should be promages [?] on to that should people from different culture that live here now.
  119. I think children are influenced by parents and the past on how we react to the religions. The country should move on from the past riots.
  120. I think I’ve made my point.
  121. I think if we didn't publicise feuds between ethnic groups so much people would have much more positive attitudes.
  122. I think in the most part community relations are good. I believe the media over emphasise poor community relationships. I hold strongly that the people who cause tensions only represent a minority of our population. I also think politicians could do more to be less one sided.
  123. I think it is stupid to be prejudiced and to riot because of people’s color, religion and ethnicity. I wish we could all get along.
  124. I think it’s disgraceful that people can’t get on because of their religion have no word or time for people that let it affect their life.
  125. I think many people do not really care that much about religious/political differences. There is a small minority who have been brought up separately from people of opposing political views and tough to believe that their culture is under threat from them. I also think people and politics focus too much on unionism/nationalism and not the issues that really matter (the fact that our economy is entirely dependent on the public sector/university fees/etc.) I also disagree with classifying people by religion. I known Protestant nationalists & Catholic unionist but most of unionist/nationalist do not care about religion or god.
  126. I think people make more effort to get along now rather than years ago.
  127. I think Protestants and Catholics should share in community in a mixed religion.
  128. I think rioting is bad for this community as its teaching children in NI to be prejudice against other religions.
  129. I think that all cultures and traditions should be allowed and recognized but no–one culture or identify should be un-seen nor should anyone be against or try to prevent someone else’s culture from being recognized.
  130. I think that community relations have improved a lot in recent years however, there is still some issues among the two religions, most notably, the flag protests in Belfast. Government mainly consists of nationalist and unionist parties rather that mixed ones showing there is st[ill] a division there.
  131. I think that community relations should be encouraged more by government, between both Catholics & Protestants and with Ethnic minorities.
  132. I think that it is the minority of each community that causes the problems in NI. I have specified the minorities of these communities do it for the excitement (rioting). It is clear that there disruption is causing the majority of people who wish to live in peace, a lot of problems. I wish to have a shared peaceful happy society to live in. one rich with opportunities and experiences. Free from fear and discrimination. No one care why? Move on!
  133. I think that relations between Catholic and Protestants are improving to more young people mixing in sports and other activities but there is also a long way to go in ensuring sectarianism is stopped.
  134. I think that riots in Belfast should stop, so Protestants and Catholics get the opportunity to get along and be a joint part of the Northern Ireland community.
  135. I think the continued strife between Catholics & Protestants is ridicules. Some people need to think for themselves & not look back at the past.
  136. I think the fighting that is caused in Northern Ireland is started by people who are angered easily. Protestant and Catholic religion are sharing the same faith – Christianity so why people think themselves as two contrasting groups I do not know.
  137. I think the government have a big role to play involving troubles in N.I. I personally think taking down the union flag has started up troubles again that are not anywhere soon to ending.
  138. I think the marches by the orange men and so on are just a way of trying to intimidate the rest of us.
  139. I think the problems will never disappear but things can be done to ease the problems – well I’d like to think so.
  140. I think there should be more emphasis on cross-community youth projects
  141. I think there should be more ethnic minority graphs in N.I because it benefits the country and hoes hour diverged we are.
  142. I think there should be more work in developing community relations between Protestants, Catholics and other ethnic minorities in primary and secondary schools. I think that a lot of prejudices today come from what a person hears from their elders, so thi[…]
  143. i think they are and will continue to improve
  144. I think they are still bad, and the flying of flags in particular is a serious issue that just worsens community relations.
  145. i think they need to keep improving
  146. I think we need to develop our own view points on inter-community relations, not just adopt those of our parents.
  147. I try to be as non-biased as possible as I have grew up in a Catholic area and go to a Catholic school and have also played football for a mixed team where religion wasn’t an issue. However I cannot look past that where I live if people walk through a Protestant area they are attached whereas the same cannot be said in the opposite case, I find most Protestants to be more hostile and defensive about the entire situation.
  148. I wish we could all get along like we used to in middle school. I wish I could bake a cake filled with rainbows and smiles and everyone would eat and be happy.
  149. I would like more “young” people to learn about it as some haven’t a due.
  150. I would like to add that young people today are indoctrinated by the older generation with the ideas of such prejudices and so I fell such problems must be tacked amongst adults if the situation is to change.
  151. I would like to say that the only way relation between the communities is if the parents of young people lead by example and teach them to accept the other communities so there is no conflict.
  152. I would like to see more community development with not only Ethnic minority groups but also those with slight/heavy disabilities or even a better community relationship with the down syndrome.
  153. I would like to see more cross-community clubs and projects to improve relationships.
  154. I would say a majority of it derives from the past (negative attitudes).
  155. I wouldn't consider myself sectarian, although I find it difficult and often awkward to speak to those of different nationality due to feeling a little threatened.
  156. I’ve said it all in the comments beside the questions that I probably shouldn’t have done whooshes.
  157. If both communities could put their prejudice and hatred to one side, Northern Ireland would be a better place to live.
  158. If loyalists could shop complaining about the flag and republicans stopped fighting with them, things might be better.
  159. In my community, there are certain roads that are 'Catholic' and such. Which I think is absolutely outrageous, even though that's the way it has always been! For me, I am mixing with Catholic people every day! Most of my best friends are Catholic even th[…]
  160. In general communities get along fine in NI, a lot of the time only negative aspects are highlighted in the media. - Ultimately, it is down to politicians to sort things out through education, but for some politicians, this type of progress may not be
  161. In March of 2013 my school took part in a cross community trip to Rome, and I think it benefitted the community as a whole
  162. In my eyes were all humans with the same blood no need to fight against each other’s ethic or religion.
  163. instead of flying flags all year round, there should only be two flags at city hall in Belfast representing both Catholics and Protestants. there should be strict rules about flying them anywhere else, in the hope to minimize the discrimination and sectar[…]
  164. Integrated education is the way forward. I was taught in a mainly Protestant primary school, transferred to an Integrated High School and made good friends, both Protestant and Catholic - to this day, my best friend is a Catholic (I am Protestant). Religi[…]
  165. Integration is key to recovery.
  166. Is currently improving and young people are making up their own minds about things regardless of their parents or seniors views.
  167. It can be intimidating especially when hags are up in area, I think I feel like I’m not as welcome.
  168. It could be worse but it could also be better.
  169. It feel it’s wrong how some people our treated due to their skin colour and religion at the end of the day we all are humans and do not deserve and discrimination.
  170. It has been greatly put under pressure with the latest terrorist activity.
  171. It has improved
  172. It is a problem I really think needs to be addressed because it is disgraceful that violence and animosity like this has been allowed to go on this long.
  173. It is influenced by where you live.
  174. It is only due to how aware we are of the differences between protestants and Catholics in the past that our generation cares at all.
  175. It is very tense as a small sport of disagreement causes riots.
  176. It seems that all community troubles are caused by religion, therefore as a humanist I believe that the increasing ethnic diversity in Northern Ireland is beneficial to our local culture and helpful for us to more easily understand other people.
  177. It seems to be assumed that every young person is religious, which is wrong. A lot of young people have very strong views favoring atheism but some of these people class themselves as Catholic or Protest for a variety of reasons, even though they are in no way religious.
  178. It should be made harder & priorities those who need refuge from other countries. Too many are have & the country struggles to support UK born citizens as it is. Those who are in the most danger soul be allowed in.
  179. it think that everyone should just leave it alone because its annoying talking about it all the time and it would get better if it was just left alone
  180. It’s ridiculous the amount of trouble both the loyalist/unionist and nationalist communities cause each other under the pretence of religion.
  181. It’s sad that we have to be asked about it.
  182. It's a lost cause!
  183. Its getting stronger
  184. Just don’t make Willie Frazer an MLA.
  185. Just peace!
  186. Just that I am very upset that both communities cannot live together in peace! It is an embarrassment that our people cannot live in the same country without shooting and bombing each other. We are a fist world country. Many of us enjoyed amazing education – and yet some of us try to will others because we believe in a slightly different religion? Very upsetting & embarrassing. I would not want to bring up my children in this hostile environment. I don’t feel safe in Belfast.
  187. Keeping religions to be self would make things easier.
  188. Lack of relations between Protestant and Catholics is no one else’s fault but the politicians and families people come from.
  189. Losing our identity due to other countries.
  190. Mainly only hotly debated and provoked around Belfast areas, compared to reminder of Northern Ireland. Areas like the Ards Peninsula, religion isn’t that important factor to when talking or mixing with others.
  191. Mainly that no matter what happens there will always be rivalry and tension between Catholics and protestants. Even when people say they don't care, deep down they have an opinion on something about it.
  192. Many young people do not care about such relations as some would years ago. It is only the politicians on both sides who do not realise this.
  193. Marches cause trouble.
  194. More communities with bad backgrounds need to come together with all other religious/ethnic groups.
  195. More education in schools about communities in Northern Ireland.
  196. More needs to be done in terms of the trouble history, because frankly I'm getting fed up of the arguments.
  197. More needs to be done to bring young people from both protestant and catholic backgrounds together especially in poorer areas.
  198. More of an effort should be made to unite community rather than more of an effort to prevent rioting and other argument by involving the police.
  199. More people need to stop blaming each other and take responsibility of their actions on both sides of the community!
  200. more ways for younger people to mix
  201. more work needs to be done to teach about their rights and traditions
  202. Most of the prejudice views held by young people today are a result of their parents. I hope that over time these views will die out, making for a more peaceful Northern Ireland.
  203. Most people do not pre-judge, only circumstances and conflict cause raised opinions
  204. Much of the sectarian problems in the community come from a minority most people don’t care what community you come from.
  205. My best friend is of coloured race but he no different than me.
  206. My generation in a few years, will be responsible for how community relations are. This worries me because I know many people my age who are very prejudicial against other religions and ethnic majorities. This is holding our country back, the problems that exist now will persist.
  207. My parents generation would have a bigger difference between catholics and protestants than nowadays, their generation live in the past in my opinion
  208. My school takes pride in that it is neither Protestant or Catholic, but open to any student of any religion or race while this ‘universal access’ is something. I am proud of, it should be the standard.
  209. N/A [7]
  210. Need to understand that if you are brown you are no different to them & more culture talks in school.
  211. Needs more work
  212. Needs to be more done to bring communities together
  213. Needs to improve.
  214. No [257]
  215. No – however I believe this section should have more reference to politics in Northern Ireland than to the religious communities.
  216. No except that we are all equal and all the fighting should stop. We should come together and make peace.
  217. No flags anywhere – no rows. Definitely more union jack flags around Northern Ireland than the Irish flag. Flags make other people intimidated, not good for “community relations”.
  218. No flags for anyone.
  219. No not at all!
  220. No thank you
  221. no thanks
  222. No, I think they are improving, younger generation don't care what religion you are majority of the time.
  223. No, not really [2]
  224. None [2]
  225. Nope [14]
  226. Northern Ireland is one of best/worst countries in the world today.
  227. Northern Ireland is part of the UK. We use the Queen’s money. We need to respect that and stop ruining our relationships and ties between government and countries and accept that we identify with the UK. The tricolor represent’s the Republic of Ireland; the Union Jack represents the UK. Maybe we should have a flag for NI to stop all of the arguments.
  228. Northern Irish people can be a little backwards at times towards different cultures especially when from small non-mixed areas! More education needed perhaps.
  229. not really [2]
  230. Not sure, no.
  231. Nothing
  232. Nothing really.
  233. Nothing to say
  234. One side of the community is set in their legs and are not willing to change or accept that there are other traditions and cultures in NI. They do not respect or listen to other people’s views, opinions and refuse to do so.
  235. Other than younger people I know don't care, basically at all when it comes to different religions or culture. As long as everyone's happy and doesn't hurt each other.
  236. Our representatives I feel do not show strong leadership for example, last year during the flag protests no-one spoke out against those who were rioting. Not enough was done to stop it. I also feel that we cannot move on when our deputy first minister, Martin McCrinness was a former member of the IRA. I think it’s absolutely disgraceful.
  237. People are ignorant.
  238. People are learning to live with each other better now, if only groups would learn that too and let people have peace.
  239. People can celebrate their culture without upsetting others by moving up and down the streets, nothing and putting up flags.
  240. People do not riot or commit crime for religious / political reasons (on the most part at least) they do it for personal reasons or because of unemployment and vigilance. It is the working class which has the problem with community relations, those from both sides of the political divide who are working class.
  241. People from both protestant and catholic need to learn to get along! If not we will all be permanently fighting with each other, Putting the future of Northern Ireland into forever darkness.
  242. People have to put the racism to one side and accept change
  243. People need to be more, accepting of migrants that live in Ireland now.
  244. People need to chill and stop making a big deal out of everything.
  245. People need to get over the whole flag fiasco, my god no one would have noticed it was gone if it wasn’t announced. The fact that anyone thinks being a different religion, ethnicity, or sexuality is bad shows how stuck in the past we truly are.
  246. People need to learn to accept the different communities. British people need to accept Irish people live here and Irish people need to accept British people live here.
  247. People need to listen to the youth more, we have a lot to say but are never heard.
  248. People need to move on from the past and forget about it and try to get on!
  249. People need to stop fighting over the unimportant things as they are drilling out the own citizen because people like me don’t see a great future for this county so I work rather work in a different one.
  250. People need to stop living in the past.
  251. people need to wise up and forget about the past. All communities need to join together to make Belfast a better place to live. we are loosing money on stupid things like cleaning up streets after a riot or the town after a march or pared because people c
  252. People need to wise up and learn that this is the 21st century grow up line with one another.
  253. People need to wise up.
  254. People should be able to live without fear of paramilitary activities in their area.
  255. People should respect each other and make them fell welcomed in any society.
  256. People should stop being so prejudice and get to know people first.
  257. People still not have their minds open, they still the a lot about religious and skim colour.
  258. People today are so set in their ways because they have been brought up one culture, they accept nobody else. People take a dislike to people based on their background and rather than who they are as a person. There is so much prejudice + discrimination in N.I. - more than there should be.
  259. People very often ignore the problem assuming it is only a minority that are prejudiced. Integration of school (gradually) I would be believed in preventing young people from developing the prejudices of their adult counterparts.
  260. Personally I have never experiences problems with community relations in Northern Ireland but I believe that people in ethnic minority groups should be accepted into Northern Ireland and treated equally as Northern Ireland citizens.
  261. Personally, I think there should be a mixed flag or both flags flying in town and not only the British flag.
  262. Prejudice between Catholics and Protestants will fade with time and new generations
  263. Protestant don’t mix with Catholics, feel they are hard done by when flag is taken down even though it is not the flag of this country. Catholics willing to mix.
  264. Protestants and Catholics are both as bad as each other but I feel protestants are much more insecure about their own identity.
  265. Protestants and Catholics shouldn’t go to fully mixed school’s until the Northern Ireland government calm tensions here down between the two communities by 50-60%.
  266. Relations can’t improve if people don’t realize the truth of human nature; people are horrible and hate anyone or anything different.
  267. Religion is not the problem but the politics involved in religion and the religion in politics is the problem. Also parents need to raise their children to be tolerant of all kinds of people as I find we are a very judgmental country. I also wish that young people had a say in community relations.
  268. Religion shouldn’t matter! Everyone is the same and should be treated equally.
  269. Religion sparks a lot of trouble in Northern Ireland and parents are allowing their kids and some support them ran riot and the kids will do the same with their kids. If children are brought up to see part religion less riots will occur.
  270. Right now Northern Ireland is a British country so why can’t we fly the British flag on British ground. I wouldn’t expect Ireland to fly a union jack so why in Northern Ireland do some people fly Irish flags. It’s all very silly to me. It seems most rioters are Protestant so just get them parade in British areas and there will be no violence.
  271. Room for bonding
  272. School schedule be separate by religion if we want kids to grow up more according of difference.
  273. Situation has definitely improved but what religion or ethnicity someone is, shouldn’t impact on how you treat them.
  274. slight tension between protestants and catholics
  275. Society should be more integrated and less segregated between the two religion groups. The government should definitely promote better community relations as I feel their ideologies are set in the past and should be changed for a better future.
  276. Some are segregated/some are not depending on where you live in the town.
  277. Some groups are very intimidating & you can’t wear Gaelic things in a lot of areas as people have got beaten up etc. because of it
  278. Some members of each community start trouble just for the sake of it. Not for actual religious reasons.
  279. Still those who won’t take part in coming together & need to be educated about this.
  280. Stuck in the past
  281. That we are all the same god love us all.
  282. The 12th July parades should be for all communities, both Catholic and Protestant… there should not be bitterness.
  283. The Catholic community has more support around the world and this is why they seem better aft financially where as the Protestants are not as much and I have noticed this and believe that this affects the relationship as it would be seen as unfair.
  284. The Catholics and Protestants should become more integrated in all communities.
  285. The community is very separated by school, sports, etc, especially the estate you live in.
  286. The current state of community relations in NI is appalling. Politicians are acting like children causing further turmoil. The flag protests and riots are an embarrassment to our country. However thankfully the majorities of people have the same opinion and wish the protests & sectarianism would stop. Fighting is no longer about being Protestant or Catholic but about stupid people wanting to create a stir. This country lives in the past.
  287. The division of schools over religion especially feels sectarian thought. In my area it’s easier for a Catholic to enter a grammar school and this is unfair to other religions.
  288. The flag protests have made it worse.
  289. The flag riots is a disgrace its a flag however ireland dont have a riot about a british flag so why should be not be allowed to fly it if we are part of britian so the irish parties can get stuffed
  290. The government talks about ‘peace’ between both communities all the time, but because of what happened in the past, and the fact that our parents grew up during the troubles, makes this hard to happen because some parents maybe very bitter towards those in the other community, and can pass this bitterness on to their children. I personally think it will take a very long time for both communities to come together.
  291. The issue of sectarian discussion while still evident in specific areas, is increasingly becoming a non-issue, its relevance has been overstated and outlived. It is to be hoped that the youth of Northern Ireland, free from the troubles and sectarians propaganda will allow this period of peaceful co-existence to prosper and with luck, racial and religious for more accurately nationalist and unionist ideological differences will lose their meaning entirely, and we will be able to live is a more liberal country, everything from the petty partisan political stalemate the NI assembly finds itself in.
  292. The majority of Protestants & Catholics get on well with each other. It’s only a small minority who insist on keeping the prejudice alive.
  293. The orange order is Souley based on the oppression of the Catholic community. They intimidate through flying the union flag on every lamppost in their area to mark their territory. So without getting rid of this. Northern Ireland will never change. Recognition to groups like ‘R city’ should be encouraged and more available.
  294. The people in my community are more or less very neighbourly – I have never come across any sectarian activity or really prejudiced people in my area.
  295. The people who continue to hate another because of one religion, need to realize the problems they are causing why does it matter? And why do police not care when others feel intimidated by radicals?
  296. the people who want to drag Northern Ireland back into the troubles have no idea what they even meant or what it will do to the futures of young people of Northern Ireland
  297. The protestants and catholic community should not be forced to move together, it should be allowed to happen in its own time.  - Politicians should respect the views from both sides especially the protestant community instead of ignoring their views and p
  298. The relation between Catholics and Protestants in NI can only be resolved if the parents (that was one-sided before) wise up and tell their children to be friendly to others no matter what and you thoroughly tell them about the current situation and how to improve it.
  299. The rioting between Protestants and Catholics should stop as it puts people's lives in danger and is rather pointless. More effort should be made to help both religions integrate.
  300. The sooner Catholics and Protestants come to recognize each other as the kind of people that are the same but with different religions, Northern Ireland & Ireland would be a much better place.
  301. The whole “Community” thing is bullshit. Everyone treats everyone like dirt and personally I feel the police are a big part of this as they provoke protestant people and put them in danger then abuse their power and this needs to be thoroughly inspected.
  302. The whole Catholic/Protestant thing is pointless.
  303. There are more Protestant flags on lampposts then there are Catholic flags.
  304. There are not enough cross community opportunities for young people to become involved in.
  305. There are still lingering senses of anti – Catholicism in certain, passed down by bigoted/prejudice people.
  306. There are those in the Catholic communities that feel as if they are second class citizens and do not feel safe.
  307. There is a lot of room for improvement.
  308. There is always going to be a difference, it just relates to how individuals treat others of different religions.
  309. There is quite a lot of racism.
  310. There is still tension between certain groups but it’s improving slowly but surely.
  311. There is too much diversity, nobody should be judged on their race, gender, colour or religion. We are all humans and came into this world the same way.
  312. There needs to be a lot of community programs to bring the community closer.
  313. There needs to be more information about different religions etc, so that people could realize they are just like everyone else they, just have different believes and traditions.
  314. There needs to be more integrated schools and RE should not be a core subject if you are not religious.
  315. There probably will get worse because there is some people at my age group that are very sectarian.
  316. There should be less influence on the government by community relations as it often leads to problems. It’s about what is best for all of the community, not just one sector of it.
  317. There should be more Anarchist and Communist groups in Northern Ireland. Solidarity Federation should allowed to organize in smaller towns and villages as well as Belfast. Segregated schools should be abolished, all schools should be integrated. Grammar s[…]
  318. There should be more community activities bringing both religions and other ethnic minorities together. A more inclusive society.
  319. There should be more information given to teenagers in terms of politics, and history etc as I feel many teenagers do not understood what is happening in our government etc. more information needed e.g. extra classes to help with this.
  320. There will always be people who stand on one side and people who stand on the other, people have their own opinions and shouldn’t be forced to pick a side or change their views.
  321. There will always be problems with community relations in Northern Ireland. It causes problems.
  322. There will always be problems, I think
  323. There will never be peace in Northern Ireland  sadly it is our culture that we live in
  324. There will probably never be peace in Northern Ireland between Catholic and Protestants because they both have such strong beliefs.
  325. There wouldn’t be different communities or Catholics and Protestants if children’s parents didn’t brainwash them into being sectarian.
  326. They all need to learn to get along we are all human although we believe in different things. It’s only religion.
  327. They are better than they were.
  328. They are hostile and could be better.
  329. They are improving
  330. They are improving, although the older population can still instill a sense of prejudice amongst the younger population due to their experiences and beliefs, we should also maintain a slow pace in regards to creating mixed communities.
  331. They are made out to be better than they are. I don't judge people based on religion, however have found that i have been.
  332. They are not good
  333. They are still not good. Armagh is completely divided, with certain parts of the town Protestant, and others being Catholic. You cannot wear certain Jersey’s in certain parts of the town.
  334. They are stooping downhill.
  335. They are very stained not helped by the politicians that encourage it both SF & DUP.
  336. They can be improved by holding events and there are projects how to help improve them which took part in, Ulster project Delaware. Cross community projects can work wonders for community relations.
  337. They can be improved with more cross commuity projects, youth clubs etc
  338. They can be in certain areas under major strain. A lot of work needs to be done to combat this problem.
  339. They could be a whole lot better but i dont think that it will ever be.
  340. They could be better. [3]
  341. They have been made worse in recent years because of the flag protests, but they have mostly been made worse by a few sectarian idiots pretending to be extremists, thinking that “the troubles” were glorious times.
  342. They have improved through the years, but I feel that there is still progress to be made.
  343. They have no reasons why they cannot get along.
  344. They need to be improved
  345. They need to be improved but it will be very difficult to do so.
  347. They need to get better and the government need to take action
  348. They need to improve dramatically, before we fall back into the troubles.
  349. They need to wise up and come together too much time has been wasted fighting for nothing. They should come together & show some good for future.
  350. They suck pretty bad in working class areas. MLAs should be focusing more on community-cohesion.
  351. They’re not going to get better if people insist on talking about it all the time. In my school we are all fed up with it. Having schools for one religion does not seem like a good idea to me. John Larkin’s amnesty idea is one of the worst ideas I’ve ever heard. Our political system is a joke (voting for someone because of their religion).
  352. They're bad
  353. To improve community relations, flags should only be flown on particular dates for particular celebrations and not all year round.
  354. Today, more youth clubs are mixed and socialize more, which I think is good and everyone may come together in 5 years time.
  355. Too divided in religion and too which state they feel Northern Ireland should be united to the South again or too Britain, I feel polls should be taken in the city’s in the North too which the majority vote to one side should change.
  356. Too many young people (my age) involved when they don’t even understand why their lifting the brick in the first place.
  357. Traditions in religions are amazing. St Patrick's Day – Catholic celebrated by all (different religions) days such as the 12th) ‘Black Saturday’ etc. Do not welcome other religions (catholic) instead they mock them.
  358. Unionists need to march less. Flags of all types should be taken down. Remembrance Sunday should be about honoring soldiers not the UVF.
  359. Very little racism, which is very good, but quite a lot of sectarianism which is bad.
  360. Very separated Protestant and Catholic communities, uneducated people are the problem, as well as the older generation passing on prejudice beliefs to children.
  361. Very tense around the 12th of July due orange parades, which cause riots and cost lots of money to police. For the economic value that the orange parades provide, much, much more is used to regulate them so they are of no benefit to Northern Ireland as a whole. There should be a referendum on whether or not orange parades/marched should continue.
  362. We all need to work together, to ensure a bright future for our children!
  363. We are a country which is British not Irish so our flag should not have been taken down. We are part of the United Kingdom not a part of Ireland and if people don’t like that they can move to Ireland which is Irish.
  364. We are all human no matter religion, race.
  365. We can't move forward when the news is portraying Catholics as terrorist lovers and the Protestants as flag lovers
  366. We don’t have any problems where I live. Maybe if I lived somewhere else I would have different answers.
  367. We need more community relations between people of different religions especially. Many people seem to think that Catholic and Protestant are the only two or most important religions in Northern Ireland and we need to show and demonstrate the wide variety of religions and cultures present in Northern Ireland.
  368. We need to act to ensure that the next generation of people here do not grow up in a sectarian environment. Leadership is required from our government and politicians to engage with people who contribute to poor community relations and tensions and show t[…]
  369. We need to resolve the problems between the different religions and ethical communities or else it will only get worse.
  370. we need to sort out our own problems before dealing with other ethnic minorities
  371. We should all defiantly be getting along, we live with each other on a day to day basis and it is only fair that we get along. It is a small minority of people who are causing violence and both communities are as bad as each other.
  372. We should be far more welcoming than what we are as a community.
  373. We should be more together and not separated like the Fountain.
  374. We should embrace our different cultures, but understand them under the one community, Ulster; as exemplified by the Ulster rugby team.
  375. When a lot of Polish people moved here 5 years ago a lot of people were prejudiced, now no one cares.
  376. when it comes to religious arguments, I think it is based on what parents are teaching their children about the differences in religions. If this was not spread, there would be less of a problem. When it comes to people disliking people because they come
  377. When the younger generations come through, like my own, I can only hope the ‘bigotry’ and divisions of this country end and we can unite as Irish citizens of Great Britain.
  378. Where are my herd between? The professional and a cabinet is like two kais arguing who’s imagining from is better.
  379. While I would like there to be good community relations, and while it does look that way. If you scratch the surface you find they are in separable comps saying that there is good community relations may help promote tourism but those that live here can tell a different tale. Wasn’t the lord mayor of Belfast attacked but loyalists earlier this year when he reopened a park because he was from Sinn Fein?
  380. While improvements have been made, we must continue to work towards a better shared future to avoid losing ground.
  381. Who the hell cares about the background of people? It’s the person personality what matters.
  382. Why is there a need for bands as the majority just likes to start fights it is meant to be about music and remembrance not religion and fights?
  383. With all the trouble lately about the flags, I would prefer for them not to be around, republican or unionist and that way neither side can complain. I think it is a pity there is underlying sectarianism present today. Part of the problem is the older generation passing it down.
  384. With regards to sectarian issues such as flags, I feel they intimidate others from different religions no matter what, therefore in my opinion there is no need for any flags as without people marking their territory, it makes it much easier for people of different religions and ethnicities to form stronger relations.
  385. Yes community relations in NI are not as good as the media “let on” indeed there are many incident not broadcast where poppy’s are made to be taken down and where Republican extremists are very active.
  386. Yes I can’t see why people just make so much trouble on a stupid flag, it’s shocking. This makes me angry no flags should be put on camp post from any side. This has to stop now in sick of flag.
  387. Yes, I live in a Protestant area and have felt threatened and been assaulted by Protestant individuals. I do not see peace in my area.
  388. You may try to be nice to Protestant people your age but some judge you immediately on your school and don’t listen to you or want to be civil or friends with you.
  389. Young people are provoked to cause riots and disturbance due to the tainted views of the older members of the community
  390. Young people don’t care about ethnicity and religion as much as older people – it’s not really a factor anymore unless you live in Belfast and other strongly sectarian regions.
  391. Young people need to be influenced right to avoid continuing opinions from older generations.
  392. Young people now a days are much more impartial to issues such as the flag in city hall as many have said it makes no difference to them as it’s only a flag. I believe our government has made unnecessary trouble in the community over a very trivial matter.
  393. Youth groups and clubs should have more cross community interactions as it would show that the community groups can work together more than the already can.
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