Year: 2012
Module: Education
Variable: MINDWHAT

Below are the responses to the open-ended question:

Q30 What would you mind about it?' [if response to question SCHCLOSE was 'I would mind a lot' or 'I would mind a little']

Note: Responses were only edited for grammatical reasons, if necessary. Square brackets indicate where editing occurred.

1. ### trying to show off.

2. Tight bonds have already been developed in school whether it's between pupils or teachers and pupils. 2. Schools don't get on well due to competition, therefore fights may arise.

3. Results may suffer as classes would be larger, less one-on-one time

3. 2 schools colliding with cause friction in the school between pupils.

4. A big number of people having to fit in, it would just be strange and confuse something's

5. A large influx of new full time pupils would put a strain on pupils, teachers and facilities

6. A lot more people in the school more students in classes.

7. A lot of new people coming in and maybe over crowding the school.

8. A lot of new people joining our classes - may cause a divide within the year

9. A lot of new people who you may not get on with. I like the fact our school is quite small and I know everyone.

10. A lot of people I don't know and have met before

11. A lot of schools near me are full of rowdy, obnoxious pupils who would frequently disrupt class and whom I wouldn't expect to get along with.

12. A lot of space would be taken up

13. A sudden large influx of numbers would be very disruptive. It could create a competitive environment between the new students and existing students. Class numbers would likely increase and classes work better in small numbers.

14. Adjusting to new people and making friends all over again. It would cause conflict no matter what plans are made to ensure conflict did not occur.

15. All the pupils in my school are really close (all get along) and I don't know how if I would like a lot of other people come to the school and change that.

16. All the pupils in my school have worked hard to get into the school. Yes it would be unfortunate for their school to close but I feel that they would have to go through an examination to get in, as it would be unfair otherwise.

17. An increase in classroom sizes. Less availability of computers etc.

18. As I go to a grammar school, I had to pass a test to get in and work hard at my GCSE's to get back for A level. I would feel it is unfair if pupils from other schools got in free of any tests/work or exams.

19. As long as they went to a school that was suited to their capability and was best for them.

20. As our school is already at a full capacity with full A Level classes and I believe longer classes would draw away from tackling individual problems with subjects.

21. As there will be an increase number of student, each pupil will receive less individual attention. Also the pupils may be disruptive effecting others work.

22. Because I am happy with the way the school is now.

23. Because I wouldn't know what they were like in a working environment and it would be hard to get used to.

24. Because it would be too overcrowded and cause more

25. Because other pupils are coming in and it means our classes will have to wait for new people to catch up on their work.

26. Because the amount of pupils in the class would increase meaning the teacher wouldn't get to spend as much time with each one.

27. Because two pupils from Tyrone travel everyday because their school got closed down and I think its amazing how dedicated they are to learning our native Irish language.

28. Being in an all girls school for 6 years I would feel out of place starting all over again.

29. Being to[o] many people in the school.

30. Being very over crowded and missing out on having a small class because you learn better in a smaller group. You get to do more fun activities but then we would miss out on that if there is more people.

31. Big classes. Not enough room. Big cut back in the school. Teachers under pressure.

32. Bigger class sizes more people about

33. Bigger classes, less one on one work with teachers.

34. Bigger classes.

35. Bringing in more pupils could result in overcrowding and due to the increased numbers there may be less attention of the individual pupil in the classroom by the teacher than before. Also due to school rivalry, mixing pupils from different school may result in increased disruption in classrooms and in school.

36. Bullying by either party. Discipline, behaviour, attitudes etc. of new pupils

37. Catholic or protestant

38. Change from what we're used to.

39. Change in the timetable and routine. It would be very crowded more so than it already is. Could turn sectarian, not all Catholic and Protestants get along and could affect children's opportunity to learn.

40. Change of school environment to fit pupils into school. Other pupils attitudes and personalities.

41. Change schools reputation

42. Class numbers.

43. Class sizes being affected and less time to ask the teacher about school work as they would be occupied with more students than normal

44. Class sizes would be a lot bigger

45. Class Sizes!

46. Classes may be a lot bigger and not as manageable

47. Classes may become over crowded and i may not get on with some of the pupils that join.

48. Classes may get too crowded.

49. Classes would be fuller and the school might be cramped and this could make the school more disruptive and tension could be caused.

50. Classes would be larger, so it would be more difficult to get time with the teacher. My school does not have the space in classes to hold all the pupils from another school. It would mean less time using the schools facilities making it harder to do work.

51. Classes would be over crowded different standards of discipline.

52. Classes would be very big as there would be too many people

53. Classes would become much bigger and would be easier disrupted.

54. Classes would become too big for proper teaching

55. Classes would get to big. My school is big enough.

56. Classes would get very big and school only designed for a certain number of pupils.

57. Could be disrespectful and damage facilities resulting in it being taking away from the school.

58. crowded school

59. Crowded School. Too many distractions.

60. Depending if they are sectarian.

61. Depending on w[h]ether or not the pupils have a strong work ethic and aren't disruptive and annoying during class.

62. Depends if the school that had closed had a 'rough' reputation, if so I might be concerned.

63. Depends on type of school would need to be grammar school. Keep consistency of education.

64. Depends on what sort of people come from the other school to your school e.g. (annoying people).

65. Depends what gender, age

66. Differences between learning abilities if it was a secondary school joining with a grammar school

67. Different environment more disruption

68. Different quality of education. Increased bullying. More talented students may be held back.

69. Disruption in classes. Classes too big and less one to one from teachers

70. Disruption, too many new people

71. Disruptive in classes. Not enough space. Not much learning, too many pupils to teachers.

72. Disruptive people in class being rude to teachers and to original pupils. I go to grammar school, and think that teachers would focus more on new pupils who maybe don't have the same ability. The standard of teaching might be lower.

73. Do not get on well with some people from local schools.

74. Don't mind

75. Doubling the number of pupils in a school halves the amount of attention each student gets.

76. Each individual pupils would get less attention from the teachers which may hinder their learning. It also disrupts the comfortable environment we have become accustomed to.

77. Everyone has a right to get a good education

78. Everyone in school is friends with each other but if a number of new people came it would disrupt this.

79. Everyone would be crammed into the one school and everything would become a lot more stricter in school.

80. everything i was used to my old school and the teachers and i dont like big changes

81. Facilities would become overused and peace between pupils may be disruptive.

82. Feel weird that many new pupils are joining our school.

83. Firstly, the school I attend would not have enough space or an adequate amount of teachers to cater for another school. I think it would also cause disruption as classes would have to be changed etc.

84. Firstly, the school I currently go to is large enough, with a 1500 pupil capacity, any additions to that would be in my opinion, disruptive and personally I find that the larger the school the more lack of concentration there is and the harder it is to ad

85. Future pupils would have a smaller choice of which school they go to and pupils may have to go to a school which does not suit their abilities.

86. Getting to know new people.

87. Getting to know the new pupils

88. Giving up the comfort you have in the school your in, maybe a b it of negativity between the two schools.

89. Having a large influx of new pupils would put our schools facilities under strain, making it harder to be taught with individual precision, making dinner lines longer and corridors more full.

90. Having a large number of people coming in all at once would be a little intimidating and things and people might change for the worse because maybe there are more disruptive students or bad influences.

91. Having a lot of extra pupils could lead to problems with money within the school, apart from that, I wouldn't mind.

92. Having a lot of new people to show around and with the number of new people coming in, it might change the atmosphere of the year group.

93. Having a lot of pupils in the school. They might act and behave very differently to us. Larger class sizes, less chance of effect of learning.

94. Having alot more people than i am used to having in my school

95. Having bigger classes, less individual help from teachers.

96. Having Classes which are too large.

97. Having large class sizes and disruptive pupils.

98. Having lots of new people you don't know coming to your class and you would have to get to know more people after already making new friends when you started that school.

99. Having many new people in school that are in groups and unfriendly/disruptive or rude.

100. Having more people in school than I am used to.

101. Having new people in my class who I don't know, not knowing what their personalities are like, could be disruptive and hold you back from your education.

102. Having new people in the school. Having to show them how to do specific things. Tagging along. New teachers who think they'd run the school.

103. Having people you didn't know join out school who may be disruptive and effect my learning

104. Having people you don't know, a lot more people around you (less space)

105. Having some annoying people in your class that would be bad.

106. Having such a sudden increase in pupils and class sizes and what the pupils would be like (disruptive etc.)

107. Having the whole school interrupted.

108. Having to accommodate for lager classes, may get less attention.

109. Having to adapt to bigger class sizes and the possibility that they may be studying a different syllabus or may be further behind or ahead in the course.

110. Having to adjust due to the small size of my school.

111. Having to be taught with pupils who may be disruptive.

112. Having to change what we're use to for them and getting less help because there would be far too many pupils

113. Having to get to know a whole new year, classes will be full and its harder to learn with lots of pupils.

114. Having to get to know everyone in your year again and the awkwardness that it could bring.

115. Having to include them into your group of friends, and they may be disruptive in class.

116. Having to make an effort to speak and make friends with them could change the dynamics of a friendship or group of friends.

117. Having to mingle with people who you may not have anything in common with. If there were boys some may be rough and disruptive to study.

118. Having to mix and socialise with people I don't know or feel comfortable around.

119. Having to mix with different people all over again.

120. Having to mix with different people who you are not comfortable with.

121. Having to mix with people I know don't like you because of your background.

122. Having to readjust to new pupils and bigger classes may be difficult

123. Having to share facilities and make new friends, I wouldn't mind once I got used to it

124. having to share resources when they are already limited and there would be too many people in the school and not enough space.

125. Having to try and make friends with them and the initial awkwardness.

126. Having two schools brought together could cause some havoc. From my own personal experience girls can be some what nasty, if too many girls like this get put together there could be a clash. Besides that I cant see a problem. It would be good as people could make more friends.

127. How crowded the school would be.

128. How it would affect the Pupils. For example, if we were to do a project with those with Special Needs or Disabilities, would our school still be able to provide what they need?

129. How they behave and act with new people, having to possibly move school.

130. I am convinced that if the amalgamation of certain schools, in turn lead to the integration of pupils of varied academic ability within one establishment it may prove a hindrance to productive teaching as well as learning. Moreover if the school was comprised of pupils harbouring extremely varied religious views there may be many verbal and even physical contentions.

131. I am currently doing my AS-Levels and would not like the disruption and hassle that would come with it. I think that at a younger age I would be more open to it and if it was well planned and organised.

132. I am happy with the way my school is and I would not want it to change. I also think that different schools suit different abilities I and I believe that if my school joined up with another school, I believe that a lot of changes will have to be made and I think it would cause too much unnecessary hassle for everyone.

133. I am now sixth year in my current school therefore I am extremely comfortable and at ease with my year group and my teachers, also I attend an all girls school and if boys began attending I would find it strange and daunting to begin with as I am so used to a single sex school.

134. I am used to our school as it is and would be hesitant as i dont like change

135. I attend an all girls school, and I believe that having boys in the schools would affect girls achievements. I wouldn't mind people from different religions to myself coming to my school. I am however very strongly against boys attending my school as I don't think it is fair to put the girls achievements under risk.

136. I currently attend an all gender, all ability, all religion and 11 to 18 years old school and there is a harmony instilled within it. Therefore, I would be weary of children who attend it a protestant only or catholic only school as they may not own enough respect or curtsy towards the pupils of my school. i would be cautious but welcoming if this opportunity did occur.

137. I do not like that school since iv been there and I know it has a bad reputation because of some pupils, which mean our schools students may be bullied/negatively affected by them.

138. I don't have any problems with it.

139. I don't like change, I had to change schools at the end of 5th year in order to do A level Music as my previous school did not offer music. I wouldn't like the pupils from my old school to mix with the new as it would change school completely and possibly mess up our studies in the process.

140. I don't think it would benefit anyone's education as classes would be bigger and the teachers attention wouldn't be focused of each individual as it would usually.

141. I don't want people that are noisy, disruptive all the time or bullies.

142. i dont know these people and they could be rough and racist towards coloured people

143. I feel bigger classes and shortage of equipment would prove problematic. Classes should be kept to around 20-30 pupils so that each student can get the help they require.

144. I feel that it would be disruptive to the school.

145. I feel that these pupils from the other school may enter with their own groups and friends and not want to associate or mix with the current pupils.

146. I feel the problems are in the way that young people in secondary schools see each others schools as rivals, nothing to do with religion, just different schools and they use this as an opportunity to rival each other which would make sharing extremely difficult.

147. I generally dislike people my age so more of them isn't good

148. I get along with everyone in my school, however I think that if young people how are very different or forced together then it would cause trouble and conflict, especially if they are different religions. I am happy with the system as it is but personally I do not completely agree with integrated education. I do not have a problem with people of different religions as I work with them in my part time job but personally think that integrated education is a bad idea.

149. I go to a large number, but not in size, school and sometimes it already seems our resources are stretched. I would not object to the arrival of lots of pupils for any reason other than that we are not well enough equipped to cope with such a change.

150. I go to a special needs school - with the children have special needs to?

151. I go to quite a small school with not many pupils, because there are not many people our teachers have a lot of time for us and we can get extra help from them. If the size of our school increased then there would be less time for the teachers to help particular students or give one to one help.

152. I had to get my A grade in the 11+ and then had to get over "7 B's" in my GCSE's to get into Laurel Christi why should other students be allowed in just because their school was closed?

153. I have had the experience already and the education authority made a mess of it! No surprise!!

154. I imagine the people from the other school would interact with each other more and the school would feel serperated

155. I like my school the way it is

156. I like my school the way it is, I don't want it to change.

157. I may loose current friends meeting new people it being so different.

158. I might not get on well with some of the pupils and there would be a huge amount of pupils in the one school which would make it quite cramped.

159. I think it would be very crowded in the corridors etc, and there could be more disruptive behaviour

160. I think it would cause tension in the school and create a further divide between the two schools.

161. I think my school at the minute is quite over populated and I think another school joining to our school could disrupted arriving to class on time. Also, I think it would be unfair for a particular school to just be shut down, just because the government wants to save money on education costs.

162. I think our school already has a strong sense of community and good system in place that are working well and I wouldn't like to change.

163. I think our school community is very positive and caring and I would not want new people to move in and disrupt the school

164. I think that schools should cater to different abilities; by making 'all-ability' schools you are only holding back the best and putting undue pressure on those at the bottom.

165. I think that there would be so many pupils that the facilities would be over used, the building too crowded and you would have no rapport with your teachers or sense of belonging in the school community.

166. I went to an all girls grammar school. I'm not a sociable person. The classes would be to cramped, rowdy and different.

167. i would be afraid that our school would not be able to cope with extra pupils that is why i would support the idea of a new all ability school in which the two schools could join, providing there would still be a Catholic ethos in that new school.

168. I would be annoyed that their school was shut down as I feel its important that kids (Especially) get the education they deserve. I would not mind that new pupils were joining but it may cause problems due to lack of facilities and more pupils could cause fights or disruptions.

169. I would be slightly worried if everyone would get along and if there would be any tension/annoyance/hatred towards each other. Eventually everyone would get along it might just take some getting use[d] to!

170. I would be worried about classes becoming too big and that teacher's have less time for each pupil individually. Also I think that courses take longer to cover if these pupils hold the teacher back by being disruptive for example by not completing homework

171. I would be worried if a lot of new people came to my school that the classes would be much bigger and I maybe wouldn't get a such a good education with large class sizes.

172. I would be worried it might disrupt the school aura a little and that some pupils might come and cause trouble but I think on the whole it might be good.

173. I would dislike the larger number of pupils, and I prefer a smaller school. I would dislike the possibility of increased class sizes and the decreased number of opportunities that may come with more pupils. I think the ethos and atmosphere in my school would change.

174. I would feel like a different school. I like the way my school is at the minute. If our classes had bigger numbers we wouldn't get the same attention we need enabling us to achieve good grades. My school is stuffed to capacity already and this may cause some disruptive that in my book is not needed. its been this way for years why change now.

175. I would feel that my education is under threat and under valued

176. I would find this very disruptive, especially those who are in the middle of exams.

177. I would have nothing against the specific pupils but I would not be happy about the disruption to my studies and classes it would affect the routine that I have gotten into over the past 5 years and I would also not like having to meet new people, because of reasons like religious or idealistic differences but simply because i generally dislike change and find it difficult to make new friends

178. I would like the school to be open because I don't want someone from a different school in ours

179. I would make the school too large and would not be able to get the help you need or want and wouldn't be fair on the pupils that need it.

180. I would mean there could be more disruptive people. The school would get awfully cramped and it could mean less time to talk with teachers about important matters or subjects.

181. I would mind a little because it would cause disruption in our classes due to new pupils, bigger classes, teachers having to repeat things for their benefit, and cramped school in general. If it wouldn't disrupt I wouldn't mind.

182. I would mind a lot because other schools near you always judge you so I don't think it would go to good with the pupils.

183. I would mind a lot because our school would get full and we couldn't really move about.

184. I would mind about people coming in from different school because all the schools are different and having to adopt to different changes.

185. I would mind about that we are the only Integrated school in the area and the other schools don't like that we are integrated, also I like and love the way my school is it is one of the top schools in Northern Ireland and I wouldnt want that to change.

186. I would mind as I want Grammar schools to stay as grammar schools and believe that option academic selection at aged 14 is a good thing. I think that the Dickson plan should be looked at to used in nearly all areas of northern Ireland as I feel it gives

187. I would mind as my classes in my old school was big enough and another school joining would mean that the teacher wouldn't have time to explain questions if you didn't understand.

188. I would mind as my school is small and already has a lot of pupils.

189. I would mind as the school closest to my old one is where people with bad grades and bad attitudes have to go. They have to go to this school as nowhere else will take them. People who live beside the school pay for a bus to go to the next town to go to my school as they don't want to go to the closer one. If they come to my school it would probably become more violent and vandalised.

190. I would mind because it would mean are classes would be bigger and you might not get taught as well.

191. I would mind because the pupils may be disruptive and annoying.

192. I would mind because the school I am currently attending is over crowded and could not hold anymore students. The fact that the students are of a different religion wouldn't bother me however I feel other people in my year may feel prejudice towards these students of a different background.

193. I would mind cause I feel the school would be very big and teachers would really get to know you.

194. I would mind if I knew people who were really disruptive, annoying and arrogant were in that school

195. I would mind if some of the pupils were rough, noisy annoying or mean. This could disrupt some of the classes.

196. I would mind if the new pupils tried to take advantage of the teachers in the school.

197. I would mind if the people that joined were annoying as they would keep me back, as the teacher would have to focus their attention on them instead of teaching the class. But if they were willing to learn and actually listen to the teacher, I wouldn't mind at all.

198. I would mind if the pupils seemed rough or disruptive in class, and how they treated other people, however if they weren't disruptive and treated others with respect then I wouldn't mind.

199. I would mind if the school was very crowed and also if I dint not get along with the people from that school.

200. I would mind if their attitude was bad in the process of the move or if they were rough or disorderly pupils.

201. I would mind if there was too many people in each class also if there was people in the other school that I didn't get along with.

202. I would mind if there were some pupils who came and decided to bully others and start to cause problems etc.

203. I would mind if they come to our school and after a while start acting stupid or try make fun about some of my friends.

204. I would mind in the fact that the different school would come in and disrupt our learning.

205. I would mind that if the classes were too big it would be harder for me to communicate with the teachers and let them know I need help.

206. I would mind that others would be joining our school that we wouldn't know. If they were to come the classes would be bigger and the pupils wouldn't get enough help

207. I would mind that there would be an increase in the number of pupils in the school which would mean that the facilities and equipment would be more spread out. Larger classes would also mean more pressure on teachers and it may make pupils feel less valued, only a number.

208. I would mind that there would be bigger class sizes, so thus less one-to-one teaching time and ultimately, lower grades.

209. I would mind that these children would be joining our school without us having a say, but if I was in their position and needed a school to be educated I would take anyone that was offered and would be as hard working as possible to show respect and gratitude to the teachers and pupils.

210. I would mind that; my bonds with people from that school wouldn't be good.

211. I would mind the change in location and building

212. I would not be used to the other pupils at first and would feel shy around them but in time, I would most likely adjust to the new students.

213. I would not like all the new pupils coming into the school.

214. I would not mind at all because if their school closed down they would have no other option.

215. I would not mind it would just depend on who the pupils are in case I've had a bad connection with he or she in the past and it could affect are education. If one of us felt uncomfortable in the same school.

216. I would not mind. Everyone has a right to go to school.

217. I would not want more people because the classroom would have to be bigger and you would not get a "one on one" with teachers.

218. I would not want to be held back by disruptive pupils and the change in classes.

219. I would not want to be paired with another school consisting of pupils who would upset or disrupt my school community.

220. I would only be worried in case no one got along, or if other people didn't like the thought of it and it resulted in them not turning up to school which would be bad for their education.

221. I would realise the fact that these students need/may need a school nearby, and that there education is very important. However, the school im in, Drumragh Integrated College is even too small for the pupils it holds at the moment. Therefore I do not think the school would be able to facilitate them.

222. I would think that it is pointless and they chose to go to that school so why should they come to the school that i go to. Also i think it would cause fights as there would be too many types of different people

223. I would think that there are some pupils who would seriously disrupt the learning of those currently at the school, and this would be unacceptable.

224. I would worry about class numbers becoming to large and teachers not being able to give us the same amount of time.

225. I wouldn't care if they come to my school as long as they have a school to go to

226. I wouldn't like lots of new, unfamiliar people coming into my school where I'm comfortable

227. I wouldn't mind a lot but the fact that 2 schools where coming together would worry me due to the fact that with the teachers having more pupils I wouldn't get the Sufficient attention for my needs

228. I wouldn't mind anything about this.

229. I wouldn't mind as this has happened to my school, it only brought more cultural diversity. I made new friends and it meant subject could run, cause of the larger numbers in classes.

230. I wouldn't want people coming to my school who I didn't know and it would be very awkward and probably annoying.

231. I wouldn't mind a lot, though the religion would annoy me, although I am a Catholic some Protestants are sectarian. At the same time my opinion would be that both sides are as bad as each other and cannot get along. Would like to see everyone getting along.

232. I wouldn't mind at all.

233. Identity of the school now that the school has 2 sets of pupils. Separation.

234. If a large number of pupils came to the school, class would become much larger and it would be difficult to meet the needs of every single pupil.

235. If all the pupils came to our school, classes would become very crowded and it would become more difficult to learn. Larger classes would make teachers feel more pressure, and so would not enjoy teaching, and not explain subjects as clearly. This would make school life less enjoyable, and the school morale would lower.

236. If another school hated our school and called us 'snobs' as we are a grammar school, the pupils would make school unpleasant.

237. If for instance a Catholic school was closed down, I think that it is important for them to realise that they are entering a Protestant school. I would be worried that it may cause disruption.

238. If I did not get on with them and they were annoying and disrupting classes frequently.

239. If I didn't like some of the people that attended the school or if the school that a lot of pupils with learning difficulties because then some students then wouldn't give the best possible education

240. If it meant that pupils close to the school could not get entry because school numbers were too large

241. If it was a grammar school then I would feel that they would be smarter also they might not even like our school cause of the fact its different religions.

242. If it was a non grammar school it would prevent our classes progressing at the same speed through the course. It would cause a divide in the class that would be unfair on everyone, the weaker pupils would be left behind and the stronger ones would be held back.

243. if it was a school who was is dept and got overall worse grades

244. If it wasn't a grammar school similar to my own they might have different standards and attitudes and would disrupt the school which would be irritating.

245. If it were someone, I knew and didn't get on up. Had to come to my school I would be slightly annoyed.

246. If its people I don't or I don't like them.

247. If its pupils are disruptive or annoying it could effect my learning.

248. If people are stuck up or annoying and disruptive or trouble makers; rowdy and restless. Not adopting to the different rules.

249. If someone from another school thought they were all it

250. If the facilities could handle the extra pupils.

251. If the grammar school closed down I couldn't stick the girls in it as they are snobby, outspoken and love themselves as I have experienced in a few of my collaborated classes.

252. If the new pupils were rough and disruptive.

253. If the other pupils were disruptive to the class. If the other pupils required a slower pace and held me back.

254. If the other school was disruptive and known for their bad behaviour, they could then affect my studying by coming to my school. If they were rough and unfriendly, there could be more bullying that occurs and could cause more problems within the school.

255. If the people in the other school was a different religion to me.

256. If the people were badly behaved.

257. If the pupils are rough and tough.

258. If the pupils are rough/rowdy, i.e. disrupting classes or picking fights etc.

259. If the pupils are used to a lower standard of work/lower intelligence, this is because classes would then have their standards lowered in order to meet with the new pupils. This would effect the former pupils who are capable of higher standards of work. It would prove to be inefficient for intellectual purposes. 260. If the pupils are very disruptive and rude.

261. If the pupils aren't nice.

262. If the pupils did not like other religions and prejudged you because of this. Also if they were too rough or disruptive which could affected others education.

263. If the pupils had a reputation of bring disruptive and rowdy, I wouldn't want them in my class. Also if there were more pupils in the class, my teachers would have less time to help me with my studying individually.

264. if the pupils held you back from your work if the teachers were also no good at teaching and also hold you back

265. If the pupils that came were rude and sectarians

266. If the pupils were all boys from a different religion this would create a lot of tension.

267. If the pupils were annoying or disruptive.

268. If the pupils were cheeky

269. If the pupils were disruptive and annoying

270. If the pupils were disruptive and did not want to be there and get an education to be able to go to university.

271. If the pupils were disruptive and really rude it would effect our learning and unsettle the other classes in the school too.

272. If the pupils were disruptive and their arrival would have a negative impact on my learning and education.

273. If the pupils were disruptive in class I would not like it. Also if they were nasty and domineering I would not like it.

274. If the pupils were disruptive in class or not keeping up after moving from a non-grammar to a grammar school

275. If the pupils were disruptive or annoying I think I would mind but if they tried to integrate into the school I wouldn't mind very much as it is them who has been forced into this situation.

276. If the pupils were disruptive or disrespectful towards the present pupils.

277. If the pupils were loud, obnoxious and rough, it would disturb the environment for all the pupils that had settled into their school.

278. If the pupils were much higher or lower ability in learning than me it may be different for us all to stay at the same pace when learning e.g. some may grasp what they are taught quickly but others may not grasp it as quickly as others.

279. If the pupils were rough and intimating and prevented me from learning to my full ability in class.

280. If the pupils where from an known grammar school it may change how the teachers in our school have to teach.

281. if the pupils where of another religion

282. If the school became over crowded and there wasn't enough room in the classes etc. bigger classes means that the teacher has less time for each individual.

283. If the school became over crowded.

284. If the school had a bad reputation, there could be a lot of rivalry between the pupils even though they are now all in the same school. As well, the school may not be big enough.

285. If the school mixing with my school was secondary or had a different curriculum which affected my A-levels.

286. If the school pupils were disruptive i wouldnt like them interrupting class. as i enjoy scholl

287. If the school they went to had a similar ethos to mine - if they thought that their education was important or not

288. If the school was an all boys school then girls in my school would b all over them and the school would have to invest in childcare facilities while pupils are in school.

289. If the school was integrated, a bad reputation, if my own faith and belief would be compromised negatively as Christian society has been eroded by non-Christian beliefs. I believe multi-culturism should not be compulsory in a Christian (Catholic) school. I would mind if the new rules were made to suit the other school, a new uniform etc.

290. If the school was of a different others and my school were to make a compromise I would mind. If the staff at my school were to be strained the new amount of students I would feel the quality of my education to be affected negatively

291. If the two schools won't be able to mix without fights

292. If the was being closed as they were under performing, as I want to learn and not be disturbed by those who don't like my school, do not want to learn or else mess around and give a bad reputation.

293. If there was a good chance that they would be disruptive and could reduce changes of everyone getting good A-levels

294. If there were people I didn't get along or see eye to eye with.

295. If there would be enough resources in the school available for everybody.

296. If these pupils are annoying and not as willing to learn as other pupils it would disrupt the teaching staff and I wouldn't like it. The friendships would also change and different 'clicks' would emerge which would make me feel uncomfortable.

297. If these pupils were not from a special school it would be harder to intergrade full time with them as our needs would be so much different to theirs.

298. If these pupils were of different religions or were rough or disruptive.

299. If they are disruptive

300.If they are disruptive and only there to mess about and cause trouble.

301. If they brought trouble and bigotry/racism with them, considering my school is relatively peaceful

302. If they came from a non grammar school and had been taught differently and they had to catch up etc. - time wasted, disadvantages others. Pervious school may have different rules/###, may be disruptive.

303. If they didn't get along with our school. This could effect learning in our school and also could cause disputes.

304. If they had a different religion.

305. If they were annoying

306. If they were annoying or had a poor attitude.

307. If they were boys, mean, annoying, really loud.

308. If they were disruptive

309. If they were disruptive and caused fights or arguments.

310. If they were disruptive etc.

311. If they were disruptive in the school and made me feel uncomfortable or threatened/scared I would mind a lot. This is because I enjoy my school a lot and like how it is run and how the pupils are taught to act towards class mates and the public - I hate feeling physically threatened; sometimes I feel threatened by pupils from other school particularly secondary schools (in the Lisburn area).

312. If they were disruptive or negatively influenced my education

313. If they were from a different religion from me e.g. Catholic/Protestant then I would mind a little

314. If they were from a grammar school and think they are better than the rest and if they are from a different religion and were bitter.

315. if they were from a school with mentel problems

316. If they were going to be aggressive or rude

317. If they were sectarian

318. If they were unhelpful towards other pupils.

319. If they where from a bad area.

320. If they where pupils from a non grammar school coming to a grammar school it would disrupt the current system and would be unfair to both sides.

321. I'm not sure, I suppose I should have said it would mind who the pupils are, but I would still mind a little.

322. In case it got too crowded with new people and it might make me uncomfortable

323. In case the pupils were disruptive and gave my school a bad name.

324. In case there was people I didn't like and they would make the amount of pupils in a class room more than it already is.

325. In case there where kids that bullied people like me who has special needs.

326. In case things had to change. In case I had to change classes. The amount of space we have might be affected.

327. In my school are many children from different countries such as like from Poland. My school is also Catholic school so I think if the school will be together people from other school bullying us or discriminated. It will be not comfortable for many children but this is only my opinion.

328. In our school we have small classes, so the teachers teach more efficiently. By having more students in the school, means that the teaching from the teachers would not be overly efficient.

329. In terms of ability, and if I know the people or not

330. Incase they are very disruptive or bad mannered.

331. Increase in pupils in school. Noise levels.

332. Interruption in class.

333. Issues of class overcrowding and the possibility of having covered different material

334. It can become over crowded and it would be harder to learn because the teachers may spend too much time working with others.

335. It could change our learning and run over crowded classrooms.

336. It could go both ways, the pupils might think they are better than the pupils at my school or they could think there not accepted in our school which wouldnt be fair on them

337. It depends how the pupils behave and act really. If a non-grammar school join into a grammar school, I think, that's not a good idea because in non-grammar & grammar schools, things are taught differently. However, I don't mind pupils coming from grammar schools to my school, as we are taught same stuff although it depends on each individual.

338. It depends on that if this school wasn't for pupils with special needs because I think that they need more help from teachers than people who go to normal school

339. It depends on the pupils, if they're from a rough school or disruptive in class.

340. It depends on the type of school that was closing. For example if it was a Grammar school closing due to lack of pupils then they may be coming to my school with the view that they are smarter than the pupils in my school. From past experiences I know this

341. It depends on whether the pupils would fit into our current school dynamic. As long as they are friendly I would not mind.

342. It depends on who there are if they are a grammar school or a rough school then it would bother me because I wouldn't feel comfortable being in the same surroundings as them.

343. It depends what the reputation of the school was, if they were really rowdy and not very disciplined it would take long to get used to but I still would not mind that much. I would still accept them as part of the school.

344. It is a occurring in my school at the minute, I don't mind the only thing I mind is that they are changing our schools name and uniform. Our school is also quite old and small, they should collide with a bigger school who has more facilities

345. It may be awkward at the start. Means teachers have less time for each individual pupil.

346. It may cause disruption within the year groups and individual friend groups

347. It may disrupt the class and we could fall behind in work.

348. It may put a strain on the resources with the school may have for example over crowding.

349. It might be a bit crowded which would make it harder to learn.

350. It might get too crowded and pupils that had already attended may feel uncomfortable with the changes, there also may not be enough room to facilitate all pupils.

351. It might just be a little unnerving at first, having a load of new people in school, but I love making new friends and meeting people that are different than myself so I probably end up very happy with the arrangement.

352. It will completely change the school and how it works.

353. It would be a huge disruption and as my classes are extremely small with 7 or 8 people in them I would feel I would not get the same support that I currently get with my studies.

354. It would be a lot more bitchy and fights happening a lot more.

355. It would be a lot of hassle and awkward in classes.

356. It would be a massive change to what im used to and happy with. It would be very awkward having different pupils we don't know there. It would become to crowded and the classes would be too big meaning my learning experience would be poor and it would effect individual performance.

357. It would be awkward and in classes people may fall behind with the work load.

358. It would be crowded, it may be a disruptive school with a reputation of bad grades which I feel would drag mine down, I would be distracted by those who wouldn't want to learn or couldn't do a subject because their school didn't teach it, they wouldn't treat the school with respect or anyone else that was there before them.

359. It would be difficult to adapt to having more pupils from a different school who we didn't know. It could be difficult to get along with them.

360. It would be far to[o] big and lots more bullying going on. And maybe to[o] stressful for teachers to cope with so many pupils.

361. It would be hard getting used to having new people in your class as they might not talk to you. The might also stick in their own friendship groups meaning they wouldn't interact with other who are already at the school.

362. It would be strange trying to fit everyone in and make them feel part of the school as we have already formed our "clicks"

363. It would be too crowded and classes would be to[o] big.

364. It would be very disruptive as there are a lot more people

365. It would be weird having lots of new people in school. For the start anyway.

366. It would cause a lot of disruption regarding friend groups. It would lead to unsettled classes.

367. it would cause an awful lot of change and distribution

368. It would depend if the pupils had similar levels of interest as us in education. It would also depend if it was a 'tough' school as they might physically intimidate some of our pupils.

369. it would depend on the personalities of the people coming to the school and whether they would respect their new school and the new school rules

370. It would depend on the size of the school closing and the one remaining open. Would the school be over crowded and rowdy? If the school was big enough to cope I personally would not mind at all.

371. It would depend on their attitude rather than gender or religion as it doesn't bother me. Say someone is nice and understanding that's fine I would get on well with them but say someone is nasty and disruptive causing trouble it would bother me as it shows disrespect for the school, staff and other pupils.

372. It would depend on what reputation the last school had. If it had a bad reputation I would be concerned as I wouldn't want them to affect the education I received. I would also be concerned if the school had the facilities to deal with the extra students.

373. It would depend on what type of people they were, for instance, if they came from a rough school or area I wouldn't want them bringing down the reputation of our school and coming in and causing problems. They also could influence other pupils to act in the way they do and change the way they are.

374. It would depend, and I like my year at school so I think new people could make my year more divided.

375. it would disrupt learning and there is a chance of trouble if people from the two schools don't get on

376. It would disrupt the day to day normalities of the school. 3

77. It would disrupt what I am used to in my school.

378. It would give us a chance to mix and meet new friends

379. It would have the potential to disrupt friendship groups

380. It would have to be from a school that I liked.

381. It would make me feel uncomfortable, over-crowded. I wouldn't have such a big problem with it, it would just take getting used to.

382. It would make the school much larger meaning larger classes and less one on one with the teacher.

383. It would mean that classes and year groups would significantly increase meaning teacher would have little time for individual student and their issues. This would be particularly disruptive at GCSE, AS and A- Level.

384. It would mean that classes would be a lot fuller and would be more difficult to get through the course.

385. It would over populate the school. Increased numbers of pupils would put too great a strain on the teaching staff resulting in a drop in the level of teaching.

386. It would put a strain on the schools facilities and budget, therefore school life would be of a poorer quality. The fact that a large number of new pupils come in would cause divisions and perhaps even rivalry and exclusion.

387. It would take a lot of getting used too, it could be distracting to pupils learning.

388. It would take ages for the new pupils to settle in and all the current pupils might fall behind on their education to let the new pupils catch up.

389. It would take time to adjust. The people may not be nice and cause unnecessary disturbance

390. It would upset the social aspect within the school and it would require adjusting to new people and names which may also disrupt the learning dynamic in class but it's a really unlikely thing to happen and I just get on with it.

391. It wouldn't be fair as my school is a good grammar school, and if it closed I feel my standard of education would fall, and I would most likely under achieve.

392. It wouldn't bother me that much just something's would change and it would be a bit different and uneasy for a while.

393. Iv already learnt most of my school and my school gets on. It would just be weird if others came in, especially if they were annoying and disruptive.

394. Joining our own school, we know the routine, new pupils wont which would cause disruptiveness.

395. Judging our school.

396. Just if I knew some of the pupils before hand and knew they weren't nice people.

397. Just in case the school was over crowded and having to mix with new people.

398. Just in case they where disruptive in class, and I wouldn't know them.

399. Just the fact that there would be a lot of disturbance getting settled and having to meet new people, also there would be less space so new buildings would have to be erected causing disturbance.

400. Just the fact that there would be disruptive pupils as my school is a grammar school positioned in an area that is quite poor and thus very anti-social. I don't mind or care about differences in family financial situations, just that my education is my first priority and I would not like that to be effected.

401. Knowing that our settled class of pupils were everyone knows each other well and share experiences was possibly going to be disrupted and our class and the way it works reformed. Granted, if the students are nice people who will not hold the rest of us back, I wouldn't worry too much.

402. Knowing the schools in my area and the pupils who attend them it would cause disruption

403. Less able students might waste their own time as well as others time if students were badly behaved it would annoy everyone.

404. Less facilities, too many pupils in classes, teachers won't be able to help as much because too many pupils.

405. Less Space.

406. Less time alone with the teachers to talk about issues. Grades may suffer. Crowded. Bullying may rise.

407. Little space, over crowded facilities (e.g. canteen)

408. Loads of new faces, the whole scale of who is who would be messed up.

409. Loss of school identity (instantly)

410. Lots of different people would be coming in and could be very disruptive.

411. Lower standards of learning. Disrupt classes.

412. Making classes bigger. Strain on resource's. Less attention from teachers (too many pupils)

413. Making new friends.

414. May not be as smart, or might be disruptive and hold us back in class. Might be over crowded. Might not get on with each other, could cause arguments and fallouts and therefore people may not enjoy coming to school as much. Would take them a while to get used to it e.g. finding way about school, which is extra hassle and may disrupt our learning.

415. Mixing pupils that want to get an education with pupils that do not can be disruptive and affects grades and concentration. Bullying maybe an issue that will appear when schools combine. A different near by school even smears at and tries to taunt pupils at our school.

416. Mixing with other people.

417. Mixing with pupils I don't get on well with.

418. More bullying. People loosing friend's. People not liking it.

419. More Crowded

420. More people means teachers have to spend more time with other pupils and this will affect grades.

421. more people.. noisy .. disruptive

422. More pupils in each class means less teaching such as one to one teaching with pupils who are having difficulties.

423. More pupils meaning less good food in the canteen.

424. More pupils means more noise, trouble, not enough facilities to go around. More money needed to facilitate their needs.

425. More pupils so less individual attention from teachers.

426. More pupils would mean less quality time from teachers.

427. More pupils would mean less time for teachers/tutors.

428. My classes are big enough as they are.

429. My current school are over-subscribed each year. There are a lot of students already, having an unnecessary increase would affect the school a lot. Catering would be havoc as with getting accepted into GCSE and A level courses.

430. My school already has too many people so if more came it would be very busy and there would not be lot of room.

431. My school has a good reputation, something that I feel that would be adversely affected by the decision to merge it with the school that is doing so badly it is being forced to close.

432. My school has so many pupils in it and my classes are already big enough without other schools.

433. My school is a small grammar school, there is a family atmosphere and another school joining would disrupt this atmosphere.

434. My school is a special needs school we do not like to be disrupted.

435. My school is already fairly short in space - extra pupils would cause much disruption.

436. My school is already high in numbers, therefore any extra pupils would lead to overcrowding, and less chance for time using school facilities such as sports facilities or computers

437. My school is already quite large and would not be keen on even larger classes. My sixth form is already bigger than ever, leaving some without lockers. Also the nearest school has a reputation for being rough and I would feel intimidated if we joined together.

438. My school is grammar and students have to meet specific criteria in order to get accepted to it, it would take away from its grammar status.

439. my school is quite large and over popul[a]ted at the present year, allowing more people in would cause my school to be over crowed, therefore there would be less time to go over pupils work individually as classes would need to be larger. as a sixth form pu

440. My school is quite small so it would be over crowded.

441. My school is very crowded already, and this would only add to the problem.

442. My school might have enough people in it already, and I prefer having a small class as I find it easier to learn.

443. My school runs by the Dickson plan and this is one issue we are currently facing. I like that the grammar school I am at achieves high grades and everybody is around the same intelligence level. Under achieving students would lower the schools standards and teachers would have to teach at different levels.

444. My school would be too cramped, with too many people

445. My school would be too crowded.

446. My school would be vastly overcrowded and some pupils may be disruptive

447. My school would become overcrowded.

448. My school, and especially my year group as already go to many pupils in it. I and some of my friends were not able to partake in one or more of the A level classes we we wanted to do as they were all over subscribed, and my own school doesn't have the res

449. My town is such a divided town, I would be worried and apprehensive how well the students would mix and get along with each other.

450. N/A (5 respondents)

451. Need similar work ethnic

452. New people attending the school, would fill up spaces which people who applied for may have got instead. Also, may have a lower standard of education from their previous school, dragging other with them.

453. New people coming into our school that we may not know. Our school wouldn't be large enough. I feel our school knows each-other quite well and has a good relationship, a large amount of new pupils would wreck that.

454. New pupils may be disruptive or would make day to day life in school different as fights may occur.

455. No I wouldn't mind, I would hope that they wouldn't disrupt the class.

456. Not as much one to one teaching. Teachers would be focusing on more pupils.

457. Not being able to learn or see your friends.

458. not enough resources to provide for everyone would make the school worse bigger classes, harder to teach

459. Not enough room for everyone, it would be too cramped and disruptive.

460. Not knowing all the new pupils.

461. Not knowing any of them.

462. Not knowing loads of people. May not get along well. Could be disruptive/annoying.

463. Not knowing them.

464. Not knowing who they are being distractive in classes behaviour.

465. Nothing (6 respondents)

466. Nothing. A school should be a place where all feel welcome.

467. Obviously the class size would be bigger meaning there's a higher chance I could get distracted or the teacher would be distracted with disruptive pupils, this could jeopardise our education.

468. Only because it would be impractical as our school could not hold the amount of pupils

469. organising all this would be very disruptive, the classes would basically have to start from scratch- unfair to current pupils. had it of happened during the summer I would not mind

470. Other disruptive pupils. Not knowing them.

471. Other people moving into my school that I would not know, plus there is already lots of people at my school.

472. Other pupils in my school would change my routine and they maybe not have special needs like mean not understand, I don't like loud noises and not understand my concept of the world. I just like to visit other schools (my daughters own words)

473. Our school already contains over 1000 students so it would be very crowded and noisy this would make me anxious.

474. Our school already has a lot of pupils and I don't think the teachers or facilities could cope with a larger student body.

475. Our school already has maximum numbers, by adding more would only put pressure on our school and so could effect all they pupils involved education.

476. Our school is a truly integrated school, built to hold no more than 500 children, at the moment our school is filled.

477. Our school is already cutting back spending money. More pupils mean more money to spend and therefore more cuts. Our year is already overcrowded and there is therefore overcrowding in classrooms and indoor space at break and lunch.

478. Our school is already oversubscribed, it would make it harder for people in the area around my school to go to my school. It would mean more work for teachers, less attention from teachers and fewer resources for each pupil. Dinner queues would be massive!

479. Our school is already to[o] big. I don't think the other school should be closed down, its not small either.

480. Our school is not large enough to enrol more pupils. The school that I attend already has to many pupils and would be unable to share our equipment with pupils from another school.

481. Our school is packed anyway and the facilities are not great, so doing sport and classes would be worse

482. Our school is planning to become one with [name] College. As the majority of pupils are protestant, this would destroy the integrated ethos of our school and integrated education is clearly the way to gain peace in Northern Ireland.

483. Our school is small and having a full school of pupils come would disturb the routine of the school.

484. Our school is tight for space as it is so it would make it more difficult to get about the school.

485. Our school is very big, and it has a large number of pupils already. In order for another schools pupils to join the same school as mine, there would have to be made extensions made to the school because the classes would be far to[o] big.

486. Our school would be over crowded. Our school community is a nice one, I wouldn't like it to be disruptive, it would be difficult to accommodate them, their attitudes (if negative). They might not abide by the school rules like we do.

487. Our school would have to change to accommodate the new pupils. There would be more pupils in the class which would mean that the teacher would have to spend less time on each individual and, some of the new pupils might be disruptive and that could affect our grades. I'm also not good with change so it would take time to adjust.

488. Our schools is almost at maximum capacity for the facilities available. More pupils would make it too difficult for the school to function.

489. Over crowded and over stretched budget and resources

490. Over crowding, studies being taken over by school focusing on integration.

491. Over crowding, they will take up space, and disrupt class.

492. Over crowding.

493. Over crowding. Class size/resources.

494. Over crowding. Strain on facilities.

495. Over size classes

496. over-crowding

497. Overcrowding would be a huge problem and there would not be substantial resources to teach all the children. In addition, if they were from a school of lower ability it would make it hard to teach, as people would learn at different rates, and may also re

498. Overcrowding, and having to adjust to a lot of more people in my school.

499. Overcrowding, having an even larger year group, possibly becoming a mixed ability school 500. People being disruptive.

501. People coming from other school further away are sometimes different and from a rougher area, smoking, bullying etc. I'm not saying we don't have it in our area, we do. But as people have come to our school from Garvagh they are more disobedient.

502. People coming to the school and acting like they own it. I would not mind friendly, shy people, but people who came and thought and acted as though they have been at the school for ages would bother me.

503. People from other school might come and try to run the school.

504. People from other schools may be rowdy or disruptive compared to our school.

505. People in the school around me are at different levels from me. They were put in that school for a reason through the Dickson plan.

506. People not accepting the way my school is and the school becoming uncontrolled

507. Perhaps disruptive pupils from secondary schools, not used to grammar schools teaching.

508. Perhaps if the students were from a rougher background than myself.

509. Possible over crowding of my own schools facilities, also larger class numbers could make it more difficult to learn in class.

510. Potential disruption

511. Potential for disruption, bullying. The closure of the other school as a cost - cutting measure.

512. Pupils and teachers we didn't know would be integrated into our classes

513. Pupils being disruptive, annoying, loud.

514. Pupil's could potentially be disruptive and may not adapt well. If they are from a school that does not have as high academic records as mine, we could potentially have to lower our teaching standards so the less able could cope.

515. Pupils from other schools may be disruptive in class and may not have the same work ethnic which would make it difficult to get work done.

516. Pupils from secondary schools mixing with people from grammar schools. The pupils may cause disruption to others.

517. Pupils from the other school maybe very loud and annoying. This school would also come over crowded, which means that teachers cant give as much attention to other individuals. The cost for the school would go up, so they cant afford as much high quality books, equipment etc.

518. Pupils from the school may not have been accepted into my school in the first place for a reason, they could possibly be disruptive.

519. Pupils may be annoying or distracting some may have strongly held prejudices concerning faith etc

520. Pupils may think they are better than us or maybe a distraction to us.

521. Pupils with an inferior ability and those who are disruptive and annoying.

522. Rivalry

523. School being too crowded

524. School may become crowded.

525. School might be to big. Too many people in one class. Maybe disruptive.

526. School size would increase. Inconvenience for a while.

527. School would be different and would take time for the other school to get settled.

528. School would become too big. Too many pupils and teachers wouldn't know everyone.

529. School would become very crowded! There may be pupils from the other school that we don't get on with well.

530. School would feel "over-crowded". School closing may be at a lower academic level. They could be accepted over other in things like GCSE/A-Level choices.

531. School would feel over crowded and you would have to include other people in your own friend group.

532. Schools are stretched as is and having to share resources with a whole other school would be very difficult.

533. schools with bigger numbers of pupils mean that it is likely that the individual needs of the students won't be met

534. Sense of invasion. Time would be taking out of our lessons to get new pupils used to the school.

535. Since I attend a grammar school, mixing with another school would mean that our school would then have less able students at it and would change the school completely.

536. Some may be disruptive or prejudiced

537. Some may be disruptive to the learning environment.

538. some may be nosey, and wreck the classroom being put out of my comfort zone with new people joining my group of friends

539. Some of our school's current facilities, such as ICT rooms will be more frequently busy resulting in less time for me to catch up on coursework etc.

540. Some of the classes within the school are already full of numbers and there maybe no room within the class room.

541. Some of the new pupils may be of a different religion and cause problems in are different faiths, and so may be disruptive. The school would also be massively crowded.

542. Some of the pupils may be disruptive. Fights may become more likely. Some classes of mine are already too crowded, so I do not see how this could work with more pupils.

543. Some of the pupils may be rowdy and disruptive. They may lower the standards of our school.

544. Some people find change difficult and starting a new school is the sort of thing people don't want to have to do two and three times. Relationships with the other students could be hard to make - you may feel like the inferior or they may think they're above you etc. Because of different religions and class without a shadow of doubt there would be trouble

545. Some people from different schools may have a completely different way of acting, not that everyone should get on the same but I don't like bitchy people.

546. Some pupils may be bullies or start to bully young ones. Also if some were in our class, they could disrupt us and could therefore reflect on our learning.

547. Some pupils may be rough, and would come and the whole dynamic of what I'm used too.

548. Some pupils maybe violent or judgemental towards our school

549. Some schools that are near our school have many disruptive and unpleasant students, I would not want my classes to be held back or disrupted because of these students. However there are also schools near our school that have many well mannered and hard working students I would be very keen on sharing a class with students like these because they could enhance my own education.

550. Sometimes there are people that you've had been in fights with, who may try to bully or socially exclude you.

551. Sounds a bit harsh but they may be less academically able so they may slow up or disturb the class.

552. Space would be an issue. New people, and possibly some unpleasant people. More traffic. Harder to get one on one help. New teachers.

553. Teachers have less time for pupils as there are more pupils. Less resources. Difficulty integrating. Less of a quality in education.

554. Teachers would have far too much pressure on themselves and lack the ability to focus on such a high amount of pupils

555. That it could cause the pupils at the school to be distracted because new people are coming in, pupils may not do their work or be more interested in who is coming to the school.

556. That it would separate the school as people would stick with the people they already know, they might be disruptive or rough, the school would become less personal to you. You would become just a number.

557. That it would take some time for the pupils to adjust to our way of school life and this may be disruptive for us.

558. That other can just come to our school and use our stuff which I don't care no more cause I'm not at school.

559. That other pupils that I don't know and would feel like I'm starting a completely new school again, although I would be excited to meet new people and possibly make new friends.

560. That some of the pupils can be annoying And you could hate some people out of their and find them rude and bad mannered.

561. That some of the pupils from the other school may be disruptive and affect my studies.

562. That the school would become over crowded.

563. That the would disrupt the class.

564. That there would be enough time to get educational activities. Not enough teachers or space.

565. that there would not be enough facilities for everyone

566. That they are protestant and wouldn't understand us or accept us because we are Catholics.

567. That they may have very different beliefs and cultures and I would be afraid of offending them and having to be careful what I say because I don't know what could offend them and what mightn't.

568. That they will start to think that they own the school and treat it the way they treated their own school

569. That they would be very disruptive and affect my learning.

570. That we had to sit a test to be able to attend our school but they wouldn't.

571. That would cause a more cramped school life. There would be a secluded social group of the pupils from the other school.

572. That you would receive less attention from the teacher if the class size grow.

573. The atmosphere of school would change and our facilities would not cope with the excess pupils.

574. The atmosphere of school would change and our facilities would not cope with the excess pupils.

575. The bigger classes, if there weren't any pupils, teachers wouldn't have more pressure to help more. Smaller classes are much better as it gives the pupil one to one time with some pupils, which means better grades, rather than not having time to help everyone.

576. The change of our schools system.

577. The changes that would happen to your school would make me mind because new pupils, teachers would and maybe your used to school before that. Then you would have to get to know more pupils and teachers.

578. The clash/contrast in attitudes and personalities.

579. The class sizes would become bigger and you wouldn't get such dedicated teachers, also the new pupils might not be the same academic level and this effect learning.

580. The class sizes would change

581. The class sizes would increase, therefore we would have less time with teachers. The facilities in my school would not cope with additional pupils e.g. corridor size, number of computers. It would be disruptive to the curriculum.

582. The classes that I take are already over subscribed and extra pupils definitely could not be accommodated. Also, as it is, I think the pupil-teacher ratio in my school is too high.

583. the classes would be bigger and therefore classes would be harder to control and there would be less one on one attention from teachers so it would be harder to keep up if the class was bigger. Queues would also be long in the canteen and corridors would

584. The classes would be bigger therefore it would be very distractive and would be difficult to get work finished. As there would be more pupils, the teacher would have to help each individual if they were confused, which would lead to spending a lot of time on one unit etc. and could lead to us not finishing a course.

585. The classes would be bigger, the lines in the canteen would be longer, there would not be enough space and it would be harder to obtain the use of sports facilities.

586. The classes would be to big and teacher wouldn't be able to help individual pupils as much and the people could be very disruptive and annoying.

587. The classes would be to big.

588. The classes would be to full.

589. the classes would be too big and we would not get taught properly by teachers. also that the school would be too distracted with hundreds of new people coming into the school.

590. The classes would feel disrupted for the settling in period.

591. The classes would probably have to have more pupils in them, which makes it harder to learn.

592. The current school facilities would be unable to support extra pupils, therefore everyone's education would be affected.

593. The different pupils if they where disruptive and disturbed my education secondly the amount of pupils there are in a class

594. the division between the new and old pupils

595. The fact that classes and the school would have too many pupils. The school would have to adopt to the amount of pupils and possibly even make changes to facilities to cater for the extra school attending their own. However I don't mind anything else. I think it's a good idea.

596. The fact that classes are likely to be much larger, therefore you would not be able to have the same level of attention from the teachers.

597. The fact that different people are at different stages in the course and may start to get cocky or annoying.

598. the fact that good rural and comprehensive schools are being closed just to save money and not considering the quality and complexity of these schools that make them great learning centres, something the government could never ever understand.

599. The fact that it would put a larger strain on our resources, and the fact that many schools in the Enniskillen area are very small and wouldn't take the strain on another 500+ pupils.

600. The fact that the classes would be bigger and I'm comfortable with the sizes of the classes. I work better in a small class.

601. The fact that there would be a lot of new people that I don't know filling up the school.

602. The fact that there would be loads of randomers walking about my school.

603. The fact that they have to go to a school they may not want to go to, and making our school suffer with bigger classes etc

604. The fact you would go from knowing everyone and feeling comfortable, to not knowing half the people and feeling uneasy. And there would be more student in a class meaning less chances for one to ones with teachers.

605. The government clearly has not done its job and others have to pick up the pieces

606. The hallways would be much to crowded as well as the classes. Because of this the teachers may not have enough time for everyone and it would be unfair to the pupils who were already attending that school. Also, I would predict rivalry against the other school. People would probably become bitter towards the other school. I don't think the school would be able to function properly and teachers would become stressed.

607. The increase in size of the school would affect the atmosphere and relationships within the school.

608. The increasing numbers of pupils within classes

609. The joining of a school would result in disruption of the teaching system and routines that pupils have got used to. It could mean that this distraction would result in dropping of the grades and standards of my school.

610. The main problems would have to include overcrowding of the school. This would then equal in larger classes, difficulty using facilities equally and overcrowding in general playground areas.

611. The new people, classrooms would be more crowded and the line for lunch would be longer.

612. The new pupils could come a disruption to the school.

613. The number of pupils in a class would increase, which would effect peoples learning (unless the number of new pupils was small, there may not be any difference).

614. The only thing I would really mind would be classes sizes increasing as bigger classes are often harder for teachers to control.

615. The other pupils being disruptive or annoying.

616. The other pupils who move to the school will be new and they would be very far behind which would keep others back.

617. The over crowding and the disruption.

618. The people don't know the rules of our school, and their school maybe more lenient than ours so may be disruptive.

619. The people may slow down the progress of the school and may contaminate me

620. The possibility that I would lose out, in terms of teaching time or facilities.

621. The pupils being disruptive - rough

622. The pupils could be disruptive/immature towards the teachers. The pupils may not be at the same standard of ability as me for learning and could hold me and other pupils back. The classes would be to big.

623. The pupils from that school could be disruptive and hold back the pupils that already go to the school. Which would be unfair.

624. The pupils from the other school could possibly be disruptive & lack discipline. Schools with falling pupil numbers tend to be schools that parents choose not to send their children too.

625. The pupils might be disruptive and may have difficult personalities. It would also distract me from school work as I would have to meet a lot of new people.

626. The pupils who come from other schools say that were all stuck up and slag us off, those who fully transferred for our 6th forum say they're "ashamed I go to that school" over facebook. Its just rude, everyone welcomes them and they throw it back in your face in my opinion they're the stuck up ones.

627. The pupils would not know much about the school and its policies, so it might become very hectic.

628. The reason for my opinion is that my schools current facilities i.e. classrooms, computers and canteen facilities seem to be already stretched as it is. Therefore I fink that if this did happen people would progress less due to the "logistics" of the situation. Other than the issue above I would welcome this opportunity.

629. The school beside mine are known to be rough and disruptive and annoying. Also my school is a grammar school and the others aren't this means different subject taught etc. no offence.

630. The school closest to mine is a high school and a of the pupils I feel wouldn't respect our school, the building and its contents. They may bring with them bad habits e.g. drugs, not that it doesn't exist but it might make it worse, if it occurred. Not getting along with other pupils as well.

631. The school I am in has a very high reputation and everyone seems to get on well together. If another school arrived this may cause groups to form apposing each other and new pupils may not respect the current school and its pupils.

632. The school I attend would not have a enough space. The school I attend is a grammar and the closest is not so the kind of school I attend would change and its not fair for either schools pupils to have to change their place of learning.

633. The school I attended is cramped. Corridors are filled and the canteen so there would not be enough room

634. The school may become too crowded and splits would occur between the pupils.

635. The school may feel overpopulated. School morale may change.

636. The school might be a bit over crowded 637. The school might become too crowded.

638. The school nearest to my school is completely protestant and they are rough and shout down the bus etc. and I don't think I would do as well if they where in my classes and I got to an all girls school and I wouldn't want boys in my class.

639. The school would be massive and the queue in the canteen would be huge.

640. The school would be overcrowded and you would have to get to know a lot of new people.

641. The school would be too packed. There would be too many people. Some people could be disruptive.

642. The school would be very cramped and there may not be enough teachers. The other school may have different rules/a different routine than ours and the pupils may be disruptive if they come to our school as they don't like our rules/routine. The pupils may be different religions and it could cause fights.

643. The school would be very different.

644. The school would be very full. People might not get on. Classes would be to big.

645. The school would become a lot more crowded with extra students and there would be a lot of new students that I wouldn't know.

646. The school would become over crowded and people getting in without getting high grades like everyone else needed.

647. The School would become over crowded. Classes would be too large and using facilities i.e. computer suites would becoming challenging as there may not be enough. Not being able to form close relations with teachers because the class is too big and they have struggled to get to know everyone (this may affect pupils work)- some may be sectarian and not think of it the way I do, religion doesn't bother me but for some it does and it could cause trouble.

648. The school would become over-crowded and some pupils may not be able to do subject choices due to too many people

649. The school would become quite crowded and the classrooms are small enough as it is.

650. The school would become to crowded.

651. The school would become very over crowded, there are already about 1000 pupils in my school. Many of the new pupils maybe disruptive. Normal school life would be disrupted until everyone settles in. there maybe tension between pupils.

652. The school would get too crowded. You might not get on well with new pupils.

653. The school would have to stretch its funds and facilities for more pupils, might be a school from different community which could cause tension.

654. The school would have too many pupils. Not sure if smarter pupils would get the same kind of education if there are loads of disruptive pupils in a class who aren't at all interested in education.

655. The standard of new pupils may reflect poorly on the schools reputation. May have less opportunity's if there was not appropriate funding to support new pupils.

656. The standard of teaching would drop for all as the teachers time would be divided further and the quality of teaching would drop dramatically and teachers would loose jobs.

657. The sudden increase/move of pupils maybe hard for the school to cope with. This may put pressure on the teachers and school resources. A gradual movement of pupils into my school would be easier to deal with.

658. The teacher to student ratio has been changed this year in our school to save money which has made learning more difficult more students would increase the problem.

659. The teachers may change. It may be awkward with new pupils I don't know.

660. The teachers would be disrupted by the new pupils coming into classes and having to catch them up.

661. The thing I would mind about this is that the arrival of theses new pupils may effect the learning off other excising pupils as teachers would more than likely focus there teaching towards the new students so they feel welcome.

662. The two other schools near my own are a boys grammar or a mixed secondary school I would not mind if it was the grammar but I do feel that a lot of the secondary pupils my not be as driven as us and be annoying in class.

663. Their attitude towards teachers and students. They might be rough.

664. Their attitudes to my school. The school could become too crowded.

665. Them being disruptive rough or annoying.

666. There would be a lot more people. It might also be a bit uncomfortable as there would be a divide between the new pupils and original pupils.

667. There could be some pupils who don't care about their academic career which disrupt the learning proses for the rest of the pupils

668. there is always some people that wont like me for who i am

669. There is not enough spaces for ordinary pupils it would be a disaster for our school if other pupils will come over and join.

670. there may be pupils from that school who may not res[p]ect their sch[o]ol in the sam[e] way others do. they may also be a disruption to a class

671. There might not be enough Facilities

672. There would be a division between the two, also getting to know people who are of a different religion could be difficult.

673. There would be a larger number of pupils therefore this would create larger class numbers which would put more pressure on resources. There also would be less time and support from the teacher.

674. There would be a lot more people in this school, so there would be less space to move around. It would be harder to do extra circular activities because of the number limitations and the classes would be larger with more distractions.

675. There would be a lot more pupils in every class, which would make it a lot more difficult for our teachers to deal with everyone. This would then effect the education I am currently receiving.

676. There would be a lot of disruption in our school. There may not be enough room for everyone. Both schools may not get along.

677. There would be a lot of new faces and the school would be packed.

678. There would be a lot of students and very little space.

679. There would be even more people at my school.

680. There would be far too many in the year group and the majority of the students could be disruptive and immature to everyone else!

681. There would be far too many people in the classrooms and activities. It would change the way the school would run.

682. There would be little room in the school and there may be pupils who cause trouble joining which would not be good for school

683. There would be more people in our classes. There could be people who you don't know and don't talk too.

684. there would be more people in school, and larger classes, which might affect the education given

685. There would be more pupils in the school so that would mean that the resources and teachers would have to be shared around more pupils.

686. There would be more pupils so teachers would have less time for me

687. there would be more students in each class making it even harder to learn from as this can cause more disruption

688. There would be no room in my school for the extra pupils. Classes would be too big and teachers wouldnt be able to cope.

689. There would be to many pupils and not enough resources/teachers.

690. There would be to many pupils in one school, this means there would be bigger classes.

691. There would be too many people around the school, and our classes would be more disruptive

692. There would be too many people in school and in classes.

693. There would be too many pupils and not enough facilities and teachers because our school is already very full.

694. There would be too many pupils in my school

695. There would not be enough space for all of the students.

696. There would not be enough space required and pupils wouldn't all get the same facilities.

697. There would probably be some division or tension. It may become crowded.

698. There wouldn't be enough room. And I would only like it if it was an all girls school or a mixed school.

699. There wouldn't be sufficient space in the school.

700. there's a good chance the introduction of so many new pupils could cause tension or friction and it could become awkward or cause fights

701. There's already enough people in the school never mind putting more in.

702. They are different to your own school, the way things we are taught are different and they can be disruptive and maybe wont get a hang of the rules in school.

703. They could be disruptive, rude & disrespectful which would hold the rest of us back as the teacher would have to deal with them instead of teaching us.

704. They could be too in your face and disruptive.

705. They may be disruptive to our normal routine that we have in school i.e. joining the class late. They may disrupt our learning if they are behind on what we are currently doing.

706. They may be very different people and won 't know how my school works and may disrupt the school atmosphere.

707. They may have had a completely different school life from us, causing problems with teachers and other pupils, which could lead to bullying.

708. They may not want to learn.

709. They might act as if they own the school. Could gang up on people from our school. They might do things differently to our school, which might changes things a lot - perhaps for the best and/or worse.

710. They might have been taught differently and think there best than us.

711. They might have trouble settling in, and in doing so could disrupt our learning. There could be a resentment towards pupils in our school from new pupils.

712. They might not respect our school ethos or teachers. They would not understand out school projects. They might be badly behaved, they would probably be complaining the whole time. They would do damage to our school. They would not mix with our groups of friends. classes sizes to big.

713. They might not want to be in my school therefore not want to learn and may cause trouble.

714. They pupils with bad behaviour could lower the reputation of my school.

715. They would be coming from a different school with different learning techniques

716. They would be snobs and would try and take over my school.

717. They would disrupt classes and it would be harder for us to learn.

718. They Wouldn't know Irish and we might be forced to do our learning through English and then there wouldn't be much point in calling it a Irish school.

719. Things changing.

720. This has actually happened to me and the pupils are very rough, loud and disruptive. The majority don't want to learn and keep the people that do want to learn back.

721. This has happened to my school before, I do not mind as my school is integrated and anyone is welcome.

722. This is a already a proposal in my school and I feel that it will bring our school standards down. The school we will mix with is a school which I already attend for a class and in my opinion it is a "rough" school. This would look bad for my current school as our uniform and grounds are immaculate but the mixing would mean "chavs" would attend and smoke outside school and give us a bad name.

723. This may be happening to mu school. Already large school so less resources. Having more lower ability pupils might affect teaching standards. Don't want to lose any current teachers.

724. This would mean more pupils and this could cause more disruption in classes and teaching maybe worse as the teachers attention would have to be more equally divided, which would be stressful for them.

725. To crowded for one teacher, children with disabilities might not get the attention they needed.

726. To many new students would disrupt classes.

727. To many people in one building.

728. to many people in the school

729. To many pupils

730. To many pupils in one school is not good. Classes are to big. Teachers cant teach probably, too many pupils.

731. To many pupils may leave poor communication between pupils and teachers, incase of extra help.

732. To many pupils, school could become very cramped. Divide would occur between two schools.

733. To many pupils. More cramped classes - less time with teachers. Would have to get to know a lot of new people.

734. To over crowded. Not enough staff.

735. Too close to all the people in my year so new people might disrupt this. There would be to many pupils as I like a smaller year group better.

736. Too few teachers would mean that classes would have to be bigger.

737. too many friend groups

738. Too many in one class

739. Too many new people

740. Too many new people in school at once

741. Too many people

742. Too many people about the place. It is busy enough as it is.

743. Too many people and too crowded in the classes.

744. Too many people in the class

745. Too many people in the school. More crowded corridors. Less one on one time with teachers, as there would be many more people in each class.

746. Too many pupils and a drain on resources.

747. Too many students and facilities would be more limited. Less focus on individuals as too many.

748. Trying to intergrade with another school would take a long time. The schools resources would effectively become halved.

749. Unknown people with different personalities and ways of thinking whom you might not get along with invading your school however after a day or so I would probably get used to it.

750. Usually people in other schools, think they are the best. So if they were to come to my school, they would act very smart, and would try to show that they are still better..

751. Very disruptive to the school community, immediately disruptive. Bigger/more classes disruptive to learning.

752. We already have approx. 800-1000 pupils in our school and its very crowded, so more would be uncontrollable and annoying to move around from class to class

753. We might not get the same education as before.

754. We would not get the same amount of attention from teachers. I go to a small school and wouldn't like to have a big school.

755. When schools in that situation come together, permanently there can be difficulties due to the attitudes among students. There tends to be "cliques" and these can become difficult when there are newcomers. Attitudes become one which have a sense of entitlement and it can be very stressful on both pupils and staff - added stress which those pupils at a critical stage don't need.

756. Whether they're nice or easy to get along with because if they were big headed I would mind because I don't like when people think they are better than someone else

757. Who the people are and what they do

758. Won't have no confidence to talk to people I don't know

759. Would change our school atmosphere and day to day life in school.

760. Would depend on their previous school.

761. Would not want pupils who are disruptive or who do not know how to behave in the school environment being able to attend my school. Also if they cause other people to fall behind because the teachers are constantly occupied with them this would be a problem for me.

762. Would put strain on my school financially.

763. You don't know what the pupils are like. Bullying may occur as them may be from a different religion. They might not want to get on with everyone and could cause fights. The school would then get a bad reputation.

764. You get used to people in your school and having new people come in, in such a bulk that it might put me out a bit

765. You would have a lot more pupils, so the school would feel smaller and you would have to get to know them all.

766. You would normally be used to the people you are surrounded by and in class with. It would mean bigger classes and more disturbances therefore not learning to the best of your ability and not achieving what you would like to.

767. You would not know anyone at the new school.

768. You wouldn't know any of them and I would be intimidating


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