Year: 2012
Module: Education
Variable: SHAREWHY

Below are the responses to the open-ended question:

Q32 Please write in why you think this? [in response to question 31 URSCHSH]

Note: Responses were only edited for grammatical reasons, if necessary. Square brackets indicate where editing occurred.

1. 6th Form share and collaberate with other schools to give us (the pupils) more of a choice of A Levels.

2. 6th years from different schools come to my school to learn in our classes

3. A Level classes are shared with 4 different schools after school GCSE classes are shared with another school if you're a level timetable doesn't fit there is an option to try do it in another school if your subjects fit with their timetable.

4. A level subjects that other pupils don't do at their school do them at our school. Primary school children come to our school for science based activities.

5. A lot of A Level subjects are part of "collaboration schools" this is were pupils from other schools come to our school or vice versa to attend certain subjects.

6. A lot of our A-level classes are mixed with people coming to our school and even us going to another school. Our school are trying to do this even more too.

7. A lot of our A-level subjects have us working a lot with classes from other schools who have chosen the same subjects.

8. A lot of people come to my school to do subjects that aren't available in their own school.

9. A lot of people from other schools study different classes at my school. Some people from my school study subjects at another school.

10. A lot of primary school children use our facilities on different days.

11. a lot of schools already come to my collage to do classes but arent in my classes for i already have a class with all the same pupils in it.

12. A lot of students from another school come to our school to do certain subjects however this only happens now in sixth form. Also some students from our school go to the other school to do economics. Also our schools take part in Duke of Edinburgh Award together. Both schools are grammar. I did not take part in the DOE personally but a student from the other school is in my business studies class.

13. A lot of students from different schools come and join our classes.

14. A lot of students from other schools come to my school too learn a subject that is not available to them at their school.

15. A school life is to busy with exams to give the opportunity for it to occur and pupils wont want to do it in these spare time.

16. A-level subjects are offered to other pupils in the area ahere their chosen subjects are not available in the school they attend

17. All schools work together.

18. Allow opportunities for students to come to my school and students to their school. Play sports with other schools.

19. Another grammar school is very close by.

20. Another high school pupils come over to our school to use facilities, such as technology workshops etc. They also send A-level students over to do subjects which they can't do in their school.

21. Another school comes to ours to share teachers and computers.

22. Apart from visiting other schools for sports, the school I attend doesn't promote sharing with other schools however the previous school I went to did.

23. Are school was linked with every other school in that area so we did projects, drama, dancing, etc. with a few of these schools.

24. Are school works with neighbouring schools to organise the yearly school drama production. As well as that, the sixth formers are able to do certain subjects in other schools of which we don't have at our own.

25. As a nearby school takes classes in our school local primary school uses football pitch. Lots of talks are held in our school where nearby schools come to listen.

26. As an intergraded school, they promote difference. They also give us a chance to interact and become friends with those from different religions when they share lessons with other schools

27. As I attend my school, I see many pupils from other schools in the corridors going to other classes. Also I hear of the facilities like the school gym being used by other local schools.

28. As i have only seen pupils from another school in our school once, it was an induction day for them to join our school the following year.

29. As it may negatively affect the work of pupils in my school.

30. As my school does not share a lot of their facilities.

31. As my school is quiet big already, we probably don't actually have the space, teachers or time to share with other schools as they are always occupied by pupils of my school.

32. As my school is within a partnership programme with 4 or 5 other local schools and we can participate in classes at any of the other school and all schools have information meetings together, e.g. about drugs awareness

33. As my school shares facilities a lot with the other local schools and the local community.

34. as other schools always come in to do other subjects that aren't available at their schools

35. As our school is part of a CALP programme which involves working with other schools in accommodating different subject which aren't available in all schools.

36. As our school is part of the Foyle Learning Community allowing pupils from the area to go to different schools for the ability to be taught subjects not taught in own school.

37. As our school is privileged to have the funds that it does and lets other pupils from less privileged schools come to ours to take classes and also use the facilities we have. Also there is a wide variety of extra curriculum activities for pupils to take part in that enables them to mix with different cultures/religions.

38. As our schools provides the other schools with more facilities that what they would have not have access to

39. As some of their pupils came to my old school to do certain subjects and some of our pupils went to their school.

40. As the only sixth form centres seem to be going to other schools to do different subjects and the rest of the school barely gets to interact with other schools.

41. As they are trying to give us opportunities to do as many subjects as possible

42. As they do a lot of sports based actives that brings schools together.

43. As they do diversity. They have other pupils from other schools in our classes.

44. as those from a neighboring state school come to our school to study a level subjects not available in he there school and our school can also make avail of subjects offered in the other school not available in our school.

45. As we allow other pupils to do the subjects they want as it may not be offered in their own school. We also go out to other schools to do subjects and other courses e.g. applied science, going to Magee Campus for step up programme.

46. As we do a lot of work with 3 different schools and two different techs.

47. As we have pupils from different schools come into our school for certain classes.

48. As we take part in multiple schemes and events, such as Children in Need Choir rehearsals and we have had multiple pupils from high schools in classes to study subjects not offered by their own schools.

49. at A level and at GCSE classes are shared between cross and passion coledge and ballycastle high school

50. At our school we teach pupils from the neighboring school MIA at GCE whilst they teach pupils from our school German at GCE.

51. At post 16 we share subjects with two other schools including Biology, History, Sociality, Health and Social Care, Geography, French etc.

52. Because any pupils that need to come to our school to use the facilities are allowed to do so

53. Because Carrick has CLC (Carrick Learning Community) when all 4 schools will share 6th year classes.

54. Because facilities and the budgets schools are given are very poor and cut backs are needed so that money isn't short also because some schools have pupils who need extra help and as enrichment our school offers L6 the option to help.

55. Because I do engineering in the tech and my bother went to St Patrick's College to do sports studies.

56. Because I have a class with another school out of my four subjects I do. I have also done a six week course with a different local school. Our school has had induction days with other schools to get to know other class mates. Our school has had trips with other schools to - e.g. Bowling. We both share computer and facilities with each other.

57. Because I have been there to see it happen. My college has schools with disabilities there everyday. And I help out.

58. Because I have been told by my own school that im not allowed to do two subjects outside of school and then because the school didn't do a subject I wanted I had too move to a completely new school.

59. Because I have seen pupils from other schools in my school to attend classes like Drama and Media Studies.

60. Because I know of a voluntary service scheme that happens between my school and others. And I sometimes see pupils from others schools in my school.

61. Because in my school there are some classes where they held in different schools.

62. Because in my school we mix with other school and share through projects.

63. Because it allows pupils in other school who maybe can't afford the equipment to learn and progress at the same level as me. It's my belief that everyone should have a fair chance at education no matter what grades they got in there transfer test. It's th

64. Because it is a large school with plenty of equipment (computers etc) and facilities gym etc.

65. Because it is an integrated school

66. Because it's the only integrated college in Derry.

67. Because La Salle always invite people from primary schools to use our sports facility's and we also share a school with St Genivies High School for use of the courses and they do the same.

68. Because many different schools come to us for different subjects.

69. Because my school allows pupils from another school to use the gym facilities and some come to my school to do some subjects

70. Because my school is tight and doesn't like to share anything.

71. Because my school produces many events each year including collaborating for A Level classes.

72. Because my school wasn't that good and I only done one thing with one school out of 5 years I was at the school.

73. Because my school works with other schools so pupils can do subjects they want.

74. Because of the different abilities.

75. Because other pupils go to another school to learn and use equipment.

76. Because other schools never came to do anything like projects and nor my school. We only ever competed in sports with other schools but that was the height of participation with other schools.

77. Because our schools have always been brother and sister

78. Because pupils from other schools come to my school to do subjects not available in their school.

79. Because some schools can't get along.

80. Because some subjects at AS and A Levels are at different school and allow you more choice.

81. Because the school/college has very little room left in classes

82. Because the schools are so near each other and the schools can't afford to have two of the same facilities so its easier to share.

83. Because there are a lot of pupils from other schools at our school often.

84. because there are no other school in the north of ireland similar to ours

85. Because there is a large variety of subjects which are in collaboration with other schools

86. Because there is a school very near mine and they share our facilities often.

87. Because there is people from different schools at our school using our facilities.

88. Because there isn't enough space to share with other schools. 89. Because they are kind and very good teachers

90. Because they are our partner schools and we offer A-levels that they do not.

91. Because they barely ever done group activities, sharing ideas etc.

92. Because they don't get along with each other.

93. Because they don't need to

94. Because they like to help others no matter where they are from.

95. Because they share 6th year with other schools.

96. Because they where always trying to introduce cross communities activities.

97. because we allow other schhols to come to certain subjects in our school.

98. Because we are the best school ever. No really I do not know.

99. Because we go to a different school for classes, and they come to our school for other classes

100. Because we have a lot of different students come from different schools to use our equipment etc. In our school.

101. Because we have a lot of oppurtunites to join clubs or work with other schools.

102. Because we never go to any other school.

103. Because we never go to any other schools for facilities nor do any schools come to our school.

104. Because we never had the chance to mix with other schools.

105. Because we recently got a new head-master.

106. Because we share our sports facilities with the school beside us and we travels to other schools and other pupils travel to our school to do some classes.

107. Because we share subjects that my school doesn't have

108. Because we where integrated and like to get to know about everything.

109. Because we're integrated and love coming together with different schools.

110. Because we're the only Irish secondary school in the North so when we do participate with other schools it's in English which isn't fair on us.

111. Because when I'm in school, I see pupils from other schools going to some of our classes

112. Because you always see wee primary school children coming in to see the school and the wee disabled people think its great getting out and about.

113. Best equipped school in the area.

114. Better opportunities in class learning. Greater choice of subjects. Government funding.

115. Both schools are connected with each other in order to share different subjects and facilities, I think its to create relationships within the pupils and to support each other with different projects that may happen in the community.

116. Cause the other schools aren't fortunate and the school likes to share.

117. Charity work. 118. Classes are shared with other schools. Mini buses are shared.

119. Classes at GCSE level and A level are mixed, so pupils get to know one another and go to different schools.

120. Classes shared (e.g.. Drama for schools that don't have it.) Primary school projects (salter sterling) that's all though.

121. Collaboration classes

122. Collaboration classes and sporting tournaments

123. Collaboration is a good idea if a subject that a pupil really wishes to do is not available if a school doesn't have their own facilities and another school does, why wouldn't they share.

124. Computer facilities are shared, classes are sometimes shared.

125. Craigavon Senior High school does occupational studies in the Southern Regional College where you get to do their courses for the year and if you pass you get a level 1.

126. Cross Community trips. Sharing sports facilities. Pupils come for some classes eg. Chemistry.

127. Didn't happen that often 128. Different religion and cultures come in for classes.

129. Different schools from different backgrounds use our canteens on our college grounds

130. Different schools use our facilities all the time and it doesnt bother me at all

131. Do cross communicated classes.

32. Does classes with other schools

133. Does subjects that cooperate with other schools.

134. Doesn't do enough, should have more opportunities for pupils to meet pupils from other schools.

135. Don't know (2 respondents)

136. Don't really know

137. Due to MLP (Magherafelt Learning Partnership) our school collaborates with other schools in the Magherafelt area such as classes and allowing schools to use our schools facilities.

138. Due to our school not offering all subjects we collaborate with Omagh South West College and St. Ciarans Ballgawley - offering subjects we don't have.

139. For A-level, people from different schools come to our school to have an opportunity of doing a subject that they want to learn, that is not offered in their own school.

140. For AS and A2 pupils who cant do their preferred subject at our school can do it at a different school or tech.

141. For example, we have numerous different schools take part in our Christmas, they also get together and do fund raising/charity work coming up to Christmas, and we also do exchange programmes.

142. For low demand classes in our school we may be sent to take this class in one of the nearby schools and vice-versa. We put on a play with Campbell College every year. Primary schools are invited to come and see a play by the drama department.

143. Four post - primary schools within a fairly small area - some of the schools teach different subject or are specialised in different subjects so it makes sense to allow pupils to travel between schools in order to get the best possible education

144. Further education colleges don't generally share classes as they have good enough facilities in each campus.

145. Good to mix with other people. New opportunities. Perhaps you for college/working environment where there are a lot of different people.

146. Gove the opportunity to pupils from other schools to access subjects not available in their own school. Share a school pitch for other uses outside of school.

147. Haven't been at the school that long to witness it yet.

148. Having a sixth form our school mixes with two other schools to widen the choices of subjects

149. I always see lots of pupils from other schools using my schools facilities.

150. I am not involved in sharing with other schools but I know people in my year who take class in other schools and other people from other schools who come to my school to do classes that I do not do.

151. I attend a grammar schools which it concentrates largely on exam results and the pupils futures and sharing with other schools could take up to much time to regards to finishing module courses etc. it would also cost money for transport to other schools and back.

152. I attend an integrated college which is not only encourages integration of religious differences but also ability levels.

153. I believe this because I attend Saint Marys grammar school (CBGS), who share their pool and other facilities with other schools.

154. I believe this because my school makes time to make sure that our pupils and pupils from other school get along, and learn together.

155. i do not know what that is

156. I don't go to school anymore, so I don't really know that question.

157. I don't go to school no more so I'm not aware of it.

158. I don't know. (6 respondents)

159. I don't know what we could do but I know we haven't.

160. I don't really mind this, as my school is part of the learning community in my area it allows the A level classes to combine from different schools in one classroom. It provides the chance for pupils to obtain an education in a subject that they may not be offered in their own school.

161. I don't see pupils from other schools very often.

162. I don't think my school does a lot of sharing. We do some collaborated classes which means a school comes to us for some classes and we go there for some classes. But apart from that we don't do anything else like this.

163. I don't think my school shares anything with other schools other than the language department facilities.

164. I don't think they share much with other schools as I have never shared resources with other schools or shared a class with other pupils from different schools.

165. I don't participate and i dont see others do it.

166. I go to St Patricks grammar school and for A Levels we can choose subjects from the schools beside us, I go to my previous school St Marys to one of my A Levels which I really enjoy. Also our school and the De La Salle share sports facilities

167. I have left school but I go to college now. Although in my previous school we done a lot of sharing with every school that was close to ours.

168. I have met some of these people at my school.

169. I have never been involved in an event with another school, nor heard of one happening.

170. I have no classes/interaction with pupils with other schools.

171. I have not been involved in other schools.

172. I have only every seen two or three pupils come over to our school for lessons. Also the only facility we share is our football pitch.

173. I have seen my school share facilities and classes with some schools in the area.

174. I haven't really thought about it our school has good computer facilities etc.

175. I never been involved in anything with other schools

176. I never hear or see anything of this and if so I would pay more interest.

177. I never see any other school pupils at my school.

178. I often see other school students at our school, doing subjects for A Level that weren't available at their own school.

179. I often see people from other schools using our training facilities.

180. I often see pupils from other schools in my classes, and I know pupils from my school go to do classes in other schools.

181. I see students from the other local schools walking to class regularly. So I know my school is in collaboration. I am a collab student in one of my subjects and we get in our taxi when other pupils from other schools are getting out.

182. I think it does a bit of sharing, not much. I don't think my school does enough so we can share. If we do share its once every 3 years if even. If we where given the opportunity to share more I know we would take this opportunity.

183. I think it is because of my school locality.

184. I think my school does a lot of sharing with other schools because pupils from the nearby protestant school study subjects that may not be available in their school.

185. I think my special school could benefit from pupils being allowed to sit in other classes at another school e.g. languages.

186. I think our school does a lot of sharing as we are part of a shared learning community,allowing children from other schools to come to our school to study whatever they want. We also go to neighbouring schools for talks and classes

187. I think that our school does as much as it can seeing it is a fluent Irish school and there is not many secondary schools nearby.

188. I think that school is trying to get used to that sometimes we'll join other school or they will join us.

189. I think the pupils are too different from other pupils and wouldn't get along.

190. I think there are more ways in which we can communicate with other schools on a more regular basis through joint activities etc.

191. I think there isn't any need for it where we are and that what's small needs to ###

192. I think they like to create and maintain friendships with different schools. Help each other out which will lead the children by good example in their lives too. To mix children with all different backgrounds and religions, this will prevent us from getting involved in matters that occurred in the past. By mixing, we will all find out we are all the same people.

193. I think this as in our first few years of school we would share a lot of projects with schools near us. Also in year 13, pupils from the school we are paired with come to our school for classes which aren't available at their own.

194. I think this as my school has sporting facilities in which other pupils from different school's use. (e.g. rowing boats) and you also have the choice to come to our school to join certain classes (such as music.)

195. I think this as when I was in my school we never got to mix with any other school to do classes.

196. I think this because it is good to share with other people.

197. I think this because lots of A-level subjects in my school are joined with other schools. I am studying Spanish which has students from 3 different schools. It is taught in my school and in another school.

198. I think this because our school doesn't offer other schools the opportunity to come to our school from my own knowledge.

199. I think this because our school has a system where people form other schools can come to our school to learn any subjects they dont have the oppurtunity to learn in there own school

200. I think this because our school is taught to share with everyone.

201. I think this because pupils come to our school to be taught, and vice versa

202. I think this because when I was in secondary school we did not have any sharing with other schools at all.

203. I think this is because I am in classes with students from other schools and I see other pupils walking around the school.

204. I think this is because my school had other facilities for other schools with different backgrounds.

205. I think this is because no one really came to my school we always had to go to theirs.

206. I think this is to promote equality and to allow the pupils to meet new friends, also to help the pupils mix with others and to prepare them for further education. (universities are integrated)

207. I went to an all girls school and sometimes we had a boys school coming over to do activities. Some girls had difficulties doing this I think its because there are boys.

208. I went to an integrated school, sharing with everyone is fun.

209. if a class cant be timetabled to your needs we would go to some one of the local schools and also if our school does have a subject

210. If we do not get the opportunity to study a specific subject we can travel to different schools which are studying it.

211. If you have a day of fun we would invite the same year from a different school, either the school is one religion, or special need it gives us time to interact with different people.

212. I'm currently Doing A Levels and in some subjects there are collaboration this is pupils from other schools coming to do subjects my school does that their school doesn't. Also pupils from my school go to different schools/colleges to do subjects my school doesn't.

213. I'm not sure, I think that maybe sharing classes takes a lot of organisation and agreement between schools. The time out of my classes too go elsewhere for projects may mean I miss work, also if the class I'm going to is at a different stage in the course or a different board, it wouldn't be beneficial to me. Although I think a little school sharing would be beneficial but not all the time.

214. I'm not sure, my school may deem it as a bad idea, having other schools using our facilities and equipment.

215. I'm unsure.

216. In 6th year we have the opportunity to go to another all girl school to study other subjects. We also have boys coming from the local all boys school to do collaborative subjects. We also being an all girls school do school musicals every year with the local all boys school.

217. In junior school, some groups got to do cross-community projects and outings but I was never picked for any. We do not share any facilities with other schools and if we need better sports ones we use church halls, local leisure centre and local pitches.

218. In lower and upper sixth we get a bus to our partnered school and have classes with boys and like wise for them.

219. In lower six languages, music and technology are shared between schools.

220. In my area there is only one other school that teach our age group. However both schools have all the facilities needed. There is enough pressure on our GCSE's people don't need to do projects that take you out of class while in preparation for your exams.

221. In my area, classes are offered at different schools and some are shared so that a larger range of subjects can be provided to students. There are also after-school courses which student of my ages could participate in, no matter what school they attend. Other projects are also organised between schools, such as our cross community fundraising choir last year.

222. In my school we go to the nearest school to receive lessons in Psychology and pupils also attend our school for English lessons. The nearby primary school would also frequently use our facilities.

223. In my school we share classes, equipment and teachers. It's a nice school as it teaches understanding and we have no problem with race, religion or gender. The sharing process allows new friendships to flourish and I'm glad to say our school and the one we mix with are part of this process.

224. In my school we take pupils from other schools who cant do a subject for a level's and they can come and study it at our school, depending on if it fits their timetable.

225. In my secondary school yes. However in my current grammar school very little if ever. My take on it is that money is one of the key reasons why they do not.

26. In my year a number of different pupils come to our school from another school. In comparison our school goes to other schools for a few classes as well.

227. In our school , we study many languages and the local all boys grammar school come over and study French and Spanish with us. We also have days where many local schools come to our school and we hold different activities for us to get to know each other better.

228. In our school we do a lot of cross community events. Our school is heavily involved with a charity called "The Spirit of Enniskillen Trust", it allows young people to come together and talk about their differences. We do a lot of programmes with them and the schools in my area.

229. In our school we have classes with other schools for A-Level subjects.

230. In our school, Lurgan College, we have pupils from St. Michaels school who come to our school for enrichment classes such as Accountancy and Critical Thinking and pupils from our school would also go to theirs. We also have a close relationship with Lurgan JH and Craigavon SH. Lurgan College has obtained some of the countries top results over the years and the fact that John O'Dowd wants to change the Dixon Plan in the Craigavon area is a joke based on how good it has evidently worked.

231. In our school, we are currently involved in some way with at least 3 schools. They participated in a school production and others come to class to study subjects not available at their own schools.

232. Inst shares sports facilities and they do joint theatre productions.

233. It allows people in other schools to do subjects they want. Our school goes to grammar or technical college to do desired subjects!

234. It allows pupils from other schools to come to do some subjects such as drama

235. It brings students from other schools into our school to allow them to take classes they would not be able to take otherwise.

236. It collaborates with 2 other schools in the area, sharing subjects at AS/A2 level.

237. It did a lot of cross-school activities, it also ran SEP classes to help other pupils that were not learning as well as they should have been.

238. It does not share any facilities or have shared classes.

239. It does some, there are many schools in my area and they tend to share with each other more. My school offers some A-level subjects which the other Catholic secondary school does not. Other schools have better sports facilities which can be shared. My schools facilities are good and adequate for its pupils and often shares with primary schools and schools for those with disabilities rather than secondary schools.

240. It doesn't have enough facilities to share with other schools. I think it only caters for our school pupils.

241. It enables others to complete projects and facilities where needed that they don't have in their own school. Therefore I didn't mind sharing.

242. It gives a wider variety of subjects which can be studied.

243. It gives us the opportunity to do things we cant usually do.

244. It has a sufficient number of students and has all the facilities necessary.

245. It has different pupils from different schools that come and do subjects in our school.

246. It has good facilities and several schools come and use these we often do exchanges with schools nearby

247. It hasn't been given a lot of opportunities to do so

248. It is a college.

249. It is a new school

250. It is already a large school with lots of pupils. We have all the facilities we need.

251. It is educationally.

252. It is open to new pupils joining especially in lower and upper sixth form. It opens up it facilities such as the swimming pool and holds a university convention in its sports hall every year for schools to come and visit.

253. It is part of the Ballymena learning together scheme, which means pupils come to out school for lessons and we go to theirs if the subject is not available in our school.

254. It is too focused on getting good grades, that we never have the opportunity to go on school trips or mix with other schools.

255. It shares classes and things but I'd like to do projects and get to know people better.

256. It shares facilities with other schools and it allows people from other schools to come and do some subjects in our school.

257. It shares the likes of computer areas and drama theatre and also does other subjects some schools don't.

258. It takes a lot of organising and we are a big school so our facilities are being used a lot of the time.

259. It works closely with the neighbouring schools to provide classes for students that are not offered in my school.

260. It would be better if our school mixed with other schools so we could socialise more.

261. It's a learning experience, students enjoy it.

262. It's already collaborating with two schools.

263. Its often inconvenient and I think my school prides itself with its reputation of a prestigious grammar school and prefers not to mix.

264. Its part of the Foyle leaning community and so pupils can travel to our school to study certain subjects and pupils from our school can also travel to another school.

265. Iv been on a number of projects involving other schools in my area.

266. Iv never known our school to share equipment and have seen very few people from other schools there.

267. Iv never saw another pupil from another school in my school. They didn't seem to be inter school sports competitions at my school.

268. just my opinion

269. Lack of facilities, teachers for different subjects and lack of money to spend on resources for pupils.

270. Lack of resources in my school means we have to go to other schools to use their resources. Going to another school allows us to participate in classes that aren't available in my school.

271. Limited option of shared classes in new subjects. Not a widely used option by pupils from my school.

272. Mainly with Bangor Grammar, preform in plays together as they need female actors.

273. Make new friends gives everyone a chance to mix

274. Many classes are integrated with another school.

275. Many teachers in my school work in different campuses around the provenance and therefore are sharing their skills and resources.

276. Maybe they want to make new friends

277. Money- other schools can not afford to offer the same amount of subjects to their pupils. Fermanagh Learning Community - other schools are offering subjects as well. Cross-community - Because of the troubles it is a great incentive to get Protestant and Catholics together.

278. More GCSE choices - wider career choices to fit different interests of pupils. No discrimination against people who aren't as good at some subjects.

279. More pupils from other schools would come to our school more than we go to there's. They are getting a better advantage.

280. Music, French, technology and Irish are all subjects that are shared with other schools.

281. My college shares a lot of classes with other schools in Enniskillen. It also shares our sport facilities.

282. My college shares with the other colleges in the area. Newry, Bainbridge, Lurgan.

283. My current school only has consortium classes and does a few integrating projects with other schools

284. My last school shared a lot of facilities but I would mind that I had worked hard to get into this school and if another school closed those pupils could get into my school with no effort.

285. My past secondary school wouldn't share anything with another school as they think they're too good for anyone else.

286. My previous school seemed to do a lot more, but perhaps that is because they where in the city and now my school is in a small town.

287. My previous school shared sports facilities with another local school of different religion also students from the other school would attend some of our classes and be with us at dinner.

288. My school (Glastry College) collaborates with Glenlola, Strangford College, tech and others to provide us with subjects that our school doesn't teach.

289. My school allows different schools to be taught a subject at our school and it also does multi-culture schemes

290. My school allows other pupils to come and take GCSE and A Level classes that there school do not offer.

291. My school allows other schools to use our sports facilities and also teams up with other schools to do subject based activities together.

292. My school allows pupils from non-grammar schools to attend for some classes also we organise trips with other schools and we host sports events for all schools in the area.

293. My school allows pupils from other schools in the area, to come and study different A-Levels that are unavailable to them at their school.

294. My school allows pupils from several different schools to come to our school and learn subjects that are not available in their school, and vice versa.

295. My school and three surrounding schools all share facilities and allow cross school subject choice e.g. all four schools offer all pupils to do subjects in each of the schools.

296. My school believe that it is very beneficial to work with other schools to help close the segregation of ethnic groups and religions in my city.

297. My school can be very full of itself and we tend to stick to ourselves.

298. My school collaborates with a number of other schools for particular classes from year 11 and onward.

299. My school collaborates with two other schools in the town so pupils from there come over to our school as well as we go over to do the subjects my school doesn't provide.

300. My school continuously hosts events, talks, and extra curricular activities of which other schools are allowed to attend, and have done so previously. Other schools are also allowed to take classes in ours that theirs perhaps doesn't offer at a GCSE or A-

301. My school didn't do a lot of sharing with other schools, I don't know why this was.

302. My school didn't have very much equipment or facilities to share

303. My school does a lot of sharing because it builds up relationships with other people so we can get to know them.

304. My school does a lot of work in the community with people with all abilities.

305. My school does a wide variety of subjects involving other schools and some schools also allow us to study subjects at their school

306. My school does not do a lot of sharing, as we only share our school council or school choir with one school that is in the same area as my school.

307. My school does projects where pupils help special needs people

308. My school does share a lot as there are many different secondary schools which come to my college on a Friday.

309. My school does very little activites with other schools. We have some pupils who come to study an A level subjust in our school which their school does not offer however i have never had these pupils in my class, they have always been in other peoples cla

310. My school doesn't really come together at all with other schools.

311. My school doesn't really mix with protestant schools which I totally disagree with. They claim they have "no money" or "no time" for out of school projects.

312. My school gets involved with a number of secondary and grammar schools by sharing facilities and for subjects. The school also gets involved with a number of primary schools for a number of reasons.

313. My school has a collaborative learning programme where we send students to do subjects in another local school. My school does a lot of sport and would share facilities and do tournaments with other schools. We do a lot of charity work with others schools.

314. My school has a new building and new facilities(ICT suit, gym facilities, music facilities etc.) so it makes sense for other schools to be able to use these. At AS Level onwards pupils from a nearby school come for classes that they don't have in their school. also at GCSE, pupils from other schools come for GCSE MUSIC

315. My school has all it needs they require.

316. My school has an excellent standard of education and this is quite independent of other schools.

317. my school has joined with the local schools for charity work, cross community classes

318. My school has many good facilities that people enjoy using. An example of this is the new 3G pitch for sporting activities and brings in some money when people rent it, to improve our school. The school wants to make a good impression on sharing with other schools and know it is the correct thing to do.

319. My school has set up cross-community projects with schools close to us and faraway from us and I think this has helped develop friendships and relationships with other students of different beliefs and religions.

320. My school have mixed classes with another school from another religion in gcse classes and a-level classes there is also mixed sports teams and art projects.

321. My school I went to was joined to another school in the next town. They came to my school for all sporting activities and extra curriculum activities.

322. My school integrates with Lagan College and Knockbreda to offer more classes to all pupils.

323. My school invites not only schools from the triangle area but also less fortunate schools in Africa. We are very diversified and welcome many different schools.

324. My school is a specialist school in science and as a result often different project are run with other schools. Primary schools often attend my school to take part in activates like nature trails. Each year a project is run with a special needs school and students attend my school to take part in classes not offered at there school.

325. My school is a very big school already with over 1000 pupils and can get crowded so I don't think we have the space or big enough facilities.

326. My school is an all girl school, but we are linked with a boy school down the road. I am personally taught two of my A level classes in the boy school and only have one A level class in my own school.

327. My school is an integrated college and accept everyone

328. My school is apart of a community group that allows students from my school to study certain subjects in other schools, as well as students from other schools studying certain subjects in my school.

329. My school is apart of the sharing resources group in Ballymoney

330. My school is integrated, and has a lot of students from different schools going to our classes at GCSE level and A-level. We also work together in plays.

331. My school is part of the Foyle learning community which gives pupils from other schools close by the opportunity to study subjects that are unavailable in their own e.g. AS Geography, AS Psychology and R.E and vice versa for our pupils. Also once or three per month local primary school classes visit for science demos etc.

332. My school is shared with a school nearby. Gives me as a student more facilities.

333. My school is successful so wants to stay that way?

334. My school is the only school in the town, so it would be a bit of hassle to both schools in terms of traveling, and the school is currently in trouble financially

335. My school is very small and in 6th year we didn't have as many subjects options so we traveled to other schools to study our AS and A-Level courses.

336. My school is very well known school and likes to open up and have projects with a lot of different schools.

337. My school just never seems to use other schools equipment, it already has most of the facilities needed.

338. My school lets local schools use our swimming pool, but there is no facilities sharing. So I wouldn't say a lot of sharing.

339. My school lets pupils from the local high school to come and use our sports facilities. It also lets pupils from the local catholic high school, come and attend classes that their school doesn't offer.

340. My school offers a range of course at the SRC (Southern Regional College) for GCSE's and A-levels. Also pupils from my school can go to three different schools for subjects including a grammar school. The junior school also have projects such as STEM projects with various other schools. In all I think this is quite a lot of sharing of facilities.

341. My school offers all our pupils a chance to do projects with different schools no matter their religion and for 6th years we get the chance to be taught in our schools for the best possible advantage. Personally I think this is a great thing.

342. My school offers classes to pupils from other schools and vice versa. Also my school undertakes many community projects and competitions and therefore our schools mix frequently.

343. My school offers close secondary school pupils the opportunity to study at my school if the subjects they want to study can not be offered to them. We also have a partner school which we share facilities with in hosting music evenings etc.

344. My school offers various subjects which are open to other schools at A-level such as Moving Image Arts and Drama.

345. My school only goes to and has kids from other schools for doing classes, other ways there is virtually no sharing.

346. My school participates in STEM, at A level students doing certain subjects go to different schools and pupils from other schools come to my school, and we have sport contests with other schools, but that is the extent of sharing with other schools at least to my knowledge.

347. My school provides enough activities and subject so we don't need to mix.

348. My school shares a little but only if the other schools does not have the facility/equipment.

349. My school shares a lot of its facilities with another school down the road. We also share a class and they share a class with our school as well.

350. My school shares a lot of sports equipment e.g. gym, sports hall, music apartment, computers.

351. My school shares classes and facilities with the neighbouring school

352. My school shares classes in Limavady and Tech.

353. My school shares classes with a few other schools in our area.

354. My school shares classes with another local school in subjects not available at my school. However I don't do any of the few shared subjects.

355. My school shares its football pitch with the local clubs and we include local primary schools in our annual concert. I have classes with people with people from the neighbouring partner school in our school and some of my friends have classes in the other school.

356. My school shares its technology facilities with another grammar school.

357. My school shares some classes with other schools to allow students from our school can do subjects they couldn't do in ours and vice versa, which in my opinion is ### a lot.

358. My school takes on other students from all backgrounds to study which ever course they like.

359. My school takes part in workshops and talks that involve visiting other places to meet with those who are from other areas. I think that this is to help us meet people from other schools and to broaden our minds about specific topics.

360. My school takes pupils from all of the schools in the area for A Level subjects such as Chemistry, Spanish, French, etc. Pupils from my school travel to other schools for various subjects like Health and Social Care, Moving Image Arts, etc. Also a number of after-school classes are run at different schools for all in the community to attend (I go to a clay and paint class)

361. My school takes pupils from other schools for A Level classes, and some pupils in my school go to the other schools for certain classes. My school also takes part in the community link programme.

362. My school teaches pupils from other schools and pupils from my school get taught by other schools.

363. My school voluntary engages itself with other schools around the community

364. My school was an all same religion school.

365. My school was more focused on its own pupils than mixing with others.

366. My school were tramps

367. My school works with other schools within my community, providing resources, teachers and subjects. It also provides opportunity's to be involved in integration and charity work. My school shares its experiences and lessons with other schools, helping other schools make valuable decisions such as sixth form and subject choices.

368. My schools is part of a partnership and lets students go to other schools for another subject that my school doesn't have. E.g. I do another subject in another school and some students from other schools come to mine for a subject.

369. My schools shares its 3G pitch with the school next to us and we share classes with them. Although I like sharing classes with the other school as I meet new people and I get to learn a new subject.

370. My year hasn't but recently, all the years below have, first years do a lot but the 6th form don't seem to do as much.

371. N/A (3 respondents)

372. Neighbouring school does not have a big enough sports facility so uses ours.

373. Never does anything with other schools

374. never really had any other schools over to ours

375. New friends, learn different subjects and allow team work in sport.

376. No (2 respondents)

377. No because there is only a little of sharing not a lot.

378. No comment

379. No other schools close by.

380. No other schools use our sports/ict facilities although it could be due to the fact that they a re always being used by my own school

381. No pupils from other schools come into my school for inter-school projects, we usually go to the other school.

382. No schools near by to share with.

383. No we have not took part in projects with other schools.

384. No. They do a little, but only with the younger school years. For example 1st year/2nd year

385. Not a lot of pupils come from other schools.

386. Not enough demand for certain subjects from one school alone to make it worth the use of teachers time

387. Not sure (2 respondents)

388. Now at college, many pupils come in for evening classes but I'm never in that late.

389. Of a 3G pitch - open to neighbouring school and community. Certain A level classes with two other schools. Use a grass pitch by rugby youth team. To save money and bring money in, they would also be trying to share A Levels with other schools so they can be seen as offering 26 or so subject at A Level due to the government pushing the idea.

390. Often do projects with other schools. Mostly mixed genders and religions.

391. Often participate in other classes/projects with other schools.

392. On our school website all the campus are put together like one school but were just in different towns.

393. Only a few pupils from other schools join certain subjects in my school so I wouldn't class that as 'a lot'.

394. Only A Level drama classes and joint school plays once a year.

395. Only older pupils (6th/7th years) share classes. 1st-5th years do not.

396. Only share a few 6th year classes.

397. Only share some classes

398. Only some people go to other school to do a subject and this is not a lot of people so we do not share a lot of things.

399. Only some subject have pupils from other schools attending e.g. technology and design, preforming arts

400. Other pupils are always in

401. other pupils are in some of my classes, also we take part in BLT

402. Other pupils come from surrounding schools to mine for lessons were they have accesses to our school facilities.

403. Other schools come in to join classes.

404. Other schools come to our for many different reasons, mainly the drama department. It may encourage them to join our school community in 6th form.

405. Other schools come to our school to use the sports facilities which they might not have access too at their own school.

406. Other schools do projects in our school ICT, Engineering ICT, Moving Image Arts.

407. Other schools sometimes use our sports facilities.

408. Other students from different schools come to use our sports facilities.

409. Others came to some classes not taught in their own school, vice verse

410. Our principal cares more about us being in class than co-operating in other activities with other schools. We also don't have football facilities so we use other schools facilities.

411. Our school allows pupils from other schools to take A level classes in our school that aren't offered at theirs. Our school organises trips and projects with other schools of all religions.

412. Our school allows pupils from other schools to take A Level classes in our class

413. Our school attends lots of cross-community events, in our own school, in other schools, and in other places. We also have classes with pupils from other schools and AS-level and A-level.

414. Our school collaborates with other schools for subjects.

415. Our school did almost nothing with other schools.

416. Our school does a collaboration class twice weekly with two nearby secondary schools. (one school dominated by Protestants, the other by Catholics)

417. Our school does a lot involving cross community with other local schools including primary schools. We allow the local primary school to use our sports pitches and our assembly hall when they need to hold large events.

418. Our school does collaborative subjects and pupils from a special needs school come to our school to use the facilities.

419. our school does different programmes with different school like key programme and i have been on this. Our school also brings primary school up (mixed) and does activities with p7's. my school also shares classes with the schools in our community and they

420. Our school has a lot of communication with other schools and SERC (Glastry, glenola, St Columnbanus) which creates opportunities to do subjects we cant do for A Level in my school.

421. our school has a lot of pupils from the all boys school, and the neighboring non-grammar school come over to share classes at A-level we also gave our old lockers to another local secondary school as they were in need and we have a maths mentoring program

422. Our school has better facilities than the secondary, so they come to use our equipment for subjects such as moving image art.

423. Our school has good facilities, and provides a large range of subjects to suit most students.

424. Our school has many projects with others and some that are cross community such has habitat for humanity. Also some pupils from other schools would come to ours if they weren't able to study the subjects they wanted.

425. Our school has shared classes with other schools in the areas for subjects they don't necessarily do, or for subjects we don't have offered to us (in our own school). We also share sports faculties with other school, and accommodate pupils from nearby schools in certain lessons if they cannot work with their timetable.

426. Our school has very high level facilities.

427. Our school has very high standards and is highly regarded, we offer many classes and facilities that we openly share with other schools.

428. Our school is a Christian Brothers grammar school so we have a lot of computer and sport equipment that other schools may not have. Also, we have a wider range of subjects than other schools in our area and well trained high quality teachers so we can facilitate other students from different schools easily.

429. Our school is a member of MLP, where students from other schools come to our school to study A-Level subjects and pupils from our school study certain subjects in other schools.

430. Our school is mostly protestant and does not do much with catholic schools as it is quite conservative. There are also few schools to do sharing with.

431. Our school is part of the Fermanagh Learning community meaning the subjects not offered at our school are offered at others for all Fermanagh schools there are several subjects involved e.g. physical education, physics, moving images etc. this means there is a wider range of subjects available to all pupils in Fermanagh. i do PE at another local college.

432. Our school is part of the Foyle Learning Community and there is a small number of pupils that go to other schools and a small number of pupils that come to ours but I think they do not do much with other schools because they want us to stay focused on our education and studies.

433. Our school is very protective in their image, so maybe its because they would be afraid of the school seeming unorganised, not focused or not that good.

434. Our school offers more subject than some other schools so they come to us for them. Also, sometimes classes are very small so it makes more sense to have them together.

435. Our school offers subjects that cant be studied in there own school and vice versa

436. Our school open up their facilities to the other schools to play matches/sports, they allow the boys' school behind us to pick subjects for GCSE and A Level and they do a lot of work with schools from a different religious background.

437. Our school participates in Ballymena learning together.

438. Our school really only focuses on one activity, so they have no intention on creating new projects to share with other schools.

439. Our school share there facilities for some GCSE's subjects like drama and media studies.

440. Our school shares all of its sports equipment as well as classes from other schools.

441. Our school shares drama and music facilities with other school. The 6th forms in our school travel to other schools for religion, math and sport, this is why I feel that my school shares a lot with other schools.

442. Our school shares some facilities with another school. We share classes that the other school takes, but ours doesn't, but also we share activities, like the Duke of Edinburgh. Similarly we have a few classes a week when some of us, help out in a special school in town.

443. Our school shares the football field with another grammar school located close by and as of this year there are girl pupils who go to the all boys school for certain subjects; I feel this is a very good opportunity to study subjects which would not have been available otherwise. Also we welcome other pupils into our school for different subjects which is not available for them otherwise.

444. Our school shares with both schools of the catholic community and protestant community to do different subjects.

445. Our school takes part in a lot of joint projects

446. Our school takes part in both the "S.E.P" (Shared Education Programme) and "MSP" (Magherafelt Schools Programme) in both of these pupils from other schools come into ours, both during the day and after school

447. Our school takes part in the spirit of Enniskillen scheme and at lest 3 subjects at A Level are shared between different schools across the community. However more could be done with the lower school.

448. Our school teams up with Edmund Rice College to provide A-level for six year students. Our school also does a lot of young enterprise with younger schools and a lot of other schemes

449. Our school uses all its facilities at all times, due to big numbers. Our School is quite a distance away from other schools, let alone grammar schools.

450. Our school was recently built and has loads of new and high quality facilities which is shared with local schools.

451. Our school would offer another local schools A Level pupils to come and study some subjects. I feel we do a lot of sharing because you always see the pupils from the other school about our school.

452. Particularly in sixth form, classes often include people that have travelled from other schools to ours or pupils travel from my school to other schools to take A-levels that are not offered in my school.

453. People come to our school from other schools in the area to be taught AS and A level Chemistry, Technology, HE, Art, ICT and Music

454. People come to our school to study subjects when there aren't enough people in there school to make up class , and vice versa

455. People from a different school who don't study that subject are able to study it in our school

456. People from different schools are constantly coming up to be in some of our subjects and a few of my friends go to other schools.

457. People from other schools come to our school for many classes and its not unusual to see people in a different uniform in our school. People from my school also go to a different school because the numbers is low so they can go to that school and to that subject which i think is good because they are missing out.

458. People from other schools come to study classes. They open our school for events for other schools at night

459. People from the other schools near us came to do subjects in our school if they weren't offered in theirs.

460. People from various different schools come to my school to study different subjects and a class from my school goes to another for an AS course.

461. People now days especially the younger generation, don't understand their own history with regards' to religion. Today's society is very sectarian and for some it is hard to find common ground and understand the difference in religions and the history behind it. Therefore, sharing classes or facilities would bring todays generation together and lessen sectarian views. It would demolish a divide and this will allow for a new understanding and attitude with regards' to abilities, disabilities and religions and this new attitude can be passed on to the next generations and demolish any divides.

462. People/pupils come from other schools to be taught a new subject that their school does not offer. 463. Possibly due to my schools religious "moral values" but I don't know.

464. Primary and secondary schools are often invited to our school to learn a language or use the facilities 465. Primary schools always come to see our school plays.

466. Probably because were quite far away from other schools and some of our teachers are not in favour of shared schools.

467. Promote better relations between the schools and pupils allow different people to mix

468. Pupils are part of the Bangor learning partnership (BLP) this involves pupils from different schools coming to do A Levels that aren't available in there's.

469. Pupils came for H.E and Spanish facilities but I think there could be more, or we could go to other schools providing there where adequate means of transportation or teaching.

470. Pupils came to my school to do certain subjects and we can go to their school.

471. Pupils come from different schools to do our classes, although none are in my classes. (6th year classes). I had the oppurtunity to go to our joint school to do drama, but because of the distance it would inturupt to many of my other classes and I wouldn't have got all the periods of it. have a joint school, which is off a different religion from us, and we do joint activities e.g. at minute i am doing habitat for hummanity project with pupils from our joint school.

472. Pupils come from other schools to learn in our classes.

473. Pupils come to my school for classes etc. from other schools in Ballymena

474. Pupils for my school go to other schools like Lismore and Lurgan College to study certain A Level subjects and to participate, in enrichment classes.

475. Pupils from a different school get taught by the teachers at my school because their school does not have the course they want.

476. Pupils from a nearby school can come to my school for the opportunity to study a subject that may not have been offered to them at their own school.

477. Pupils from different schools come to study subjects that their school does not offer.

478. Pupils from local secondary schools can come to our school for classes they couldn't have done otherwise. Primary schools often come for events.

479. Pupils from many different schools come to our school for A Level classes in many different subjects, and they let local primary schools use the sports facilities.

480. Pupils from my school in my town go to the high school in my town to study MIA or Chemistry and many pupils from the high school come to my school to study health and social care or engineering.

481. pupils from neighboring school come and use our computers share a level language classes

482. Pupils from neighbouring schools regularly come to my school for lessons they don't offer in their own school. Our school also offers the use of our pool to other schools.

483. Pupils from other schools come regularly to our school to share facilities and equipment and occasionally pupils from other countries for sporting events of community projects.

484. Pupils from other schools come to my school for classes not offered at their school, and principals come to our prize giving days and vice-versa.

485. Pupils from other schools come to my school to do a particular subject.

486. Pupils from other schools come to my school to learn subjects that aren't available at their own school and vice versa.

487. Pupils from other schools come to our classes and some pupils from my school go to others for classes.

488. Pupils from other schools come to our school nearly everyday to go to classes that are not taught at their school.

489. Pupils from other schools come to our school to learn specific subjects, and they take part in many projects. E.g. LET program, spirit of Enniskillen.

490. Pupils from other schools come to ours to study languages

491. Pupils from other schools often take classes with us.

492. Pupils from several different schools attend classes at my school a couple of times per week.

493. S.E.P Project - participate in projects with different schools in my area.

494. Save money and to offer pupils more of a range in subjects.

495. School is full and other schools close are good schools.

496. Schools in my community offer resources and subjects to all the schools in the area so therefore we have more educational choices.

497. Schools in the local area often share resources, and pupils from other schools often come to our school to do subjects not available at their school.

498. Schools use our facilities such as computers and sports fields.

499. Schools want their pupils to interact with others outside of their own school. Also some schools do not have the facilities that other schools have and they may need to share with other schools to give their pupils the same experiences.

500. Seen it happen in school.

501. Several classes in my school have joined with another school for example engineering, health and social care and music. Also one girl travels to another school to do french because there is no demand in my school.

502. Share a few A level classes with local schools, both them coming to my school and going to theirs. 503. Share classes with high school. Share facilities. Does projects with the high school.

504. Share classes with the school nearby and that's about it.

505. Share equipment i.e. computers. Share classes such as Travel and Tourism, Economics and MIA.

506. Share in 6th year for health and social. ICT suits. EU studies/talking to other schools in other schools.

507. Share sports facilities, share art and drama classes.

508. Share sports facilities. They also share classes 6th/7th year.

509. Shared classes and subjects in other school

510. Shared projects etc.

511. Shares with another same religion all girls school, giving all pupils the opportunity to study A-levels our school doesn't offer due to lack of facilities or teachers.

512. Sharing classes in tech with pupils from other schools.

513. Sharing sports facilities - others schools come to play netball and compete against our school.

514. Sixth form do collaboration with Malone College

515. So that girls and boys can get along better and also to give students a change of setting

516. So that relationships can be built with other schools, pupils and teachers

517. So that we can learn various subjects and also use various equipment. So that we can mix with various religions, cultures and races to help prevent discrimination.

518. Some boys go to tech and I think this is good.

519. Some facilities not available

520. Some local schools visit my school quite often to put concerts and such

521. Some of the lecturers in my school teach at other campuses and teach A level students at schools. All campuses can share material via the internet

522. Some of the other local schools come to our school for classes.

523. Some people from our school goes to other schools who study subjects that is not available in our school. Pupils from other schools also goes to our school who study subjects that is not available to their school.

524. Some pupils from my school have to travel to other schools for some classes and vice versa,we also share our sportsground with our local primary school.

525. Some pupils from other schools come to our school for some classes.

526. Some pupils from other schools come to take classes in my school, and some from my school go to take classes with them.

527. Some pupils go to other schools for subjects such as Drama and P.E some pupils come to our school for subjects such as Physics.

528. Some pupils have classes with other schools, but there are few activities to integrate pupils, and I feel there should be.

529. Some schools come to my school to do subjects that their school doesn't do for example physical education at 'A' level

530. Some schools come to ours for different classes, career activities or young enterprise activities. Also a school nearby had no set teacher so they came to our and go taught by my vice principle.

531. some schools have better facilities and a larger department which we could use and my school may also have some better facilities which others could use and we would be mixing with other pupils who we could also learn from

532. Some subjects are shared

533. Sometimes it is very disruptive

534. Sometimes other schools come to our school and use the pitches when participating in matches with RGS but there's only one pupil I knew of who comes from another school to us for class and we rarely interact in school, with pupils from other schools.

535. Sometimes we do projects together with pupils from another school.

536. Sometimes we go to talks together. People come from their school to our school or people go from our school to other schools.

537. Sport facilities such as the swimming pool is used by and benefited from primary schools. Also the athletics and ruby/football pitches are often the venue for sporting events all year round.

538. Sports facilities are shared. Other schools come over for classes.

539. Sports like rowing with all schools in community

540. Students from different schools use our facilitates, classes and the occasional projects with other schools.

541. Students from other schools can do an A-level through the school I go to, whilst several students I know go to the Loreto Convent grammar school to do an A-level. Our school shares its facilities (e.g. the stage) with the integrated primary school.

542. Students from other schools share some classes.

543. Students from other schools would come to my school to do courses that theirs did not offer or contain the facilities for.

544. Subject sharing - pupils from other schools come to our school to do subjects like art for example and vice versa.

545. Taxis are always at the doors and I see some people from other schools in our school.

546. Teachers teach in both schools and facilities are shared also choirs are joined.

547. The Ballymena Learning Together Programme

548. The five schools in our area are part of HLP meaning that different 6th from pupils join certain classes.

549. The other schools come in and use our equipment such as our computer room, technology departments and art department, we share a lot.

550. The projects aren't that useful

551. The same reason as above

552. The school does share some A-Level classes like French and physics but it would seem very little students from the neighbouring school take advantage of this, plus I think the school could purpose to share more, but I don't think I would be happy with that.

553. The school got us to go to a special needs school and help with the pupils there. Other schools came to ours for classes.

554. The school I attend is fairly independent and not many schools wish to share with us. But on the rare occasion that we do everything runs smoothly

555. The school I go to allows different schools to come to learn, I think it is wonderful experience to meet them.

556. The school offers a lot of different subjects.

557. The school which I attend has an extensive range of subject choices and therefore there is no need for the pupils to go elsewhere to get taught a specific subject. My school is also very well equipped.

558. The school which I attend prefers to be perceived as one with a separate identity giving its position as a voluntary grammar school therefore participation in projects with other schools is usually consistent at competitive levels - i.e. debating competitions/engineering competitions - rather than events involving the sharing of resources etc. However there have been projects with the aim of bringing schools in the area together in order to broaden horizons in recent times.

559. The schools are beside each other and it broadens the range of A-Levels available to pupils from both schools.

560. The size of our school is not large enough to accommodate an influx of pupils.

561. There are a few shared classes that take place in our school but the variety of classes and projects is very minimal, the number of classes and schools we integrate and share with should be increased to benefit all students regardless of race, religion of school.

562. There are a lot of pupils that come to our school for different subjects

563. There are always different students in my school doing A Levels.

564. There are certain shared `subjects' in senior school, however at a junior level there is little interaction.

565. There are classes in the nearby school which we can attend, and also some classes where they come to us.

566. There are cross community educational links, links with primary schools and links with the neighbouring schools.

567. There are different subjects that are only in different schools

568. There are not a lot of other schools in the area.

569. There are often pupils from other schools at our school and we go to other schools.

570. There are only few people from Aquinas to come to a class and a few of our pupils go there but there are no sharing of equipment.

571. There are people from several different schools that have classes in my school.

572. There are rarely other pupils in our school

573. There are rarely pupils from other schools in our school and we rarely go to other schools to use facilities. But there was a proposal to have certain classes with other schools in September of this year, though it fell though due to timetabling difficulties.

574. There are several joint workshops and presentations with other schools. There are some A Levels offered off campus at other schools. They would produce joint productions with other schools.

575. There are subjects within my school which is a shared class with another school

576. There are two projects open to my year. MLP, Magherafelt Learning Partnership, which allows you to go to another school to do a subject you couldn't do in your school. SEP, Shared Education Programme, it allows you to take an after school course to give you more time and experiences in your chosen career path. There is also the 5-School Project open to 1st-3rd years. Allows you to spend time with other schools.

577. There aren't enough mixed classes and activities

578. There aren't many opportunities to do so.

579. There does be different schools in and out doing different activities.

580. There has been some things organised however it doesn't seem to be that often. Pupils from St Patricks College come for classes to my school however that is the only thing iv noticed.

581. There has never been any need to share as the school already has everything it needs.

582. there hasn't been a reason to share

583. There is a school close to ours and, over time, something of a rivalry has developed. The two schools are unwilling to help each other out.

584. There is a shared class where another school comes to our school and a shared school trip is organised.

585. There is a very mixed group of schools in my area e.g. Catholic, Protestant, grammar, and non grammar I think it is due to travel however some schools nearby mix to use each others facilities.

586. There is no need to share - most nearby schools have all the same facilities.

587. There is no real need to.

588. There is not a lot of sharing, only in about 4 subjects and this is only at A Level.

589. There is not enough room for a large amount of students sharing with us. The other schools would also have to travel on a bus as we are not in walking distance from any other school. However pupils from Inst do travel over for school plays and drama.

590. There is not much of a need to.

91. There is schools come into use things.

592. There isn't any other schools close enough that would make the distance worth traveling.

593. There isnt many schools near us anymore. they already joined up with us

594. There was no interaction with other schools besides the occasional football match.

595. There were always people round from other schools in the area

596. There would be more pupils in the class that would normally have small numbers if it was just pupils from one school. The equipment may be better than in the original school that the subject would have been taught in.

597. There's many pupils from other schools that come to our school for our classes. Hunterhouse students also come for ad maths.

598. There's no reason why our school would need to share with other schools.

599. They allow pupils from other schools to take classes in our school and post 16.

600. They always have days out to things such as young enterprise etc. and people from other schools come to my school to do some of their A Levels.

601. They are very interested in primary schools. Our school teach other pupils

602. They carry out a shared education programme (SEP) where pupils from each school in the town choose a course to go on one day after school, it allows pupils from all schools to bond and make friends. They participate in MLP (Macherfelt learning partnership) where pupils from our school and other schools can go to and from schools for classes that don't run in their own school.

603. They do things with other schools but not sure what the norm is. Don't know if it's a lot or not a lot. 604. They do work with local schools and people travel.

605. They have certain classes were people from other schools come because their school doesn't provide that subject 606. They have combined classes with the college beside us.

607. They have no time for their students all they really care about is looking good.

608. They have various A Level course which goes to the other school like Glengormley, Hazelwood. They also did a course with their school about diversity and other courses like that.

609. They let other schools use the sport pitch.

610. they let pupils from other schools come to our school to take classes that their schools don't teach 611. They might not have the funding to transport to different schools.

612. They never shared with other schools really. Other schools would come and we would do young enterprise activities in our assembly hall with different schools and get grouped up with different pupils from different schools.

613. They share classes

614. They share sports facilities and computer facilities

615. They share with the other schools beside us and are very close.

616. They try to attract the primary children so that they would come to our school after p.7.

617. They would hold days for the lower years in my school and other schools would come and have maybe team building days together. They also invite other pupils from different schools into attend classes that there school may not do from GCSE to A-Level classes.

618. They would play sports together.

619. They would share facilities e.g. computers, sports hall etc. they would also share teams e.g. other pupils from different schools could play in the football team.

620. This is so that they can strengthen contacts from other schools, also that the pupils are in our school can get a feel of how other schools work.

621. [] If it is the joining of school's I would not be opposed to it but I think that change for the sake of change should be discouraged because the system works well as it is at the moment.

622. This may be to share equipment or facilities such as computers or the gym. It may also be to introduce us to school children from a different religion to us.

623. Throughout the years of attending secondary school I have participated in many cross community projects with other schools, as well as the fact that I attend another school to study one of my A-levels.

624. To an extent, yes it does. Although because of my school being mainly protestant I feel that it has limited interaction with other schools for example catholic schools. I think this is mainly due to the remarks and reactions in the past, by our own pupils against other religions.

625. To create a more diverse community which then learn from each other.

626. To create links with other school, to give us an opportunity to meet other people from different backgrounds.

627. To get catholic and protestants to get on well with each other.

628. To give pupils a chance to do all the subjects they want/need for their chosen career.

629. To give the pupils the skills they need to achieve in the world of work

630. To help each other out with subjects each school doesn't not have to teach.

631. To help integration between Catholic and Protestant pupils and also to give the pupils the chance to study subjects not available at our own school.

632. To help pupils at our school to meet and work with pupils from other schools.

633. To improve Protestant and Catholic relations within the community.

634. To intergrade us with different types of people, who might have a different religion or ethnicity.

635. To meet new people . To mix with people. To show that everyone is the same.

636. To meet new people and give a chance to meet new teachers, places etc.

637. To offer extra subjects and extra activities after school for pupils in school. Makes pupils become friendlier with others from another school.

638. To promote equality between religions and races.

639. To raise equality.

640. To save money

641. To save money and to avoid the school nearby having to close.

642. Too much effort and it waste class and learning time.

643. Too much hassle in organisation

644. Too much hassle, have all we need.

645. Trips with other schools. Video links. Sports.

646. Wasn't many occasions were my school mixed with others.

647. We allow pupils from a nearby Catholic school to use some of our facilities and take part in after school classes e.g. Critical Thinking.

648. We are a grammar school and we are near a secondary school and the schools don't get along.

649. We are able to use our neighbouring school's football pitch. Six subjects are shared between the two schools.

650. We are always doing projects and holding events, involving different organizations with other schools

651. We are always with students from a different school and they are always invited to projects and events in my school.

652. We are involved in the Ballymena learning together project, mix with primary schools, pupils from other schools have classes with us, many pupils join out schools from other places in 6th form, we are linked with the other St Louis school And, even school

653. We are part of a 'CLC' course where A-level pupils go to different schools so that we have more lesson opportunities. We also share our school pitches

654. We are part of a learning community which allows us to go to another school for a subject which is not available at our school or other pupils can come to our school for a subject which is not available at their school.

655. We are part of the Magherafelt learning partnership - MLP and do a lot of after school courses with other schools, in my case sports leadership level 1. pupils also can come to classes in our school throughout the day and vice versa.

656. We are part of the Magherafelt Learning Partnership and the Sharing Education Program

657. We are too isolated from other schools and it takes a long time to travel from here to another school

658. We are twinned in Belfast Inst.

659. We attend SEP classes with other schools, on either a Tuesday or a Thursday after school. I attend two classes on these days at other schools. Also, one of my A level subjects is a collaboration subject and members from other schools study the subject with us.

660. We can only do like 2 A level classes with other schools, and no GCSE classes.

661. We co-operate with an all girls Protestant school literally 500 metres away from us. Every four years we preform a musical and every time we do we take auditions in their school for parts in the musical. I also know several friends from both schools who go to our school and their school to do subjects that weren't offered to them originally.

662. We did various different projects with different schools (sports, art projects). I attended the key programme and spent time with schools across the boarder this was first time ever. I made some good friends.

663. We do a lot of sharing with Edmund Rice.

664. We do an annual drama production with VCB

665. We do classes with a local school of different religion, we do different projects.

666. We do cross community things and share things with other schools in our local area.

667. We do different projects and we make new friends from it.

668. We do Drama workshops with Tor Bank. We share sports facilities with another school in the area and in sixth year classes are shared with two other local schools.

669. We do invite pupils from a nearby special school to come in and we get the chance to help them use our facilities and take part in activities and also allow primary school children in, but we don't have other secondary schools in, mostly because all those nearby have their own facilities to use and don't need our help.

670. We do lots of projects with other schools both Catholic and Protestant

671. we do many projects with other schools.

672. We do not share any of our facilities, only ones open for public use e.g. leisure centre.

673. we do not share anything with other schools

674. We do not share facilities or lessons with any other schools.

675. We do not share facilities or resources with any schools

676. We do not share with any schools and do not benefit from the variety of different subjects.

677. We do projects in our school with primary schools and schools with people with disabilities and special needs. We share classes with other schools in some subjects.

678. We do projects, and classes and sports with other schools

679. We do shared education programmes and Duke of Edinburgh together.

680. We do yes but not enough with a variety of schools it is usually the same Catholic school and us that joins together. I would like to share with more schools of all different types.

681. We don't have a lot of facilities.

682. We don't have any students from other schools visiting us. I only saw primary kids visit us once.

683. We don't have great facilities or a great range of subjects to work into timetables.

684. We don't mix schools very often only on occasion.

685. We done projects with other schools. Some classes where held in other schools with different teachers.

686. We go on projects and trips with other schools a good bit. We can go to other schools to do other subjects which are unavailable in our school e.g. I go to physics at another school.

687. We go on trips and try to associate with other schools.

688. We go to another local school for a subject, and another school comes to ours for a class.

689. We go to local primary schools every week to help. Some boys come to our school to study economics. An all boys school come to do a habitat for humanity project. Some schools come to use our swimming pool.

690. We go to other schools for different subjects

691. We got to Rathmore grammar and we make art and crafts. I have tried to make friends it is hard for me to make friends because of my autism.

692. We had shared classes and sports teams.

693. We have 2 schools side by side so we share classes/teams/clubs etc.

694. We have a large range of subjects to choose from at A Level, that are from different schools and colleges. I do law in an all girls grammar school and engineering in SERC and Strangford integrated college.

695. We have a 'learning community' where pupils go to other schools or come from other schools.

696. We have a lot of shared A Level classes. We always invite other schools to come see our musicals as our school is very well known for them.

697. We have a programme linking with our local secondary school in which students can take an A-level on their campus and their students have the option to take A-levels from my school.

698. We have a shared learning program, but the snobby Grammar school in Limavady doesn't want anything to do with it anymore. So now the local Catholic school would be the only other school that we would share with, though it rarely occurs.

699. We have all necessary facilities, so no sharing required, other schools don't use our facilities. We have only done a few inter-school projects.

700. We have alot of mixed ckasses

701. We have collaborative subjects so people from different schools can come and do a subject that cant be done at their school.

702. We have competitions with other schools in sports days. We also have school trips abroad and we do projects together, we also have formed a choir on a number of occasions.

703. We have consortium classes with other schools eg. Theatre studies, economics.

704. We have enough facilities and don't really need to share with other schools unless we are playing a hockey match on another schools pitch. We have two GCSE classes that we share with a local high school but not many people do horticulture or equine studies.

705. We have enough facilities or subjects either in school or nearby to do us.

706. We have enrichment classes with other students from different schools and we share normal classes with other students from different schools.

707. We have excellent facilities for sports and music. We also have up to date technology.

708. We have groups for primary school children twice a week, helping them develop their irish language and maths and they use our facilities in doing so, also my school has a group once a week for special needs adults and they make crafts and use our faciliti

709. We have joined COPE, engineering and help and social classes, with other schools however these aren't very often and the classes relatively divided just taught by the same teacher. Cross community events, days or trips would be expensive but would invite a split community of children.

710. We have joint classes for media studies, A level, PE and sometimes for school productions and plays.

711. We have lessons with pupils from St Josephs and Wellington College. We allow other schools to use our sports fields.

712. We have many different projects with pupils from other schools to promote cross community relations

713. we have new facilities and so does many schools in our area so no-one really requires any sharing.

714. We have primary school children in for activities and we have pupils from the triangle area in to join classes with us.

715. We have pupils from local schools coming to classes and play sports against our school. We also have clubs that run at our astro turf hockey pitch.

716. We have pupils from other schools that come in to do different subjects with us like drama etc

717. We have shared classes between the other schools in the area and have done projects with other schools.

718. We have students from near by schools that come every week for classes. Recently a few teachers have made a soccer and rugby team including children from other schools and use their grounds to play sometimes.

719. We join with four other schools for drama, competitions, events, subjects and sport.

720. We join with schools in the area of a different religion to travel to India and Romania to help young children build new schools and learn English. Musical concerts are sometimes shared events. Our facilities are used by 2 prep. schools on a daily basis.

721. We let people come to do subjects at our school for A Level which are not available for them at their school to enable to them to get jobs.

722. We let pupils from schools in Omagh to do A Levels in subject here that are not available in their school. We have a lot of events were we involve people from other schools.

723. We like to see people from other schools visit us.

724. We mentor pupils from a local catholic secondary school who struggle with maths, we also offer pupils from other school to come and do an a-level which isn't offered at their school, we can go on work placements to special needs and primary schools, we he

725. We mix with around five different schools all of which are mixed religions and genders and our school try their best to get as many people involved as a bigger community.

726. We offer a collaboration scheme for other students to come for a certain subject and vice-versa

727. We offer classes that some schools don't.

728. We offer extra circular activities which evolves another school and also we provide drama classes to another school who don't provide it for their pupils to study a A level.

729. We offer GCSE classes that surrounding schools don't and allow them to take these certain classes (i.e. moving image arts) at our school.

730. We often go to other schools/have schools come to us for lessons in particular subjects.

731. We only share from sixth form up.

732. We only share GCSE and A Level subjects like moving image arts and travel and tourism.

733. We rent out our sports pitches and share classes with St Colman's.

734. We seem to always have projects with other schools. Also the fact that I study Media at another school.


736. We share all of our facilities and offer most of our classes to our sister schools.

737. We share art/computer facilities with other schools.

738. We share AS and A2 classes with various other schools. We have done joint activities such as STEM activities (science technology engineering mathematics) and various studies on business studies activities with another school.

739. We share business studies and drama classes with a local secondary school.

740. We share classes and facilities. We go to one another's schools for presentations.

741. We share classes as I share a music class with people from other schools. We hold some sports at our school. We go to talks with other schools.

742. We share classes for A Level students from Crossmaglen High School

743. We share classes in GCSE upwards in both sides.

744. We share classes with 6th and 7th year pupils from the girls school next to our school. Usually we invite a certain special needs school to come visit each year, we would show them round the school and play music and do other various things with them.

745. We share classes with an all girls Catholic school beside us.

746. We share classes with another school through GCSE and A level 747. We share classes with one other school, to do A-levels that the other school doesn't do and vice-versa. Other than supporting the 11+ in our building we wouldn't do a lot of sharing, as many schools already have their own facilities.

748. We share classes with other school in languages, drama and music at A-level

749. We share classes with other schools and do projects with other schools.

750. We share classes. We do projects. We share facilities.

751. We share enrichment classes e.g. Chinese studies with Catholic schools in our area. We also study the A level class law with these schools. The RE classes are also going to Rome with one of these schools.

752. We share facilities with other schools and offer classes other classes that other schools don't do or can not fit in their timetable or they have low class numbers.

753. We share lessons with two other schools near us

754. We share our facilities but since St. Gemma's moved in we've had a media room with camera facilities/lighting and we share this with other schools.

755. We share PE facilities with the integrated college, and we share music facilities, with St ### and Devenish College

756. We share several A-level classes with another local grammar school and sporting facilities. We also share our ICT equipment with the other grammar school.

757. We share some A Level classes with a nearby school.

758. We share some classes with another school, however I am not in these classes.

759. We share some classes with other local schools in some subjects.

760. We share some classes with other schools. We do projects with other schools. Primary schools use our facilities.

761. We share some of our classes with other schools of different religions and the computers in my school, this is just students in sixth form. My school is part of the Fermanagh Learning Community.

762. We share sport facilities, teachers, subjects. Its more fun meeting new people and mixing with different people and new teachers.

763. We share sports hall

764. We share sports playing fields with several schools, and share classes with other schools sometimes.

765. We share subjects that is that if our school is unable to do a subject at a certain level, then our school could offer it to them.

766. We share subjects with other schools in the community, and I have participated in projects with a deaf and blind school and other schools in my community

767. We share subjects with three other schools in the area. We have recently done a cross community project for charity with another school. We also share our sports pitches with another school which is beside our school.

768. We shared a sports facility such as an AstroTurf pitch

769. We take part in cross-community projects, pupils come to my school for certain subjects not offered at theirs and sports teams help each other from time to time.

770. We take part in SEP (shared education programme) after school hours which includes pupils from all schools Sharing classes. If a class in a school is short for numbers, they have the opportunity to study the subject at a different school in the local area.

771. We take part in sporting events together, school productions etc.

772. We use facilities of other special needs schools.

773. We used to do a lot of group work with people from other schools and also too many different outings.

774. We very often have pupils from a variety of different schools come to our own for various projects etc. and are also given many opportunities to travel to other schools for the same purpose. We also attend many events, competitions etc. with other schools

775. We will allow pupils from other schools come to do Drama at GCSE and A Level.

776. We would invite other schools to watch our plays or go to are event. Play football, cricket, rugby against other schools.

777. Well I went to Ashfield boys high school which was one of the top non-grammar schools out there so they were always grateful and jumped to things if they were given the opportunity.

778. Well on a daily bases there are pupils from other schools who come into go to our classes e.g. health and social care. Also we share IT and technology facilities as in fact our school and another school join together to buy a cnc machine and laser cutting for technology.

779. Well, yes and no. when you get to 6th year, many people, myself included, do have classes with other schools but in the first 5 years you probably wouldn't share with other schools. But that's understandable. At 16 years old most people would be mature enough to handle being with people different than themselves but younger students might not be.

780. When Stella Maris secondary school closed down most of the pupils came to our school. We also had to do a project with another school which was a different religion and we went to their school and they came to ours and it was good.

781. When they do a school show the have primary schools to watch it for free

782. With my high school having such a bad name throughout the community I think that schools don't want anything to do with ours in case it brings their name down to.

783. Within my school the younger year groups often get to meet other pupils from other schools and take part in activities with them. This gives them experience with others of different religions etc. Once we get to sixth form we are then joint to an all-boys school (De la Salle) giving us the chance to do A-Levels that may not be offered in our school (St. Genevieve's) they can also attend our school.

784. Year 11 and 12 go to SRC on Thursdays and people from other schools are in their class who also go on Thursdays. Some schools go on other days though but my school and two others go on Thursdays

785. yes

786. Yes as people from other schools come do to lessons in our school.

787. Yes as they have a link with other schools in the same area

788. Yes because are school offers courses that other schools don't and pupils from the surrounding area cometo are school for these subjects.

789. yes because we have mixed classes and the class that i am in has pupils from different schools in it

790. Yes I do believe that my school shares with other schools because we have people from other schools come to ours to check it out. That is however the only example that I have seen of my school sharing.

791. Yes they did they let other schools use our facilities and our classrooms.

792. Yes through programmes such as SEP and MLP

793. Yes, as we collaborate with a close by Protestant school. which we share classes and therefore teachers with each other. (Some subjects are taught in my own school and some in the other school.)

794. Yes, for my schools sixth form, which I am apart of share sixth form with only one other. We would go to their school and them to ours. We share teachers and equipment.

795. Younger schools e.g. primary schools come in for visits


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